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  2. I noticed something weird when using my WIP import script to load the hedge models: there are loads of duplicate faces (the same three vertices are used to generate a face more than once). This resulted in about 2400 extra polygons for one of the models. However I need to do more investigation to work out if this is a problem with the model or just a bug in the script — perhaps duplicate faces are how the LWO model represents twosided faces which can be viewed from both directions.
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  4. Make sure that in_grabMouse is set to 1. The default value for this changed with the GLFW changes, so if you recreated a new darkmod.cfg with 2.09a before launching with the dev build, you might have the wrong value. The prebuilt executables almost certainly won't. My understanding is you have to compile GLFW for Wayland, so you'd have to compile a custom TDM version with a Wayland-compatible GLFW build. I make no guarantees, though.
  5. I'm still curious about a little detail if anyone happens to know the answer: Does the new window management and input system support Wayland natively... by which I mean using the pipeline without having to go through X11? I'm re-asking because I hear KDE Plasma 5.22 (coming next month) should fix all the final issues I was personally running into and kept me on X11, thus a switch may be on the table again.
  6. jaxa

    Free games

    Got a hit on GOG. https://www.gog.com/giveaway/claim It's "The Witcher Goodies Collection". Not that interesting.
  7. Hotfix is released: now 2.09a is default version in tdm_installer.
  8. Sure thing -- I created a new item in the bugtracker and submitted it.
  9. I tested some missions in the gui and it seems Hidden Hands: The Anomaly and Hidden Hands: The Lost Citadel both have this issue (maybe too much overwritten gui code?). New and old missions with sometimes altered guis (for example: The hare in the snare) show up fine, including the early Hidden Hands missions.
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  11. Hmm. Maybe we should include this in the hotfix. This was a pretty big code restructure so it was reserved for 2.10 and dev builds.
  12. I was using this testbuild for a while. It works much better than 2.09 in linux imho. I thought to update the rest of TDM (which is based on 2.09) to 2.09a, so I reverted the executable to 2.09, updated to 2.09a and then overwritten the updated executable. But then in TDM I constantly see a desktop mouse cursor in view aside from the normal cursor. I reverted back to the previous version, but I just wanted to mention this happens.
  13. I see a driver for that card on this nvidia driver page: https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/drivers/results/174665/ (scroll down to GeForce 900M Series (Notebooks) ) Date of release seems april 29 2021, not so long ago I would say.
  14. I wanted to test this, but I had some never before encountered problems to just install a mission: - On the mission list page "Download Missions" and "Refresh List" are overlapping. - I needed to deinstall the active mission to even be able select a new one to install. - After installing a new one I didn't get the usual summary on the left screen half. All of these points are connected to the last active mission which was "Hidden Hands: The Anomaly". So are some of the 2.10 GUI changes incompatible with older missions that change the GUI themselves? Which would be quite ann
  15. Possibly I haven't seen them being out of my way at the moment. At least I only remember one. In general I do not entertain much with them, an arrow and that's it.
  16. Why are the drivers in a laptop older?
  17. There is at least also another spider in a non-hidden section, not sure how you could have missed that one. I thought there were 3 in total.
  18. To think I was here back in 2011 and never finished that ambitious Bamburger Castle (UK) FM. But now, I,m gonna give it another try with a smaller mansion (out of the Hudson Valley in New York) instead Just gotta finish The Painter's Wife 1st. That FM is huge!!
  19. Yes, I recall that darksilence set this excellent db up. Back then, I contacted him and he changed the mission type descriptions for the first three games to something more fitting. However, it's difficult to describe certain missions with the existing keywords (for example: the mission type definitions do not includes appropriate terms for industrial buildings, underground facilities, underwater stations, etc.). @nbohr1more: Please add spiders to the monster list for hhta
  20. I have gone through all the sewers doing the "go to the left" thing all the way around. Now I'm in the cistern. Is it in here somewhere the ?
  21. I found out about it via the topic about a separate mission downloader: https://tdmdb.com/missions The mission downloader gets some of the info from the wiki page. Personally I think there are too many places with info about missions considering how many people are updating these places.
  22. Sorry, I tested again and could not reproduce the problem . What did happen yesterday though is that I was browsing through the prefabs and found that there were a lot of them double in the prefab selection interface. One of them (that was not double) gave DR a freeze (program does not respond anymore). Then I remembered that I installed @Springheel's prefabs which can be downloaded from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz5u398AgP4 (see link in the details) So I removed the extra prefabs which are now probably all in core anyway and the downloads are probably outdated. And inde
  23. Only technical changes - see OP for more information. I have to admit, I never looked into this list before and I just see that the type descriptions for each of my missions are partly till totally incorrect.
  24. The assassin, right? I can't find any other on the map in that direction. There's a locked door on the corner of Arch Way & Lower Street. Where's the key for that? Also there's a pole sign that says Tower Street & something with an A, but it's not on the map, it's in the pumphouse area, spun me around a bit until I found the Bridge Street sign on the wall lol Oh yeah, the gambling den. Which building was that in again? I'm at the pumphouse. Gonna try and find that chapel again, after I text Biker I need to talk to him anyway. You know if he's busy wit
  25. I found only 1 spider in a hidden area
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