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Fan Mission: The Gatehouse by Bikerdude & Goldchocobo (updated 02/11/2014)


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I seem to have lost the original thread in my post. When I put the sword (already in my inventory) into the blood angel's tray, it vanished. It was previously in my inventory.

Ah....... you mean the dagger, not the sword. Yeah its supposed to do that to stop the player re-frobbing it.

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Dammit, just lost my original post and don't have the energy to write it again. This one will be briefer:



Most beautiful TDM mission to date, IMO. Absolutely stunning visuals. I liked the unique menu screen too.


Really loved the traps, especially the pressure plate arrows. Hope we'll see more of those in other missions now! The mirror puzzle was awesome.


Loved the unique doors and door sounds, though the first several had no 'closing' sound.


Lava caves were beautiful, but after 10 reloads I noclipped through.


Got hung up at the beginning for a good ten minutes. When the gate comes down and locks you in, I was convinced the stone sliding sound was a secret door opening in the area I was in. I searched every inch of the area for it, and even restarted the mission several times to try and pinpoint where the sound was coming from. Didn't occurred to me to retrace my steps for quite a while.


I did find myself wishing for some regular AI opponents. I missed having to sneak.




Btw, what mission does this refer to?


Well you can expect more of that from moi in the near future, because if you think this mission was pretty, oh dear lord you ain't seen nothing yet....!!!

To quote Melan (one of our most respected master builders) -



I finally played the mission this afternoon. It is a little gem box of an FM - production values are stellar, it is very close to flawless

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  • Dammit, just lost my original post and don't have the energy to write it again. This one will be briefer:
  • Btw, what mission does this refer to?

  • hey mister, your welcome. And yeah I wanted to put more Ai in and I did in an earlier version - maybe an update will fix that little niggle.
  • Ah ha! the working title for this FM is " keep it simple stupid" and its a mission that Baal and I have been working on and of for the last 3 years.

See the WAYWO thread.

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The bloody knife was the last one


I will try restarting the mission to see if it works then


Second try and putting the knife in the right place after the other three and got the noise but the door didn't open

Started from save game and placed the other three then the knife but it won't trigger and disappear

Could it be that the knife doesn't fit into the tray and it sometimes jiggles about when placed

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No it didn't make a sound - it did the first time but I couldn't get it to make a sound when I tried from the two save games

I will try again though


Tried again and this time I got the sound but the knife didn't disappear. In fact it jiggled about on the tray

Gate opened when I walked towards it

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Bikerdude & Goldchocobo, you guys did a fantastic job with this mission making it my absolute favorite TDM mission...


Your re-texture work is superb and all those added quests and riddles are amazing (I am loving the mirror/light puzzle) making this a more than worthy reinterpretation of the "Evil Artist's" original design.


A coop-spinoff of this TDM GateHouse fan mission with all its puzzles is on my "definite-to-do-list".


Keep up that brilliant work ;)

Edited by oneofthe8devilz

I got six little friends and they all run faster than you ;)



Check out our mods at

moddb or the SPS Homepage

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Incredible mission, expected a nice one and received this masterpiece.



- Nice Atmosphere

- Tension and difficulty are slowly building up

- Great detail

- Interesting puzzles, good balance of difficulty



- Now I want more FMs of this kind of quality :P

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Evening one an all.


This started out as an bug fix update, but as most people know I couldn't resist tweaking a few things and adding a bit more bling here and there. I have also tweaked the difficulty in some locations to address the crits from some players.


Happy Halloween!

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fantastic... top 5 for sure. The lava was a bit frustrating, but when I stopped being a spaz I got though OK.

Just one bug:

in the area with the 3 statuettes just before entering the sword room, there was a guardian stuck staring at the wall instead of walking around. With only one guarding left on duty it was pretty easy to get through that part.


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