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  2. Yeah, as promised above in this thread I included the solution of Dragofer :)!
  3. The unofficial Patch on ModDb has an item in the inventory which shows the stats. https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod/addons/the-dark-mod-unofficial-patch
  4. Ill have a look at the def_flinder stuff. Can you send me the .def of the idExplodingbarrel you are talking about? How in depth mappers want to go with custom explosions is up to them I suppose, but basic flinder chunks with impulse will better sell the illusion. Its hard to do that without custom texture work and fiddling with the fx editor.
  5. On another topic, I was looking at a video gui tutorial that referred to ipn.gui in a Doom3 context. Anyone, please PM me if you have that file.
  6. How the heck does that guy have the energy to work on 5 maps while dealing with cancer? That's dedication. Hell it makes me feel so lazy in comparison. Also @lowenz even if you get infected I think you'll be fine... if you're somewhat healthy. It's hard to remain totally isolated so whatever happens, happens. You guys do have a good healthcare system as you say, the worst affected have so far been in China where it's not particularly great in comparison.
  7. I'm going to go through Samhain, looking for outdated textures and things which can be improved upon. It's quite possible that I will do no more updates and have the recent version be the official. Once I have finished with Siegeshop updates I will look closer at Samhain.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Have you looked at idDebris, like I mentioned on the tracker? The powder keg (not your urn, the w.i.p. idExplodingBarrel keg) spawns some as def_debris. Edit: however, just spawning one from the console doesn't 'launch' it. I just had a look for a way to do that at will, and didn't find one. (Edit2: by the way, my suggestion for creating 'the illusion of an explosion' would be the FX system: you can tie together sound, lights and particles, and there's even a 'launch' command that's supposed to launch projectiles, though it was unused in D3 and I haven't tested it. Maybe launching debris could be added to that.) https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Breakable_objects#Todo claims that wine bottles break under force, but I've been throwing one around and it didn't break even after I added "max_stress" and "max_torque" spawnargs.
  10. I used to be able to do that, but either something has changed or I can no longer find the option to create new accounts since the wiki was moved.
  11. I did make some urban pagans a few years back. But making new characters is a mammoth task that I don't see myself having time for in the future. I still have at least one more zombie variant to upload, but that's probably it from me.
  12. Adding impulse/damage should be doable.
  13. Got some content ready to go, just been waiting for @Springheel to see my request to add me to editors.
  14. Scratch that- I was able to get it working without needing the new content. @duzenko @grayman - This looks great! Needs a lot of testing but this is a good start I think. Is it still possible to add an impulse to these flinders? Im thinking it would be beneficial in some cases where a mapper might want to give the illusion of an explosion without having to spawn an explosion and then trigger it. Also- Will we be able to add velocity / fall damage to the crate and bottles? So in the case a player throws a bottle or crate hard enough it shatters.
  15. Update the wiki when you have the chance. You'll save others hours of frustration.
  16. @duzenko - So I downloaded the latest source code of the SVN and will try to compile it. Do you know where I can grab all the newest content? Do I need any of that for this latest build to work?
  17. Hoo ha, got it working! Change GUI to... onTime 0 { nocursor 1 // This work ONLY in this location, not in Desktop or after reset/matcolor here ...
  18. ...or with a custom scriptobject with overlay levels of 100 or 200 instead of 10. My forehead's flat from banging it against wall.
  19. Perhaps whoever wrote 'NOTE THIS MAY BE REPLACED BY inv_id to avoid translation conflict' intended it to mean 'It is possible that this will be replaced...' rather than 'You may replace...'
  20. I meant "No luck with nocursor 1..."
  21. No luck with nocursor 0, either at the Desktop or within the onTime block. I'll play around some more, but am lacking much insight into GUI structuring. Stumpy, do the windowDef names "VidFrame" and "RoqFile" have special meanings regarding processing? Should I use "RoqFile" even if its an mp4? Dragofer, I'll try boosting the overlay level.
  22. I know I know Problem is not for me but for my parents of course! Still we must monitor the consequences of the infection in the "healed" ones (the follow-up), specially the ones gone through the intensive care unit (lung damage risk). As italians I hope we can be a world trailblazers in this fight, so we can show the good points in our health care system to all the other states. And medical research too!
  23. Well, the last numbers I read, the virus had a kill ration that is actually not that high. If you are younger than 70 years, it is very unlikely to die because of it (I think less than 1% of infected die). Still, stay safe and healthy!
  24. I'm gonna for the FLASH BOMBS, 'cause you know, badass explosion of light in the end!
  25. Not sure whether it was already mentioned, but is it possible to eliminate rounding? It's problematic mostly with texture scale and changing light colors. For example, high-res textures often require 1:8 and 1:16 scale-down ratio (0.125 and 0.0625 respectively). The value of 0.125 works correctly, but 0.0625 gets rounded to 0.063. As GPUs get more and more powerful (and have more VRAM), we'll be able to use 2k and 4k textures more frequently. But as of now, we can't scale them down more than 8 times without loosing precision. So a 2k tiling texture has to cover a 256 x 256 units space minimum, a 4k texture has to encompass area of 512 x 512 units, etc.
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