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Found 6092 results

  1. I used to try to desperately defend Islam as being like "any other religion" on a few occasions when I first joined these forums. I am still a liberal, a secular humanist, but I am becoming more cynical of the leadership of the Democrat Party's reasonings for defending Islam despite it standing for everything they oppose. Islam is not like any other religion, I am finally willing to admit, thanks to Ridvan Aydemir, or Apostate Prophet. Islam is cruel, corrupt, evil, degenerate, perverted to a level that disgusts me. Muhammad wasn't a perfect man, he was a murderous sex fiend who made up bullshit about flying to space on a buraq (donkey with a peacock tail and lady face) and that sperm was produced in the ribs and that the sun sets in a small mud puddle that Alexander the Great found. Islam is evil, it treats women like subsapient sex cattle and murders gays, atheists, apostates, and those brave enough to speak against it. Death to Islam, and fuck that pedophile Muhammad, who married a 6 year old Aisha, molested her for 3 years before vaginally raping her, and beat her until she couldn't breathe when she spoke out against his crazed claims! He gave that poor girl Stockholm Syndrome so she lead his army of rapist bandits into reconquering his lands after his just death of poisoning by his Jewish sex slave, whose father and brother he murdered in front of her! Muhammad was less than pigshit, and I am atheist, but on off-chance Hell exists, Muhammad is drowning in an ocean of boiling pig shit down there for his evil acts during his life that affect the world to this day! He murdered poets who mocked his psychotic and perverted behavior, he hated dogs and killed non-Abrahamic folk mercilessly and put Jews and Christians into brutal second class citizenship, he facilitated a sex slave trade of women!
  2. Different topic. I was unable to find is a way within DR to search for a particular object (to add to a map) by key word, ideally across the {entity, model, prefab} universe. (If it exists, please tell me where? Or this might be a new feature request [see below]) Maybe those of you on Linux use the op sys for this. Along those lines, here's what I came up with quickly for Win10 (i.e., without writing a shell script or C# program). Win10 as native support to index .zip's, but not .pk4s. So I made a copy of the tdm_update_win directory (say, " tdm_update_win_search_copy") and renamed all the .pk4 to .zip (using the command console "rename *.pk4 *.zip"). You can then follow the procedure here to make sure .zip files are indexed and the search includes them: https://superuser.com/questions/1252895/how-do-i-do-a-search-in-file-explorer-that-includes-subfolders-of-zip-archives# Purging non-zip files and folders from tdm_update_win_search_copy will cut down on the false hits. Then you start your search within that folder. The resulting listing, while non-ideal, should be often good enough. A limitation is that the algorithm is just looking for a string within individual filenames (e.g., within each .zip container), so doesn't know about any descriptive text. (An ideal version within DR could offer that, and smart filters too. And maybe over time synonyms, support for topic tags, on and on...) Interesting to hear about other solutions too.
  3. @OrbWeaverI'd also like to think these forums are more civilised, which makes the highly undignified original post in this thread stand out all the more like a sore thumb. If members of the community still want to discuss Islam and atheism they could do that in a new thread that starts with a level-headed and well-reasoned opening that doesn't contain crude slurs.
  4. First of all, don't expect to get Wiki editing privileges the moment you register on the forums. Typically, knowledge base is updated by experienced users.
  5. I dont know. And please create your own forum account. Instead of a temporary one. (proof: http://bugmenot.com/view/forums.thedarkmod.com)
  6. Tring to get a ragdoll to stay attached to a hangmans rope, bothing Ive tried works. so started having a look on the forum - - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/7586-attach-entities-to-tdm-ropes-how/ - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/7637-hanging-ragdolls-worth-it/ but not found much help there or even an example prefab...
  7. Could someone please write down what the issues turned out to be? Was it only the default sound (s_playDefaultFile) which was loud and annoying? Or there are some sounds which are too loud? If there are, which are they?
  8. I guess it's up to you to ignore it then. I've known many of the people around these forums for well over 15 years now, so I like to know what's going on in their lives.
