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Found 5445 results

  1. Select the text, and use the Special BBCode button. Specify the "Spoiler" BBcode. That wraps the text in spoiler tags. Or you can do it manually, by adding [ spoiler] at the start of the text, and [ /spoiler] at the end (except, don't add the space after the open bracket; I did that so that you could see it in the message).
  2. 1- Zoom the 2D views toward the mouse location. I couldn't find any option for this in the settings, so I'm assuming this isn't in DR at all. This would make zooming in and out much easier. 2- A search feature on model/skins/texture/etc browsers. I noticed that in some cases if you press Space a text field appears, and it seems like that's some form of search thingy, but doesn't seem to work very reliably. This would make things much easier to find, regardless of how they are organized in the folders. You could always just search for it. Find "by name" might be enough for most purposes, and would be golden in itself, as far as I'm concerned. Although if more could be suggested about this, I'd say it would be something like how Hammer categorizes things with tags that allow for search filters (can also use material keywords for filtering textures). 3- Simplified wireframe on models (optionally just a bounding box). So that models wouldn't turn the 2D views into incomprehensible messes so quickly, but it would also help more easily seeing where model boundaries are exactly, for positioning/alignment purposes and such. Also one more, that I forgot: 4- Add an acceleration factor to the camera movement speed. Since there's no quick way to change it back and forth between fast and slow (have to press P, click camera, change speed, click ok, every time) this would make it easier to do small adjustments to camera position while still keeping the speed high enough to taste, and so that if you kept the movement key pressed you still quickly fly away to that far place you want. This is how it works in Hammer. I think its acceleration factor must be pretty high, so that small taps barely move the camera, but a continuous press almost instantly accelerates you to max speed.
  3. Oh, right, spoiler tags. Here is the content of mylog.txt after I start TDM with the start argument:
  4. Thanks for the logs. (please keep this topic clean, by placing the content of the logs between spoiler-tags.) like this. Cant see any error messages in the logs, thats with the problem to do with it. So, whats the content of mylog.txt, after you start tdm with the following startargument? +gfxinfo +condump mylog.txt +quit
  5. Thanks for testing. This help us too, to help other players in the future on their first-run. Some on the internet say, to also install the vcrun2015 component. Please install it and check it reaction. A black screen with sound is a video problem. You can solve this by change things in the tdm config file or run tdm with start-arguments. Run TDM windowed mode and low screen resolution: make a backup of the file "darkmod.cfg" (by make a copy of it) Then open the file with a texteditor, change the following values and save the file. r_customHeight 600 r_customWidth 800 r_fullscreen 0 If this works on your system, then you can change the video settings from the tdm main menu. If not, we need some logs. Create in playonmac a shortcut to the tdm executable and fill in some start arguments. (Configure button > select dark mod container > General tab > "Make a shortcut from this virtual drive" button)", select the dark mod exe inside the darkmod folder) After you created the shortcut in playonmac, hit the configure button again, select the darkmod container, then the darkmod exe shortcut and select tab "general" and where you can enter arguments in the "Arguments" input. we need to see how tdm loads. please create a log for us. using the start arguments: +gfxinfo +condump mylog.txt +quitThis generates a textfile inside the tdm folder and automaticly close tdm. We want to see the content of that file. (in spoiler-forum tags, please) If changeing the values for low resolution and windowed moded in the darkmod doesnt work Then use start arguments: +set r_customHeight 600 +set r_customWidth 800 +set r_fullscreen 0(or change these values in the darkmod.cfg file,) If this works on your system, then you can change the video settings from the tdm main menu. Folow the following tdm wiki article: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Debugging_TDM_systemerrors
  6. Yes, you are still viewing The Dark Mod Forums I've just finished the upgrade of our IPB Board Forums to the latest release. Packed with new features, rewritten code and all that. Have a look around. The skin is currently the default one, but will sooner or later be converted to a darker skin, to fit the Dark Mod universe. Also note that the forums have been moved from http://modetwo.net/darkmod to it's own sub-domain: http://forums.thedarkmod.com - all forum links will still work tho, thanks to Apache's rewrite-plugin. Please report any bugs, requests and comments in this thread. PS: The forums will run a bit slow the first hours as the cache is being rebuilt.
