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  2. I totally get that. Those little shits make you feel things! When my son was born last year, there were quite a few complications. After 23 hours of labor and his heart-rate constantly going up and down, he was finally born by c-section. It was the most intense and stressfull experience of my life!! We spent the night in the hospital as a famility, but I couldn't get any sleep at all, because that poor guy was crying all the time except when he had skin contant with one of us. However, I was so afraid of "sudden infant death" that I made sure I was awake all the time, when he was laying on me, just to be sure nothing could happen to him. Thankfully, me and my woman managed to relax the day after that... Still, I'll never forget how I felt that night!
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  4. This is a nice, compact mission. The layout is clean and logical, lighting is well placed, and the guards were effective without outstaying their welcome. I finished with all but 5 golds and a stealth score of 0 on the hardest difficulty. I recommend this map for anyone who wants a nice, unpretentious 30m mansion raid.
  5. Played this last night. Fun little mission. None of your beta testers corrected the English? "But one must not let such a tiny fallback hinder one’s progress." fallback -> setback ? I felt like a kid in a candy store just taking all this stuff, it was a bit too easy. Maybe an alarm system that I needed to disable for some of the items on display would have made it more believable. The owner seemed to be relying on "security through obscurity" but you can only take that so far. I look forward to more missions from you!
  6. Yes, because I've got an "old" computer with W7-32bits.
  7. Are you running 32 bit for any specific reason?
  8. Congratulations! I agree with the others that this is great news and very well worth a new thread I wish you and your family all the best.
  9. Hah! It already exists! I'm going to move my little game project there. When I sit on my PC.
  10. Congrats on your kid!! This is a major live change, well worth of a new thread!!! For all other stuff, we have this one:
  11. Thanks! Yeah, the pandemic is making things harder for us It's just the two of us taking care of a newborn and maintaining the apartment, all the time every day, no external help whatsoever. My wife is also a very social person so the isolation hits her particularly hard. I look forward to become a grandpa!
  12. Congratulations on becoming a Dad!!! It's one of the most wonderful things that can happen to you. Be forewarned, though. It happens again when your son becomes a Dad. (Or your daughter a Mother.) During these Virus days, you cherish every picture of these special people that comes your way. Or, if they live close by, every time you get together. Enjoy!!
  13. This is how it looks right now. Also attached the code of main class if anyone is interested. One nuisance is that reloading a map works only after the map is saved. So when mapper moves something, he has to 1) save the map, and 2) click "reload map" button. It is of course possible to send reloadMap command automatically on save, removing one click. Also, reloading map from scratch takes a second or two for a large map (saving probably takes longer). But I think it would be better if hot-reloading was possible without saving map to disk. In order to achieve that, I need the following features: Ability to detect which entities has changed (since some mark in the past). Which were removed, which were added, which were modified (it's OK to overestimate the last list). Ability to save every entity from selected set into in-memory text in .map format (spawnargs, brushes, patches --- all exactly as in .map file). Probably also some event which signals when an entity has changed. Worldspawn is out of question yet. But in future it would be necessary to do pretty the same things for world brushes and patches. GameConnection.cpp GameConnection.h
  14. Sometimes I just want to come here and say stuff like "hah, how about those biscotti biscuits, eh? Tried for the first time and my mind was blown into a million tiny biscobits. They're pretty good! also, I'm a dad now. anyway, bye" But I feel a new topic would be too strong, and I'm not yet sold on the Discord. I was an avid IRC user in the past (where I met my current wife, btw) but even so discord still doesn't work for me, I don't know. So yeah, I am a dad now! that is actually a thing. He looks like me and is very tiny and I love him. Also, the easiest personality to raise a child I've ever seen! this is baby easy mode, for sure. He barely screams and cries and just generally makes my life happier. The day before he was born I was super insecure and afraid. Would I love him? would I raise him well? as soon as I held him I knew that if anything happened to him I would murder an entire football team with my bare hands and then kill myself. As grim as that sounds this is actually a good thing. Also, a good use for this topic is for all of us to dump our TDM-unrelated game dev projects! I decided to make a game for the SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis for the Americans). It's a grid platformer akin to Flashback, prince of persia, blackthorne and others. I reject the term "cinematic platformer"; I think it's silly. But, brushing aside nostalgia, the only things I like about those games is the animation, obviously, and the grid snapping. There is potential for strategic gameplay in grid-based games and I think those games I mentioned should have focused less on precision platforming and more on semi puzzle gameplay. So I'm making it a stealth game! I don't think Mega Drive has any of those yet. Having some fun with debug logs: I have currently 4 game dev projects, which I cycle through periodically, but this is my main obsession right now.
  15. Hello! I don't think we ever interacted that much but you are definitely a familiar name, and I also have been away from this forum for many years now. Every now and then I come to the off-topic to talk about other games
  16. Yesterday
  17. I've run (ran?) the installer again, it says "TDM installation is up to date" FYI : I use v2.08 32bits version.
  18. Ok, I see those errors in my fresh 2.08 install, but I don't have black models though.
  19. The black lamps are unfortunately a bug, not an install/asset problem. 2.08 seems to read skin files differently so now it matters when there are non-standard characters in file paths, most prominently the hyphen in /non-extinguishable/ for lamps.
  20. Don't have any of those missing, it's your install, run the installer again, let it check.
  21. Black textures : Cleaning Up the Neighborhood Perilous Refuge
  22. Eavesdropping don't work with lean forward. But I guess it's intentionnal because with lean left/right, the thief is supposed to have his ear against the door, right ?
  23. Hello and thanks, i have many noice missions to do, thanks all for your suggestions. Volta 1 plaise me from what ive seen, did like 1hoo on that map and its a very well made map.
  24. Related: For a WIP FM, I've been gathering additional 2D art images, and NOT seeking obscure art, but trying to restrict it to originals with either CC or public domain sources. The latter is satisfied (in the case of paintings or prints) by using only artists that were dead by 1920 (100 years ago), and images that are not high-resolution (having to do with potential copyrights on the scans or digital photos). To fit in with the TDM epoch, I prefer images painted no later than 1870... I may crop or (in special cases) retouch out more-modern anachronisms. Some preference for European (including UK) art as well, fitting with the generalized TDM locale. As opposed to, say, US or Asian art.
  25. Check out the Crucible of Omens mission. And also Shadows of Northdale Act I. I really enjoyed those. Volta 1 is superb as well.
  26. Volta 1 now, noice map tbh. No kill no knockout for sure like always.
  27. Hello everyone. I will stream at 16hoo E.U time. So see you there or n'ot. https://www.twitch.tv/micropoint_
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