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Beautiful and very sad sounding piece of music. This composer was amazing. It sounds better without the Youtube compression though; without the smearing of the highs and left/right channels. Best part is at 3:44. How did he get such amazing string sounds in a 64KB music file? This is not like midi; the musician cuts and loops very tiny sounds, where as with midi you are stuck with whatever samples the particular player has.

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i wanna blast metal musics after listening to some scarlatti's works LOL, particularly k.141, k.175,k.517

I remember i had small talk with my economic subject teacher(i described him as both charming and stern guy in his early 40s) outside school hours when i was in high school , i asked him "what sort of musics did you listen back in your college days?" then he replied "ooh i primarily listened to pop musics , disco , rythm and blues and some classic rock music & metal, i also remember breakdance music was all the rage and got an airplay everywhere". "woah, what metal and rock bands were you listening to?" he answered "well, that's a lot to mention, i listened to a lot of it from '88 to '93 , first you should know that every genre has its subgenres. For instance , metal has dozens of subgenres. I love listening to thrash , speed metal , hair metal and power metal. I suggest you to try to listen to bands like kreator, testament, helloween, megadeth , death and obituary. You want a heavy metal? black sabbath might suits you. I still keep my cassette tapes somewhere in my houses. I began listening to more alternative bands from 1994 onwards"

Guess what? i instantly hooked to these bands. The first time I heard obituary - the end complete, it was brutal. The funny things is i never got such exquisite and deep discussion with my music teacher, but i got much classical knowledge from him though lotta stuffs going over my head.


oh i forgot, here are some ambient musics :


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