  7. My previous comment: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18990-custom-frob-idea/?do=findComment&comment=412240 Which links to: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/11359-textures-that-need-love/page-2?do=findComment&comment=253435 If a new highlight couldn't be tweaked per material, cases like the dark bottles should be checked for visibility. Can you give an example of how the new syntax would look? A 'top-level material keyword that would apply as frob color' sounds as though it takes a colour as a parameter. On the other hand STiFU wanted a globally player-configurable frob highlight.
  8. ahh, i see that now in the "Activity" area... hadn't really seen that area. i think a link like this will work for me ok ad others can be customized: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/discover/followed-content/&stream_read=unread&stream_date_type=relative&stream_date_relative_days[val]=365&stream_date_relative_days[unit]=d
  9. Hi guys, I'm sure someof you remember the old 6-degrees-of-freedom shooter Descent. Some of the former devs are already working on a spiritual successor called Descent: Underground, while some others have started a Kickstarter campaign for their re-imagined version called "Overload". You can find the Kickstarter here: http://kck.st/23WX5ck I hope the link works: <iframe frameborder="0" height="420" scrolling="no" src="https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/revivalprod/overload-the-ultimate-six-degree-of-freedom-shoote/widget/card.html?v=2"width="220"></iframe> Optional={option} and content= Now since videos and pictures only tell half of the story, the devs just released a playable teaser of the game. http://media.revivalprod.com/OverloadPlayableTeaser64bit.zip http://media.revivalprod.com/OverloadPlayableTeaser32bit.zip The teaser is Windows only, but it's said to be working quite well under Wine, you you Linux guys might want to have a look. The campaign desperately needs your support. In four days it will be over, and currently only half the sum has been collected. So if you loved the original Descent and are interested in its successor, please help and back it!
  10. Speaking of workaround: I think it is possible to override timezone for one process only. Just set TZ environment variable in the shell from which you start TDM. See more details in this comment. Duzenko, the DST flag should have been set to "uncertain" (negative value). I have started discussion in developer forums about how should we fix the problem, and I believe removing the whole piece of code is much more reliable than trying to fix it ?
  11. You can easily turn that around though, and doubt the censorship of "hate" messages on the net as well, which almost every time equals to right-wing messages, which are getting censored, mostly just for the content of the message. I think it mostly bows down to your definition of freedom of speech. Many Lefties who act and feel so democratic, and gloat over their "freedom" claim are actually very anti democratic, and reluctant to other's opinions. Anyway, forums are privately run sites, and the rules are others. Many forums even ban political discussions entirely (which i consder a good thing... there never has been a worthy political discussion on the net. The threshold to act like you would never do in real life is simply too low). I think this forum in general benefits from the matureness of its members. I really have never seen anything close to the tumult i have witnessed on other boards. Kudos.
  12. Anyone who thinks these forums have over-zealous moderators needs to spend more time on other sites. People very, very rarely get banned from these forums. Even people who have told moderators to "fuck off" have not been banned. On Twitter or Facebook you can lose your account just because the Silicon Valley media bubble doesn't like your political opinions.
  13. Does anybody else have this problem? In the (European) evenings the forum is unbearable slow. The server is delivering about 8Kbyte/s, sometimes less and usually stops midwhere during loading the page. Sometimes you can't even get the index page, sometimes you can log in, but then only get half of the overview etc. In the mornings everything is snappy.
  14. Biker continues to haunt these forums from beyond the ban it seems, but lets please divert this topic to another thread, maybe even the one discussing his ban.
