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  1. Hey! Thanks for the great help! I was able to get it running in windowed mode. There wasn't an existing darkmod.cfg file, so I created one with the seta r_fullscreen "0" command as the only line in the file. This allowed TDM to run successfully in a small window, from which I was able to adjust the video settings to run in a larger window. The game is now playable and runs great even at a 'Very High' LOD. (And, it is a spectacular and very worthy continuation of the Thief series!) Prior to getting TDM running in windowed mode, I did not see a darkmod.log file (that doesn't mean there wasn't one). I re-edited the darkmod.cfg file to contain the seta r_fullscreen "1" command, which does still cause the black screen/frozen computer issue if TDM is run normally. Then, I ran the command you posted to this thread and in the 'Debugging TDM systemerrors' online manual: thedarkmod.exe +gfxinfo +condump mylog.txt +quit. The resulting file, pbhallamlog.txt is attached to this reply. Any thoughts on how to get TDM running in fullscreen mode? Thanks again! pbhallamlog.txt
  2. Don't need the DMAP log. Just open TDM, try to run the mission as normal. When you get to the black screen, then drop down console.
  3. Ok, apparently the problem isn't solved. The mission worked fine on my laptop, when trying again on my desktop, I get the same issue. I have tried reinstalling the Dark Mod with no luck either. When deleting the mission from the fms folder and just loading the mission from console, everything works fine as it should. It is only when I make a .pk4 file and load it via new game that I get the black screen when hitting objectives... When I put that .pk4 mission in my laptop, it worked fine... very confusing...
  4. Goog Evening I just loaded Dark Mod like an hour ago, and got this Problem with the missing Textures or missing dynamic light not shure, and the Smoke being just black squares. And i know there is another thread with about the same Problem, but i have the 2.0 standalone and as far as i understood i dont have to install doom to play this one, so the other thread is not realy helping me either. I tried about every button in my settings and i followed the faq Textures are missing, screen mostly black Look into your darkmod.cfg inside your darkmod folder and check that the following settings are like shown below: seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1" seta image_useNormalCompression "2" seta image_useAllFormats "1" seta image_useCompression "0" seta image_preload "1" even if im not sure thats the same problem. if that faq entry would be the right one, i looked in the DXDIAG, but there is no way to change anything in there. Textures are missing, shadows are pitch black Try disabling the AGP surface accelerator in DXDIAG. So non of the things i tried did change anything so please help me to fix this. MFG DamKoVosh Edit: P.S. the screen is much darker then its supposed to be, but the only thing u should see is some things having textures, while others havent.
  5. It's before it gets to the main menu. You never even see it. It crashes during the grey screen.
  6. All right, I guess I didn't wait long enough ... I'm used to missions having a loading screen.
  7. Ok, I finally got it to work, but it didn't involve either of the fixes you guys were talking about. First, I would change only these options: Screen Ratio: 16x9 Resolution: 1920x1280 Fullscreen: Yes Are you sure you want exit (Ask every time?) No (in other words, I told it not to ask me every time). Then the next time I started dark mod, black screen. Although I saw the fps counter (which by the way is rather odd in my opinion to have enabled by default..) So I went into my doomconfig.cfg and started changing everything back to default settings. Still black screen. (Weird, huh?) Next, I overwrote the entire darkmod folder with the one I had originally downloaded (unaltered). It worked, but I had the same problem as in the beginning (wasn't full screen, lower res, etc.) So I begun changing options again, restarted, and black screen. Then, I simply the darkmod.cfg from the original, unaltered darkmod folder that I downloaded, and overwrote the one in my darkmod folder, and then it worked! Although oddly enough, it was still set to 1920x1080, 16x9 and fullscreen was enabled when I started dark mod. I thought it would've overwrote it back to default settings (1280x720 and whatnot), but it didn't. Instead, it worked. Although it did seem to forget that I told it not to ask me if I wanted to exit for some reason. So whatever. I'm just glad I got it to work. Although I think something strange is at play here.. Edit: As a side note, it'd be nice if there was a "mods" option on the front end dark mod menu so that I could switch to another mod. I modified my doom 3 shortcut to start right into darkmod, but unfortunately I can't switch to other mods after I do that, so I may just take that out for now and switch to darkmod within another mod.
  8. No, the black thumbnail is for D3D applications running in exclusive fullscreen. You can check @runtime if a D3D application is running in BWF or not by that. I don't know for OpenGL ones.
