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DarkRadiant 3.7.0 released

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Thanks as always! Just jotting some down feedback on the skin editor as I go:

  • I like how easy it is to add all materials used by the model to the skin editor with a single button, and that it only adds them to the skinDef if they're changed by the mapper.
    • Some models have a lot of materials though and I suppose mappers usually only want to change one or a handful of them, so maybe it should ask you which materials you want to add?
  • In the material replacements tab there's an asterisk icon, presumably to make it easy to replace all materials at once. Maybe it should be renamed "All materials" in the "Material Replacements" tab to make it more obvious what it does?
  • It'd be nice to have a way of quickly toggling all material replacements so you can see the unskinned model, maybe via a right-click on the material checkboxes or a button next to "Remove Remapping".
  • Selecting a replacement material (instruction: "Click to edit") seems to work the same way as when editing a filter, via a double-click (one to select, another when it's selected), which then makes the button to select a new material from the media browser show up. This would probably be a bit easier to use if the media browser button were always visible for each material.
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Damn that skin editor is seriously awesome and will save me so much time!!


Thank you Greebo!

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54 minutes ago, AluminumHaste said:

Selecting brushes now has the red outline again!

Fascinating, because I don't recall touching anything related to outlines. Can you confirm it's still broken in 3.6.0? Have any driver updates been applied in the meantime?

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Cheers! I only run DR from Git as there's no appimage for Linux and flatpak requires configuring an external repository over a simple "download and run" approach, I should however be on the Git commit of the 3.7.0 release.

I only noticed one obvious issue: When trying to add new windows to the new interface, DR will often crash and close on itself. Going to Windows and trying to open the Light Inspector for instance always crashes for me. Same as View - New XY view / New camera view, instant crash if I touch those.

I like the new window setup otherwise! For example it's easier to permanently put the Surface Inspector on the Properties bar instead of having a new window pop up when you press S then having to close it. I got used to having all 3 2D views open at once, but using just one with Control + Tab to switch is actually better... though considering how often we have to do that I'd consider making the default shortcut just Tab if possible.

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