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Just bought Deus Ex Human Revolution...


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I agree with almost everything that has been said so far. There's only one thing I don't like about the game: Grenades and mines are not stackable for the most part. This fact makes grenades so valuable due to the limited inventory space that you hardly ever use them.


Somebody said the graphics were not the best and that's where I don't agree. :) Ok, there's no parallax occlusion mapping, but aside from that the game looks damn fine. I play it maxed out in dx 11 mode with tesselation enabled and it looks stunning (although I am not sure the tesselation actually has any effect on the game). There is so much attention to detail. It must have taken quite some time to get the levels done.

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After two evenings, I am suitably impressed. It is shaping up to be a very good game, and even a very good Deus Ex game. The gameplay is pretty complex, the level of writing is heads and shoulders above what we usually see in gaming (way better than Bioshock), and it even has that same slightly pretentious random-NPCs-quoting-US-founding-fathers vibe as the original. Lots of neat little touches, too, like hobos listening to talk radio, things like that. It is obvious the creators put a lot of effort and passion into the game, and it shows. It is also good that it is not obsessively canonical; you can find the connections between DX and DX:HR if you are looking hard enough, but it doesn't descend to the level where the "presence" of the first game becomes overbearing.


My video card doesn't like it so much, so I had to reduce the extra eye candy to a bare minimum, but it still looks good (very distinct graphical style with its own future fashions and design fads), and I can't complain about the performance or the loading times either.

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The recent patch spamming has helped the loading times a LOT... when I first started playing, the day after it unlocked in the AU/NZ/Pacific region, load times were around 30 seconds, that got patched down to 15 or so, then another patch has reduced that to 5-6 seconds... very very nice work there.

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Hehe, I just handled the second boss and it was easy as shit. I was lucky and had the correct augments tweaked.




Get the augments Anti-EMP and the "wallhack". The enemy's cloak augment is useless then and her EMP attacks don't hurt anymore. The rest is just the usual boss gameplay: Kite the enemy around while shooting it.


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Just played this today and it's amazing even though I'm only like.. 1 hour in maybe? And I'm not that fast of a gamer so I'm looking around and just soaking the atmosphere a lot.


I admit I didn't think HR was going to be all that, obviously comparing it to the first game which is genius, but I was dead wrong. I can't say much bad about HR and I won't.

Invisible War was so terrible that it minimizes all possible flaws one might find in HR. :rolleyes:


I still do find the decoupling of third and first person perspectives a tiny bit "odd". I find it "odd" in that you can see into areas where you can't realistically see, due to the fact that- you know- eyeballs are sort of stuck in the head.

But for gameplay reasons it works just fine, and It's easy to get used to. After all, there are other games that use the same sort of setup. Works fine.

I feel it's just a tiny bit weird when you think about it. But whatever. It's all good. It works, so I'm satisfied.


Overall I love the graphics, the sound work, musical score is AMAZING (and reminiscent of the first game's soundtrack), character work and story is awesome so far...

In short: Everything is awesome.

I also found that cinematics and animations are very, very good.

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Yeah, I agree with you GDG, I had low expectations, especially after trying to reinstall and play Invisible War!


Couldn't stand it - 10 minutes in I couldn't believe how clumsy it felt - way clumsier than the original Deus Ex, and that was built on the rickety Unreal Tournament engine!


I think my jaw was dropped by the sheer production values on everything... The attention to detail... I really care how I affect other people in the game world.

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Impressions after finishing - spoilery stuff.


Here are my impressions before I read any other reviews or spoilery material - maybe not terribly original, but guaranteed to be mine. :D


To jump right to conclusions, I like this game. It does not live up to the full experience of DX1, but it succeeds both in its own right and as a well-designed prequel. It takes the ideas from immersive sims and implements them in a way no game in the last few years has done -- it is not a halfway-there thing like Bioshock, but the real deal.


It stands out that the environments you experience are beautifully crafted. I was doubtful of the "cyber-renaissance" idea they were touting, but it is kept to a tasteful level, while the future has its other design fads and visual styles (like those satiny pants everyone is wearing, or the desks, or light fixtures - small details like that). They are living places with good tertiary characters (like punks and bums in the back street). Although I had to crank the graphical settings way, way down, the game still looked good, ran fast, and loaded fast - while being super-detailed (seriously, those street scenes? Wow!). It has a style of its own, like DX1, not a completely realistic one but one whose stylisation works. The music is understated and blends in, so it is a different effect from Alexander Brandon's demoscene-inspired electronica, but it is a well-done score.


The story and the conversations were intelligently written, and the story, as it develops, is an interesting one. It is not the story of DX1, and that's okay. DX1 was an epic story about conspiracies set in a cyberpunk environment; DX:HR is a more personal one where conspiracies stay more in the back, and the focus is on the cyberpunk thing, corporate warfare and bioethics. As predicted, there are some Ghost in the Shell-influences, but I don't mind it (actually, a trailer showed a fight with a huge bot dropped on you from a helicopter in crate form - that was very GitS, but seems to be missing from the final game). There are likeable and interesting characters throughout, from Sarif (whom I suspected of being a shady double-dealing SOB) to Malik (a great, understated secondary character) to William Taggart (whom I grew to like - so you can guess which ending I consider most appropriate ;)). I developed and interest in them and cared where they were going, and that is a good thing as well. The character who didn't work for me was Tracer Tong, who seemed to be a totally different person than the one you met in Hong Kong (also, his side-quest didn't do anything for me - a case of substandard DLC that would have been better off cut).


