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  1. I could imagine some people find the work flow easier. Dragging from corner to corner and then converting instead of placing a light hopefully centered so that you don't have to move it around while expanding its radius.
  2. Would you mind to post a screenshot or two? I wonder how this one looks since we already talk about it. Ah never mind there's a screenshot on the mod DB Page.
  3. I just read@motorsep Discovered that you are able to create a brush, then select it and right click "create light". Now you have a light that ha the radius of the former brush. Just read it on discord and thought it may be of use for some people in the forums here too.
  4. Maybe a short video preview would make things easier for everyone
  5. Wait - What purpose does this thread serve? Is it about aesthetically pleasing screenshots in general or should they serve as some kind of inspiration? I'm afraid I don't have any background knowledge on the game you're showing. Wouldn't it be important to know what one can see in these screens here?
  6. Thanks, I wasn't aware that there are lock picks in the mission. Gonna have to go back and lookout where to find them then. Yes I can guess for people more fluent in English these texts are pretty pleasantly written. Good to know that these are flavour texts. As I said it's not your fault if my English is not sufficient
  7. Hm I guess there's some kind of language barrier there as I'm currently lost and don't know what to do.
  8. Yesterday I started this mission and I must say, besides what has been said already about visuals and size, that: I really like that you made the city area neutral. I've always hated that in huge city missions, you had to sneak past a thousand guards and civilians because you forgot to find something in the other edge of the map. In Iris you can wander through the city itself without that hassle. Good decision! Thanks for that so far gorgeous mission!
  9. Thanks, it means a lot! Yes, it could be that you've overlooked it since I didn't create a new thread for he anniversary update, but only edited the original thread.
  10. The interesting question is.. How much effort does one need to put into them to make them work ingame in terms of performance, detail and animation.
  11. Im not sure if you can setup a different efx for the conversation sound shader. However I'm sure you can disable efx for the necessary shader completely. This may help. If it sounds too strange having no efx at all then you need to add a manual reverb into your wav sound files.
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