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  1. On a TDM where DbtR isn't already installed ... I only see one version on the in-game download screen, dated Sept 25 2016. When I select "More", it says it's version 3. When I download it in-game, it describes itself as version 3. There's no version number on the load screen. Once I start the mission, missions.tdminfo has this entry in it: tdm_missioninfo river{"downloaded_version" "3""last_play_date" "2016-10-26"} On a TDM where DbtR v1 is already installed, and I've played it, missions.tdminfo has this entry in it: tdm_missioninfo river{"downloaded_version" "1""last_play_date
  2. Hello. Since update to 2.07 i´ve played the missions from a to b. I haven´t played all, but i noticed some really strange behavior, which it makes it nearly impossible to play a few levels. I play all levels on hard. Alberiques Curse- The golden book falls through the floor. You can still grab it, but it is "invisible". If you play the level for the first time, it is impossible to get it. For try i restarted the mission and rushed there. In front of me the book fall through the bottom of the altar. King of Diamonds- Two hard crashes. Hard restart from pc. To get in the attic you need a
  3. Thanks for replying. I was running darkmod.x86 on a 32bit OS (as I mentioned). Have tried the 64bit version on a 64bit OS and it is no different. I do need to set the screen resolution when running full-screen else it locks up. The Darkmod.cfg must be an older one I reverted to after playing with settings. With the correct resolution the main menu displays (on linux, but not XP), but I cannot install a mission. It doesn't crash, it just won't let me start a mission.
  4. Ok, I can reproduce it on my machine on 2.06 x64 build. I simply set "Fullscreen" to "No", then "Screen Size" to something like "1280x720" and click "Restart Game". It restarts and shows a properly sized window initially (for half a second), but then it quickly switches back to fullscreen with original resolution. If I stop the game and then start it freshly, it also does the same: switches to fullscreen. Indeed, the game is alt-tabbable. But it covers full screen and it is not possible to see it alongside other stuff, e.g. DR. This happens for me only when r_useFBO and antialiasing are
  5. Heya, I've been playing this great mission by Goldwell and while it was really enjoyable, I've encountered a few minor bugs(at least I hope they're minor O_O), and a major one. 1.) There is a safe in the office of the third floor(one with lion head ornament), which contains some loot. I was able to pick up all of it except a single purse with some spilled coins. No matter which angle I tried, couldn't pick it up for some reason, even after restarting TDM few times. 2.) There is an optional objective of putting a certain orb into a cauldron. Apparently, it should start some sort of cutscene
  6. I edited my previous post with the updated log. I can only dump the log when I'm on the first screen after loading the mission. The console won't open when the screen goes black.
  7. Hello. Sometimes when I jump in the water, 3/4 of the screen is "captured" in a freeze frame while the lower left 1/4 continues to show what's actually happening to me. This seems to have an approx. 50/50 chance of happening every time I dive into the drink. I am not quite sure what is causing it. I have attached a summary of my system specs and graphics hardware to this post. I am using the latest TDM version (2.07). GFX Info.pdf System Info.pdf
  8. I'd especially be interested in hearing more detailed instructions from Dead Rat, as he seems to have had the exact same problem and successfully solved it. I just wasn't able to follow the instructions, I think I need a little more detail. I know what the name of the light is that makes the sound, but don't know how to find that in the Sound Editor screen. The instructions mentioned something about left-clicking on the light in the game window, but most times I try that, the game just freezes when I try to get close to the yellow box and then just left click.
  9. Well, I was thinking that may be the case, as when I'm in that editSounds screen, a lot of the entries under it play a tone that sounds a lot like the constant tone emitted from the troublesome lights. I'm attaching a picture of the screenshot of one of the many lights in "Lords & Legacy" that emits the tone, and also a link to a video capture of me in the Sound Editor, clicking on the various sounds in the one section that play the tone. You can also hear the constant tone of the lights/biground1_streetlamp_4fold_snd lamp in the background, underneath my clicking the sections, as the
  10. I've been having a few issues with a dual monitor setup. I first tried playing in full screen mode. This was pretty bad. I couldn't control which monitor the game was shown on and the other monitor was disabled completely. When I closed the game, all of my other open windows were all on the same monitor and I had to put each one back the way I'd had it before. Then I played in windowed mode and made it fullscreen in the windowed menu. This is better: I can choose which monitor to play on and my other windows stay where I put them. However, the video settings are changed for the other monit
  11. First, please update your video drivers to the latest version. (to, at this moment version 390.65) Then check if the problem still exists. If so, could you post an application log for us? First check if there is a darkmod-log-file in your tdm folder. if so, open the file with notepad and copy its content to this topic in a spoiler-tag. If not, please create one and please post its content in a spoiler-tag. (See wiki article: Debuggin _TDM systemerrors) Tip: use my tdm launcher to load TDM executable with the arguments) And how about running tdm temporary, windowed and/or low sreen
  12. I force installed AMD drivers on a laptop years ago when Quake Wars came out. Prior to the forced install, the game played with mostly black textures and stuttered. After, all textures displayed properly and the fps increased substantially.
