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[ 2.10 ] New Frob Shader


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2 hours ago, AluminumHaste said:

Well, as long as the colour and alpha cvars are left exposed to users, you can just set the alpha to 0.

That sounds like a good idea for those who want to turn it off. I'd make the alpha a slider in the menu also. When it's set to 0 though, the engine should know to skip drawing it so it also recovers performance.

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17 hours ago, stgatilov said:

spawn atdm:moveable_flask1

Highlighting with plain white will make things look milky. Highlighting with diffuse texture does not work for some specular objects. There is no universal rule to highlight everything, I'm afraid.

Maybe, there could be a fixed set of different highlight strategies, which can be selected by the material and then applied by the highlight shader - so transparent stuff would get the treatment that currently is defined as stage in that flask's material.

Preset 3 (the really soft one) actually wouldn't look too bad if you could get rid of the artifacts.
It still literally highlights TDM's low standard asset polygon count though...

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I've been playing TDM quite intensely for the last little while, going through my own WIP and playing the Hidden Hands series and haven't seen any problems with the new geometric frob outlines.  I use preset 2, the soft outline, which appears more finished.  I rejected preset 3, the image based preset, because my WIP has a lot of frobable 'grill' type transparent shaders where the outline fills the holes with white, not allowing for a peek thru'.  

Thanks stgatilov.  You guys are doing an awesome job.

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  • 3 weeks later...

For what it's worth I would add after spending significant time with each preset the one that in my experience has worked most reliably as intended is preset 2 - which I would add also looks significantly less bloom artifact laden with "r_frobOutlineColorA 2" set as was recommended earlier in the thread. Overall I think it's a great addition!

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While playing the two new beta missions I replaced the Frob Helper with a Frob Outline option that I have been asking for here again and again. Please just copy the lines below into the final 2.10 version, otherwise I will include it in my patch...


        choiceDef FrobHelper
            rect        SETTINGS_X_OFFSET, 102+TT_OFFSET_Y, 80, MM_LINE_H
            choices        "#str_04221"            // No;Yes
            values        "0;1"
            cvar        "r_frobOutline"        // changed by wesp

english.lang (and all the others):

"#str_01741"    "makes interacting with objects easier\n by displaying a bright white outline"        // changed by wesp

"#str_02319"    "Show Frob Outline"        // changed by wesp

Edited by wesp5
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