  9. Maybe it's something with older users' migration to newer version of the forums? At least that's the first thing I'd look for. Edit: btw. I can't change profile picture either.
  10. Hi all, me again Now that I've learned how to take screenies on DM (thanks to Aluminumhaste) I wanted to post one that I took but I got an error saying that the image ext that I used was not allowed in these forums, It was .jpg so I changed it to .png and I got the same error again. They're on Photobucket.
  11. @Springheel Not me. I see the edit button. @Dragofer Did you try manually adding /photo/ to the addres of your profile page? When I click edit it goes to this address: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/profile/38387-strunk/photo/
  12. Thanks for sharing boissiere. Should've clarified that the button's missing on both mobile and desktop versions of the forums. My equivalent of your screenshot is: Tried clicking on the spot where the button *should* be but it just brings up a closeup of my current image.
  13. So...good mission overall, but I've searched as many places as I can and now I'm left with the dreaded key search, which for me is like the big Monty Python Boot squelching down on the mission. I hate key searches. I have opened every door I can. What's left is unpickable. Tiring of going in circles, I have three places where a key is needed: Armory Locked cupboard Blue door. And sorry for the lack of spoiler tags, but I can't seem to locate the appropriate icon.
  14. This thread should cover most of where we gathered textures: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/1755-texture-resources/ We also got a substantial number of textures from one of the "Blade of Darkness" developers: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/10003-so-what-are-you-working-on-right-now/page/21/&tab=comments#comment-217681
  15. I'm wondering if anyone ever checks new posts in the Fan Missions Forums? I've posted 4 questions asking for help for 4 different missions that I can't finish because I"m stuck, and I don't get any help. I posted a question this morning so I don't expect an answer right away for that one. Its frustrating because I would like to finish them. I've read through the posts for each mission and I'm not getting anything from them. If there's someone who could help me I'd really appreciate it. Thanks I guess I'm spoiled from the TTLG forums.
  16. Way back when, when GameInforker was a popular gaming magazine, they used to give out free discs of certain games. One of these game series given out was the "They Hunger" trilogy by Black Widow Games, a small group of international game developers lead by Neil Manke in Canada and his right-hand man Einar Saukas in Brazil. Together, BWG became an upcoming juggernaut in the video game industry for their Half-Life Mods, in an era where Half-Life mods were becoming their own well-known series, like Team Fortress and Counter-Strike. Having been commissioned after the first "They Hunger" and standalone game "U.S.S. Darkstar" to make the official game mod for then-upcoming action-horror movie Underworld. With all this wild success in the business, Black Widow Games was talked of in online game articles, gaming magazines, and even mentioned in books about gaming. Then, shortly after the "They Hunger" trilogy was finished, the folks at Black Widow Games had an amazing, ambitious idea. With Half-Life 2 and Source Engine released, they wanted to make "They Hunger: Lost Souls", an at-the-time modern retelling/sequel/prequel/who the hell knows. The game was 80% finished, when disaster struck. Neil Manke fell deathly ill, causing production to halt. Since Neil was the leader of the international BWG, and most had never met in person, the whole studio later disbanded. It is unknown if Neil is currently alive or dead, but was last said to be living in Kamloops, British Columbia, alive yet sickly. Einar Saukas has been trying over the years to get in contact with Neil, and has in the meantime been taking part in development of minor games. Since Einar doesn't have international calling from Brazil, he doesn't know how to get in contact with his old friend and finish their legacy. I have in the past tried to contact Neil Manke, from a Kamloops Facebpok page of him, calling his house from the Kamloops phonebook and actually being answered, although I got a weird reply. The man there said he was Neil Manke's cousin, and that he didn't know where my Neil was. I was younger and way more autistically trusting at the time, so I believed him. Then I realized he may have been lying, out of shame or embarrassment or wanting to put what he saw as a previous life behind him. Due to Canada's health care system, he probably was well-cared for and recovered well, because according to his Facebook page, he enjoys going to the beach. So, without the apparent Neil trusting me enough to talk, I decided I should call Einar Saukas to get in contact and let him know his old business partner lived. One problem: I don't speak Brazilian, don't have international calling, only being able to call Kamloops due to New Hampshire being semi-close, and don't know how to contact Einar. Plus, Brazil has been in turmoil since a far-right president took charge who may have started a Rainforest Fire to expand his beef company Farms, and who has stated he wished to wipe out the natives. So it's probably hectic, chaotic, etc. So I turn to you, fellow gamers of The Dark Mod Forums. Will you help me in trying to locate, contact, and inform Mr. Einar Saukas of his old business partner's fate, and potentially cause "They Hunger" to rise from its grave like a zombie?
