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    A new Gondola for Neon's project. (NOTE the background map isn't related to it). Still kinda swamped with stuff to do (and other requests!) but least to say the Epi is still cranking models here and there.
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    Biker asked if I would post this screenshot of his WIP on Shadowhide's city map ...
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    I was thinking how far into industrial era the consumerism starts to drive some big numbers of major group society. Mass-producing of cheap things from celluloid (combs, kitchen utensils, etc.) making modern marketing and advertisement spread around streets and people's minds. Child labor and 12-hour shifts, seven days a week is one thing about factories dominating the world, but putting more modern image of a human in basically dark age grounded society needs some serious rethinking of the whole world set. And for now, a tank. With no context.
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    Not sure if there are any Minecraft players on this forum, but I thought I'd share my Thief-inspired map anyway. While it does not take place directly in the Thief universe, I've included some nods to the series, like Heartless Perry's pawn shop, Trickster's forest, a Keeper compound, Thieves guild, Hammerites, Mechanists, City watch and Garrett's place. There is a questline at the museum which is about retrieving seven legendary items for its collection. One quest has you finding the Keeper compound and another one requires you to do some jobs for the Thieves guild. There's also a mission which takes you into long forgotten Hammerite crypts. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/em6mky6qu676cz2/oakhold-2.0.zip/file It currently works in Minecraft version 1.14.4 only. I recommend pureBDCraft resource pack and Optifine to help with FPS and dynamic lighting. https://optifine.net/ https://bdcraft.net/downloads/purebdcraft-minecraft/
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    Just a heads-up to anyone who might be interested in beta testing of a watery mission, "Away 1: Air Pocket". This, my first full-fledged FM, re-deploys Dragofer's ship models, familiar from "Down by the Riverside". By next weekend, I'll create a new Air Pocket thread in the Beta Forum, with the link to the download.
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    Finished a floor grate with some pipes and pistons. The latter will be moveable. It could use some "tech lights" too, will make those some other time. Edit: oh shoot, I accidentally deleted those, see this post below: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/10003-so-what-are-you-working-on-right-now/&do=findComment&comment=440421
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    This is a new wrapped corpse model, kindly created for the campaign mission by epifire. There are multiple versions, including a sitting version, and a couple piles of bodies. The City is now ready for the plague!
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    Ok, one last post with pipes. Reworked the whole thing a bit and added some more variants. But first things first: 1. Initial concept (material/blockout) 2. Exploded view with the pipe kit. All variations were made with this set, I cut the straight pipe to proper length where needed. 3. Base version. 4. V2 5. V3 Okay, no more pipes for at least two months now
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    I've created a walking flame-bearer skeleton as a security device for crypts or mage towers. The held brazier is part of the md5mesh, and the mapper binds a flame to it. The skeleton is a functioning AI, but he can't attack or let go of the brazier, so if alerted, he will search for and track the player, but won't be able to do damage. He works best when combined with other AI for that reason. You can set them to a neutral team to the player if you don't want them to react, and I've included a static model as well if you don't want any AI functions. The only thing about the current implementation I don't like is that the flame stays burning if you kill them...it would be nice to have it go out like a dropped torch. Probably just requires a script, so if anyone feels inclined to add that, feel free.
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    My first time contributing to this thread with some WIP of my own, instead of just "wow, good work, guys" platitudes. Be gentle, I am still new to FM making, beyond the basics. This is the WIP exterior of the lighthouse for my first ever FM, which will be mostly set within this building. The textures are largelly placeholder for ease of building, I'll finalise their selection later. For the most part, I am satisfied with the structure itself. The priorities for the WIP exterior and basic structure went thus: 1. Make sure everything is interconnected well, without bizarre collission, and is airtight. 2. I built the tower floors first, optimalised them to use less brush pieces than the ones I started out with several months back. 3. To test the airtightness, I at first isolated the floors, then tested the first finished staircase (with added visportals and everything), then gradually copied the floor, made a careful connection, then did some testing. The top of the lighthouse (top room and outside exterior walkway around the room, with skybox) and the ground floor and second floors were connected and tested as the last. 4. The skybox is the latest addition, and it will be available in the ground floor exteriors too, but I am first testing it at the top of the tower. I still need to test the skybox a few times, but I think it'll work. Criticism welcomed.
