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  2. I'm obviously not so optimist but I really hope you are right.
  3. Nevermind, it's always the easiest solution that occurs to one last. I set the windows resolution to 1920x1080, which centers the screen on the 32:9 Samsung and TDM then is also centered with black bars.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to run TDM in 16:9 (1920x1080) on a Samsung C49RG94 32:9 monitor. What I want to achieve is not widescreen play (which is working), but I want to play TDM in 16:9 centered with black bars on each side. The PBP (picture by picture) of the monitor doesn't seem to support this (left or right side only, but not centered) and the monitor software "Easy Setting Box" also does not seem able to achive this. So I'm looking for way to either run TDM in fullscreen or in window mode with black bars on each side. In window-mode the two best programs I have found so far were listed here: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Glossary:Borderless_fullscreen_windowed - Borderless Gaming (not the also listed Windowed Borderless Gaming) and - Simple Runtime Window Editor Both were capable to bring TDM in window-mode without borders and disabled windows taskbar in the center of the screen. But the problem, that the rest of the desktop is still visible remains. Is there any known way to run TDM in (preferred) full screen mode with black bars left and right so that it runs in 1980x1080 (or 2560x1440) in 16:9 on a 32:9 widescreen monitor? Currently, if you set a lower aspect ration than that of the monitor, TDM stretches the display (Subnautica for example shows black bars in this case). If that's not possible, is there any known way how to bring the window-mode to show black bars on the side or some comparable reasonable workaround (which doesn't require to delete every icon, permanently hide the taskbar and the set the desktop to black)? Thank you very much! OGDA
  5. Hmm, for some reason, while the texture files is present, the material entry seems to be missing from 2.08. Maybe it was just never uploaded? Not sure, but I've added it now.
  6. Here was my workaround: Basically, set it up as a windowed app sized to your native resolution and then tell your window manager to make it borderless. I would expect this to work on Wayland as well, unless there's another issue preventing it from running even in windowed mode there. I started working on modernizing the fullscreen code but have been busy with real work lately. Since we have a workaround I wasn't going to push for a change in 2.08 and instead was planning to take the time to make sure the reworked code works out-of-the-box in both Wayland and X.
  7. I'm missing it too, and I'm on 2.07 hot fix 1.
  8. Open the console and scroll to the top and see if you are on revision 8079.
  9. What is the fastest way to determine that?
  10. Is everyone on TDM 2.07 "hotfix 1"?
  11. Yeah, I'm missing it as well. Can't find it anywhere
  12. No, piracy would not die. If there are pirates with enough skill who want to pirate it, they will. They will recreate the game or break into game-company-owned servers if they have to. But pirating also already is a non-issue for the big companies. It still happens, but most gamers and non-gamers just buy their games in one of the well-integrated and easy-to-use stores (steam on PC, the manufacturers shop on consoles). Advances in DRM/antitamper tech (Denuvo) and the increased orientation towards multiplayer/massive-multiplayer probably did not even have a real impact here. Most people just opt for the easy way, if they can afford it. While aquiring pirated releases is not hard at all, it always meant and still requires, that you know where and how to get a malware-free scene release without exposing yourself (not becoming an uploader or using a non-logging VPN provider). It has become easier to browse for and buy games in one of the better shop (the epic store still sucks). And modding would not die too. Try to imagine Skyrim without mods. It is obvious, that not only the indie games will keep supporting mods. Now that consoles are powerful enough to handle them, Bethesda supports them on consoles too. Bethesda already tried to go mmo and they saw that "it just works" not so well... It is possible to add mod support to game streaming and i am sure (if they ever go the streaming route), Bethesda would do it to keep its unique selling point. There is also an economic incentive to have your customers use their own hardware to play the game. Servers may become cheaper every day. But they are not free, while the customers' hardware is (from the game maker's point of view). Game streaming is a convenience feature wich will be used to open new markets. There are potential players, wich don't play yet but already own a smartphone and internet-connected TV. Some of them might be willing to use a game streaming service regularly or even buy dedicated hardware if you manage to get them hooked... It also is an obvious way to switch to a subscription model. But we already see people moaning about the explosion of video-on-demand providers each having their own set of exclusive content... It will be no different in the casual gaming market (wich is the biggest gaming market) when there are more than two streaming services. Selling the game for a one-time fee seems to be the greedier choice anyway for studios shipping as soon as the updater works...
  13. @All Are there other people missing "dark_redwood" in textures/darkmod/wood/boards?
