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    On the subject of new content, here is a clothed zombie I created using Kingsal's Volta corpse textures and an old corpse head I'd used for my first mission. These guys can be used for zombies who were never buried, or some type of infected commoner, or any other situation where the zombie would be likely to still have clothes on. The ragdoll also makes a convenient dead body that has been exposed to the elements for a while.
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    A screenshot from my upcoming FM "A Good Neighbor"
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    UPDATE: LIGHTING FIXED IN SECOND VIDEO: I've uploaded test 2 , which was made on the same night I made test 1. This is all the footage from that day, so this saturday I'll film more footage. I hope to make a good one. Hi, I'm leaving this video, I modified TDM a little so it can use the data from a cell phone accelerometer. I don't have to explain in this post how "the user experience is enormously expanded", just look at the video and see for yourself. Before testing this myself, I didn't think it would be so gratifying using it. It just feels so natural... Right now only works with Side Lean (left / right). But it WORKS VERY WELL and the movement is really smooth, no glitches or bad data. (This is just the first test video, SORRY FOR THE LACK OF LIGHTING, I have so many more things to do to improve the videos, I have more thoughts to make better videos ... this is just the "proof of concept" video that I so eagerly needed to post ... and forum users needed to see ) I'm new to this forum, THANKS TO TDM DEVELOPERS, WITHOUT THE MOD AND THE CODE THIS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE. The engine is really a good Thief adaptation and the Fan Missions (lots of them) are very good, I must have tested 20 missions and 3 or 4 FMs amazed me by the architecture, the design, the textures, the 2D intro videos, the voice acting ... It really displays A LOT of work and many committed people to this project. -------------
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    Hey! How's everyone doing? Found this neat project in development by the dev on twitter, called Gloomwood. I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves: http://gloomwood.com/press/ The dev's twitter: https://twitter.com/Jollyrogers99 . I'm surprised there isn't a topic about it yet here, because he's most definitely part of the thief community! Anyway, I really like it. It's cool to see people embracing dated visuals as if it was by design. It wasn't, we know, but it has its merits besides nostalgia, in my opinion.
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    Hoo ha, got it working! Change GUI to... onTime 0 { nocursor 1 // This work ONLY in this location, not in Desktop or after reset/matcolor here ...
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    Phew. Been a while. A combination of life and computer issues meant that I wasn’t playing much Dark Mod for a bit, much less working on reviews. I’m a little more caught up now, so hopefully I can provide some more content while playing my next block of missions. Thank you all for your support, it really does mean a lot to me to know that people enjoy reading these. ------------------- My reputation as a reviewer is riding on this! A Reputation to Uphold (by Springheel) is a sequel to A Score to Settle. (Although you don't need to play that mission to understand what’s going on here, barring a readable reference to those events.) This time, Corbin is after something of actual value: a necklace that was swiped before he could get at it and is now in the possession of a criminal organization. It’s due to be sold to a fence, forcing Corbin to follow the seller and buyer...or not. Reputation’s main gimmick is that it has three different play styles, similar to Fieldmedic’s “Not an Ordinary Guest.” On “Shadow” it’s a traditional follow and then steal mission (although you don’t have to follow very closely), “Timed Shadow” keeps things the same but gives you a time limit to steal the necklace, and “Break-In” forgoes the stalking altogether in favor of making you at least partially visible, even in shadows. It lacks the same variation as the above mentioned mission, but does provide some replay value. The problem is that, to me, there wasn’t enough variation. Timed Shadow was an interesting curiosity, but because I had no idea what the limit was during the mission (about eight minutes, as I found out in the thread), it’s hard to tell if I blazed through it with time to spare or if it was much tighter than I thought. Break-In is the most interesting, but once you’ve played the mission twice getting to it (as I did), you know what you’re doing, although I know one item is slightly moved around across difficulty levels. Graphics-wise, it’s similar to A Score to Settle: Lots of dim, uneven streets and doing an excellent job of selling the fact that you’re creeping around in gang territory, with a few “handy” touches here and there to sell it. Like its predecessor, I wish that there was a little more to do, although there is a neat little Easter Egg and reference to a previous mission, if you can find it. Difficulty-wise, it’s fair. Like I mentioned, after going through all the difficulty levels, you’ll have a pretty good grasp on this straightforward mission. There aren’t as many unique parts as Score, but it’s still well-done, and the latter two difficulties do present a fair challenge, especially to the ghoster. Of note for said ghoster is one piece of loot in particular that’s impossible to get without at least swinging the blackjack with wild abandon, or firing an arrow into the darkness. Getting the loot goal isn’t super difficult though, even on Break-In where it’s a required objective. All an all, a slightly over ambitious but still very solid mission. Recommended.
