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Fan Mission: Requiem by Gelo "Moonbo" Fleisher (2013/10/6)


Poll: Requiem (by Gelo "Moonbo" Fleisher)  

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I'm stuck. I've been over and over the areas I can access, so at this point I'm more interesting in a direct "do-this-next" full-spoiler, rather than a vague hint.

[spoiler]There are locked doors I can't open on the back of the church and the crypt outside the church. I have a church storage key I found inside the church, but it doesn't open any locked doors I can find. And I can get to a sewer with an underground tomb at the end, with a mysterious arch and a letter about it - I don't know what to do here. What should I do to move on?[/spoiler]
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Thanks guys! The big prizes are a trip to E3 and a visit to Eidos Montreal. Thanks again everyone whose played Requiem; reading the comments on this thread always helps inspire me to keep on writing and mapping :smile:.

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But you should walk having internal dignity. Be a wonderful person who can dance pleasantly to the rhythm of the universe.

-Sun Myung Moon


My work blog: gfleisher.blogspot.com

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Just finished this mission and it is one of the very best one I have played yet! Although I didn't play all FMs yet by a long shot. The only things I would complain about is that even on easy there were many locks needing three or more lockpicks, which is quite a waste of time. Also it would have been nice to be able to kill some of the invisible guys. I had a lot of holy water and water arrows left in the end, but they didn't seem to do anything thus forcing me to shadow through the last levels...

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Hey Wesp,


Thanks for the kind words :-). Yeah, I did go a bit overboard on the lockpicking, especially at the start of the mission. Some other people mentioned it too and in my upcoming FM I'm going to try to be a bit more selective on which doors require picks.




With the invisible guys, I'm pretty sure that holy arrows do actually work on them (standard damage from swords and arrows does too) but for some reason that I couldn't figure out they don't play the pain animation when hit with holy water arrows.




Love your work on the Masquerade patches btw, I don't play the game without them.

Edited by Moonbo

But you should walk having internal dignity. Be a wonderful person who can dance pleasantly to the rhythm of the universe.

-Sun Myung Moon


My work blog: gfleisher.blogspot.com

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Totally off-topic:

is that that very Wesp from the 'Vampire Bloodlines - The Masquerade' Patches ? :o

Awesome to see you here !

Edited by gnartsch
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Bwaaah? Well that was unexpected :-O. Thanks for that link Lowenz! Oh, in case anybody is interested, Athalle over at TTLG has a series of interviews with FM makers and she just did one with me that you can find here:



Edited by Moonbo

But you should walk having internal dignity. Be a wonderful person who can dance pleasantly to the rhythm of the universe.

-Sun Myung Moon


My work blog: gfleisher.blogspot.com

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  • 4 weeks later...

That was epic!


Your first build and it took 10 months, I take my hat off to you sir !


Loved the details, the service for the dead priest was beautiful even though I was using the time to rob them blind.


One hiccup though


When I went to the obvious trap that screamed "I'm a trap trigger me" in the crypt, I think I stood on the letter, I could hear paper sounds, then the letter bounced out of the trap, I guess I kicked it, picking it up triggered the trap but as I was outside that wasn't much good, fortunately I had a save just prior to this point.



It did allow me to perform this extremely satisfying BJ on that wordy bugger of a priest though





The rest of the spoilers are praise



Kinda felt sorry for Fen so I put her on the elevator and gambled that it would go back to the surface, which paid off, so I laid her out in the chapel after I found it was empty.





The guys with the flaming crowns were nerve wracking, until I found that even if they turned round as you were behind them you still had a split second to take the crown before they reacted.


I hate AI that carry their own light sources.




I may hate AI with their own light source but as it turns out not as much as I hate AI that become invisible in the dark.


Damn they were hard to get past, fortunately if I can't see them they can't see me, just got to try not to bump into them.


The invisibility and the nerve wracking sound effect reminded me of the Krell monster from Forbidden Planet.




Once I got the soul jar the zombies totally freaked me out.


Shambling around looking for brains - fine.