  14. @STRUNK Oh yes, I'm definitely missing the `dark_redwood` from the media browser, same thing with the marble.
  15. @Springheel Thanx, it seems I'm starting to understand a bit what's happening : ) @krrg Do you have dark_redwood in your media browser, or only in the surface inspector, defined nowhere, when you have that bookcase in your map?
  16. No, the texture file is there. The problem is that skin files should reference material entries, not texture files. To correct it, replace "textures/darkmod/stone/flat/smooth_marble_white01" in the skin with "textures/darkmod/stone/flat/smooth/marble_white01". That should fix it. The redwood issue seems to be a problem with something missing. I'm pretty sure the redwood texture was uploaded for 2.07, as it is used in all the interior mansion models. I'll have to look into it. Perhaps someone else can confirm whether they see it or not.
  17. There isn't a tga file for smooth_marble_white01, but there is a DDS file for it in the dds folder inside of `tdm_textures_stone_flat01.pk4`.
  18. @peter_spy @Springheel Ok, so this is a original skin for the cup: skin cup_marble_shiny { model models/darkmod/decorative/vases/cup_marble.ase model models/darkmod/decorative/vases/cup_stone_large.ase model models/darkmod/decorative/vases/cup_stone_small.ase textures/darkmod/stone/natural/dark_dirty textures/darkmod/stone/flat/smooth_marble_white01 textures/darkmod/stone/flat/rough_marble_light01 textures/darkmod/stone/flat/smooth_marble_white01 } textures/darkmod/stone/flat/smooth_marble_white01 here should point to the material/shader right? But there is no smooth_marble_white01 in the media browser, however there is a image file in that location in tdm_textures_stone_flat01.pk4 named "smooth_marble_white01_ed.jpg" (but not smooth_marble_white01.* (dunno what extention that should be)). textures/darkmod/stone/flat/smooth/marble_white01 does exist in the media browser and this is it's shader definition: Where the diffusemap is textures/darkmod/stone/flat/smooth_marble_white01 So I think this diffusemap is missing in tdm_textures_stone_flat01.pk4 AND the skin is pointing to a none existing material/shader ... is this right or am I missing something? In case of the glowing bookcase it seems krrg and I are just missing a material/shader, or do you perhaps do have this "textures/darkmod/stone/flat/smooth_marble_white01" in the media browser and are we just missing an other material/shader and therefore have this glowing cup? Trying to understand how this all works : )
  19. Small tangent here, but using suffixes for diffuse textures would probably make things easier to grasp, especially for new mappers. I use simple _d, _n, _s, _em (emissive mask) notation in all my materials, never had any problems with it.
  20. @Springheel Here is the tdm_boards.mtr that is in the materials folder in tdm_textures_base01.pk4 on my pc. I have 2.07 with the hotfix installed (and didn't install any version before that). Could you paste the shader definition of the dark_redwood here? tdm_wood_boards.mtr
  21. It's not here. I guess @krrg is missing it also.
  22. There must be something missing, because it works fine for me. You say you don't see dark_redwood in the media list?
  23. @Springheel In his screenshot there is no light (falling on the books) and the wood glows in the dark. It looks the same on my pc ingame. Here a picture with some light on it: https://i.ibb.co/wRchRpK/STRUNK-2020-05-27-15-43-35.jpg
  24. Hold on. "textures/darkmod/stone/flat/smooth_marble_white01" is the actual name of the diffuse texture file. The material shader name is "textures/darkmod/stone/flat/smooth/marble_white01" The skin should be pointing to the material shader, not the file. That's the problem there. Again, I see nothing wrong with the material shader. And the skin seems to be correct too. I just tried it in game and it worked fine. Why are the books black in yours?
  25. IMO they want fast internet, specially for game streaming, if you don't need to install any game on your PC and you just stream a bunch of pictures, piracy will die forever (and modding and used sales, etc) and publishers for the first time in their history, will have full power over products and have customers hooked into their services, with no choice, they salivate over this stuff the only thing preventing this future, is physics, light speed is a bitch (but with good compression and small distances is feasible) and other equally powerful companies have interest that PC's stay as machines that you still need to upgrade, AMD, Intel, Nvidia, etc, to say the most important to me, but there's many others. But I predict next consoles, seven to ten years in the future, will be streaming machines tho or a hybrid, why, very clever people is working on Google Stadia and everyday new advances are made, is not hard to imagine that in seven to ten years they solve the major problems. That IMO will be the time where games like TDM will be very important for many people not wanting to become locked to a service.
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