  17. Addressed towards every idtech4 aficionado @ the TDM forums and in particular towards the TDM Engine Development team... Both engines use Stencil Shadows but the devs at Ion Storm IMO came up with the significantly more elegant solution to the "Shadow Polygon Popping" issue that comes with the Stencil Shadow rendering technique... I remember back in the days around Doom3's release (August 2004) how John Carmack mentioned having added "noselfShadow" material flags specifically to combat the problem of "Stencil Shadow Polygon Popping" which would appear on Characters and Monsters when selfshadowing would kick in which resulted in my first mini-mod "UEQ" basically just commenting out all "noselfShadow" flags for all Doom3 Character/Monster material shaders... I have recorded some footage to illustrate why I think Thief3's solution is indeed more elegant in the hope that some of the senior GFX engine programmers like duzenko and the rest of the TDM Engine Development team might point me to a direction of implementing a similar solution within idtech4... The Problem (within idtech4): When a character in idtech4 is rendered without disabled selfshadowing in the material shader, quite some noticeable "Shadow Polygon Popping" can be observed (In this sample scene you can see it happening around Garrett's Hood and Shoulder area). The more elegant Solution (within Thief3): Notice how the character still casts and receives selfshadows without any "Stencil Shadow Polygon Popping" occurring. The shadows rather "slide" across the model surface instead of harshly popping in and out of existance... Now of course idtech4 is highly configurable by default so I started tinkering with the stencil shadow parameters. In particular I would change the value of the CVAR "r_shadowPolygonOffset" from the default value "-1" to "-2000". Now that still doesn't look as "clean" as in the Thief3 sample footage but at least the self shadows stopped harshly popping in and out of existence and instead (similar to the Thief3 footage) now slide smoothly across the model surface. Mission achieved you might think and wonder why I am still flagging this an issue... Well the problem becomes apparent when we start to move around the environment with these new settings ("r_shadowPolygonOffset -2000"): Watch the shadow on the right side of the Windowframe increasing in size/volume as I approach it and decreasing in size/volume as I move away again from it: This now happens with every selfshadow in the world around me (within idtech4 with "r_shadowPolygonOffset -2000"). On the other hand, within the Thief3 engine a similar behavior but much much more subtle in scale/resize of SelfShadows can be seen: When you observe the shadow at the left side of the door... (it actually might be difficult to notice) but you can see that that shadow also changes size/volume depending on my distance to it but like I mentioned the change is way more subtle in scale compared to the idtech4 showcase.
  18. No, the bugtracker is based on Mantis, it doesn't share account info with the forums.
  19. Here's something I was wondering about already, but after seeing the top comments of the following video, I couldn't help but ask for your opinion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJLEtMaYKOg Now I loved the sound of Garrett walking on stone or wood in the original Thief series. Yeah, I didn't like the consequences, like alerting the guards, I just liked the sound of it. And tbh I was a little bit disappointed when I heard that the Dark Mod's thief running on stone wasn't all that loud. I can't help but like to hear the footsteps I'm making. Does anyone else feel that way? BUT - it's kind of ridiculously loud. When running on stone, you can hear a horse, not a thief. And even when running, it shouldn't be so loud as if you're wearing hooves. So... what are the excuses for it being so loud? I mean, even if they are quieter, the steps in TDM are still unrealistically loud, people here often state how important immersion is. Is it maybe just because it is nicer for the player to hear himself - even more when he doesn't see himself? Maybe the thief indeed wears wooden shoes. But why would he/she do that? Or is it psychologically more correct? (a thief would presumably pay a lot of attention to the sounds he/she produces, so maybe it would seem louder) Or, at the worst, is it the nostalgia, that we simply want to keep some things from the old games which were, due to insufficient technical capabilities back then, highly unrealistic? Let me know what you think.
