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Fan Mission: Full Moon Fever by Spoonman (14/05/2016)

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Mission Name: Full Moon Fever Author: Spoonman Build time: 5 months. Version: 1.10 Released: 14/05/2016 Type: Manor Size: Medium-large Completion time: About an hour. Difficulty settings: Higher diff

Don't we all?

Coming off fresh from finishing the mission:   I entered the mansion through a balcony, then proceeded to knock a guard flat on his face. Hearing the clatter of footsteps I had to quickly shoulder the

Posted Images


Regarding The ravine, several players including myself in the release thread pointed out the various bugs in the map.


And regarding Full moon fever, I distinctly remember asking for permission to update this mission.


This mission was updated a very long time ago, so Im at a loss here.

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I don't have a copy of the PM thread/s anymore, but I genuinely could have sworn I had asked for and got permission. So assuming it means anything to anyone at this point, I genuinely am sorry.


I appreciate this is inflammatory at this point, but the update was tested over a 5 month period - why didn't you say anything back then..?

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I'm late to the party, but just played this with the current 2.07beta.


This ranks up there as one of my favourite FMs, with one small exception.




The design of the mansion brought the best of T1/2 missions to mind. It was a challenge to learn your way around but the layout eventually started to make sense as you got more comfortable. Finding secret ways to get in and out through the vents felt very Thiefy.


I felt like the level of light was well-optimised for gameplay--you could find lots of safe areas if you needed them but there were still bright areas of danger to deal with. The visuals didn't always make sense though, as I often was barely lit even standing directly under what looked like a bright light.


Finding places to put bodies was a challenge that I enjoyed.


The surprise with the zombies was great--I wasn't expecting it. ( I didn't find any readable about the rat, so I'm not sure what that's about.) And even the one lying on the floor that I WAS expecting to get up still managed to startle me when he did. Good to see the creative use of zombie animations on regular guards.


The crypts were beautiful and full of tension. I kept thinking I was going to encounter something as I wandered around, and just as I started to relax I found the book. The crypts were labyrinthine but just the right amount. I almost got lost on my way out, but it never reached the point of frustration.


Unfortunately, what has frustrated me is the loot goal. I've gotten out of the crypts and back into the mansion, but I'm only at around 2800 loot, little more than half the total I need. I'm hurt and low on resources, and there's no way in hell I would, as a real character, spend any more time in that mansion dodging zombies while trying to find silverware...I'd get the hell out. It breaks my immersion tremendously to have to continue looting the place after the ordeal I just had in the crypts. In fact, I exited the game at that point.


This isn't a criticism of this mission in particular, and I have no real solution to it--I understand the value of loot goals to keep players exploring areas of the map they otherwise wouldn't (there is lots of the first floor I haven't seen). Making loot goals optional is the best compromise I can think of.



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Can anyone fill me in about the rat? I finished the mission but didn't find out any information about it.

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Thank you for you comments! I'm usually not a big fan of loot goals myself, but I think it made sense within the context of the mission and that's why I didn't make it optional. I agree it might have been too high, though. About the rat, If I remember correctly there is a readable on the ground floor (servants' quarter I think) telling you about it. It was basically a reference to the sumatran rat monkey from a movie called braindead.


I got the impression from some of the posts in this thread that the rat causes the guards to become zombies somehow? And that if you kill it that won't happen? Is that true?



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Can't believe it took me this long to play this amazing FM. It's a great example of what I would love to see more of in TDM: Most missions are very predictable... this one went south really fast when you least expected it, I loved that aspect! I'd say 5/5, hope to see more interesting missions like this.


Now I want a radioactive rat that kicks butt and turns people into zombies as a pet.


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I agree! I usually don't finish missions with undead, but for this mission I toughed it out because the experience was great!

I don't know if Spoonman is still around, but you are, I want you to know I think both your Thief 2 and TDM missions are amazing. Your work is original and goes beyond what I'd expect to see in a Thief / TDM mission. You are a source of inspiration for me and one of the reasons I want to experiment with mapping for TDM. Thank you!

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So, I see I never finished this due to my car accident back in 2016. Went to Sweden right after and forgot about the mission until now. Restarted the whole FM, due to an update somewhere & after 5 years I had forgotten the whole layout. Still I get stuck in the big generator/boiler room.

I took out everyone, even the captain, so I can explore without being disturbed. I'm in the basement with a bunch of generators/boilers, but where do I find the crypt?

I did a save before jumping down to the study & getting the



. I thought this was what started the zombies, so I backed up & thought I'd explore every aspect before letting them loose. So if I kill the


radioactive rat

, I avoid Zombies? I really hate Zombies!

Any help would be greatly appreciated :) 

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