I feel that the readables and some of the random conversations were stretched a bit too thin. There are so many e-mails dealing with access codes and fairly uninteresting office issues that I missed things like DX1's broader cultural background and references to things like The Man Who Was Thursday or Thomas Paine - likewise, eBooks dealt too much with Hugh Darrow's lectures and technobabble that after a while, they grew a bit uninteresting. The thing I missed from DX1 was its pathos - bums quoting US Founding Fathers at you, discussions of philosophy, a slightly pretentious vibe that infused it with character. DX: HR is more realistic, but a bit more bland. However, Picus News and the Limbaugh-inspired talk radio guy were unambiguously great, so there is great writing in there, there should just have been more of it. But to be fair, DX: HR has more visual storytelling, more environmental detail that makes you pause and snap a screenshot.


The unavoidable boss fights look like a concession to action gamers. If that's the sacrifice the game had to make to get funded, I am okay with it, but it still looks out of place. The first one, which blindsided me because I didn't stock up on deadly weapons, was a freaking nightmare. Incidentally, have other people noticed that the boss characters look out of place in the game story? Sure, they were in that raid on Sarif, but otherwise, you don't see references to them, and they don't really have a role in the plot other than to pop up unexpectedly, attack you and get killed. We don't know as much about them as we knew of Anna, Gunther and Walton Simons, and it shows.


Mechanically, the game is good. Third person didn't feel out of place like I thought it would, which shows how much the right implementation matters. The augs are fun; you lose some of the hard choices in DX1's aug tree (and the skill system), but they work. All in all, the whole game is well designed and felt smooth, without any bugs to mention. That's good. I was a bit afraid of the hacking minigame, but it felt nicely like hacking and only got old near the end. Unlike Invisible War, this game didn't feel dumbed down, and the AI is a great improvement over DX1, less like headless chicken and more like professional gunmen who will shoot you like a dog if you aren't careful. Which reminds me, the visual glitches when you go down are a superb little touch. Oh, and it is a hard game if you try to sneak through it. One thing I always forgot to mention was the lack of swimmable water. There isn't any... but weirdly enough, I didn't notice. Huh.


Lengthwise, I guess it could have developed a bit more - a third city hub near the end, and more straightforward "here you are in a small locale, get things done and get out" missions at the beginning - but with the steep game development costs nowadays, I cannot complain. My 33 hours were well spent, and that's three times as long as most "AAA" games in our time. It links well to DX1... it would have been easy to get it all wrong, like screwing up future plotlines or being too heavy on the references, but it turned out right - folks like Manderley, Everett or Beth DuClare obviously exist in this reality, you just don't come face to face with them. (Although if I ever play Deus Ex now, I will wonder what happened to Jensen... :P)


So, once again, I liked what I was seeing. I hope other companies will take the lessons here and improve on them. I felt we ended up missing an entire decade on immersive sim development after the successes of Thief, System Shock 2 and Deus Ex, taking steps back and trying to marry the idea into more shooty games in ways that didn't work out. This game has returned to the right track. Hopefully, its successes will be widely imitated and improved upon, and upcoming games like the next Thief or Dishonored will follow in its steps.


10/10 (Meaning, a game deserving to be discussed alongside Thief, DX1 and SS2)


Come the time of peril, did the ground gape, and did the dead rest unquiet 'gainst us. Our bands of iron and hammers of stone prevailed not, and some did doubt the Builder's plan. But the seals held strong, and the few did triumph, and the doubters were lain into the foundations of the new sanctum. -- Collected letters of the Smith-in-Exile, Civitas Approved

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half the game got cut from what I heard, the Montreal hub got cut, there were supposed to be more side missions in china, the first boss was supposed to disappear after a short fight, then teleport away and turn up later in the game, and another hub and all its side quests got cut, and some augs got cut as well, someone somewhere decided that the game playthrough at 60 plus hours was too long and it got cut down to 30 hours. although some of the cut stuff might appear as dlc.


although I've just killed the 2nd boss, used the typhon weapon upgraded to max settings, the fight lasts 30 seconds.

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I personally strongly agree with making games shorter. I want a "complete" experience with my limited time. So a game that has a great story arc and can be fully experienced in <20hrs is great. I just don't have dozens and dozens of extra hours lying around to pump into a game these days. The price of the game is negligible. My time is what matters.

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I personally strongly agree with making games shorter. I want a "complete" experience with my limited time. So a game that has a great story arc and can be fully experienced in <20hrs is great. I just don't have dozens and dozens of extra hours lying around to pump into a game these days. The price of the game is negligible. My time is what matters.