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    It does not, currently. I'm working on it, and there's an older alpha of VR support. Hopefully, after the upcoming 2.08 release, I'll be able to update the alpha version again
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    The problem is the Thief series is a fairly niche genre - hardcore stealth. Based on the quality of the graphics and other assets I'm gonna assume Thief 2014 was given a relatively big budget for development, certainly more than what Looking Glass Studios would have had. You make a game with a big budget, you need to give yourself the best odds of making back that budget. I guess Square Enix didn't believe the hardcore Thief fanbase was large enough to make financial sense to tailor the gameplay just to them, hence the more mainstream designed game. From what I've read the game didn't perform terribly, but it didn't perform wonderfully either. For something with that budget it can't just do OK as far as the business guys are concerned, it's either a blockbuster or a bust. Good thing we have TDM then!
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    Our fires are finally out (the major headline-making ones anyway). Which is good, because it means we can now move onto the virus. I do appreciate it when our disasters form an orderly queue and wait for one to finish before moving onto the other.
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    I'm training a neural network to drive through a course in Unreal Engine 4. That's research / side project for work. It's really cool to watch how it learns the track, almost mesmerizing.
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    Yes, Vulkan would need porting shaders, too. Actually, the porting itself has been completed in the meantime, but Vulkan would need more - Vulkan requires compiled shaders in the SPIR-V format, so the entire pipeline for shaders would have to change somewhat. The problem is, with Vulkan you'd basically have to completely reimplement the entire rendering pipeline and properly decouple some additional parts of the engine, all of which is a massive undertaking (though very educational, I'm sure). Modern OpenGL techniques, on the other hand, can be integrated piece by piece and coexist with the existing pipeline, so much more manageable. It's also doubtful that Vulkan would deliver significant improvements over modern OpenGL, because the engine has more glaring bottlenecks. So, given the effort required and the expected negligible gains just make a Vulkan port rather impractical. Not saying that it wouldn't be fun to do, just not practical
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    No. PranQster stated these are "Work in Progress". I have no objections to uploading them (the updates seem perfectly fine), but he would need to give permission before I do it.
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    At the moment only people with SVN access can download them. They'll be included in 2.08.
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    I've also created a few alternate zombies, to add a little variety to your local necromancer lair. The first is a fairly straightforward variation that uses the hunched over animation set Kingsal created for his beastmen. Unlike typical zombies, these are fast runners.
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    I haven't found the broken lantern yet, but will check every light source in hidden areas as well as user lantern through the whole mission. Starting to go through and place missing clip brushes to areas where players can get stuck. Particularly where the floor has collapsed. Will add a door switch inside the (certain place) for those who re-frob the (certain item) and jump through the closing (certain thing). Either that or I will disable the switch after one use. I need to decide how cruel I want to be. A second switch will probably be best. Changing the tunnel texture near the end and (maybe) adding a few light sources in the tunnel. That dark rock is just a bit too dark and I don't want to increase ambient lighting. Since there are new textures and models, etc. available in recent years, I'll be looking into updating some things here and there. But I am fine with my "in progress" missions being sent to the mission downloader. The main goal was to add the openal audio support and re-compile with an updated TDM. Updated versions of Samhain and Siegeshop should be completed within a few weeks.
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    No, I just included Dragofer's item which displays the current score.
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    Well, the last numbers I read, the virus had a kill ration that is actually not that high. If you are younger than 70 years, it is very unlikely to die because of it (I think less than 1% of infected die). Still, stay safe and healthy!
