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  1. Flakebridge Monastery In this mission you will visit a Builder outpost to steal some valuable books. It is the first in what I hope will be a series about Selis Woderose. I would like to take the opportunity to thank my beta testers: Aprilsister, Bikerdude, Chiron, lost_soul, and prjames. As well as Fidcal for his starting map, and Melan for his texture pack. Known bugs: A small number may appear at the bottom left corner of your screen when the mission loads. Press sheath weapon to make it disappear. As already mentioned this is the first mission in a series. When you have completed it you may know what you'll be going after in the next mission. You may even know where! Enjoy! And please use spoiler tags where appropriate. A couple of screens: (thanks lowenz) http://2.bp.blogspot...0/shot00001.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot...0/shot00003.jpg
  2. I will update this list as we go, re-arranging info based on severity - Ongoing privacy concerns The trade-offs between privacy and features is not a simple black-and-white decision, even Windows 8 has an “Advertising ID” that follows you around. Ars Technica revealed that, even with all of the Win10 security settings on Off, Win10 still sends some data to the Micro$oft Mothership. The simple fact is that Microsoft hasn’t told us what data it’s collecting. With the release of Windows 10, Micro$oft have stepped up there 'illegal' data capture of private user data - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17379-microoft-data-slurp-now-not-just-limited-to-win10/?hl=windows M$ is now via the latest update, monitoring how long your Win10 session's are and how long you use various apps - http://betanews.com/2016/01/04/why-is-microsoft-monitoring-how-long-you-use-windows-10. At release ALL Win10 (home-to-enterprise) users could not disable telemetry, but as of the latest update now enterprise user's only now have that option - http://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-10-telemetry-time-for-level-playing-field/ But it seems some enterprising user has created a tool for home/pro users - http://winaero.com/blog/how-to-disable-telemetry-and-data-collection-in-windows-10/. But the article points out that tere is some telemetry being sent back to M$ in Win7/8 - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17379-microoft-data-slurp-now-not-just-limited-to-win10/?hl=windows Another renamed service that needs to be disabled - http://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2015/11/24/windows-10-automatic-spying-begins-again/ Another example of fresh install, on a PC that wasn't used for 8hrs - http://betanews.com/2016/02/06/windows-10-phones-home-a-lot-even-with-all-reporting-and-telemetry-disabled/ More and more tools are coming out for Win 10 to try and block all or most of the telemetry traffic, here one I have come across - DisableWinTracking Advertising it wasn't in at launch but there are reports of 'recommended' apps appearing in the start menu, WTF! -http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/windows-10-start-menu-advert/ Stability and Compatibility I tested the retail version, its IMHO its still not stable enough to considered a daily OS. I tested on release and wasn't impressed. I found if I enabled (fairly modest) whitelist outbound blocking on my internet router, Win10's internet responsiveness would fall through the floor. All browsers would takes ages to resolve sites and the OS itself would actually become lumpy/laggy. Broken Video drivers, its so widespread that even a few on here have been affected - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17665-windows-10-why-you-shouldnt-upgrade/?p=384905 The Graphical user interface M$ white-washing of the interface in Win8 and office 2013 and have refused to learn from user feedback. Forced updates Not being able to control what gets installed on "MY PC", is a massive NO! NO! Patching remains Windows 10’s Achilles’ heel, all Windows 10 Home machines, and Windows 10 Pro machines that aren’t hiding behind an update server (such as WSUS or WUB) will get all patches applied according to Microsoft’s time scale. All three of the first Cumulative Update patches have had problems with reboot cycles. KB3081424 on Aug. 5, KB3081436 on Aug. 12, and KB3081438 on Aug. 14 all crashed a bunch of Windows 10 systems. The installer stops mid-installation, flashes an error message, rolls back, and reboots. Then you guessed it -- the forced installer kicks in and crashes Windows again. Rinse, lather, repeat. Getting out of the mess involves editing the registry. We haven’t yet seen how Micro$oft will recover from a really bad update, the experience to date with the three Cumulative Updates does not instil confidence. We don’t know if Microsoft will start documenting its patches again. We don’t know if much effort will be directed at fixing and improving the Microsoft-supplied Universal apps. Windows 10 installer takes a look at your system and based on the hardware and software it finds, assigns your request to a bucket of similar upgrade requests. The guys running the upgrade system, prioritize your request based on their assessment of how likely your system is to bomb out on an upgrade. Key apps, such as Mail and Edge, STILL aren’t ready yet Some of Windows 10’s key apps simply half baked. Mail has a nasty habit of putting notifications in the upper-left corner and leaving them hanging forever. There’s no combined Inbox, so if you have multiple accounts you have to jump from Inbox to Inbox. And it