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How does the "ignore user" function work?


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1 hour ago, SeriousToni said:

Are you sure? You could easily skip these lines, they're even grayed out.

In the thread view, yes, but ideally I wouldn't want to see them at all. In the Activity view though, you have ignored users displayed in the same way as others, just with post content hidden. If I did block someone, I really had a reason, and those options to unhide the content are everywhere. IMO they're not much different from "Are you sure?" prompts (and equally annoying).

Or, in other words: when someone has me on the ignored list, every time I post something, they get an equivalent of "hey, that idiot you can't stand just posted something, are you sure you don't want to see it?" :D That's still informational noise, and I'm pretty sure people who blocked me really don't need that in their lives.

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Well it looks like you can buy a plugin that unlocks the option for users of this forum to ignore topics for $15. Maybe it'd be worth it to make a collect so taaaki can buy this feature?

More options:

Plugin: Hide ignored users' posts from activity stream and search results: $6.50

This one looks like a combination of the above 2 for $11.50, but there's 1 negative review saying it disrupted long threads.

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Like Peter, I would personally prefer for Ignore functions in forums to work more like social media — when you ignore someone they're gone. Every piece of content they post is invisible, without any placeholders or "Are you sure you don't want to click this link and maybe be annoyed?" prompts. But for whatever reason, forums tend not to go that far.

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If I'm reading the description correctly, that's what the last one of those plugins promises to do. Quite shameful that we have to pay for what should be basic functionality, but at least it exists and doesn't seem insurmountable... Would have to make sure it does what we want.

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14 hours ago, Abusimplea said:

That disclaimer is quite specific though...

Because that's the main sort of accusation for this sort of stuff. Remember when that jackass Trump was president and accusations went flying that everyone who was dumb enough to support him was actually a KGB agent sitting at a computer desk between Polonium poisoning critics of that manlet Putin?

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No, you're the first person who actually said they'd offer a contribution towards these.

Will have to consider whether these plugins do what we want (ignore topics and complete ignoring of users). The 3rd plugin seems to combine both of these features and more at half the price of the other 2 plugins, but one of the reviewers said they had to stop using it because in certain threads it would hide everyone's posts regardless of whether they're ignored. The other 2 plugins seem to have fewer features that we might want, such as completely removing ignored posts instead of asking whether you want to show them anyway.

Maybe there are still more plugins on that marketplace.

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I don't know how this forum is built, but I would guess as it works like a CMS we could just modify it ourselves. Easiest way would be some CSS, but of course I don't have any access to the backend.

"Einen giftigen Trank aus Kräutern und Wurzeln für die närrischen Städter wollen wir brauen." - Text aus einem verlassenen Heidenlager

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That might be the best way to get the exact features we want, once we've agreed on them.

This looks to be the documentation for making own plugins for these forums:


Maybe it's something you or someone else can work with?

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