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  1. I had this problem - I got music but a black screen - on Ubuntu 12.04. I fixed it by doing: sudo apt-get install driconf Run driconf, and on the "Image Quality" tab, set "Enable ST3C texture compression even if software support is not available" to "Yes". Close driconf. Then, the menu worked. (Although it's still not setting the screen resolution back to the original resolution when it quits...) Hope this helps someone. Gerv
  2. I just downloaded The Dark Mod and as soon as it finally downloaded I ran the application; my screen went black and this window popped up. Im a newb and don't know what to do.It says that it can't find some of the files. I've ran the updater a couple of times and it says that it's up to date.
  3. I opened my WIP, which I last edited with 2.02. Now, with 2.03 one of my textures appears black (black in color, but with clearly visible bump mapping) in the game, but seems okay in DR. The game complains about missing texture textures/darkmod/stone/brick/blocks_sepia_grey_d It is as if the diffuse texture did not make it into 2.03? Can someone confirm? The texture in question is called: textures/darkmod/stone/brick/blocks_sepia_grey
  4. The blue windows, the multi-colored windows, and the black windows are all back to normal now. Good work. Thanks!
  5. That is definitely better, however, I still have the title bar and start menu bar showing, any other setting to bring this totally full screen? Edit: Nevermind, I noticed fullscreen wasn't checked and that did it. Thanks.
  6. I have a 32" widescreen monitor. In game settings don't let me go full screen at that width, and I cannot seem to find the correct resolution to set. My settings is Thief 2 however work fullscreen and they are 2560x1080x32. Is there a way to specifiy in darkmod.cfg the correct settings and what might those be? Thank you.
  7. Another mission to look at is Lords & Legacy. The transparent windows in the opening poor section of town are now a mix of things: okay, rainbow-colored, bright blue, etc. A good example is where the open window where the female is wandering around is clear, but the closed window on the other side of the door from it is blue. Go to the central part of the map where the guard station is and look at the surrounding transparent windows. They're all black. Lots of problems in this map.
  8. Still this lol. The console will usually show the cause of such issues, black screens are sometimes caused by failures to load textures or gui files etc.
  9. Is the game going fullscreen but only rendered in the top left corner, so the rest of the screen is black? If he's using onboard graphics like intel, he might have keep aspect or don't scale option set. Man there's so many things that it could be.
  10. Well, I FINALLY managed to get my grabbers on a copy of Doom3 (not to mention a computer that'd run it?) and got it set up last night. Got the darkmod running and downloading and left that overnight. When I came back this morning, I was looking forward to playing. -sigh- The thing is RUNNING fine. But looks. . .not quite so nice. I seem to be missing some textures in certain area. I tried with the training mission and with the Santa Lucia mission and both have the same problem. Things seem to play alright, but these dark areas are a little. . .odd, especially the ones you have to walk throug
  11. I have a new machine with gtx 760. It does not want to play TDM. I run TDM on 64bit Arch Linux on this new machine and it breaks before starting. (TDM 2.03 is still working on old 64bit Arch machine). It is ofcourse possible that I forgot to install some 32bit lib but maybe it's something different alltogether... Help much apreciated. [whoop@black darkmod]$ gdb '/home/whoop/darkmod/thedarkmod.x86' GNU gdb (GDB) 7.8.2 Copyright (C) 2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html> This is free software: you are free to c
  12. Is it possible the forum is showing you the decompressed file size? EDIT: nope, that's not the case, if I full screen the image and download it, it's twice the size in MB, but it's image size is smaller, so the forum is resizing and recompressing, but probably doing it as fastest path instead of smallest path.
  13. I know that engine is the most modern but also more similar to the original one, it has full support for all vanilla idtech 4 features and tools, for example the vanilla GUI system, where all engines based on Doom 3 BFG source require Flash, at lest for fullscreen GUI's. There's other stuff on it that is cool has well imo, support for Qt GUI based tools, for example the fhDoom engine light editor is made with it, and looks very nice imo, unfortunately is the only converted tool for now plus i don't know if you can do game based GUI's with it. It also has direct support for GLSL shaders, th
  14. I just checked at a range of screen resolutions and aspect ratios - it is the same on all of them Note that my screen is a standard 16:10 ratio I also tried the same thing with windows selected as opposed to full screen and it is the same
  15. In 2.05, this model: models/darkmod/nature/bush_small03.lwo using this skin: nature/long_grass_lightyellow_dense displays correctly. In 2.06, the same model with the same skin displays the alpha channel as a black texture. First image is 2.05, second is SVN. Could someone with materials knowledge please figure out what's been broken since releasing 2.05? I took a quick look and didn't see any differences in the material or skin definitions, or the tga file for the grass texture. Other bush skins might have the same problem. The bugtracker issue is #4511.