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    Of course we all thought "Gray Death!!!" but this is a Thief-inspired forum Australia? Well, 100 times better a SARS-like virus than a country literally on fire!
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    I've been getting so much conflicting info about whether to worry about the coronavirus or not that I think I've blown a fuse. Right now I'm mostly passive about it due to the fact it hasn't affected my country yet (Australia), but if it does then I'll just take practical steps as usual. I can't bring myself to worry/panic about something I have no direct control over at the moment. The "wonderful" thing about the Internet is that the places you decide to hang around are also capable of changing the lens you use to look and perceive the world. For example, spend enough time at https://old.reddit.com/r/Coronavirus and you'll come to believe that we're all gonna die. While that subreddit is useful for info, it's all bad and unfiltered and the avalanche of such material will destroy you. But it's only because you're exposed to an unhealthy amount of bad news (most of it duplicated or the same thing said another way), news that you can't really do anything with anyway and is only there to elicit an emotional reaction. So while you're trying to remain on top of things and avoid ignorance, you can also become burnt out and assume the worst. There's no middle ground in places like that. I think the point I'm trying to say is the Internet was a mistake. I was thinking more like Deus Ex, the Gray Death. Although in that game the fatality rate is apparently 93%, which if COVID-19 goes that high... yeah OK, I'd request the option to work from home.
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    Thank you for your reply!!! EDIT: I forgot something very important: I think the input lag you saw was on the first seconds after starting the map? Please, look again. Follow the entire sequence. It takes 2 or 3 seconds I think "to build up", and after that "warming up" period it works great and is more responsive. Maybe look at the video that says test 1, the "darker video". There I play through a FM until I die. It is very important that you say which input lag have you spotted, which video and at what time. (The "warming up" I think it is related to: (1) intrinsic WiFi operation (when it changes from a "send nothing" state to "send data at X rate" state). (2) OS buffering. (3) My algorithm for processing data ) So ... you could see it!!! No one else said anything about latency. Let me explain: yes, you're right, it has lag, but I think it can be diminished. Let's say this: to make this video I configured it for stability, I mean minimize shaking. I could try making it go faster and loose some stability. I really did not test its parameters widely, I only tested 2 times, the first was horribly sluggish, the second was convincing enough to me for making these 2 videos (I didn't think that someone would notice it so early ). Some more testing (maybe 15 or 30 minutes) and maybe I will find a better parameter to minimize latency while not losing much stability. (I must say: all this was forethought, I didn't leave it to chance ) No, it won't. Think of what I made like this: "an extension to monitor + controller" (where controller could be keyboard + mouse, or your favorite gamepad). So it doesn't compete with VR, nor did I think it is on the same realm. This would be for a better experience inside the game while you play with your monitor (and believe me: it is really fun leaning yourself to lean in the game! ). You are totally right, but just because of "real physical limitations", not limitations on the phone sensor nor the data. Example: when you move the mouse you're moving 2 axis. I think they would be called yaw/pitch like you said. Let's call them X and Y axis. The player rotation in the X or -X direction won't be very useful (although it is "doable" if I code it), because of limitations of your own head and the visual field of your eyes. The same would happen with rotation in the +Y or -Y, though it would be worse, because human sight (or field of view) is more limited upside/down than left to right. So I would say, there's human limitations, not hardware limitations. Moreover, I'm shortsighted and I use lenses (don't ask me to wear contact lenses because I hate them) and the lenses (depending on the design of the frame) puts more constraints over your side-to-side and to your upside/down view when rotating your head. Not in this case. The App sends 3 coordinates. From there I could interpret the "whole orientation" of my cell phone (or any cell phone). What I cannot achieve with this method is global positioning of the cell phone in a room. That would require lots of other stuff, and maybe cannot be done (but I don't say it's impossible .... nowhere near impossible). The 3 coordinates: think of them like this: if you leave your phone over a table the Z axis is going through it (gravity vector is parallel to Z axis in this case), so the phone App reads X=0, Y=0, Z = 9.81 (the last value could be gravity vector or could be anything else, depending on the data the sensor sends or that the App sends). Exactly. EDIT: If you're referring to rotating yaw/pitch, then you're right, and I gave the explanation above. If you're referring to what @peter_spy said in one of this posts, then no, you're wrong. I mean, this kind of leaning does work, I find it useful inside the game, and it doesn't feel weird, or disorient you in any way. Please, test what I'm saying in your house, in a room, wherever ... what happens when you lean to a side and look at the horizon? Does the image your eyes receive or your brain processes rotate or looks weird? No, it doesn't. I tested leaning 90 degrees to a side, it looks like the brain compensates it or corrects it, and makes it horizontal all the time, like if your head never rotated. I think that's a brain ability, compensation, or whatever, I think it is built-in into humans. EDIT: FUNNY DEVELOPMENT NOTE: before testing it inside TDM, this required various tests for the coordinates received and its processing, and I needed to test which would be the maximum and minimum values "achievable" by a human neck/head going at maximum speed for correctly setting a scaling factor. The human neck/head was mine, and the tests were moving my head "in the most violent way possible" from side to side for capturing those minimum and maximum values. (This could sound weird but it was needed!). NO HEAD/NECK WAS BROKEN WHILE MAKING THOSE TESTS.
