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Missing Textures?


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Well, I FINALLY managed to get my grabbers on a copy of Doom3 (not to mention a computer that'd run it?) and got it set up last night. Got the darkmod running and downloading and left that overnight. When I came back this morning, I was looking forward to playing. -sigh-


The thing is RUNNING fine. But looks. . .not quite so nice. I seem to be missing some textures in certain area. I tried with the training mission and with the Santa Lucia mission and both have the same problem. Things seem to play alright, but these dark areas are a little. . .odd, especially the ones you have to walk through.


Some environmental issuse


The torches


The crates


And some grounding textures


I've tried changing various settings, gamma, etc, and these seem entirely uneffected. If I totally wash out the screen - I get really light environments with black blocks like this. I tried turning effects on and off. No change. The torches are the oddest, as the squares around the flames are actually moving. And in the Santa Lucia mission there was a shelf that had a bunch of black squares flying out of it like it was infested or something.


Any help for this issue? I've got the Doom 3 BFG Edition - if that counts for anything.


Thanks! I'm looking forward to getting this all fixed so I can settle back and play. Been wanting to try the DarkMod for a good long while now. Though I see you are all working on a stand-alone version. Honestly, I think that'll be a LOT better in the long run. Wish I could offer some help there, but I'm only *just* starting learning the whole 3d/modelling thing now that I have a computer again. Got Blender, now I have to figure out what to do with it. :)

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. . .


ok. . .well that stinks. Especially as nothing I read said anything about that. It just said 'Doom 3'. Seems odd, too, when everything *ELSE* seems to work fine. Just those. . .odd spots.


Well, I'll see if I can put up playing with black blobs. And if not, I guess the whole mess can go in the trash and I'll hope you all can get the stand-alone version going sometime so I can try again.


How disappointing.

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The BFG edition does not work with any D3 mods, afaik. That's one of the big complaints people have been making about it. I should add a big disclaimer to the website, I guess.

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Kinda sounds like a useless edition then, IMO. Makes you wonder why they released it in the first place - unless they didn't want people using mods. But yeah, a disclaimer, or a note up on the mod-download page where it tells people how to get started - or both - would be good.


Oh well. I guess I'll guess I"ll have to wait on the stand alone. Which, I'm extremely glad is being worked on. I just. . .had hoped I could do the whole DarkMod thing *NOW*. But what can you do? Looks good, anyway, for the most part. :)

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Someone (Spring?) might want to update the main page to explicitly point out that TDM's working with vanilla Doom 3 only. Someone else (nbohr?) might want to do the same with the moddb page.

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i wonder how the assets are stored in the BFG edition. I mean even though it doesn't support mods, maybe we can find a way to access the assets... I read a lot about binary formats and such. If the assets are stored that way, we'd probably have a problem, but if it's still some sort of pk4, we could just let the players copy the pk4 into the tdm directory.

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Yeah, that's a huge bummer, and I'm sorry to see anyone having to put up with something like that. :(

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It will run without D3, but most maps won't be fully playable. We're working on a fully standalone version now and hope to have it ready for the fall.

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I'm going to revive this thread, for which I apologize.


My TDM Linux installation looks exactly like those screenshots in the first post: I'm missing light cast by the torches and any movable / extinguishable light sources. My copy of Doom3 IS NOT the infamous BFG edition -- I bought it long before anyone thought of re-issuing such a classic. Furthermore, my copy of Linux Doom 3 runs all right: all of the lights and shadows are in the right places.


I'm running Intel HD 4000. I've already redone the DDS textures into the TGA ones (nothing changed).


I've applied the following tweaks:

seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1"
seta image_useNormalCompression "2"
seta image_useAllFormats "1"
seta image_useCompression "0"
seta image_preload "0"

To make sure these commands take effect, I acutally have them in my start script and in the autocommands.cfg file.


My Windows installation of TDM is running fine (although it uses my ATi Radeon card, not Intel's HD).


Is there anything else I can do to make this experience worthwhile without rebooting to Windows?


Thank you in advance.

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