  13. I was finally able to fix my Black Screen problem. I had tried all the solutions listed in this thread but I still wasn't able to get TDM to work without the dreaded Black Screen so I decided to improvise and combine a couple of things that other people had found successful. This is exactly what I did: I renamed my Doom 3 directory to Doom3. Installed the torrent version of TDM and installed the patch. Launched TDM but didn't install the training mission nor any other mission instead I went directly into the "Settings" and changed my video settings. I then quit the game comp
  14. Yes, but the third way completely disables bumpmapping in the shader, you won't be able to enable it back even if you restore r_skipbump 0. So this is not a complete solution yet. Anyway, this gives some idea of what is going on. It seems that fetching bumpmap texture yields trash. Given that the objects look completely flat, I assume that it returns constant value (same for all fragments). And given that it looks wrong, I suspect that it may be black color (which corresponds to weird (-1, -1, -1) normal). And if this is true, then it means that bumpmap texture is not loaded properly into th
  15. no need to explain so i finally got the updater to work right and then switched to the nvidia driver and the game works great. i may have to tweak settings simply because it is running the GPU hard and the fan is nuts, but that is not due to the game itself, but the display setup is what i suspect. it is kind of annoying but the problem lies with the fact that it is a laptop, and i have a secondary monitor since the main one went out. if i could figure out how to completely bypass the built in monitor then it would probably behave much better, but i guess i may have to start saving for a r
  16. I recently dowloaded the new version 2.7 of the dark mod . the game runs fine . But my screen is to dark. And the brigtness and gammasettings in the game does not work .. But it works fine in my older games like the thief series(ecxept returm to castle wolfenstein . that uses a mod) . I recently upgraded my nvdia geoforce . And I am microsift beta tester. I am using windows 10 19h build 18334(and I cannot revert back windows.old . these files are deleted ). I suspect that its my nvidia that overwrites the games setting .I have tried to reert back older version . But that dosent help either .
  17. I'm afraid i'll need to find some free screen recording software. In the meantime i've done two screengrabs which attempt to show the issue. Not too clear though i'm afraid. If anyone could recommend some open source screen recording software for windows i'd appreciate it. thanks.
  18. Still not quite cured... Same Closemouthed Shadows replication except the compass renders correctly until you enter the room with the fireplace where the compass turns black.
  19. Hmm... http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Resolutions r_fovRatio is supposed to override your aspect ratio setting to allow custom ratios for wide-screen (etc).
  20. Are you running TDM in a window or in full screen?
  21. freyk, I performed the following from the link you noted: sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libstdc++6:i386 libx11-6:i386 libxext6:i386 libxxf86vm1:i386 libpng12-0:i386 libasound2-plugins:i386 libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libglapi-mesa:i386 libglu1-mesa:i386 wget unzip sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/games/darkmod sudo chown -R nobody:users /usr/share/games/darkmod sudo chmod uga+w /usr/share/games/darkmod exitI moved all of my darkmod files to the new directory (which makes sense), reran 'tdm_update.linux', made 'thedarkmod.x8
  22. Did that, the lighting is totally wrong on my side. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QTqZkJjlLBZWK6rqAly1-Jig1XwjlhfD ps. Doing vid_restart made the screen become gray and add to forcefully kill TDM as even the console didn't show after it.
  23. It's before it gets to the main menu. You never even see it. It crashes during the grey screen.
  24. All right, I guess I didn't wait long enough ... I'm used to missions having a loading screen.
  25. No, the black thumbnail is for D3D applications running in exclusive fullscreen. You can check @runtime if a D3D application is running in BWF or not by that. I don't know for OpenGL ones.
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