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    Wow! Looks cool The latency is huge though. If VR sets processed input with this latency, everyone would get motion sickness very soon So I doubt this could really substitute a dedicated VR hardware. Also, I guess you cannot modify yaw/pitch the same way, since gravity data is one-dimensional, while orientation is three-dimensional. Anyway, with static monitor it makes no sense to rotate head around.
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    Kind of bummed that the weekend is over. Been wishing a new collectathon platformer would release on PS4, I loved those as a kid. Hoping for something to break the soul-aching boredom I've been feeling. Wish my parents actually wanted to hang out with me on the weekends, although I get they work during the week, I'm 25, yeah. I'm autistic but high functioning, I go to a special ed program to get help preparing to live on my own when the state finally finds affordable housing for me, so.wthing that has been years waiting for and probably years more to wait for. I like my job at the Dollar store, just feeling shitty alone at home in the basement. Might be the lack of windows. I used to love the cool darkness, but it's been affecting my mental health. I need sun and nature and to talk with people I'm close to. Instead at home I'm locked in my basement apartment, there's nothing to do in my town without a car, I don't have a driver's license, and the shitty state program I go to off work requires strict time regulation. Doesn't help most of the people there are low functioning or neurotic. Okay, that's unfair, it's not shitty in and of itself. There are nice people who work there and rely on their services. But the new manager of the place is a total NPR "Islam can do no wrong" stickler to the rules idiot who makes even my autistic, liberal ass think of the 4channers' word "cuck" when he opens his egotistical, asshole mouth. I fucking can't stand him. I wish his predecessor was still in charge, she gave the caretakers more freedom in what they could do with their charges.
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    I just finished this FM and i am quite impressed. The level design is very good (although sometimes confusing -- that is, until you get used to it) and after i finished this FM i was amazed by how big it was. For me, a good FM should have a good amount of lore (i really like to read) and this FM didn't disappoint me. Sure, most of it was not important to finish the game, but it is what makes a FM a good thief game. I also appreciated that touch at the end of the mission - you don't fell an abrupt end with the default (and immersion breaker) "mission completed" screen and gives us a smoother experience. So i really enjoyed it and i must thank grayman for the time i spend on it.Next stop: WS2.
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    Well now, you know I had to check this out for myself. thanks. You don't have to kill your wife; you can make some noise by banging your sword around or something and then knock her out when she wakes up! no failures. hee hee.
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    Oh its the Penumbra engine used in overture cool. Looks like it uses cmake and Cg shaders, going to have a look at it soon
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    Flinders' spawning with no velocity is an old bug. My comment from #4230: 'A bit of playing with breakables suggests that a single flinder spawns on the ground, 2+ flinders created with flinder_count (as opposed to two separate def_flinders, which can be given unique offsets as seen on the bottles) hover where they spawn.' As I say here, it's a bit unclear how the flinder system is supposed to be used, since the example on the wiki actually has "def_flinder" pointing to models, not entity defs. Apparently breakability in TDM is a bit of an old unfinished project: note the w.i.p. warnings on https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Breakable_objects
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    Oh no, I'm not saying that. VR is still an expensive toy for early adopters, the way it makes so many people sick is still a problem. In comparison, taping a phone to your head just looks silly (although you could say the same about people wearing VR helmets). Actually, I prefer gamepad as the unobtrusive and compact device. But that required me to learn how to play FPP games with it first, so now it's a breeze. And the analog controls feel great, you're more like a cameraman gliding through the game world. That also prevents eye fatigue (you get there faster with rapid mouse movement).