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    Yes originally the NC part got tacked on because some massive repository required (under the SA part) that we keep it, and we don't have a paper trail. I doubt that the NC part of our license is the bottle neck that's limiting our exposure and promotion at this point. I haven't studied it, so you might have a point. I don't want to be completely dismissive of the idea that gaming media may be looking over us because of our license. Although if that's really the case, then that's unfortunate that something like two letters in a license will lead a gaming outlet to reject attention to a game that won PC Gaming's mod of the year just for that, and I want to think so much the worse for them. Edit: I'm kind of sour on the whole economics of gaming promotion to begin with; it's one of the things TDM has been refreshingly clear of and even part of our ethos (if corporate gaming won't do it, fans will do it themselves). But before I even get to that stage, my first intuition is that it would be a massive, potentially impossible, task tantamount to kicking a pack of rabid sleeping dogs for marginal results, a few people here and there even if it works. And to add another category of cases I don't think mentioned yet, everybody that created and submitted assets to the project (possibly including every FM; I'd have to look at that again), did so under that license. So technically you'd have to get all of their consent to relicense their contributions, and some of them haven't posted or responded to messages in years. And for that matter some contributors, like me, don't actually want to relicense and would refuse because, at least in my case, I've seen first hand that commercialization-talk leads to actual dysfunction in the management of the mod. That's not to say that dropping the NC part will necessarily open us up to that by itself. It's more like, sometimes we get people coming in making waves with commercialization talk, and the easiest most convenient way we can shut it down--without having to have a 6 hour lecture on organization theory & small team interpersonal dynamics--is just point to that part of our license and be done with it. Those two letters have done more good than harm for us at least in that respect. I'm ok with more promotion and exposure, but we hit some limits before (like trying to get on digital platforms) that still make us hesitate for things calling for massive structural changes to the mod. We were lucky we got it standalone and it'd have to be something pretty amazing to go through something like that again, which this really isn't. Next month will mark our 10th year of release without any issues with our assets or licensing (beyond the heroic efforts to get 2.0 out), and we've had one of the coolest communities making some of the coolest stuff in gaming out there. Why would we kick a bunch of rabid sleeping dogs now?
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    Actually, I just went in and tested this, and the werebeast DOES appear to have a ragdoll--he collapsed when I killed him (though the legs bend the wrong way). So now I'm not sure what's keeping him from being usable, beyond a limited range of animations.
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    Oberhofen Castle, Switzerland:
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    Don't know if this has been posted, but there's a popular Twitch streamer (Tomato Gaming) who's done a couple of livestreams of TDM missions. Here's a Youtube archive of the ones he's done so far: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOiTQjyPiqo2L2Y8ur2A-Cixv0nT1yzOa If he's streamed one of your missions, I'd definitely recommend tracking down the related Twitch stream, since it's a lot of fun to watch the chat reactions.
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    Speaking of Carmack and "upgrading TDM", the id4 engine that TDM uses is actually special because Carmack coded a unified lighting system, and he himself claimed it was the most elegant engine he's ever coded; more so than the Rage engine. A lot of other engines use mixed approaches to lighting. Since light is so fundamental to our gameplay, having a unified system is pretty cool for us, and we'd lose that "upgrading" to a new engine. Id4 is also really modding and scripting friendly. I guess Unreal is too, but the point is we already have that now. Oh, and id4 is still built around brushes, whereas most new engines are being developed around modeled architecture. That makes a big difference when we're talking about individuals making single maps within a few months. Id4 caters pretty well to that, whereas newer engines cater more to 100-people teams with million dollar budgets and decades of man-hours of work. I mean the id4 engine was in a sweetspot between advanced enough to look really good but not so advanced that it's prohibitive for individuals to make good maps by themselves. AND we have the opensource sourcecode to upgrade by ourselves (which we've done for things like soft shadows). We're still not doing too bad sticking with id4, even speaking of relative merits with other contemporary engines and we pretend it wasn't prohibitively difficult to port.