crashes hard -- for a lot of people. Edge, the new browser, similarly has all sorts of rough "edges". There are no extensions yet, thus no AdBlocker. Changing the search engine is tortuous, moving tabs onto the desktop and back again doesn’t work and you can’t pin tabs. In short use what ever mail/browser you wrere using on previous OS. Not much in the way of Universal apps Don't believe the marketing bollox about all of those wonderful Universal apps in Windows 10, whether it’s on a desktop, notebook, phone, Raspberry Pi, it ain't happening. The Windows Store is still by and large a wasteland, with crap apps galore. Win10’s Tablet Mode broken First, there’s the menu on the left that tucks away the entries on the left side of the Start menu. It collapses fine, but when it’s collapsed it rarely shows any more tiles than when it’s not collapsed. What’s the point, eh? Universal app windows have that pesky taskbar permanently tacked on the bottom, while the window bar at the top auto-hides. Edge, when running full screen, doesn’t support any of the old Metro IE swipe commands. You can’t swipe through running apps. The apps themselves? The irony is M$ Office on the iPad is better than M$ Office on Windows 10. OneDrive regression This concern applies only if you use OneDrive in Windows 8.1, and if you put a lot of stuff in OneDrive. For those of you using OneDrive in Windows 7 (and Windows 8), there’s no change in behavior with Win10. But if you’re accustomed to seeing all of your OneDrive files in Windows 8.1’s File Explorer, you’ll be in for a bit of a shock. Windows 10 makes you choose which OneDrive folders you want to be able to see in File Explorer. Once you’ve made that choice, the other folders aren’t accessible in File Explorer. The only way to see what files you have in OneDrive is by venturing to the OneDrive website. Missing Media Center and DVD player For those people that run Windows Media Center, its gone in Windows 10 PC. Instead Micro$oft wants you to use/buy an Xbox. Ain’t broke, don’t fix it The old adage comes from experience and it’s as applicable now as it ever was. If you’re using Windows 7/8/8.1, and it’s properly patched up and working for you, and you’ve stopped using Internet Explorer, you really have to consider whether it’s worth the effort to upgrade to Windows 10. Carefully consider whether the warning signs listed here. Still to many questions For example, when you upgrade a “genuine” Win7, Win8 or Win8.1 machine to Win10 and run the upgrade in place, Micro$oft records a hardware ID that says, “this machine has valid license” At that point, you can install either Win7 or Win10 on that machine, and your license will be validated. Its believed that the only version of Win10 that you can disable ALL telemetry and fully control Windows update in, is the enterprise version. Smells like Teen Spirit desperation Microsoft Marketing chief Chris Capossela explained that users who choose Windows 7 do so “at your own risk, at your own peril.” It is particularly myopic to rubbish one of your own products that way. Put simply Capossela is a complete cock, Windows 7 is no less secure than Windows 10 (it will be supported until 2020 and Windows 8.1 2023) and is no less compatible with new hardware and software. Also at the moment Win7 has a bigger market share, so easier work for developers. Micro$oft has bad been caught forcing the upgrade on some users, http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/10/15/pushy_windows_10/ and http://www.fudzilla.com/news/39479-microsoft-raises-the-upgrade-pressure As this is a very bad and its only getting worse, another link to the forced upgrade/update issue - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17665-windows-10-why-you-shouldnt-upgrade/?p=385115 Nagware being rolled out the business machine - http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/01/14/get_windows_10_business_pcs/ Now blocking support for the latest CPU in windows 7/8 - http://www.techpowerup.com/219316/no-enterprise-support-for-older-windows-versions-on-the-latest-processors-microsoft.html More marketing desperation Malware - KB3035583 http://news.softpedia.com/news/microsoft-updates-infamous-get-windows-10-patch-kb3035583-502117.shtml Compatibility issues If you have any old games that use really old forms of DRM or SafeDISC your fresh out of luck - http://www.geek.com/games/windows-10-doesnt-run-games-with-securom-and-safedisc-drm-1631383/ Various apps and games (even The Darkmod) has had issue's running on Windows 10, see - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17310-windows-10-support-thread/?hl=win10 and http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17551-gamma-broken-in-windows-10/?hl=win10&do=findComment&comment=381800 Upgrade NagwareMicrosoft is still coming up with way to try and force users to upgrade from 7/8/8.1 - if you like me want to block 7 prevent this crap checkout GWX control panel or Never10 16. M$ deliberatly blocking the installation of some applications http://news.softpedia.com/news/Microsoft-Blocks-Classic-Shell-in-Windows-10-Build-9879-465429.shtml 17. Windows 10 installing UNWANTED Windows Store apps without user consent https://www.ghacks.net/2018/07/02/windows-10-installing-unwanted-store-apps/
