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  1. Who is actually working on new missions right now? That I, the greatest mapper of all times (and I say this in all modesty, it is innate in me) am working on something epochal is clear to everyone by now. But who else is working on new missions? Please let me, your God, know, because it's so depressingly quiet here and I don't like to post pictures all the time, because even for me it gets a bit too boastful (although justified) with time.

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    2. JackFarmer


      @cvlwThen you are miles ahead of me, I have never managed to create a real existing building in DR. That's quite an accomplishment and you're in good company, as many of our Mission Maker colleagues model their buildings this way as well.

    3. cvlw


      For what it is worth, this is the church building:

      The nature of this type of church layout is left-right symmetry which settles into a fat grid quite nicely.

      Now an interesting story to shoehorn into this thing... that is the challenge!

    4. datiswous


      Some church building modules would be nice, so peeps can build variations easily

  2. Dear ChatGPT, What are The Builders in the Dark Mod?


    The Builders is a popular game mode in the video game community called "Dark Mod," which is a fan-made tribute to the classic "Thief" series of stealth games. In this game mode, players assume the role of builders who construct structures in a dark and ominous environment while trying to avoid detection by patrolling guards.

    The Builders game mode is unique in that it offers players the opportunity to create and design their own levels using the in-game tools and resources provided. Players can experiment with different building materials, construct intricate traps and puzzles, and create their own unique gameplay experiences.

    While The Builders game mode is not an official part of the Dark Mod, it has become one of the most popular and well-loved aspects of the game, thanks to its emphasis on creativity, strategy, and stealth.


    You guys did not know that, did you?

    1. datiswous



      While The Builders game mode is not an official part of the Dark Mod


      After seeing 2 different versions of the Builders blocks (the mission by Jesps and an asset made by @MirceaKitsune that I can't find anymore), I'm now intriguiged about a new in-game Builder game.


      Btw. You should ask about maps. Because there are 2 types of maps in TDM (map file and in-game navigation map).

    2. jaxa


      The chat bots that can Google/Bing and pull in info to answer might actually get it right.

  3. Happy new year!

    I thought that I wouldn't like "House of the dragon" because I didn't like the ending of the predecessors.

    I am now pleasantly surprised; until episode 7 the focus is on dialogues, I like it very much...besides, I am now allergic to all the violence orgies. I can't take it anymore.

    All this senseless violence in Westworld, Game of Thrones, Colony, Walking Dead...or maybe there is something wrong with me anymore.

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    2. Xolvix


      @chakkman JackFarmer said he didn't like the ending of the predecessors, which I interpreted to mean he didn't like how Game of Thrones ended, a view I strongly agree with. In my case that doesn't mean I don't like Game of Thones, hell I was a big fan at the time... at least until the final season. The way the series ended just destroyed any sense of rewatchability given all the fan theories and drip-fed mysteries basically accounted to nothing and so much character development was ultimately wasted. That was my fear with House of the Dragon but it sounds like it's decent enough to give it a shot.

    3. chakkman


      @Xolvix Ah, I overlooked the "ending". Ok, but, I don't think the last season was so much more violent and brutal than the rest of the series. Of course, there is some violent stuff in the series overall, but, hey, middle age fantasy and stuff. I even think it added to the series. Just "fits" the Game of Thrones theme somehow.

      The last season was definitely bullshit, but not for the violence. Already in the first episode, I wonder WTH the makers smoked to bring such uninspired and absolutely not fitting the rest of the series stuff. I even stopped watching after eipsode 3, and skipped the rest, because I didn't want to spoilt the series as a whole. That's how bad I think it was. As if someone hired a high school kid as a story writer for the last season.

    4. Xolvix


      Game of Thrones fell off the rails because the two guys behind the show were excellent at adapting stories already written for them by George R.R. Martin. They weren't so good once they ran out of book material and had to come up with new stories though.