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    You have that backwards though. You first think of something that might make this game even better, and then do what most of us did (that didn't take any classes in coding) and grab a tutorial or surf a forum like StackOverflow and follow instructions to do the one thing you want to do, and now you know that one little thing. Rinse and repeat. You start with just changing up your own local build and no expectations that it will go in the main mod, so it's just you playing and experimenting completely freely and wildly. Mistakes and accidents are expected and sometimes fun puzzles to crack. Just start with changing random code, recompiling and see what happens! We actually encourage that kind of irreverent experimentation. That's how a lot of us learned.
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    I kind of miss our old status-bar on the right, where you could casually share what's on your mind or what is happening in your life right now. So, I figured, let's just start a thread for that. Let's get this started...
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    So, already a few weeks ago, I started writing a Pagan vocal script concept. I took the master template for new VS-s, wrote down ideas already brainstormed on the side, then read closely through the VS to see where some would fit, and what other lines I could insert and expand upon. I try to keep the lines short and snappy, but interesting enough. Before I even started, I read all the past discussions on this topic, made notes of other peoples' existing suggestions. Just to have a point of comparison, both for what I might try for my script, and for what I wouldn't (because it would not fit tonally). Much has been discussed on how to avoid making the Pagan characters sound like caricatures, either in speech style, or in overdone references to nature/deities/etc. They're not meant to be "New Age tree-hugger hippies", they're meant to be realistic-sounding individuals. As The Dark Mod's lore includes nuances such as Pagans being not only some yet-untamed "barbarian" tribesmen outside of the Empire, but also some hidden Pagans among the commoners in cities/towns and villages/rural hamlets, I had to account for that while putting together the script. You'll see more of my rationale once I expand this post in the near future, when I have the concept script fully ready. For the time being, let's just say I tried to avoid too many overt references to nature and pre-Builder folk religion. Ergo, as it wouldn't make sense for an urban Pagan from the City's narrow alleys and slums to talk about, e.g. mighty stags on a forest meadow (or something like that), I try to make any and all nature references more down-to-earth and subtle. Example, AI alerted and searching for a hiding tresspasser: "Where have you scurried to, little mouse ? Where, oh where, have you scurried to ?" No diminutives, no plant and magic references in every second word, but you still have this vague indication the guy in question might be more of a nature-worshipper in private than a Builder monotheist. (Not that Builder-faithful wouldn't have an appreciation for nature, it's just that the views of it would differ somewhat, on a psychological/cultural level.) There are some lines about spirits or natural forces and so on too, but most of the other lines are such that they could work for any commoner in a rural or urban setting. ---- This entire vocal script concept is readable below. For the sake of quicker readability, I have divided the entire overview with the use of spoilers, based on the sections of the vocal script. ---- BASIC INFORMATION ON THE VOCAL SCRIPT ("Pagan male / Tribesman") AI STATES: Relaxed AI STATES: Alert These barks are meant to tell the player that the AI has seen or heard something. AI STATES: Searching COMBAT AND PURSUIT FINDING EVIDENCE You have found or observed something that looks out of place. You aren't seeing or hearing the intruder directly, but something that might be a sign that one was here earlier. Greetings Since greetings can be made to friends or strangers, delivery should be fairly neutral. Also, there's no way to know whether the AI have seen each other once or twenty times before greeting each other, so typical "hello" greetings should be limited in favour of casual comments or questions that can be answered 'yes'. Greetings are not exchanged between sitting characters, so assume that the greeting is a quick one as AI pass each other. Not every greeting is needed for every vocal character. The thug, for example, has special greetings for female characters because he's a sexist pig, but not every character needs those. ---- Feedback ? I'd like to ask you to provide your own constructive criticism now. Feel free to provide feedback on the lines, try to give me constructive criticism on what could be improved, added, dropped, changed. I'm all ears. Sink your nitpicky teeth into this vocal script proposal. Final note Besides this particular VS, I also have one/two more in development, and I plan to start work on them soon.
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    This was posted by Azaran on TTLG:
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    Working on several missions that will rely on 2.08. Yay! Getting treatment for my cancer that has decided to attack after 11 years of remission. Boo! Enjoying my 2-month-old grandson. Yay!