  3. Quite a few people probably don't know or don't remember that the Epic Store is giving away free games every week. As most people have very busy lives nowadays it can be difficult to remember to check the store every week. They have been giving away some pretty good games and it would be a shame to miss these. Therefore I will try to update this post every week with the games they are giving away until they stop doing it. This is obviously meant for people that are interested in downloading something from the Epic Store. This week you can download: The End Is Nigh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8DUps2QKA0 The End Is Nigh is a sprawling adventure platformer where you die a lot, but that's ok because you are probably already dead anyway. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/the-end-is-nigh/home ABZU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9d8YjpJgiU From the art director of Journey® and Flower®, ABZÛ is a beautiful underwater adventure that evokes the dream of diving. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/abzu/home
  4. Not so long ago I found what could make a pretty good profile picture and decided to try it out on these new forums. But I couldn't find a button anywhere that would let me change it. I asked on Discord and it seems Spooks also couldn't find anything anywhere. So I logged into an old alternative account and, lo and behold, that account has a button. This is on the first screen I get when I: 1) click on my account name in the top-right of the browser -> 2) click on 'profile'. Compared to my actual account: Are you also missing this button on your account? It'd be very much appreciated if that functionality could be restored to any of the affected accounts.
  5. Reminds me of a sig of a forum member here. "Einen giftigen Trank für die närrischen Städter wollen wir brauen." Pretty much my opinion as well. Religions, and the advocacy of fanatic ideologies have done so many wrongs in human history. The silly thing is that, nowadays, we should know so much better from our own history, and still we fall into the same pattern every time, create hypes and movements, which lead to nothing but separatism, and stupid mob mentality. As Carnage pointed out, environmentalism as the latest example. Don't get me wrong, it's not wrong to care about the environment, but, there's so much stupid crap going on these days that I often want to hold my head in shame that I'm of the same species as such fools.
  6. I'm not sure what you mean by "CMS". If this is CMS aka wordpress, then there is website and forums. If you mean wiki, then here is the wiki. If you mean bugtracker, then here is one. Switching from one system to another is always a lossy process. Also, pretty much everything I listed above on TDM side is better and more well-known than builtin solutions which GitHub provides. MediaWiki is the widest-known wiki engine. Mantis is very popular too, although today's trend is using the awful Jira-monster. Forum is probably not so good (I have never heard about our Forum engine until now). As for website, is there anything except for GitHub pages on GitHub? This is perhaps not important for all the hipster developers hanging around, talking about trends and coolness... but I regularly browse through years-old history. I do SVN blame and read commits from 2008 explaining why something was done. I dig issues from TDM 1.04 times. I search over the forums to find what some stale shader was doing originally and how to use it. Migration from svn to git can save most of the history, but migrating other things sounds like an even more stupid idea. Well, we have CI/autobuild (thanks to Cabalistic). TDM bugtracker is very good, much more detailed than GitHub tracker yet not monstrous like Jira. And it is filled with lots of useful history SVN blame and SVN log is enough for history. Insights... is it the metric like who made more commits and which months was more "productive" ? ? That's the reason why I suggested creating an official mirror of source code repo on GitHub. And don't forget about "increased visibility", which is also very important. It would be a waste of time. There is already one such repo by Nbohr1more, and it gets constant warnings about its size (BTW, I have a reduced git repo with third-party libs excluded from history). Moreover, I think it is updated only manually now. In order to set up a mirror, collaboration with our admin is necessary to provide automatic updates. Just converting the repo and putting it on GitHub would be useless.
  7. See that's the thing: Like religious fundamentalists, the people who think they fight for the existence of our planet, to "avoid a catastrophe" are so sure that the world will end tomorrow, that they feel everything they do is justified. It may not be the same level, but, smashing windows on a company building is still a crime. It might not be the worst crime in the world, but, to give you an example for something real harsh: A austrian environmentalist, I don't recall his name, proposed the death sentence for people denying climate change. Just to give a example that there are really insane people among the people who think they save our world. Or who claim they do so, to profile thmeselves. Or, just, to feel better when they consume without any limit. BTW, of course there is a climate change. There always has been, in the history of earth. There have been extreme drought periods, and there has been the ice age. All without any man made industrial influence. And, again, there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that there is any man made climate change. There can't be, because the whole thing is so damn dynamic. The sun's activity can have a bigger influence than anything we do. Without any control man has over it. There's really so much stuff which is beyond our power. Everyone claiming something different is talking bogus.