  9. Is the the only difference? The black thumbnail? Try r_fbo 0/1 and restart TDM.
  10. For OpenGL applications maybe there are some more quirks (driver-related / MS specification for OGL drivers-related), for D3D just press WIN button+TAB ! *non-exclusive -> you'll see the active thumbnail *exclusive -> black (blank) thumbnail
  11. I have similar issues unless I run TDM in the max resolution of my monitor (1920x1200). My former resolutions of 1440x900 and 1680x1050 both display improperly. The nvidia-settings utility used to have options for how full-screen programs were handled...whether to stretch or center the display with black borders, etc. That seems to have disappeared, so I can't test fixing it with that method. BTW. this has been going on for quite a while now and has nothing to do with TDM 2.0. I think it is mostly to do with changes to X, and not the nvidia driver specifically. I normally would not suggest running TDM in Wine. But, some games which act quirky in full screen can be controlled by forcing a graphics setting in winecfg. Example: I recently installed the game "Project IGI" in wine. I had some issues with display sometimes when launching the game full screen. It would sometimes display no graphics, but audio was fine. In winecfg, I made a config for IGI.exe with the following Graphics tab options set: Auto grab mouse = yes Allow the window manager... = yes Allow.... = yes Emulate a virtual desktop = yes and set to 640 x 480 The IGI game itself is set to run full screen in max resolution. Now the game launches to the main menu properly in a small window. Then it goes to fullscreen properly when missions are launched and back again when done. All display issues go away and the game (not) changing resolutions no longer re-sizes my plasma desktop panels.
  12. according to the inventory script the compass hud model is drawn in its gui window each frame, its probability this that's throwing off the video capture software. would depend on which order the capture software picks up on frame draw order. Although you would think the video capture software would stay on the bigger screen size. Think of all the games that have extra small screen items drawing each frame inside the bigger main screen.
  13. I dont see any this-problemrelated-errors in the log. Could you create another log using full screen? Set r_fullscreen from 0 to 1 in darkmod.cfg Then run tdm with arguments: thedarkmod.exe +condump pbhallamlog2.txt +quit upload the new log To solve this screen problem, i think you have to change the screenresolution(s) of the game to lower settings. But first you have to detect the screenresolution that works. First set a small screensize in darkmod.cfgChange to following values in darkmod.cfg: seta r_customHeight "600" seta r_customWidth "800" seta r_fullscreen "1" If this works without any problems, then go the videosettings of the game and change them.To play it safe, start first with a low screenresolution, test it. If it works set a higher screenresolution.(to reset the settings, delete darkmod.cfg)
  14. Hello everybody, I'm RS-STALKER and I just joined. I have to say what you guys did with this mod is simply amazing, nothing short of brilliant. Every single one of you who worked o this mod is awesome and I simply love it. However I do have some problems and hope some of you guys might help. Some fan missions won't start, I haven't tried all of them but I have run into two fan missions that won't start. One is Alberic's curse where no loading screen comes up, and the mission simply won't start. Another is the mission, Business as usual, the game freezes and crashes every time I try to play that mission, particularly when i press the start mission button. I have noticed though, And I don't know if this might be the problem, that both these missions have a introductory screen with the fancy arrows and "X" at the bottom. No other mission that I've played (that worked) had such an introductory screen, But the mission that I did want to play that did have that particular introductory screen, wont work because the loading screen just won't show. If any of you guys have some solutions I implore to please share it, cause I'd really like to play these missions I have windows 7, 64 bit, nvidia GTX 560 graphics card, core i5 intel cpu, and 8 GB of ram, and currently using the dark mod version 2.0
  15. Thanks duzenko. Although that tip didn't directly solve my problems, it did lead me to the right documentation. For anyone having similar issues, what ultimately did the trick for me was going to TheDarkMod.exe>Properties>Compatibility > Change_high_DPI_settings > High_DPI_Scaling_Override where I checking the box for "override high dpi scaling behavior" and selecting "application" from the pull down menu. Prior to this I had also turned off AA in TDM, in favor of forcing AA through the nvidia control panel, and I set r_nvidiaOverride 0 and r_useFBO 0 in the game console. (In case any of those were contributing factors.) Currently I'm running in 1920x1080 fullscreen, on all maxed settings (except AA of course), and getting good performance. I have noticed some minor shadow flickering from turning off FBO, but it's not a big deal. Considering turning off FBO also cleared up a graphical glitch I was getting where some water surfaces had periodic horizontal black lines and extra layer of texture, I consider this a win. Plus it sounds like a lot of these issues will be getting fixes for the next update. So thanks again.
  16. Yes. You can go that far. Most folks wouldn't wanna lose bump map altogether but it's an option. If you use regular image_downsize make sure Postprocess is off or the screen will be black.