  16. the texture files are not the same size so it looks like one has been altered. maybe the alpha channel has been removed on the later texture. it might depend on a texture editor some use 0 as transparent value and some use 255 as transparent value, if they've been swapped then the alpha channel would appear black.
  17. Hello Good Thieves, I'm playing the Dark Mod for the first time with your new 1.08 release -- and wow, what fun! Compared to classic Thief, I especially love the new movement capability and object interactivity. So I was merrily playing along when the training mission stopped loading for me. In addition, I can't get Lucia to load either. I've played through most sections of the training mission without any problems (I loved the jumping and climbing area... all sorts of nooks and crannies to explore!). And then I played through Melan and Bikerdude's Return to the City (great fun!).
  18. Newly updated TDM (latest v1.06), not played in a long time, Doom 3 works fine (resolution is not avail for my 1440x900 screen but plays fine at lesser rez). When I launch using tdmlauncher in D3/TDM directory, I get a window (D3 runs full screen), I get sound, sound affects from moving mouse around, but no graphics, just black screen! I have ATI hd4650 512mb card, latest drivers, Win7-64. NE1 know what might be wrong? Thanks!! PS: Looked for similar problems but found nothing like this for win7.
  19. Check for in game video resolution? And what is system wide screen resolution?
  20. Personally I recommend people to start with C instead of C++, imo C is much easier to learn, i also think functional programming is easier to grasp initially than OOP. Btw idScript and in some parts the idtech4 engine itself, imo look more C like than C++ like, the engine is indeed written using C++ and OOP, but i just think that John Carmack was so used to the C ways that he still used it for many things. For example this is how you print to screen: in idScript: float someNumber = 10; string someString = "Hello World!!"; sys.println("I'm printing" + someString + "and the number" + s
  21. Hello, since I bought a video card capable of running Doom 3 recently(Radeon 6850) I wanted to try this mod. Doom 3 is running fine, but I have a severe error when playing the mod. When changing the screen resolution, it certainly does change more than the graphic detail. This is a screen in 1600*1200 resolution: http://www.abload.de...23-10-bjy9v.png Everything looks really trippy and when I press the forward key, I move diagonally forward. This is a screen in 1024*768 resolution: http://www.abload.de...23-12-b8ad2.png Now it looks better and when I press forward I actually wa
  22. Check that you do not have epifire's custom materials in your TDM's directory. In the 2.05 update a fair amount of his models got added in so now you'll be having two different .mtr files defining the same thing, which throws an error. Don't worry about "Unable to load texture: _default", these are arguments that make automatic textures in the material files. _black, _white and _flat produce uniform black, white and normalmap colors, respectively. _default either isn't supported or isn't defined in TDM, yet some .mtr file somewhere still probably refers to it.
  23. ^ I see I'm not alone I'm putting this in the forums instead of bugtracker because there are multiple problems, some of which are related. My main problem is the same as this thread. Corruption loading keyboard controls in another layout openSUSE Linux 13.2 TDM 2.03 1) Getting it to start in the first place I noticed some new games in my repositories, and this was one of them. It installed fine through yast2. I tried thedarkmod and ~/.doom3/darkmod/thedarkmod.x86, but it was (I think) tdm_update.linux, the one that doesn't start with an underline (which I don't see now), which actually
  24. type in terminal sudo apt-get install libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0:i386 to download 32 bit version of s3tc. It won't show up in synaptic for some reason. This is as far as I got to get past the blank menu screen. Your next problem is the ridiculously low fps and stutter. I never knew how to get past this without installing proprietary drivers. If you're stuck b/c of the low fps or blank screen, just hit the tilde key (~) and type quit to exit.
  25. I've played my far bit of TDM missions with gamma on 1 and brightness on 1 and I finally noticed how easy it would actually be able to see the player sneaking around in the dark if there was another player walking around as a guardr. So I finally decided to give the gamma and brightness guide in the training mission a fair amount of effort to get the "best" settings for an immersive experience. After a couple minutes of re-reading the guide and fiddling around with the sliders I was never satisfied. When I was sitting in the corner to the right of the book I kept the darkest corners of the r
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