  8. i did not found a sollutions on the tdm forums. But on the ubuntu forums on D3, i found a simular problem at the following topic: https://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1206822.html - edit - see new post.
  9. I'm no fan of Greta Thunberg, I think she is obnoxious and at least partially misguided. That being said, conflating environmentalism with islam is the dumbest thing I've ever heard (and I used to live in Florida!!). Now I don't condone "eco-terrorism" or whatever you would call it, but a lot of times it's not unjustified and it's not done out of selfishness like most religious terror. If anything it's in self defense. Besides that, environmentalism is secular, based in science, common sense and basic observation (everyone with two eyes over the age of 25 has noticed a large shift in climate no matter where they live, though some have been brainwashed to deny it). Islam is a fundamentalist religion based on oppression, denial and conservatism. Very much the opposite of environmentalism. Now, as with anything there are those who take on a cult-like fanaticism about anything in life, but a quick comparison with "communities" like gun rights activists, religion, "pro-life" people etc shows that environmentalism isn't so bad, even if there are a few rotten eggs. Back on the topic that we were originally discussing, I would say that the "few rotten egg" theory is hard to apply to Islam, but that is not to say that there are not muslims who are in fact good people. As a whole though, I would say that the religion is a significant detriment to the world. Even a few steps beyond Catholicism, though perhaps not if the entire history of both religions are considered. I think all organized religion is a detriment to our species, and if you haven't guessed it yet, I am firmly in the atheist camp myself.
  10. Of course something has changed and it will again, it's the normal cycle of the planet. There have been times that there was no ice on the North Pole and there have been times that large parts of the world where covered in it. A human life time is so insignificant in the whole cycle of the planet. Just because it's warmer in some parts of the world and there's less snow, doesn't mean it will be totally different again in a few hunderd years or less and history has shown this. I'm with you though that we need renewable energy, a cleaner planet and such, because that will really benefit all of us.
  11. These are a few threads I found. Don't forget TTLG has a long history of talking about FM ideas too-- https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=134149 https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=133048 https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33693
  12. On the other hand, this is the Dark Mod forum which in my experience tends to be an order of magnitude more civilised than most forums (especially game-related forums which tend to be full of toxic entitled 12-year-olds). I give it a 50/50 chance.
  13. Man, I was excited to try this. I'm having issues getting it to work. Dove into their forums and did some research and it seems I'm not the only person with my issue. Best I could come up with after 4 hours of trying reinstalls and other workarounds and digging through their forums is "wait a week for a patch and hopefully it works". Bummed cuz I love S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and was looking forward to trying this with other add-ons. I shan't give up tho.
  14. Holy war mode on ? You probably know little software, or only a very limited class of software. See Myth #5. Keeping interconnected applications in single monolithic repo has a lot of benefits over having different repositories. The main benefit is that every revision is set in stone and perfectly reproducible afterwards. It is also possible to do atomic changes to several projects. Just read about why Google does that. SVN allows you to checkout only a few subdirectories of the repo, so monolithic repo does not forbid people to download only what they need. Git sort-of has sparse checkouts, but there are complicated, most likely limited, and etc. Submodules... I'd better never know of their existence ? Yes, SVN is known for having more conflicts and having worse tools for resolving them. But with trunk-based development, they rarely happen. On the other hand, conflicts are the core nature of all VCS we use. Don't tell tales that conflicts won't happen at all with git. The same thing happens with git when people work via merge requests. Which is how it is usually done, especially for outer contributors. Changing VCS won't help you much with not breaking trunk. Unless you are going to work in your private branch for months without merging back, in which case nobody will ever review&accept your merge request due its gigantic size Yes, and this is very dangerous, because most of developers are poor testers. They will gather bugs in their branches, and then when they consider them "truly stable", merge all these bugs into trunk/develop. And nobody will notice it soon, since everyone is deep in his own branches, branched from develop a month ago. I prefer following the most widely used practice of game development, when everyone is sitting on trunk, so that all bugs get noticed and fixed quickly. Do you know that in Naughty Dogs artists even have an auto-update script for assets repo? So that when someone commits something, everybody forcibly