  20. After a long time and a lot of delays, I'm extremely happy and relieved to announce the release date for my first map; Lords & Legacy, on Friday the 30th of August, 2013! Lords & Legacy v.2.1 Resume: Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/Lj8UJ#0 Notes: Build time: 2013/03/30 - 2013/08/30 To install, simply put the .pk4 file in your fm folder and install from the in-game mission menu. It is a large mission with optional objectives, so make sure to save often. The ropes in the beginning have a 'slick' surface, to simulate being 'slack lines'. They are difficult, but once you get a hang of the slide they can be fun. A couple of the large areas can be a bit rough on performance, and can be improved by adjusting the LOD slider in video options. A few of visportals open only when you get close. This is to keep the frames smooth inside the respective building, due to early inexperienced design. If you find any bugs which affect the gameplay experience, then you're very welcome to post them here, but please use the spoiler tags. Big thanks to 'Obsttorte', 'Springheel', 'Greyman', 'Bikerdude', 'Sotha' and rest of 'The Dark Mod Team'for all the help, guides and tricks. Also thanks to the other TDM users who provided fantastic support and feedback during the build. Thank you for beta-testing: 'Bikerdude', 'TylerVocal', 'Simplen00b', 'nbohr1more', 'Briareos H.' Special thanks to: 'Danus', 'Dsx' & 'Stanleh' for testing, help and support. v.2.0.1 changelog: Bugs: -The "Master Thief" challenge was impossible to do for a while, due to incorrect values. Fixed. -Getting seen by "The Killer" now also fails the "Ghost" challenge. -The 3 cardplaying guards no longer float mid air, as their chairs are now nailed to the floor. -Fixed the sound of the furnace continuing after the flames were extinguished. -Fixed weird glittering on the power cables around the map. -Fixed some moonlight popping in and out. -Fixed openable windows in Commons, clipping into the frame. -Fixed a book dropping through a desk. -Fixed visportals closing too close in Lancel's Tower, slight hit on performance though. -Added more monsterclip to Service Tower and Robert's Tower's entrance. -Improved a few vis_portals with func_portals. -Replaced curbs in Slums and Commons with some more detailed versions and changed textures. And a lot more little unecessary tweaks. Gameplay: -Added new challenge: (Jack White) - Do not knock-out anyone. -Reduced the amount of starting gear, depending on difficulty. -Added cubemaps to most windows on the map. -Redid most func_statics in Commmons Quarter to reduce tris and increase performance. Draw count is still somewhat high. -Removed all transparent windows as they didn't have actual gameplay value, just a performance drain in exchange for glitchy visuals. -Lancel's safe can no longer be picked. Find the key! -Added a couple minor cosmetic details in the sewers. -Moved a coinpurse from a wealthy commoner's sleeping butt to his nightside table. Also adjusted his furniture so thieves can better move around. -Changed sounds for several doors across the map. Once again, a big thanks to 'Bikerdude' for taking the time help out and locate room for improvement! v.2.0 changelog: Bugs: -Fixed various textures and surfaces and a few minor tweaks. -Tweaked some sounds to be in line with TDM 2.0 changes. -Fixed 2 certain AIs being too sensitive rather than drunk. (Thanks to AluminumHaste!) -Tweaked LOD on some objects, to prevent windows "popping" in and out. Gameplay: -Added more monsterclip to the towers, so the AI can now run up and down stairs. Only the stairs in the small tower has issues still. -Added more monsterclip in the city so the guards can follow you up all stairs. -Added a few minor details. -Windows in the city now dims sound, resulting in less aggro from guards and more convincing soundscape. -Reduced 'draw calls' in all the large areas, increasing performance. The map is still heavy at certain areas. Another big thanks to 'Bikerdude' and 'Greyman', for taking time out of their own schedules to help optimize the map's draw count and other significant adjustements! v.1.0.3 changelog: Bugs: -Fixed 4 black chairs in one of the towers -Fixed a floating painting -Fixed several clipping objects v.1.0.2 changelog: Bugs: -Fixed zfighting in the library's bookshelves -Fixed a black window in one of the towers -Fixed several typos in readables Gameplay: v.1.0.1 changelog: Bugs: -Fixed an issue with the main objectives not being in "sync". -Fixed console spam from a script Gameplay: -Adjusted required loot for each difficulty from "3000, 4000 and 5000" to "2500, 3500 and 4500".