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    Will post more videos later today or tomorrow!
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    Yes , I was aware of that, I googled it and saw youtube videos. Many systems like that for Flight Sims, etc. But I have to tell that those systems need: 1) Buying (or) 2) Preparing the hardware (if maybe is unexpensive) 3) Configure 1 or 2 or 3 different softwares (for setting the right image "calibration") Doing with a cell phone required me to: 1) Buy nothing (I already had it) 2) Download 1 App and configure it (1 minute) 3) IT JUST WORKS, AND IT IS EASY (More things: It doesn't need a secondary device to track the object, like camera trackers, AND: it is completely wireless! This one I ) Have you tried this? Right now, I know you can play with keyboard and mouse, and you can't do that with those. And gamepad, does the gamepad allow for "fluid lean" or just "LEAN LEFT ENABLED" / "LEAN LEFT DISABLED" kind of movement? Hint: I think my thought maybe came from remembering Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield ... I took the word "Fluid" from them, and it had exactly this kind of Lean, in which you could do it with a key pressed while moving the mouse axis. I remembered that one to be a very cool feature that I never saw again, maybe some other game implemented it, but those are a few ones I think.
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    Destined I wouldn't be this critical if this movie if it was not being hyped in such high regards, specially when I've seen IMO better movies in the same genre, but like chakkman said perhaps i'm just too old for this movie, i'm 38. About Schindler's List, yes they are different movies, is still a war movie so there's some similarities there, but I just talked about it because of the IMDB punctuation, the same for Saving Private Ryan. chakkman thanks for welcoming me but about skipping new movies I don't go that far, I still think modern movies can be good, for example the new Joker was a huge surprise to me, even tho initially was very reluctant to see it, plus there's other countries alongside the US making movies, the south korea movie Parasites is a very nice movie and even won the main Oscars first time in history for a non US movie. About games, yes I sometimes feel the same and that is why I play less and less modern games.
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    Okay, now I've noticed which files you mean. As soon as I'm in contact with ShadowCreepr again and she'll have enough free time to do more recordings, I'll ask her to try and make a new version of these. I'd really like to thank you for your help and advice so far. I really appreciate it. If everything goes well, maybe this project can get finished this spring, or at the latest, summer. I've been busy lately, but I'll try to pick up the pace.
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    I love adding easter eggs to my missions, and always add multiple ones. I usually make them quite hard to find though, so that the player feels a sense of accomplishment / reward for discovering them. I don't think that I will be adding any gothic horror / low fantasy type easter eggs though, since I'm not very into it. I also miss the days when almost all games had many easter eggs littered about the place.
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    I really liked this FM. The music was well chosen and contributed to the dread and sadness feeling of the mission. The areas were always great to look at and that denotes an attention to detail that sometimes is lacking on other FM's. The only improvements that i noticed that could be done, at least in my opinion, are in the following two areas: 1) the number of npc's should be higher. Although the ambient was done well, I personally never felt a sense of danger through the mission. 2) maybe a more elaborated background and lore couldn't hurt, both by extending the text of current books/scrolls and by adding new ones. On a side note, i don't know how it was done, but for the size of the map, the loading time of this FM was very fast, compared other FM's of the same size. And that is always a plus. Thank you for a work well done, Jesps!
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    Oh absolutely, I wouldn’t dare be so blazé as to specifically say it belongs to a Witcher, that’s a trademarked proper noun and would be TOO obvious. Maybe have a silver sword with an accompanying “diagram” (some readable)that merely says it belonged to a monster slayer. Just vague enough. Certainly not a main objective but a secret loot.
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    I thought about modeling a coiled sword from Dark Souls and putting it somewhere in the backround, but making a famous item from another game to steal feels a bit too in-your-face IMO.