gets the updated version. This is a relevant topic due to recent server outages. It is planned that our admin will provide readonly access to current backups to several members, to be sure that the whole TDM knowledge base does not suddenly disappear. Speaking of normal usage, SVN has zero chance of losing data, since there is no history rewrite. Git, on the other hand, has lots of unsafe ways to edit history, and it is often encouraged. Which provides a good opportunity for users to lose their local history. And in worst case, I guess even remote history can be lost. Recall that git is not a Version Control System, it is a "Stupid Content Tracker". Stupid enough to lose the content it tracks. Holy war off? I think the main reasons why SVN stays on TDM are: Aside from the engine source code repo, we have a few more repos. They contain assets, and migrating them to git would be a disaster. And since they stay on SVN, source code should better stay on SVN too. Avoiding one more VCS is enough reason in itself. Git is inherently harder to use than SVN. Moreover, it is harder not because it has to be so, but because it was ill-designed. I don't like the idea of forcing complexity onto everyone (including myself BTW). Whoever wants to use git can take the additional complexity onto himself and use git-svn, or any other approach to synchronize SVN with git. Also, we have artists: while usually they don't work with source code repo, sometimes they decide to build the engine themselves. There are ways to use git locally with SVN. I do this sort of thing myself with hg. Some time ago I suggested creating an official GitHub mirror for source code repo, with some semi-automatic workflow for accepting pull requests. As far as I remember, nobody was interested. And migration is unlikely to happen.
  15. Author note: It's hard to believe it's already been a year since Act 1 came out! Well during this mission the player will be following Corbin into the Grimwood district to followup on a lead from last night (Act 1) .. the mysterious tablet! This mission is my first time including full EFX support as well as a HD briefing video file, additionally a new script has been added crafted by the talented Obsttorte which has loot flying towards the player when you pick it up. On a level design front I have tried to change things up a bit by really catering towards a number of play styles, this mission can be completely ghosted or you can use the tools at your disposal to wreak havoc on the citizens of Northdale. For the first time I have tried to create more sandbox environments which don't offer clear answers handed directly to you, so if you're having trouble figuring something out try a different method. This mission takes between 1 - 2 hours to finish depending on the difficulty you play on and how thoroughly you explore. I hope you enjoy your night in Northdale! - Goldwell Voice actors Fen Phoenix Goldwell Random_taffer Yandros Beta testers Amadeus Boiler's Hiss Cambridge Spy Chakkman Crowind Epifire Kingsal SquadaFroinx Custom Assets Andreas Rocha DrK Epifire Grayman Kingsal MalachiAD Obsttorte Sotha Springheel SquadaFroinx Purgator With special thanks to Epifire for creating a large collection of custom models, Grayman for helping out with coding, Kingsal for drawing the ingame map and Moonbo for his script revision on the briefing video. Available via in-game downloader MIRROR File Size: 417 mb EDIT: If you are having performance issues please consult this post by Nbohr1more which may address your issue http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19936-fan-mission-shadows-of-northdale-act-ii-by-goldwell-20190320/page-2?do=findComment&comment=436271
  16. Excuse me. But There are some topic about this. (Did not remember them at the time, when i was writing my first post in this topic.) Take a look at: the forums search function that points to the mentioned topics
  17. Happy new year to all ! All the best, and let's make it a good and fruitful year ! To kick off, I've decided to start a discussion based on the question in the title. Aside from the Thief trilogy (and TDM as its spiritual freeware cousin), what are some steampunk or steampunk-esque games that caught your interest ? Both in the past and more recently. Some that I've personally played and/or been impressed by over the years: Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura - this is a real classic for a number of reasons. If you can get over the somewhat lackluster combat, it has excellent, memorable writing and an oddly great sense of exploration. Of the games from the isometric, mouse-click control era of CRPGs, this is my favourite. I was fascinated by it already back when I saw the earliest reviews almost two decades ago, and after owning it for years and slowly playing through it, I still keep finding interesting things. The isometric era Fallout games were fine, but if I'm to choose whether they or this cousin of their's grabbed my heart more, the vote definitely goes to Arcanum. Even though it's an old game at this point, much of the voice acting, the atmospheric soundtrack, and the interesting quests (I even helped with resolving a feud between old friends, without fighting or bribes !) still bring my heart joy whenever I play it. Iron Grip series - a surprising favourite of mine. Unfortunately, by yet another already disbanded dev team. Though I think said devs tried doing too many things at once in their later