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FM: Flakebridge Monastery by Jesps



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  1. 1. Gameplay: Enjoyment. Fun duration. Smooth flow, ect. Versus Bugs. Frustration, Boredom, framelag

  2. 2. Appearance: Visual pleasure, lighting, visual style, deduct bad texturing etc.

  3. 3. Story & Text: Story. Text. Briefing. Graphic storytelling

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Enjoy your stay and please stay out of room 2.


I just finished this on expert and completed the two optional objectives.


+This mission have a lot of creepy things! I'm not going to mention them all, but I loved them!

+Cathedral is beautiful!

+Some beautiful stained glass. The light passing through them is beautiful as well.

+Very Thief: The Dark Project feeling :)

+Multiple paths to take.

+Readables quantity and quality: outstanding!

I also appreciate the hints for keys and loot.


+Some funny epitaphs.

+Optional objectives are a delight to complete.

+Story is very good.

+Some cleverly hidden loot.

+Setting: very creepy and fun to explore.


+Necromancers: I can never get enough!

+Those skulls floating around the book in the crypt: very cool!

+Room 2: spooky as hell!

+Spider in the belltower: an awesome idea!

+http://imageshack.us...29/145/cdo9.jpg : epic xD



-IMHO loot requirement for Expert should be higher. I suggest something like, 5000.



This is so far the best Jesps FM I played!

I hope you had as much fun creating this mission as I playing it!

Congratulations and thank you very much!

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That anyone can vote only "tolerable" or "poor" on a map this well regarded is a joke.

"No proposition Euclid wrote,

No formulae the text-books know,

Will turn the bullet from your coat,

Or ward the tulwar's downward blow

Strike hard who cares—shoot straight who can—

The odds are on the cheaper man."


From 'Arithmetic on the Frontier' by Rudyard Kipling

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  • 8 months later...

Just played through again on 2.02 on hardest with difficulty hardcore and it worked very well

Only one problem

I thought I had looked almost everywhere but I was still missing over a 1000 loot

So I will need to try again note

I had the loot in the tombs


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  • 4 weeks later...

Sorry, to disturb you, but I have no idea where I can find the book of Amos. :( And where I can use the cathedral key? I'm confused because the cathedral door (near mission beginning) is pickable.


Oh, by the way: A great mission, I'm enjoying it very much (as you T2 mission "Scepter of Dol Animal" ). Is there more from Jesps in the work? ^^

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Sorry, to disturb you, but I have no idea where I can find the book of Amos.


If I remember correctly the book is inside a safe in one of the officers' office.


And where I can use the cathedral key? I'm confused because the cathedral door (near mission beginning) is pickable.


It is for the cathedral doors (even though they are pickable)


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  • 3 years later...


"Fred and Adam
We're queer!
We're here!
Because of it!"
What's that supposed to mean?
Does TDM endorse homophobia?




Are you all right?

Is that some trolling attempt?

Edited by lowenz

Task is not so much to see what no one has yet seen but to think what nobody has yet thought about that which everybody see. - E.S.

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  • 1 year later...

I really liked this FM. The music was well chosen and contributed to the dread and sadness feeling of the mission. The areas were always great to look at and that denotes an attention to detail that sometimes is lacking on other FM's.

The only improvements that i noticed that could be done, at least in my opinion, are in the following two areas:

1) the number of npc's should be higher. Although the ambient was done well, I personally never felt a sense of danger through the mission.

2) maybe a more elaborated background and lore couldn't hurt, both by extending the text of current books/scrolls and by adding new ones.

On a side note, i don't know how it was done, but for the size of the map, the loading time of this FM was very fast, compared other FM's of the same size. And that is always a plus.

Thank you for a work well done, Jesps!

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  • 2 years later...

This is a really cool mission. Despite occasional issues with oversized, empty hallways it was a lot of fun to play and had a strong Thief 2 atmosphere.

Guard patrols were enough to keep me on my toes without feeling that I was always waiting for them to stop parading around in front of me.

I had a good chuckle at the sly M. C. Hammer and Down in the Bonehoard references.

I played on the hardest difficulty, finished with about 4,800 loot and a dismal stealth score. I didn't find the treasure map but I did complete the necromancer's tome optional objective. I look forward to finding the rest of the stuff on another playthrough some day.

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  • 1 year later...
On 3/26/2022 at 9:40 PM, thebigh said:

I didn't find the treasure map 

I'm just playing this, and have the same issue. Does anyone remember where the map is hidden? The note saying that it somewhere it can't be found isn't exactly helpful. :P

Edit: Even with tdm_show_loot, I wasn't able to find it. Anyway.

Edit 2: And then I find the hint in this thread. ARGH. 


Edited by chakkman
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  • 1 month later...


You are using a version of the mission which uses "Rhand" instead of "Righthand". This version seems to be quite old and no longer supported. I tracked down a copy of your version to taffersparadise.co.uk. Perhaps there are other copies of this obsolete version out there in other sites.

Close TDM, delete the fms/flakebridge folder and re-download the mission from the built-in downloader, which is the most reliable source.


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Thanks Snatcher for identifying the problem. However, I could only find the mission at Taffersparadise. Originally, I couldn't find it (and the sequel) through the built-in downloader, but that seemed suspicious so I went back (after reading your message) and found both under the author's Title Selis Woderose.

I installed both successfully.

Thanks again !



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  • 5 months later...

I got lost multiple times. It was my fault, but I had to literally jump off the roof to find my way back.

The Exorcist room was neat, even if the trigger works from the room next door.
What I thought was going to happen when I finished the optional objective, is that all the enemies will be gone (since I thought they're kept there by the book) when nothing happened I was disappointed. Hoped to put things to rest, so to speak.

The atmosphere was great, the coffin was a nice touch, I loved that.

I really struggled with the Map quest, however. I searched the room top to bottom multiple times, so I guess the readable was correct =D I found it, eventually, but man it was such a curveball.

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