      Interestingly the violence never put me off when watching Game of Thrones, but I can certainly understand when someone gets fed up with excessive violence being used in a lot of media and they just want something a bit less brutal. I feel the same way occasionally, it can get exhausting.


  4. While I am someone who finds Star Wars to be entertainment for little boys (and those aren't even my words, they come from Ewan McGregor), I have to say that "The Mandorian" and "The Book of Boba Fett" contain scenes and insights that I enjoy. Also, these series really have an 80's flair...plus it's nice to see for example Nick Nolte, Carl Weather, Jennifer Beals, Deany Trejo or the (admittedly much younger) Katee Sackhoff in these series.

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    2. JackFarmer


      @datiswous Wow, heard that maybe 20 years ago in a German comedy show and thought it was a joke. So, with the informations from your link the gameshow participant back then was not so wrong with her answer. 😆




    3. JackFarmer


      @Daft Mugi

      I have since watched the first four episodes of "Andor". I'm surprised several times -  I thought it would be an animated series or something similar and the Ewoks would also be there (but they are on Endor, I had confused "Endor" with "Andor" and "Andor", as I have now noticed, is not even a planet).

      What I have seen so far, wow, cool! This is how Star Wars stuff should have (at least in my opinion) always been! No sentimentalities in story, dialogues and sound,  yet the scenario clearly recognizable in the Star Wars universe).

      I'm curious how this will continue in episode 5, it's not really clear what it will end up, but I could well imagine, that does not end well.

      Thanks for this great tip; without your hint (and the hint from a former LucasArts programmer I happen to be in contact with) I probably wouldn't have watched it.


    4. Daft Mugi

      Daft Mugi

      Glad to hear it!

      I'm shocked Disney allowed something good like Andor to be made.

      If you haven't seen Rogue One yet, that would be good to watch next. Andor is somewhat of a prequel to Rogue One. Cassian Andor is a character in Rogue One, and some of the same show/movie creators are involved.

  5. Monday morning 8:30 CET and almost 30 people online...wow.

    1. Dragofer


      Nothing like 03/13/21 12:31 PM, when we apparently had 4230 members online simultaneously. Must've been a new TDM version release.

  6. Yesterday they released a 1988 Queen song that was not included with "The Miracle" album.

    A good moment to revisit this cool album which IMO was their best work in the 1980s.


  7. After watching the first three and a half episodes of "The Sandman" last night, I realize once again that overly imaginative narratives are not for me. Also, the main actor looks like he has a toothache.

    Which makes me wonder, is there a Dark Mod mission with a medieval dentist?

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    2. JackFarmer


      No, I did not read the comic before thus I cannot compare both works.

      The show has high production values, but, as I have mentioned above, the xxl-supernatural fantasy setting (dreamland, eternals, demons, hell, etc.) is not my cup of tea... If I recall correctly, the TV show of American Gods had similar strange vibes.

      However, still thinking whether I should give the comic a chance...


    3. datiswous


      If you do, Start with The Sandman: Season of Mists . it's better as an introduction, Don't go with the first album. My personal favorite is (volume 2) The Dolls house

    4. AluminumHaste


      The sandman from the comics seems to match well with the actor they used, I like it.

      American Gods and Sandman were both adapted from books/graphic novels written by Neil Gaiman so makes sense that they would feel similar.

      Honestly would suggest you read his books if you haven't. Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neverwhere, American Gods, Stardust, Coraline, Good Omens, Interworld, The Graveyard Book etc etc.  One thing to keep in mind, Neil Gaiman likes to write melancholy endings. They usually don't end with "And they all lived happily ever after", though they are not exactly sad endings. There's a finality to a lot of them that often leave me a little sad. There's real consequences at the ends. Especially Stardust and The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

  8. Boris Johnson's resignation does not change the fact that Australia is home to 29 million kangaroos and Wales has a population of just over three million.