years, including in the third game of this series, the first two games were ace. I also loved the setting they created for the series, one of its strongest suits, besides the gameplay ideas in the first two games. (Technically, the first is a total conversion rather than standalone, but it has the feel of an autonomous game.) The series' lore is still leaving a lasting impression on me, even many years since the original releases and the series going dormant. I don't think I've ever come across another game, before or since, that tried to focus on early 20th century war drama themes (in a context akin to the world wars, Russian civil war, warlord era China, etc.), while also being set in an entirely fictional world, rather than a thinly-veiled or alternate version of real history. There's also a strange whiff of Thief in two aspects of these games: They had a very timeless approach to cultural esthetics, and they had the definite backdrop of an epic, but weren't trying to tell an epic (focusing instead on very ordinary "heroes"). For some reason, that's the sort of approach I like seeing in fantasy steampunk media. (On a final sidenote, I had the pleasure to hear a live orchestral version of Christian Pacaud's mostly electronic OST for the first game. Even saved the video of the performance. As much as I liked the music in the two games, I was stumped at how an orchestral rendition improved things. Pity the devs never used that. It sounded amazing. Have a listen. That's the sort of slightly operatic bombat I expect from a serious war-themed steampunk/dieselpunk game.) Air Power: Battle in the Skies - Dynamix's Red Baron meets FASA's Crimson Skies, but somewhere literally midway between the creation of those two games. Created in the mid-1990s by Rowan Software, who previously worked on several historical flight sims, this was clearly a little passion project of their's and also a rather cheeky departure into a fictional industrial era world, though much like IG, a grounded and non-magical one. The plot is clearly inspired by early WWI dynastic shenanigans, but the airship and aircraft technology is far more 1920s and early-to-mid 1930s, to the devs' creative credit. While AP:BitS is a fairly charming game on the outside in terms of presentation and esthetic approach, and the flight sim gameplay wasn't bad, I feel it was a little too before its time. The tech available then just didn't do it justice, and British developers of the era being far smaller and not having much of a budget, it's no surprise this never really took off (pun intended). Still, along with the really cool PC adaptation of Crimson Skies, some five years later, this was one of those works that cemented my childhood love for the idea of being a sky pirate. Dishonored series - not that surprising, given how its DNA is also tied to Thief for inspiration, even though it's a lot more actiony in terms of gameplay. Though they went for a fairly obvious 18th/19th century aesthetic for this one (and in the first game, Corvo is basically a steampunk Edmond Dantes), I still liked most of their spins on the technology, culture and society in the installments. The whale-oil as a power source idea (even for guns !) might seem a bit silly at face value, but based on their inspiration in whale oil light sources of real history, it at least has some real tech grounding. I can appreciate that in any fantasy setting, even one as weird as this one. (I think the familiar-but-weird tone is what it shares with Thief very well).
  18. I used to try to desperately defend Islam as being like "any other religion" on a few occasions when I first joined these forums. I am still a liberal, a secular humanist, but I am becoming more cynical of the leadership of the Democrat Party's reasonings for defending Islam despite it standing for everything they oppose. Islam is not like any other religion, I am finally willing to admit, thanks to Ridvan Aydemir, or Apostate Prophet. Islam is cruel, corrupt, evil, degenerate, perverted to a level that disgusts me. Muhammad wasn't a perfect man, he was a murderous sex fiend who made up bullshit about flying to space on a buraq (donkey with a peacock tail and lady face) and that sperm was produced in the ribs and that the sun sets in a small mud puddle that Alexander the Great found. Islam is evil, it treats women like subsapient sex cattle and murders gays, atheists, apostates, and those brave enough to speak against it. Death to Islam, and fuck that pedophile Muhammad, who married a 6 year old Aisha, molested her for 3 years before vaginally raping her, and beat her until she couldn't breathe when she spoke out against his crazed claims! He gave that poor girl Stockholm Syndrome so she lead his army of rapist bandits into reconquering his lands after his just death of poisoning by his Jewish sex slave, whose father and brother he murdered in front of her! Muhammad was less than pigshit, and I am atheist, but on off-chance Hell exists, Muhammad is drowning in an ocean of boiling pig shit down there for his evil acts during his life that affect the world to this day! He murdered poets who mocked his psychotic and perverted behavior, he hated dogs and killed non-Abrahamic folk mercilessly and put Jews and Christians into brutal second class citizenship, he facilitated a sex slave trade of women!
  19. Played just now 2 hours... Simply a piece of art! Not finished yet but this level it's so dense and cool. Thanks a lot!!
