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On killing a guard he slid all the way down a grassy slope.


Ragdolls can slide down slopes, yes, but nothing else should.

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what, nobody else has noticed sliding until now? Happens to me all the time. Not when walking flat-footed, but if you jump on an inclined surface often times the momentum will carry you down the slope a little ways. Most surfaces meant for walking in TDM are flat, but if you want to test it, try mantling up some rooftops with a slant and try jumping on them while walking/running. The angle of the incline seems to influence the magnitude of the slide.


Most notably sliding can be found when when putting moveables on top of other moveables, or with ragdolls. Putting candles on crates, or placing books on bookshelves often makes for weird sliding effects. I think that surface types and func_statics have a friction property that perhaps influences this?

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Rooftop tiles and ice are the only areas where I've noticed sliding, but this is to be expected surely, T1 and T2 had this as well.


I don't see how TDM could be considered clunky, unless in this case the term is simply being used to describe movement that feels unfamiliar. Maybe you'll get used to it, but I think that TDM is one of the few games (including the original Thief games) where the movement feels solid, which is very important with a game that prizes a certain level of agility. Contrast this with some Source engine games like HL or Portal, which I love btw but the character movement really let's them down.

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Hrrmm...com_fixedtic shows '0', which it says is the default.


Been tinkering with different graphics settings, trying triple buffering on, forcing VSYNC, etc, but nothing seems to help with the "fine-stuttering" problem. The games seems "bogged down" for some strange reason, only FPS shows around 60. Freakin' weird...and aggravating.


Maybe it's a multi-core/timing problem? Will try ye olde affinity fix and see what happens.


And it was The Rift I was playing. Oddly, guard's armor looks different now on a reload. Something may be buggered in the old setup.


{EDIT: Nope, definitely not a (fixable) multicore rendering problem. Setting core affinity made the game un-launchable. Had to change it back. Going to try restoring NVidia settings to default and going from there. Has anyone done any serious graphical tweaking that made any huge differences in smoothness of graphical rendering?}

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Oddly, guard's armor looks different now on a reload. Something may be buggered in the old setup.


Something definitely doesn't sound right. :huh:

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{see above post too...}


I am restoring NVidia's settings back to default and trying again. When I get the resolve to do it. Things just get worse and worse the more I mess with it. It shouldn't play this "slow" on my system.


The FOV change to 85 seemed to help a bit. Definitely looks more "natural" to my eyes.

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I had an nvidia 8600gts before and now an ati 5850 (much faster card). I definitely get better performance now and TDM has been optimized quite a bit too. But even before I only really bogged down in really unoptimized maps.


(However out the window of The Rift's start I think I was down to 30 FPS or so with vsynch on due to tearing). Just saying that that start point isn't the most optimized.


But the only issues I've really had are sky related (catalyst) and water (the moon flips spots in one of my maps when looked at through the water.

Also had sound issues when my X-fi card was enabled and I had to find the sweet spot in the cards control panel to have proper sound in tdm.

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V-Sync slaughters my frame rate in a lot of game - on an ATI card here admittedly, but for example, in Dead Space and a couple of other games, I was amazed that my new PC was so slow --- generally I have V-Sync off as a cautionary start point.

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But tearing is so nasty to me I'd much rather avoid it. The higher framerate you get with v-sync off is only part of the screen - why would you want half the screen getting refreshed but the other half doesn't? So it's not truly a higher framerate.

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Maybe there are different degrees of tearing. For me, it's all over the screen, usually, bits of it here and there (randomly) that appear to be out of sync at odd flashing intervals.... Sometimes I like the faster framerate for "complicated" games, while others I can get by with turning VSync ON for a "prettier picture". Just depends on my mood.

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Yes I think it varies from system to system. Most of my Dark Mod play time is testing in windows mode where vsync doesn't work anyway. I never notice any difference. I did see it slightly on my old system. Maybe the systems that are strong enough to run it don't need it so much.

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