  15. Years ago, to try and do a little Moddb participation project, I wrote a little blog piece about my take on the whole Doom 3 mod scene. At the time, I was roughly trying to parse out the factions within that community and my general feelings towards both the original game and the mods affect on it. Results, pretty much an awkward Myspace post about Doom 3: http://www.moddb.com/members/nbohr1more/blogs/reasons-to-own-doom-iii Oh well, hindsight is 20/20 eh? The general premise still stands though. Doom 3 is a game that uncomfortably straddles between a mindless shooter and a survival horror title. It's interesting to consider that Doom 3's cerebral attributes seem to be inherited from System Shock which heavily influenced it's design whereas I can now confidently say that Doom 2016 is a byproduct of Doom 3, Brutal Doom, and HL2 \ Black Mesa (with the latter being a particularly strong influence). While there are some flashes of brilliance in the early levels of the game, the true glories of the Doom 3 experience are in the Hell levels where the organic environments and intense demon fighting action take center stage compared to the claustrophobic jump-scare maze of offices in the research facilities. Still, there is SOMETHING there in that early gameplay that feels like it had the potential to be far more interesting than the version that shipped. I think that is why so many mods have tried to tinker with ammo amounts, difficulty, AI accuracy, etc to refine what was good about these areas. Alas, most of these endeavors have failed. Up 'till this point, Dentonmod was really my go-to gameplay modifier. I mostly used it for the included gore and weapon physics. It was more satisfying to watch my weapons display more powerful damage effects even if they didn't inherently change any of the difficulty behaviors. (I keep putting it on the back-burner but I have planned to fiddle with Flaming Sheep's Classic Doom 3 and Denton mod to make a combined mod so that all the functionality from both remains intact.) (Action Side) So, one evening, when scanning the Doom 3 mod section I came across the DoomReborn mod which I had seen a few times before and decided to finally give it a try. Up to this point, I had avoided it because it looked pretty garish and I thought that Classic Doom 3 had already accomplished this feat much more appropriately with better level design. I was surprised to find a completely different experience that was really a thrilling throw-back to the original Doom 3 feel. DoomReborn may not look so great in screen-shot form, but when played it's dimensions, player speed, and color scheme all subliminally link you back to the original Doom game and it makes you feel more like you are playing the most advanced Doom 1 graphics mod rather than a Doom 3 modded to play Doom 1 levels. I think it's a shame that the two projects were developed independently. Classic Doom 3's smaller, more closed-in, levels and slower pacing feel somewhat limp compared to the bombast of DoomReborn's sprawling 1000mph blast fests. So, I'll give a resounding "recommended" to DoomReborn if you are a fan of the arcade style action of the original Doom games: http://www.moddb.com/mods/doomreborn (Survival Horror Side) After that, and tinkering with a few other Doom 3 mods that mostly were variants of Sikkmod with Wulfen textures, I decided to check out one mod that was constantly mentioned in Steam forums. Strelok's D3 Enhancements. http://www.moddb.com/mods/streloks-d3-enhancement-mod I was absolutely floored! Stelok has done something quite special here. He's finally made the base Doom 3 game live up to it's survival horror leanings. Enemies no longer awkwardly lurch towards you as you fire ineffectual rounds at them. Now they rush at you in a way that recalls the menace of contemporary Zombie films. The whole feel of navigating the early missions is completely nail-biting. Also, weapon reloading is a manual affair. Once you run out of ammo, the game no longer wrests controls from the player and auto-reloads but instead leaves you firing empty clicks. You must take the initiative to reload. Another nice survival horror touch! The only down-side, I've encountered thus far are the Imp's. They are also sped-up and more aggressive to the point that it is very difficult to survive an encounter with more than two at once. With Doom 2016 out, this mod makes the virtues of Doom 3's design stand much further in contrast. If Doom 3 had launched like this, surely it would've been considered to be in the company of classic survival horror titles like the Resident Evil series. (Footnote) I have yet to revisit everyone's standard Doom 3 mod, Perfected Doom 3. The last time I tried this it was a horrible mess with inappropriate self-shadowing and strange "sharpened" textures with halo\emboss artifacts at the shading boundaries. (And it performed like a dog.). It looks like V-games may have made some significant improvements since I last looked into this, so I look forward to seeing the progress.
  16. Bikerdude

    Forums slow?

    For the last 1-2 weeks the forums have been really slow and unresponsive for me, when I type a post half the time it just sits there etc.. is anyone else having the same issues..?
  17. I've upgraded IPB to the latest stable version, and since this was a major upgrade (from 2.3.6) I also had to re-do the forum style. Most of the new stuff is in place, but I bet that the logo will be changed. One of the many new features in version 3 is rating of posts and also a "report spammer" ability which will make it easier to single out spam bots and ban then at sight. Hopefully this will stop some of the spam threads we've seen recently. Make sure to empty your browser cache if you're experiencing any problems. And please report any errors etc in this thread. Cheers, ~m2
  18. OneOfEightDevils is a forum member: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/user/10522-oneofthe8devilz/ We have discussed his project and possible cooperation a few times before. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/14015-idtech-coop-medievalfantasystealth-universe-projects/ It seems that he prefers Thief: Deadly Shadows and would like his project to be akin to it but with more combat options. He didn't seem to be interested in any of our AI designs, Lightgem, or other TDM specific features. To my knowledge, he did not even ask to use any of our assets. As for this demo, I think Judith is right. I vaguely recall that he converted the model and animations from TDS to Doom 3? He's done that type of thing in a few cases, I think he even took the Doom Marine model from Doom 3 and rebuilt the high-poly model by extrapolation of the low-poly and normal map. Though, many of his experiments are with commercially created models in other games he cannot legally share most of those examples.