Turning to watch me as I move through the shadows - Get. The taff. Away. From me.


That pink thing that crawled quivering into the corner ? that would be my skin!




Would have been been nice if I could have found that sodding priest after i got back to the surface, but hey ho you can't have everything.


I'll have to be satisfied with imagining him dying when the soul jar was destroyed.


So my score wasn't brilliant, but I'm exceedingly happy with it, mainly because I got out alive, there were times when I seriously thought I wouldn't.




The damage was me retrieving a rope arrow when I was a bit high, could have sworn I took a potion for it though.


The sightings were me sprinting for a rope in a courtyard full of zombies, I guess I could have been more patient and worked my way round.


The ones I killed were already dead, in hindsight I probably could have sneaked past them but at the time I was running on adrenaline and didn't know what was round the corner.



So thank you again for an extremely enjoyable mission and ensuring that I never sleep again.

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That was a kind thought about Fen

I really liked the action you took with the priest

Do i assume that you didn't find the secret room and drop the priest in the mire with the Watch


Thanks I thought Fen was hard done by and deserved a little peace, I'm just a sentimental old hector,


And the arrogant taff had it coming, just wish I could have got him later.



Secret room ? you mean this one under his office ?



Found that & dropped the diary on the desk of the captain of the watch, which triggered an optional objective, might have been nice to have a bit more of a hint in game about that but all turned out well in the end.


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I just started, and I'm absolutely loving it! Haven't beaten it yet, but will soon. There is just so much attention to detail in this mission... it's overwhelming!

Hats off to whomever made this. It's a work of art!

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  • 1 month later...

Well, so I just finished this Fm and heres the things that come to my mind after playing it (and keeping it spoiler-free, hopefully):


- Your mapping skills surpassed my expectations, great work

- Most parts of the mission had a good atmosphere, and the music was a big part of that

- although I typically dislike missions with those kind of setting, this one was quite enjoyable

- really long mission, maybe even a bit too long(if that is really possible), could have been enough plot for a whole campaign


The only thing that really annoyed me was the last part of the FM

In the tower with the half-invisible, (invincible?) enemies, which turned this part of the mission in a run-through for me (quite immersion-breaking).



Aside from that, I really liked your work and I will eagerly await your next FM :).

Edited by Cookie
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Hey Cookie,


Thanks for the feedback!




Yeah, the idea was to make the tower sort of a "boss encounter" to cap off the mission and so I purposefully made it tough. But like you, quite a few people felt that it was *too* tough. There actually aren't that many AI in the tower, but they do have overlapping paths and I think that combined with the fact that they're both new-ish to the player and are hard to see just took things over the top. Live and learn I guess.




Anyways, I'm glad that overall it was a fun experience for you and thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts and crits, and if you think of anything else feel free to let me know :-).

Edited by Moonbo

But you should walk having internal dignity. Be a wonderful person who can dance pleasantly to the rhythm of the universe.

-Sun Myung Moon


My work blog: gfleisher.blogspot.com

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I'm lovin' it, except for the visibility bug when I reach the cathedral proper, at least in TDM 2.00 (the office firewall blocks tdm_update and I doubt lunch break gaming will be reason enough to grant an exception).


The cathedral seems built on the edge of a cliff:


But step off it and turns out to be a dimension door:


And sure enough, up the scaffolds to the roof and I see the great hammer on top was in fact the linchpin of the dimensions:



I got v1 from fidcal.com, so is there perhaps a v1.1 or v2 around that fixes? Otherwise I have no clue what everyone else might have to not see this (other than latest TDM obviously).

Edited by Iori Branford
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Hey lori,


Glad you're enjoying the mission so far. I can't be sure but it looks like you used noclip in that area. Basically surrounding the church are a series of triggers that are used to switch visportals on and off. This was to allow for better performance, but if you noclip through one of the triggers you'll end up with visual glitches like that.


Let me know if that's not what's going on though.

But you should walk having internal dignity. Be a wonderful person who can dance pleasantly to the rhythm of the universe.

-Sun Myung Moon


My work blog: gfleisher.blogspot.com

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