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Goblin -Thief // take a look


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Damn that looks very interesting! Quite keen to see more footage

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I hope the fact that he's just a small goblin and the enemies are big humans means that this game can't be combat oriented by default. Seems like a good premise for "avoid rather than fight".

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Looks funny, although the ai does not seem to be very sensitive. (He stealth-killed one ai only a few metres away from another one without it noticing it)

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@4:31 the character has lep up to a railing and moves away from a shadow on the wall and is cLEARly visible on the railing but his back is lit up like he's invisible in....shadow... I mean, the character is in the dark and he's STILL casting a shadow? gah.


This is the only thing that bothers me. Its like that in Splinter Cell, Hitman, etc. Its not dark enough to hide in, but some game mechanic says, "you're in shadow" so you're invisible... no.


Turn your settings down till you actually aRe in enough darkness to conceal you and then everything else looks off.


Guard walks across the catwalk there and he can't see your silouette against the backdrop? ...sure. I sincerely wish they'd get that right in games because its just not believable unfortunately.


I'm sure it will be fun aside from that and the fact that its not first person which would be preferablefor me at least. After he used the speci*l power to become invisible with no animation for "putting a cloak on" or anything else... I lost interest.


I long for the days of believability. When is someone going to make an adult game for adults? We eagerly await.

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Oh wait a moment.. this is being developed by the same company who made the game of thrones RPG... I'm a bit unsure how this will turn out as I rather rather excited about the Game of Thrones game but upon release when I bought it, it was a massive disappointment

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