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Community Beginner Contest 2012 RESULTS


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Sneak & Destroy (Author: SeriousToni)




1) Sneak & Destroy ( SeriousToni ) 73.95%


2) In Remembrance of Him ( RPGista) 70.85%


2) Rightful Property ( jysk ) 69.58%








Total Points = (gameplay * 3) + (Appearance * 2) + (Story * 1)

Max Possible = Total Votes * 5 (Outstanding)

Category Score (%) = Category Points /Max Possible * 100

Total Score (%) = Total Points /Total Max Possible * 100




The vote count was equal in all categories for everyone so:


TotalMaxPointsPoss (TMP) = AllCategoryVotecount(ACV) * 30


Full Weighted Score (FWS) = (Gamescore*3 + Visualscore*2 + Storyscore) / TMP




Seek and Destroy


49 voters





(1x1)+(3x18)+(4x24)+(5x6) = 181 x 3 = 543





(2x1)+(3x20)+(4x25)+(5x3) = 177 x 2 = 354





(2x3)+(3x10)+(4x26)+(5x10) = 190




Total = 1087

TMP = 1470


Final score = 73.95%



Rightful Property


40 voters





(1x1)+(2x2)+(3x22)+(4x13)+(2x5) = 131 x 3 = 399





(2x1)+(3x17)+(4x20)+(5x2) = 143 = 286





(2x1)+(3x12)+(4x23)+(5x4) = 150



Total = 835

TMP = 1200


Final Score: 69.58%




In Remembrance of him


39 voters





(1x2)+(2x13)+(3+11)+(4x9)+(5x4) = 117 x 3 = 351





(2x2)+(3x3)+(4x15)+(5x19) = 168 x 2 = 336





(1x2)+(2x2)+(3x11)+(4x17)+(5x7) = 142


Total = 829


TMP = 1170


Final Score: 70.85%







Congratulations to all participants!


Like Melan and many others have stated, all three missions were so good they can hardly be

considered "beginner" at all.


Edit: I have amended the results per RPGista's request.

Edited by nbohr1more
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(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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*a tiny bird lands on your shoulder and whispers that the winner mission is misspelled*


*flies away in love and piece(s)*




EDIT: OMG OMG ... !!! ... birds cannot whisper! O.O

Edited by SeriousToni

"Einen giftigen Trank aus Kräutern und Wurzeln für die närrischen Städter wollen wir brauen." - Text aus einem verlassenen Heidenlager

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Congratulations SeriousToni! I've sent Lord Soth a PM telling him you've won the contest. If you PM him your address he'll send you the Dark Mod mug.


Congratulations to jysk and RPGista too. I wouldn't have been suprised if any of you guys had won either as they were also really impressive. I really hope we see more from all 3 of you.

"I believe that what doesn't kill you simply makes you... stranger"


The Joker

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Hey SeriousToni, congratulations! Contact me on Steam for your prize - Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Look for "7upMan" or "PhreXes Phowltear". Or use the Steam TDM group.

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My Eigenvalue is bigger than your Eigenvalue.

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Good missions in this contest. Congrats to all of you and to SeriousToni for the win. B)

What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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Congrats! I'd send you a case of German beer - but since you are in Germany, that's a bit pointless :D

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man." -- George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)


"Remember: If the game lets you do it, it's not cheating." -- Xarax

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Thank you!

Thank you players for playing, thank you voters for voting fairly, thank you community for discussing, thank you helpers for helping, thank you beta testers for testing, thank you developers for this mod and thank you mama for being a mama!


I am happy that my very first try was accepted so well and most of the players had much fun. I put much time in this for learning the editor, creating the map and doing all the extra content. Allthought it would have been cool to have all the other people who signed up for the contest still taking part in it until the end, the two people left where a hard competition. If you ask me, there has to be a Beginner's Contest 2013. I want to get more people into this and maybe helping them while remembering my own first attempt here in this contest. I'm working on behaving more serious since the last months and letting go of my sillyness and immatureness. Taking everything to my heart isn't good for me and so I hope someday I can be a more professional person, just like most of you here.


As I have not much time these days I didn't start to work on mission 2 yet. I have many plans on going further because I don't want to let people down as the expectations surely will be high.


So give me some time and we'll meet again.




Sincerely, Toni

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"Einen giftigen Trank aus Kräutern und Wurzeln für die närrischen Städter wollen wir brauen." - Text aus einem verlassenen Heidenlager

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Additional thanks to Lord Soth and 7upman, who contributed the awesome prices (a TDM mug and Deus Ex : HR). That was truely the spice in the contest!


Thank you!

"Einen giftigen Trank aus Kräutern und Wurzeln für die närrischen Städter wollen wir brauen." - Text aus einem verlassenen Heidenlager

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