  20. The Bridge is the free game on the Epic Store this week. A logic puzzle game. Positive Steam review The Bridge is a puzzle platformer with magnificent hand drawn art. You play as a scientist who has to solve abstract mind-bending puzzles, which you access by opening doors in the main characters house. Between worlds, players are treated to vauge narrations about the characters life and his loved one. Also, you can rewind time. Negative Steam review I see quite a few people picking this up at the very low sale price. Just in case there's anyone else sitting on the fence about this, I thought I should add a note of caution. This is essentially a physics puzzler, which is ostensibly a genre I enjoy. In this case however, I think the the execution fails to live up to the ideas. For me, most of the challenge in the game came not through reasoning through the puzzles (though there were moments), but in wrestling with object momentum that frequently ended up being more frustrating than satisfying. At the sale price of $1 it's hard to argue that it's a waste of money. But I feel that personally for me it ended up being a waste of time. And that's something a low price does nothing to help. I see many good things written elsewhere about this game, so I may be in a minority in feeling this way, but I can't help but feel that there are far better puzzle games out there, despite the compelling visual style that I still find appeals to me even though it also triggers memories of annoying level design. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/the-bridge/home I can't open the first link. Thanks for sharing the other one though.
  21. I'm a big fan of Git. I switched DarkRadiant to Git years ago, and have been happily using it and sharing commits between my and Greebo's repositories (on entirely separate hosting platforms) since then. But even as a Git fanboy I am embarrassed by some of the misconceptions about, both in the "for" and "against" camps. Misconception: "Git doesn't use a central server". Reality: The vast majority of Git projects, and the workflow that would most likely be adopted by TDM if it were to switch to Git, is to have a central authoritative server that every trusted developer pushes their changes to. The Linux kernel is a notable exception, but is also very atypical in both its size and the distributed nature of its development. Git provides a little more flexibility in that developers can make a whole string of commits locally and then push them in one go, but they are still going to be pushed to that central server before anyone else can use them. Having each individual developer push their changes to their own GitHub repository and submit a pull request would be possible, but probably wouldn't solve any problems for this project, and would increase workload for whoever is appointed to review and accept all of the pull requests. Since all developers would be pushing to the same repository, code breakage is just as possible with Git also. Misconception: "Git magically avoids code conflicts". Reality: Code conflicts are the result of divergent, incompatible text changes in the code itself. If you and I edit the same line of code and then try to push our changes, a merge conflict will happen. The choice of VCS makes absolutely no difference to whether this conflict will occur, although Git does provide slightly better tools for dealing with the conflict when it does arrive. There are only two repositories that matter for the Dark Mod: the source code repository, and the assets repository (which is never going to be switched to Git because it is a repository of large binary files which would not be handled well by any distributed VCS tool). So needing to clone the whole thing is not an issue. Those are both workflow or cultural issues which cannot be solved by a VCS. People can just as easily delay commits/pushes with Git, and they can easily make lots of small incremental commits using Subversion. If commit frequency is a problem (and I have no reason to believe it is), it needs a social solution, not a technical one. On the other side of the fence: It does have unsafe ways to edit history, but they are not particularly "encouraged". Most Git guides I have seen make clear that rewriting history is very dangerous, completely screws up other people's work, and should be avoided whenever possible. Sites like GitHub even have the ability to administratively disable force-pushes altogether to stop people from doing them accidentally. Misconception: "Git adds a whole load of distributed functionality making it hard to use". Reality: For the most common use case (pushing to a single central server), there is absolutely no need for any Git user to deal with "distributed" functionality. You can produce a SVN-to-Git cheat sheet that maps commands almost one-to-one, and stick to those commands entirely. Some of the commands aren't particularly well-named (e.g. using "checkout" to switch to a branch, or "add" to add changes to a file rather than adding a new file), but they are not complex to use, and you can always set up aliases if you find the default names confusing. Conversely, many operations are significantly easier (and faster) in Git than in SVN. Only recently did SVN add the ability to view the diffs of each change in the history, or to show which changes were pulled in by a merge, and these features are still slow and cumbersome, whereas Git (and Hg) did all of this from the beginning.