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    The update to "Away 1 - Air Pocket" is now available as Beta 2/Release Candidate 1. Now with fewer bugs, more stealth playtime. Links are here.
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    Right, so here are a few samples of the new .wav recordings SC has sent me. She's managed to get rid of background noise, I listened closely and they all sounded crisp. The early test recordings from November have been disposed of, we're not going back to those. I have several more of these (two or three times as many, in fact), but I've only chosen a few. As we have tight upload limits for attachments here, and I can only fit a single .wav file into each post, I don't want to do twenty posts in a row. http://www.mediafire.com/file/hpzkvlht7dqn2oc/Preliminary_female_player_vocals.zip/file https://www.dropbox.com/s/b58hep54e198unz/Preliminary female player vocals.zip?dl=0 So I'm providing a link to a .zip with the files, as available above. If there are download issues, use the second link, please.
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    Just in case you don't know, Sotha and Springheel made phenomenal mapping tutorials that pretty much cover the entire mapping process: Sotha's vids: Springheel's Vids:
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    Isn’t there a menu toggle for playing with/without a player shadow? If playing with suddenly carries a penalty, why wouldn’t everyone turn it off? There’s no point in implementing a feature if no one uses it, especially one as complex and performance impacting as this one.
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    If I remember correctly apart from the possible frustration, it was not clear why the AI should recognise the player's shadow as hostile, while shadows of other guards would be viewed as friendly. If they (literally) jump at every shadow, it would increase the alert rating into infinity; if they don't, it would be unrealistic that they only react to the player's shadow, which would defeat the purpose of wanting to increase realism and rather only increases difficulty. Consequently, you would have to implement another feature, that lets the guard recognise a shadow (without really alerting it) and let it check who the shadow belongs to before increasing alert rating. This, in turn, increases the work you would have to put in drastically.
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    Yeah, and it's somehow threatening as well. What does it say? "Ears"? "Years"? However, I hereby award you with the new title "DFDD" (=Doctor Frankenstein's Dearest Darling)
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    Thank you. Those are precisely the reasons why almost my entire first mission is set in a single building, that lighthouse. It's a challenge for me as a currently still amateur mission builder. Get the "superstructure" done and working, then start furnishing and plotting. I will confess I made the rooms, especially the ones in the tower, fairly small and claustrophobic, as a deliberate design feature to encourage a "less is more" approach and also force the player to use their wits more while traversing the place vertically. I will also confess the design approach was sort of inspired by what LGS did with Thief II: The Metal Age: Design a cool environment that would be good to play in and explore, then design the meat and the details of the mission around it. (I sort of have a similar approach for the other FMs I'm planning, though those will be a bit more narrative-motivation-first.) Hopefully, the above mentioned approach will be enough of a win-win exercise. I plan this mission to be newbie-player friendly, but a bit more challenging than the really basic "small FM, get in this house and burgle it" - somewhere between those small missions and the more intermediate missions. This FM will be part of my planned Partners in Crime series and will introduce a new city to the lore. Probably not the chronologically first mission in the series, but it might end up as the second or third one (I want to introduce some of the main characters in at least one prequel mission, set before the lighthouse). I am also tentatively starting work on designing that homage of Garrett's apartment from TMA, since it will be useful for a future mission or two. And it helps me practice furnishing interiors, especially the smaller and more "living quarters" ones. You've covered the TDS era apartment, now it's my turn with something related. Thank you for that free ticket to Droolsville, namesake. ? ?
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    Anybody around here know if it’s terribly hard? I wish to learn this. There’s a dope history museum near me but doubt they allow flash photography, regardless it’s something I’m interested in for this very reason. They have a permanent Egypt exhibit with sarcophagi, embalming tools, hieroglyph carvings, organ jars, tons of cool shit. Down in the Bonehoard was one of my favs back in the day so I would like to see similar style mission, and placing it on a different continent would be really unique. New hobby for next year is definitely gonna be textures, seems like it’d be fun.