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    I always put some kind of easter egg in all the levels I've made. Not references to other things really, just hidden items or secrets or objectives.
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    Well, in the past slavery was......the common everyday reality. About the past women slavery someone could say it was kinda of convolutioned evolutionary defense against the "real" god, the one who creates every living and dead man since ever: the woman. It's not a joke, you know the Titans legends right? And who had instructed Zeus to kill Chronos and why?
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    The Turret. VIDEO The Turret works with a little script with 2 functions in it. These functions are called by "atdm:target_callscriptfunction"s (the yellow cubes in the picture) and are triggered by "trigger_timer"s (the purple cubes in the picture). "trigger_timer"s can be triggered on and of by other triggers. In the spoiler I put the script, with, i hope, as many information you need to understand a bit what is going on, so you can adjust it to your needs. You can use the script as is and give your own entities the same names as the entities in the script. (Script is also in the Turret.pk4) In the Turret.pk4 is the mission folder with in it the map folder and the sound folder. In the map folder is the Turret.map file and the Turret.script file. They both have to have the same name otherwise the script won't load, and won't work. In the sound folder is the soundshader Turret.sndshd that is needed for the custom explosion sound I made (from a thundersound that is already in the game) to be loaded. A soundshader file is actually very simple to make, and adding custom sounds to your map is therefor very easy. The audiofile is in the sfx folder, that's also in the sound folder. Questions? Ask them. Have fun : ) Turret.pk4
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    This is a new wrapped corpse model, kindly created for the campaign mission by epifire. There are multiple versions, including a sitting version, and a couple piles of bodies. The City is now ready for the plague!
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    Just a bit of news: All FMs to date are now documented on the wiki.
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    Wow! What a shining review! Thank you. I love making missions in the style you described, and I would argue the CoS series are essentially larger versions of this map minus the theme and with more variety of locations. My next mission will be released in about a week and will have a slightly different layout and theme (horror), but for this type of mission, CoS3 will probably be ready next spring. After that I hope to focus on making smaller missions in about the same scope as this mission, because I find it very enjoyable and the community seems to really appreciate those.
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    I think my skybox needs more consistently thick-looking particle fog to go with the middleground, but the city lights have come out nicely. They're actually particles too, so the player will occasionally notice some randomly fading in/out; perf cost is probably similar to a weather patch: Since volumetric lights are still being worked on, for this background scene with ambient characters I tried faking it with fog. In conclusion: faking it with patches is a lot more versatile and less finnicky. Still, behold what might be the only projected foglight ever to find a use:
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    Thank you for your kind review, it really means a lot! My next mission (CoS2) is actually just around the corner now!
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    Added some temporary lights to FM that is just entering beta - I guess there is not much to show if all lights are off in your mission... http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19886-fm-marsh-of-rahena-beta-testing/
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    Glad you enjoyed! That's an odd bug with the door to Wade's place, and the conversation not triggering is kind of weird as well. I would think that you triggered it but didn't hear it, but in that case you would have had the objective pop up at random after he finished talking.
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    Yup, the geometry is way too dense on these details. Why would you subdivide it so much anyway? I don't know the modifier names in Blender, but the usual workflow for all 3d modeling apps is to get a proper base for subdivisions, and then using "MeshSmooth" or "Turbosmooth" modifier. All you have to do then is to check visually if the shading is correct (there are no distortions or tension along surfaces) or further subdivision is necessary. You stop subdividing when there is no further visual difference between subsequent subdivisions. You don't need to have vertices on atomic level for high poly meshes. A quick example from my WIP high-poly model, this is a plate for tiled furnace. It's only as complex as it needs to be, the whole plate is only 7,5k tris. Now this is after two subdivisions: The plate is now 138k tris, because that's enough for that shape. Further subdivisions don't make any visual difference, until you really stick your nose to it. But that level of detail wouldn't make sense, as this will be baked on 2k texture, for the whole furnace, not just the plate, so any details would be lost. This way I keep my file sizes lower and my bakes are done faster. This whole furnace has all tiles modeled and it's barely over 620k triangles:
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