  17. Looks like scaling ought to be able to fixed using the monitor's setup menu: https://www.kitguru.net/peripherals/james-morris/samsung-cf791-34in-quantum-dot-curved-monitor/3/ Looked at a lot of software config stuff, but said nothing about the hardware setup - and it looks pretty irritating interface for that monitor. 110-degree FOV will mean you get the same view as any 16:9 res, scaled to 21:9, but might stretch prevent the GUIs stretch. Another option is to run the game in a window, clip the border off with borderstripper (http://winborderstrip.sourceforge.net/) and alt+enter it, same as stretching out other old games from the last millenium. Might get some letterboxing, might not. Idk - only purpose I can see in having a super-widescreen monitor is to be able to have 2 "fullscreen" applications running at the same time on the same screen. Like Photoshop and Lightroom or bitmap2material, Illustrator and Aftereffects and Premiere- so you can just drag between them and still have all the space to be able to work effectively, or stick it on its side and be able to read a bunch of dll or notepad++ (or a long forum thread on a monitor) without scrolling. Have you still got the receipt..?
  18. Hello! I've been having a host of weird AA/ graphics problems with 2.06. Ill post them here and create bug reports when necessary (sorry if these are redundant in other threads) Windows 10. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980. (Latest drivers) TDM 2.06 (Both 32 and 64 bit) Problem 1- AA forces fullscreen - While in windowed mode + (advanced render features off / SS/ Post/ect) - If I click AA on, it forces fullscreen mode even after restart. I have to disable AA and then restart to get back into window mode. Problem 2- AA and my skyboxes -While AA is turned on + (forced fullscreen, advanced render features off). My skyboxes get this weird windowed effect in them. If I turn bloom on, the effect is very noticeable and creates a huge FPS drop. Some screenshots: Cauldron: With Bloom: Volta and the Stone: with bloom: I did try removing the fog light I use in the skybox, but the problem persisted. Problem 3- Water shader - All advanced features off including AA. I get these very weird black lines on my water shader. Material file: volta_water_material.txt I want to make sure these are legit mod bugs before filing reports, so please let me know if you have the same problems or if these are already filed and being tracked. Thanks!
  19. If you set the resolution you do not have to set the screen ratio, the code will compute it on its own. Dunno if this is the root of your issues, though.
  20. Yes, that was just for the test. You can make it 1. One nice thing about TDM's screenshot facility is you can take a s/shot much larger than your screen. The s/shot does a separate render, it doesn't copy directly from your screen. If you choose a huge size, like 16000x9000, you'll see bits of the scene rendered as separate tiles that fit on your screen. Then it all gets put back together again in your resulting file.
  21. I unpacked the contents of the zip file to my darkod directory. The main screen works both ways, r_fullscreen 0 or 1. I have successfullystarted the training mission and it looks like this https://we.tl/t-ME5PVgzRWg Abayo.
  22. The OpenGL programmer in me thinks that looks like the underwater effect is supposed to be rendered to an FBO for some post-processing to be applied, but the FBO is not being bound correctly and the render is happening to the screen instead.
  23. (the screen went black for a few seconds and Dark Mod didn't actually started, just saying, because I don't know if that was supposed to happen) logmysound.txt: http://pastebin.com/XCDPQUxa
  24. So I fiddled with this last night and found that I'm not able to properly validate vsync. It seems that my monitor must automatically do some sort of buffering of it's own. I was not able to get screen tearing no matter how much I punished my FPS and turned off all vsync. It's a crappy little LCD TV that also can be used as a monitor and it has a resolution of 1366 x 768 but it's defacto input resolution is 1080p which it auto-downscales so I'm guessing there's all sorts of funky DSP manipulation to the HDMI input I'm sending it. Going by FPS alone, both r_swapInterval 1 and -1 cap FPS at 60 but seem to allow it to fall to lower values without going to 30 FPS automatically... which is apparently what Adaptive Vsync should do. Disabling in-game vsync in favor of Adaptive Vsync in the driver produces the same result. Someone who has a monitor which exhibits tearing without vsync will need to test r_swapInterval -1. As for me? No vsync needed until I get a new monitor I guess.
  25. Yeah, looks like it. The only things that can be done are: r_finish 1 (super slow but forces correct buffer management) Adaptive Sync: Recent GL drivers implement a new WGL/GLX extension called EXT_swap_control_tear. This extension brings "adaptive vsync" as featured in modern gaming consoles to the PC. Adaptive vsync enables v-blank synchronisation when the frame rate is higher than the sync rate, but disables synchronisation when the frame rate drops below the sync rate. Disabling the synchronisation on low frame rates prevents the common problem where the frame rate syncs to a integer fraction of the screen's refresh rate in a complex scene. Adaptive vsync can be enabled with wglSwapIntervalEXT(-1) or glXSwapIntervalEXT(-1). https://www.khronos.org/opengl/wiki/Swap_Interval https://www.khronos.org/registry/OpenGL/extensions/EXT/WGL_EXT_swap_control.txt I wonder if r_swapInterval takes -1 already...
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