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    Guys, don't pay to much attention to this stupid redistributable. If it does not install, it will not cause any problems. Unless you get immediate crash with a dialog box when you start TDM, simply ignore whatever the updater is saying about it. The redistributable packages should not collide and make conflicts. You can have many of them installed simultaneously. Sometimes installing a new one upgrades the previous one: in this case everything which worked with older redist should work with the newer redist too. I have already removed dependency of TDM on VCRedist package, and removed that dreadful "Installing VC Redist" step from updater. Nobody will ever have such problems any more.
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    That’s awesome, I’m glad this is getting traction. I’d push my wife to do it but she’s already reluctant to give a couple one liners for my own mission.
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    Given that we don't even have the manpower to get the updated werebeast working well enough to release, who are you expecting to "do some different fantasy humanoids"?
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    I think a good early step would be if someone uploaded a zipped version of the pk4 that contains the player's vocal set. To dropbox or a similar reliable cloud service, it's only about 3,5 MB in size. We could then share the link with interested voice actors (if they don't already have TDM on their computer). They could download the zip version, unzip it and listen to the audio files, to get a bit of an idea what the male equivalent sounds like, in addition to the instructions for the VS, as linked to at the end of my previous post. I've taken a look at whether BrokenArts or RedLeaf (both over at TTLG.com) would be available to help. I'm a bit apprehensive, though. Both are great, but they've already done plenty of work for us in the past, and I think they'd both deserve a rest from VA contributions to TDM. Either of them could still try if they'd be interested, though. From the latest posting history I've seen, BrokenArts probably has other duties at the moment and probably wouldn't be available anyway. (We could try and contact her, but who knows if she has time.) RedLeaf seems to be more available, her currently last visits to TTLG were just the previous month, so maybe she could find some time in the near future, if she'd be interested. Concerning the rest of TTLG, I have revisited the Available voice actors thread and looked around for any potentially available VAs. I've already contacted Shadow Creepr, one of the VAs recommended in the opening post of that thread, but not RedLeaf yet, as I'm not sure whether to contact her. I might, though. Just don't want to contact too many people at once. Of the newer VA talent we know about here on the TDM forums, I'll try to contact Molly, just to ask whether she's still doing VA and would have some interest. If you know about any other female VAs who offered their help here on the forums, but I forgot about them, tell me. I'm all ears.
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    I still have plans to record a vocal set that would serve as the voice for a male Pagan tribe member, whose still living out in the wilderness in some camp or hamlet, and wandered into a local town or city. The sort that keeps to himself, but does trade with the more civilised folk whenever he needs some specialist goods (isolated tribes tend to be pragmatic about new tech and goods, even when they prefer a more traditional lifestyle). Another vocal set idea I had was for a foreign or semi-foreign trader, from another "European" state outside of the Empire, or some further region of the Empire, where people have different accents than in Bridgeport et al. I don't have an anglophone accent when I speak in English, so my accent could pass for either a person from a more distant region of the Empire (some citizen/trader) or for a stereotypical "barbarian" tribe member that thematically falls under the Pagans (as a faction). Unlike Thief's Pagans, our versions are meant to represent pre-Romanised or pre-Christianised Germanic, Celtic, Baltic, Slavic and other tribes and nationalities, so having one or two "foreign-accented" vocal sets for the Pagan males (at least) would be useful. For my vocal set, I certainly won't be saying everything in diminutives like Thief's Pagan faction members used to do. That would just be super-silly, given the different, more historically plausible tone we're going for with TDM's version. Well, that's the general idea. It's like a low-fantasy alternate Earth, with some history paralleling some of our developments, and some of it quite divergent. It's a fantastical alternate Earth, since we not only have an earlier industrial revolution, but also some functional magic, monsters, etc. To slightly paraphrase Reg Pikedevant, "Historical fantasy is a good explanation / Blend antique reality with imagination.". The article on the historical fantasy subgenre I link to even notes that common settings for the subgenre include "fantasy steampunk", "medieval fantasy" and "gunpowder fantasy". We might not openly show any gunpowder in TDM, but a gunpowder fantasy setting usually implies an equivalent of the early modern era, and we have a lot of stylistically Renaissance and Barocque stuff in the game, in addition to late-medieval and Gothic things.
