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  1. Okay thank you for clarification on this matter and for taking the time to search the recent wiki article. This is a good hint for mappers to use in their current projects, but I guess there's still a bit more potential for more material in the future - if I might say that - since the system seams ready, but the content is sparse. I'll need to find the concerned audio files and listen to them to get a grasp of the possible questions & answers and then write the project / forum members who are still active if they are happy to expand this system a little. But it's nice that you showed us that we have a working system and some content to use already - I hope mappers will use this more often. Great work on this and thank you to all involved contributors so far!
  2. So just to be sure: You've made transcripts for multiple vocal sets (there are no audios & shaders yet) on a chatter system, but you can't find them currently? If yo could find them, the next step would be to reach out for the still-active forum members who contributed voice sets and ask them if they could record the necessary lines. After this someone has to put them into their respective folders and write shaders for them. Finally they would be usable for Dark Radiant map creators. Is that correct? If yes, then could we help searching the transcripts (if they're online somewhere) or are they somewhere on your personal computer? Thank you for your input on this matter anyway!
  3. Ah thank you fpr so much input on FMs that use scripted sequences and on the creation process. I remember doing some main character voice sets when I was building my FM, but those didn't evolve NPCs, so I only had to record it (actually a helpful member of the forums did it - thank you @betpet) and write a shader. I read through the wiki and saw that there is a convenient tool for creating NPC dialogues, that at least from the looks of it doesn't really seem to be that much work considering the huge benefits those conversations are able to give to an FM's atmosphere and story telling. However somehow I never noticed some FMs you were mentioning. The Accountant is a very nice example of how you can use NPC dialogues or even to give new objectives ingame without text boxes or books. I will make sure to check the other FMs as well. Thank you for all your suggestions! What is your opinion on making "pre-defined" conversations? Would it make sense to have some audio files available for mappers to setup custom conversations? I remember in the game Half-Life NPCs had some kind of stock material for random chatter in the way of "Question from NPC 1 -> Answer from NPC 2". For TDM there could be audio material for each of the current voice sets and mappers could set up small conversations apart from the automatic monologues we currently have for NPCs. So a big chuck for generating dialogues would be erased (recording and normalizing speeches and creating their shaders). To try to keep them non-repetive for multiple FMs these pre-recorded lines could be like in Half-Life where each chunk of a dialogue can be interchangeable with the question -> answer setting. I think this would make it easier for mappers to create a little variety with NPCs and make them more lifelike without a big hassle. What do you guys think?
  4. Dear fellow TDM members, as I recently came back to catch up with some TDM playing the question came to my mind: Why are so few missions using narrative elements like NPC dialogues or let the player's character expressing his thoughts by speaking to himself? In the original Thief games, NPCs talking to each other and Garrett commenting what happens added much to the story a mission would pursue. In most TDM missions, the narrative comes only from readables and NPCs just walk their routes up and down mumbling to themselves. Please note, that this is not meant to be as critique to those FMs and their authors! It's just my personal experience, that leads me to two things to discuss: Why are scripted dialogues / sequences used so sparingly in FMs? Which FMs do you know, that make use of these elements? I would like to hear your persnoal thoughts on this. Thank you!
  5. SeriousToni

    Story Mod

    One thing that was very cool in the Thief campaign besides the story was, that you could take your stolen goods and buy equipment from it in the next mission.
  6. Nice little mission, especially the sound placement for rain and background music. Also I loved the secrets, traps and ai. I had no problems with fps, voice sounds, doors or triggers. Really good job there - I would love to see more of your maps in the future. Thank you!
  7. I really have to chime in again to make a small statement about the William Steele series here. I found myself playing TDM again and these missions are so well built and always have some nice special mechanics in them that I replayed these with more joy than even the newer FMS of other creators (which topped themselves with every new release on levels I never believed were possible nevertheless). So without saying that other FMS aren't worthy, I really admire the love and sweat that was put in the William Steele series by grayman and I can recommend this to everyone who has not started playing or finishing them. I also wanted to abuse this post to give a really big thank you to grayman for creating this story with excellent gameplay and I am really curious what he will craft in future times. This is really excellent work - thank you so much!!
  8. Ah well Springheel thank you. I kind of remembered reading something like that somewhere, but I didn't think of our forums here! Thank you for pointing me there! Oh there aren't? Shouldn't be hard to do since the models look really blant. If I get the game, that could be a job for me maybe
  9. Thank you, but just to make sure: For me it's not only about if one could mod Minecraft for a Thief experience - I also want you guys to share IF you had already an experience like this with some kind of mod or if you tried to build your own medieval city there. For me the core game is not so much appealing, but the idea to make thief maps in this game in the way you are able to create buildings sounds really interesting.
  10. Recently a thought came to my mind, for which I wanted to ask the people here nicely of their experience with Minecraft. For me, I never bought or played the game, but the videos and media that you can see on the internet about what people created is really appealing. I was wondering if there's a way to create medieval buildings and castles to play as a thief against hostile NPCs. This seems like an alternative to build little adventures withoud Dromed or Dark Radiant. But as I said, I don't know much about Minecraft itself. I did a few googles and saw, there was a "sneaking mode" mod and also a bunch of medieval texture mods, some even with story modes. Are there any Minecraft players here? Can you tell if there's a way for a thief / tdm experience both in play and level creation? Please feel free to share your experience!
  11. Thank you for this hint. I love that series about old video games. This was a very interesting one again!
  12. Peter the carpender ..err I mean Peter the spy managed to do an incredible work by creating a game ready model of my portrait from last year. He even build a small map in which you can admire the detailed work he put on the frame and watch the light dance over the normal and specular maps he created for this painting. You can download the map and the model here https://we.tl/t-JffhJLIE2p Also I attached a small preview, but I reccommend to load his FM ingame so that you can see all the details he put in there. Of course you're free to use it in your next FM project if you like to
  13. Wow I love the way you implement these video screens to make detailed animals appear in the game. This could add so much to the environment in future FMs. Great work!
  14. You guys aren't really calling this torture on video for klicks & likes "cultural", are you..?
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