  22. If you want to know my approach to this, it's to lift ideas from other games, books, movies, tv, comics, etc., and just adapt them to my own story. Like I like Lady Rowena's approach of having every NPC in her FMs be related to every other NPC in some way, either they were rivals, or best friends, or secret lovers, or had a bad history, and there are readables all around that fill out all the different relationships which are fun for the player to find. So I try to do something like that in my stuff. The best kind of smaller scale "events" for FMs are in the Thief 2 FMs by Eshaktaar, Lady Rowena, Lord Alan, Gaetane, Saturnine, Purah ... ones where every room or scene also has a little event or story by itself. TDM FMs have done this too, but I guess I'm a sucker for the classics. But don't discount the value of lifting ideas from movies and tv shows. Keep a little notepad around and when you see something write it down.
  23. Is there by any chance a repository of "thieving event" ideas somewhere in these forums? I'm not talking about ideas for an entire mission, I'm just talking about single events or NPC encounters or small quests or even a puzzle that could fit into a larger mission. I ask because I'm building a mission and want to add a couple clever side events to fill out my mission. I've searched these forums but haven't found anything. Thanks in advanced for your help,
  24. Hey guys, Ive been meaning to post this for a while now. I think we have wonderful work done in terms of mission and their storylines, even some solid background story supporting the game, but we seem to be lacking art, what we would call fan art! By that I mean those works that are inspired by the missions we see in this universe, but also (and most importantly, for me) those that aim to inspire authors, to flesh out the fantasy, picturing moments that help building the world as it could be imagined. It's me, your old pal RPGista - but for art stuff, I'm calling myself Arm, or ARM (for whatever reason). I would like to start with this piece, for which I drew a lot from the original Conan lore, and also the cover arts (the vintage marvel editions). This one is a bit rough but it was interesting to try to nail down several techniques at once, use of references mixed with on the fly anatomy, 3 shades technique, how to work with background (which was done separetly, as you can see) and try to make it work with the first plane. I'll post this in decent quality, let me know if for budget reasons, you would like me to link to some exterior host instead (its below 500K). Attention: there's nudity in it, both male and female, if you are offended by that sort of thing.
  25. DarkRadiant 2.7.0 is ready for download. It's a maintenance build for the most part, but it contains a few smaller improvements. As usual, a bit of refactoring and improvement has been happening under the hood, but this shouldn't have any negative impact. It's recommended to prefer this version over any previous release. A new DarkRadiant User Guide is being worked on and available on the website https://www.darkradiant.net/userguide (also accessible through the About > User Guide menu option). Windows and Mac Downloads are available on github: https://github.com/codereader/DarkRadiant/releases/tag/2.7.0 and of course linked from the website https://www.darkradiant.net Thanks go out to all who helped testing this release! Please report any bugs or feature requests here in these forums, following these guidelines: Bugs (including steps for reproduction) can go directly on the tracker. When unsure about a bug/issue, feel free to ask. If you run into a crash, please record a crashdump: Crashdump Instructions Feature requests should be suggested (and possibly discussed) here in these forums before they may be added to the tracker. Changes since 2.6.0 Feature: A method to deprecate models without breaking existing maps Feature: Game/Project Setup should show recently used custom paths in the mission drop down list Feature: Add "Choose Skin" button when editing model spawnarg of an existing entity Feature: Let the 'Matching skins' folder start in expanded state when showing the SkinChooser Fixed: Unhandled exception on start up when user XMLs are corrupt Fixed: Rotation of x-oriented particles in Particle Editor is different than in-game Fixed: Highlighted vertices of hidden brushes will move when moving highlighted vertices of visible brushes. Fixed: Unmaximised DarkRadiant not remembering main window size and location Fixed: Reload Models option in Create Model dialog window doesn't update the model Fixed: Problem with satisfying readable objective "when closed" Fixed: DR thinks an entity name of the form "Cylinder01" is the same as "Cylinder1" Fixed: Syntax error in "Test for missing targets" script Fixed: Bad normals produced by .ASE exporter Fixed: No confirmation dialogue box when exporting combined models Fixed: Undo/Redo Does Not Restore Light Color Fixed: Blend export script fails Fixed: Mouse Binding settings for Aux1 do not work Fixed: Exporting bell_hand.lwo as ASE is producing an invalid model, which will fail to dmap Fixed: Model exporter doesn't remember last export location Fixed: Buttons to change spawnargs can affect entities that aren't currently selected Fixed: Search box persists for some seconds after closing window or shifting focus Fixed: Connecting lines to targeted entities don't show up if 'Default' layer was hidden Fixed: Layers window: first click after opening isn't registered properly Fixed: Entities with non-existent classnames are shown white instead of blue in orthoview Fixed: Hitting cancel in 'Create Speaker' still creates a speaker The list of changes can be found on the our bugtracker changelog. Have fun mapping!
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