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    Belgium - city "brugge" (dutch translated. "Bridges") - brugge City square (partially 3d generated) https://www.google.com/maps/@51.2094804,3.224082,37a,35y,155.16h,75.69t/data=!3m1!1e3 - brugge medival city canal buildings https://www.google.com/maps/@51.2070125,3.2286034,50a,35y,295.08h,73.69t/data=!3m1!1e3 Belgium - Antwerpen - cityhall (very nice building and in front a weekly marketplace) https://www.google.com/maps/place/Stadhuis+van+Antwerpen/@51.2205847,4.39985,63a,35y,337.5h,59.98t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47c3f6f66c11bf11:0x8c912f8f64509c5d!8m2!3d51.2213109!4d4.3991605 Belgium - Gent Korenmarkt (dutch translated "corn market") (a river flows trough city square) https://www.google.com/maps/place/Korenmarkt/@51.0555383,3.7205825,45a,35y,166.17h,75.14t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47c37146d0c0df0f:0x77fcd000e99173b9!8m2!3d51.054633!4d3.7219431 Netherlands - Zwolle During Bikerdude's visit in my country (with me as guide), I showed him: - Sassenport (transl. Sassengate) https://www.google.com/maps/place/Zwolle/@52.5093169,6.0955905,57a,35y,354.61h,62.58t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47c7df209d12ecb1:0xcd0b5b2492dd3e8c!8m2!3d52.5167747!4d6.0830219 - hof van ittersum (transl. court of ittersum): https://www.google.com/maps/place/Zwolle/@52.5108309,6.0935861,32a,35y,50.63h,71.63t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47c7df209d12ecb1:0xcd0b5b2492dd3e8c!8m2!3d52.5167747!4d6.0830219 - Grote kerk (transl. big church) https://www.google.com/maps/place/Zwolle/@52.5108309,6.0935861,32a,35y,50.63h,71.63t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47c7df209d12ecb1:0xcd0b5b2492dd3e8c!8m2!3d52.5167747!4d6.0830219 - De peperbus (transl. the pepper pot) https://www.google.com/maps/place/Zwolle/@52.5115423,6.0881135,101a,35y,56.48h,64.35t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47c7df209d12ecb1:0xcd0b5b2492dd3e8c!8m2!3d52.5167747!4d6.0830219 (he also made some topic about zwolle and the rest of the tour: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/19554-tdm-inspiration-deventer) The Netherlands - City "Utrecht", -church tower "dom toren" https://www.google.com/maps/place/Utrecht/@52.0891717,5.1219951,150a,35y,347.81h,61.34t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47c66f4339d32d37:0xd6c8fc4c19af4ae9!8m2!3d52.0907374!4d5.1214201 France - Mont Saint-Michel (cathedral on a island) https://www.google.com/maps/search/Mont+Saint-Michel/@48.633167,-1.511274,237a,35y,353.2h,54.35t/data=!3m1!1e3 Switzerland, City Luzern (bridge over river, citybuildings, swizz mountains) https://www.google.com/maps/place/Luzern,+Zwitserland/@47.0514221,8.3089603,42a,35y,270.94h,78.79t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x478ffa2a79547379:0xaef02ad1409952af!8m2!3d47.0501682!4d8.3093072 Video's of brugge in the spoiler
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    It may sound dystopian but a fair solution is at our feet: Declassify all phone geolocation and audio transcript data from the NSA for all involved parties. If there was a rape there will be: Phone geolocation for both parties. "Listening" audio from multiple backdoor-ed computing devices (phones, TV's, etc). Text-to-speech for the above audio collections. There's no such thing as a "no evidence" crime when NSA collects "everything".
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    This is something I used for a custom AI script in an early alternate version of Down by the Riverside (Tales of the Riverside), which you can find [url=http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/18402-fan-mission-down-by-the-riverside-by-dragofer-20160925/&do=findComment&comment=407828]here[/url]. The script is able to make an AI stop patrolling upon reaching its next path node. If you want the AI to stop immediately it would involve teleporting the path_corner to an inaccessible location, as I recall it. (I was aware of the StopMove event but in my experience it only caused the AI to twitch while carrying on with its patrol. Might be good for a free-roaming AI like a zombie though?)