    If the Australian kangaroos were to invade Wales, one resident would have to fight almost ten kangaroos at a time.

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    2. Dragofer


      But did you account for the fact that they would arrive upside down, fall on their heads and be dazed? Unless your invention is capable of both translation and rotation.

    3. thebigh


      Better hope the kangaroos don't form an alliance with the emus, who have already won a war.

    4. JackFarmer



      That's the problem: In my boundless high spirits I gave my invention the spawnarg "Must_be_on_its_feet". If one of the kangaroos now comes up with the idea of using the value "1" (and since you can only use "0" or "1" the probability is 50%), this will be doom!

      Thoughtlessness, your name is Jack Farmer!

  9. I'm just wondering how someone like wellingtoncrab, with such a flawed development environment as DR/DM, apparently run by "volunteers" and "lazy guys", managed to complete this excellent Iris Mission in just a year.

    1. Nort


      You guys seem to somehow think in terms of praises and insults. That's just not how I think on a basic level. I think I'll give up trying to be understood around here.

    2. Wellingtoncrab


      It did admittedly take me longer than that - the current iteration of Iris was started in late 2019!  As far as the earlier attempts … well lets not talk about those.

      What is absolutely true is that my mission would never have seen the light of day without a lot of help and patience from those very volunteer developers!

      Special shout out to our VERY EXCLUSIVE discord server/cult - “The Esoteric Order of Dragofer” for all the support/human sacrifices over the years.

  10. It's a solar myth that without a space suit you'll go to nirvana with frostbite; in fact, you would get a nasty sunburn before your demise.

    1. Airship Ballet

      Airship Ballet

      Sunburn at below freezing temperatures sounds like your average Finnish winter; maybe I missed my calling.

  11. McCain Western Fries taste best when heated in the air fryer at 180 degrees Celsius for 17 minutes.

    1. Amadeus


      I absolutely love my air fryer. At first I was pretty skeptical about getting one, but once I started making wings in them, it just stole my heart

    2. JackFarmer


      Oh yes, the best invention since Sony came up with the Playstation One.

    3. datiswous



      McCain Western Fries

      Is that your current job? 😜

  12. I need a new voice actor for my thief. Is there somebody out there who can point me to someone or could handle the job himself?

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    2. Petike the Taffer
    3. JackFarmer


      For reasons unknown, Andros is not rechabable anymore. :(

    4. JackFarmer


      @duzuenko: you don;t want to heart that. It would be like Taylor Swift pretending to be Tom waits! :)

  13. Winterfell!

    1. AluminumHaste



    2. JackFarmer
    3. Epifire


      I couldn't read that without an accent. xD

  14. Anyone else interested in voice acting? Till now, I have Andros, New Horizon and Goldchocobo on board.

    1. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      I'd be interested, but I don't have my new mic bought yet. You can also try to contact some of the volunteers listed here: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Voice_actors

    2. Epifire


      I'm pretty tight on time trying to wrap up modeling projects, else I would. But I'd be interested in hearing about the roles in any case.

    3. duzenko


      Zero experience or skill, but I could try

  15. I thought there is a "hanging skeleton" model somewhere, but I cannot find it. Any ideas?

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    2. chakkman
    3. JackFarmer


      Skeletons hanging in graveyards? I really doubt that. :)

    4. Springheel


      Everything related to bones/skeletons is in graveyard.


  16. Uih, 2.07 already out? Very kühl & thanks a lot! :)

  17. Beta has started at around 22:30 CET. Let's have drinks.

    1. jaxa


      "I prefer my payment in cash... not liquor"

    2. Tarhiel
    3. JackFarmer
  18. I am going beta (after that; I am going slightly mad (do you recall the Queen song with that title?)

    1. Epifire


      "I'm coming down with a fever

      I'm really out to sea

      This kettle is boiling over

      I think I'm a banana tree"


      Hahaha yep, great song favorite band ;)

    2. JackFarmer
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