  19. Looking at this adventure, my first desire is... to nuke the whole list of "ways to install on Linux" from the wiki ! The core problem is that the list of options is hugely excessive (and thus probably partly broken). Also, it is not clear which ways are "officially supported" and which are just alternatives for the adventurous people. The officially supported way is the same on Linux and Windows. It is as simple as: 1) Download the TDM updater from TDM website (choose Linux 64-bit version if you have 64-bit Linux) to the directory where you want TDM to be installed. 2) Run the updater. Don't forget --noselfupdate parameter if you are using 64-bit Linux updater (this nuisance will get fixed by 2.08, I hope). 3) If it installs well, play and enjoy. If it does not, go to forums and report. Of course, there are various details like 1) chmod updater executable 2) permissions in TDM directory. TDM 2.06 and 2.07 also complains about missing OpenAL package (hope to fix it by 2.08). But I guess most of the people can solve them using common computer knowledge, googling and asking on forums. For non-tech-savvy Windows users, we also started offering Freyk's GUI installer, so that they don't get problems by trying to install TDM into "Program Files", for instance. Linux users should be tech-savvy by definition, at least this is my opinion. All the rest like playing on Wine, playing on PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac, various packages and such stuff are unofficial (playing on Mac also is). While it is great to have this information on wiki, it should be clear that this is not what a newcomer wants to try. I think I will take this article (which is directly linked to the main page), and try to slightly restructure it to accent what is "normal installation" and what is "adventurous installation". EDIT: in fact, the instructions I posted above are present both on the Downloads page on website and in the linked wiki article...
  20. Hi, great mission. Not sure how to do spoiler tags, so I'll just ask this generally: It appears that I have exhausted every possibility, but cannot find the item that the main quest revolves around, I have well exceeded the loot and found 4/6 secrets, but the main item, which seemingly should be obvious, I cannot find. Is my game bugged, or am I missing something? I have the key that I assume leads to the item, but cannot find where to use it, for the life of me.
  21. Welcome to the forums and TDM, and thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it.
  22. Then it sounds like you have some problem with the script that crashes it, a syntax error or whatever, since it's hard to imagine how the entities and their targeting things by themselves could do it. Post the script you have and (I recommend) put it in code tags inside spoiler tags. And remember the basic stuff like the script has to have the file name the same name as the map, and it's just a text file with a "script" file type, so like: map44.script (if you're map was named map44.map), and it has to be in the same folder as the map file. Then inside the script file you're creating the function, like void player_clip_remove() { [code goes here] }
  23. Yes but why force TB if you use Adaptive Sync? Or you mean "these are different solutions for the same problem....." ? There's another recent challenger to monitor Sync management, S-Sync via RTSS: https://forums.blurbusters.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4173 https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/requesting-scanline-sync-tutorial.423722/#post-5602543 Scanline sync is, as far as I'm aware, user controllable tearline steering, which means it isn't technically a form of V-SYNC at all, but a V-SYNC OFF method that mimics the look of traditional V-SYNC, but without the lag.
  24. An other way to search for errors is to check the required objects. you can check if the video/opengl works by installing package mesa-utils and run glxgears. info from glxinfo, would also be nice. (=if that doesnt work, install other video drivers.) And here is a aur for tdm of old version 2.05 32 bit. https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/darkmod/ Please check / install the dependencies. (be careful with the 32 bit dependencies) other packages: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation#Installing_TDM_on_Linux_-_Installing_other_packages After this, In darkmod.ini you can change the 0 values to 1 of all options, except the "logClass_". (but i dont have any experience with this) Darkmod.cfg is the config file thats generated during the first succesful startup. But you can create your own by copying the content from the followin link and change where needed: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/19919-problem-with-207-some-level-unplayable/&tab=comments#comment-437702
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