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    Jack: Give me a simple test map with the AI, the path corners, the switches, the doors and their visportal, all monsterclip in the area, and I'll try to see what's going on. When a mission is loaded, if a door has a switch targeting it, the door makes a list with all switches in it. When the AI approaches the door, and he's told by pathfinding that it's closed, the presence of a switch list should send him to the closest switch to open the door. Once he's through the open door, he'll go to the other switch and close the door behind him.
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    A Christmas miracle!! Thanks guys, looking forward to playing it
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    Did you an update of tdm? if so, it is known that you cant open your saves after this. And Is your TDM folder writeable? (Especially your "fms" folder.) If not, make your TDM folder writable (instruction from the wiki: " in windows explorer, right click on the darkmod folder > preferences > tab "security > edit > select "Users" > tick checkbox "Full control")
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    You have to change this in the "security" tab, not in tab "general" righ click on the darkmod folder > preferences > tab "security > edit > select users > full control (more info: wiki ) Or if you have any difficulties installing tdm, use my Freyks unofficial installer (from the download page) This will guide you trough the installation procedure, set the write permissions, gives you shortcuts, a nice uninstaller, etc)
  45. 2 points
    I cleaned it up a little bit by trimming out some of the audible mouth clicks and applying a removal filter on the background noise. What do you guys think? cleaned_mantle_push01F.wav
  46. 2 points
    Good news ! Shadow Creepr wrote back, she's interested. We have our first VA candidate for this little project. Now I'd need someone's help here at the forums, with uploading a 3,5 MB zip onto dropbox, or a similarly safe cloud storage space. I don't have a db account and I don't really want to start one, so if anyone is willing, maybe they could share their storage space for those 3,5 megs for a few weeks ? I'd like to send SC the link to the zip in a few days, just to strike while the iron is hot. Obviously, we'll try several VA's recordings for the vocal set, just to be on the safe side. The more contributors we get, the better. (I'm aiming for 3-4 at least, hopefully we'll have enough good recordings to choose from.) And as for involving SC and other VAs who might have previously lent their talents to Thief FMs, we might even recruit their talent for future TDM needs. I've seen several people complain in recent years that it's occassionally difficult finding a female VA if someone needs some dialogue by ladies in their FM, so knowing about people willing to help out on a more regular basis could be helpful. I think we should value all the voice acting talent we can get, especially if the quality is clearly good.
  47. 2 points
    Oh boy, what is this now? @taaaki is definitely the person to contact in this regard. Let's hope he drops by soon. He is usually pretty busy, so it might take some time. In the mean time, I will try to upload my personal mission repo somewhere so you guys can at least keep on playing. ? It is a bit outdated, though. (January 2019)
  48. 2 points
    @Bienie start with writing down the names of your 2 levers + the machine as well as the coordinates of where the 2nd lever needs to be on the machine. Give the machine the spawnarg "frobable" "1" and then at the top of DR's window select Entity -> Stim/Response -> switch to Response tab -> add a response to frob -> right-click in the response effects box & click add, right-click edit the new effect, repeat for these 3 effects: 1) "teleport (set origin)" the second lever so that it ends up on the machine 2) "set frobable" "_SELF" and leave frobability unticked so that the machine is no longer frobable 3) "run script" "remove_lever" for this simple script to remove the first lever from the inventory (technically the above 2 steps could be in this script too, but just to show what S/R can do) void remove_lever() { $player1.replaceInvItem($lever,$null_entity); } To make this response only occur when the player has picked up the first lever, right-click on "frob" in the left of the machine's Response tab and deactivate it. Now use the above steps to give the first lever the effect "Activate Response" "Frob" on the machine.
  49. 2 points
    Does this belong to anyone on the forum? https://www.deviantart.com/jed-stuart/art/City-Watchman-528694699
  50. 2 points
    When you see it... Another Wallpaper for TDM I recently made. Hope you guys enjoy the promo stuff and it fits your desktop Big sized Image download link here.
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