  21. The material system supports both video clips and flipping between images in sequence; they just haven't been used much, but see e.g. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/15876-proper-realistic-moving-water/&do=findComment&comment=334818 http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/17269-water-cascading-down-a-window/
  22. Welcome to the community. A start would by looking at the several installation methods at TDM wiki installation page (mac category). An easy start is try to run 2.07 in a WINE environment. (you can 2.05 mac os binary but very experimental and its an old version and not updated) Havent tested 2.07 on wineskin. But wineskin is a just wine container in a mac os app-format. playonmac. is a nice front-end to manage wine containers and to expiriment with them. I succesfully tested also 2.07 on the mac using playonmac (several wine versions) in the beta topic: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19774-beta-testing-207/page-5?do=findComment&comment=431999 http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19774-beta-testing-207/page-6?do=findComment&comment=432170 http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19774-beta-testing-207/page-10?do=findComment&comment=433014 http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19774-beta-testing-207/page-14?do=findComment&comment=433667
  23. Hi, knowing that this is a more tech savvy forums I wanted to share a struggle with some documents that maybe someone has any knowledge how to solve. I've been working for the past days looking for ways to edit a large number of pages (1850) into an easily readable text, read for instant printing, all of this being easy to email in portions. The text are photos I made from some text files but the margins are not even all the time. Therefore I need an application that sees the real margins of the text and can crop it automatically to those margins. Tried everything ABBYY Fine Reader 11, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Adobe Photoshop, Scan Tailor, AVS image converter. None of them seem to have any options to properly bring these files in order. I need to have some margins removed so that only the text remains for printing. But I need to do it fast and automatically. I do not care about this being editable/searcheable text like Optical Character Recognition features. TLDR I need an app like TinyScanner for phones https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appxy.tinyscanner&hl=en . However I did not have time to wait and let it process 1850 pages in one day. Also that app occasionally crashed while processing files. But, the features that it has, it seems I cannot find on PC's which I'm baffled about! If anyone has any clue where to look for, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  24. Stuck early, lol... PS: I wish there was a 'spoiler' tag icon among all the other icons when composing a reply. (If it's there, what does it look like?) I don't post here a lot, and I even more rarely need to use spoiler tags... so when I do need to, I can never remember if the spoiler tag is [ s ] or [ spoiler ] or some other tag. So, I try to go to advanced editing and check there, but that doesn't help much; and/or I have to preview post and make sure my attempt works.
  25. Swing and miss, couch psychologist. I'm actually pretty likeable fellow in RL, and I've been leading a happy, fulfilled life Not sure what makes you think that this community is "tainted" by my presence, when your posts are just pasted words of others. At least I make original content that everyone here can enjoy using. But to honor STiFU's request, I'll leave you with a positive example on how you can do this stuff, and that's how Henke on TTLG's General Gaming posts. He actually gives a damn about actual conversation whenever he posts something about games, e.g. here: https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=150251
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