A lot of people including myself have the opposite view, but I will agree on 20hrs being a nice round figure. its when Games only last 8 or less that i feel the publisher/devs are just taking the piss. But to counter your statement I prefer games where you have the option of extending the length of the game if you like/want to do lots of exploring. Elderscrolls, I racked up 200hrs... half of that was playing the extended packs official and fan made.

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@BD: I fully agree. Modern Warfare 2 was a downright insult, with a single-player campaign lasting 5-6 hours play-time (according to reviews). The other end was Morrowind with its 300+ hours, which is just massive.

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@BD: I fully agree. Modern Warfare 2 was a downright insult, with a single-player campaign lasting 5-6 hours play-time (according to reviews). The other end was Morrowind with its 300+ hours, which is just massive.

mw2,morrowind... both games suck


mm2 is rather stupid and morrowind felts empty and boring (just like oblivion)

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You have to dig a little to detect the beauty of Morrowind, that is correct. It's definitely not something for casual gamers. But after some time, your really start to love the completely open world.


Re: DX3

I still didn't finish the game as I somehow lost interest somewhere along the line. Gameplay eventually became a little repetitive. Maybe I should just stop KO-ing every damn walking guard. :)

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Short games are what fan missions are especially good for, where you can go through a whole story in 1-3 hours, sort of like the TV of gaming. But of course not many games have story-based FMs, or they'll just have a few of them.

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Finished yesterday.


To short, too simple, story e mission completely not free; you are not free like in other free to ride game (IE. Bethesda stuff). Graphics was not bad, and also the level design and game system (aumentation,, etc etc) was cool, but at certein point with too many repetition.


One big mistake is on Hong kong: loading levels parts of the city, was really a bad tech realisation. Dialogues and interaction, too, a mistake, IMHO. There is no great innovation over the first DeusEx, IMHO, only this simplified stealth system and some new combat possibilities are well done.


Music is the real gem of this game, IMHO.


The big big big problem is that you feel every second that this game is designed for console. IMHO a real BAD feeling.


Anyway was cool to finish it, and remeber the first DeusEX :-D


Bof, not too bad, but for me I vote only => 5.75/10

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From my impressions I'd give it 6/10 so far:



I'm not sure how far along in the game I am, but I'm in China for the first time. To be honest I'm a little let down, the opposite of everyone here lol. First thing I noticed when I played was I felt like the start was all too predictable and aggressive. How many times will we be forced to play the 'run here and there then OH NO something big happens within 5 mins' type gameplay. The overall story, the hunt for your ex - GF's killer is over done as well, and the lack of character development about her results in me not really giving a damn about her at all. I'm not very engaged in the story over-all, doesn't feel like anything new or interesting is going on in the game. The cut scenes are boring and the actual game itself looks better than them. Why did they even use cut scenes?


I was actually hoping for a better leveling system, while Dues Ex 2 was overall pretty bad I did enjoy having blackmarket and regular biomods. It was a major incentive to search around and do side quests because you'd unlock cool rare abilities. Now you can just get everything you want, and non of the upgrades are particularly interesting imo. I was also hoping for a better market system. Most places have two markets and you can't really buy much. One thing I think is stupid is weapons are valuable, but if you have say a pistol, you can't pick up extra ones to sell. So you can make money running back and forth to pick up weapons one at a time and sell them. It's also really really easy to get loads of money just by walking around.


The environments look great but feel very restricted. Tons of doors you can't get into, then there's the random door you can. If you are looking for alternate routes just find air ducts, fire escapes or sewers. The areas are rarely open enough that you actually feel like you are finding your own route in (for example being able to scout around an entire building), everything feels pre-determined like an after thought. I feel like they made the main level then said, oh I guess we need more routes here, lets add lots of air ducts. The air ducts are VERY over used imo.


The cover system is decent but I tend to accidentally poke my head out a lot and ironically the AI don't seem to notice me bobbing up and down behind cover but they will notice me standing there.


The side quests seem relatively boring, go in, subdue some guy, put an object here or take something, escape. I really hate the city hubs too. There's not much interesting stuff to do in them. There's hidden missions where you talk to random people and they will give you a mission. But everyone looks and sounds the same and it gets really old really fast listening to AI say the same sentences over and over. It's not fun clicking use on AI over and over till you find a guy that gives you a mission. The cities are so big that unless you upgrade your lungs you will have to walk extremely slowly from place to place. There's not much incentive to explore either because you either get: HP medication, ammo or money 99% of the time. If you are lucky you will find a weapon mod. I really wish there were unique items, biomods, weapons or other loot that made you want to go explore more. In DX 2 just finding the pistol with a red flashlight was awesome. I haven't seen anything like that in this one.


The voice acting and character animations had me laughing a couple times. I freed the first boss and the woman was crying but she had a smile on her face. Jensen's voice is a little annoying imo. When the AI talk they move around like they are having withdrawals from a drug too. Lots of sudden shaky movements which I find really weird.


The AI is pretty good in game though, sneaking feels good as does the firefights. Hacking is great and I quite enjoy the mini game. The inventory system is okay, I don't like how it automatically sorts stuff for you though. There's plenty to explore, despite most of it being not that interesting and I do like the option to kill or tranq anyone.


Technically the game is great though. There's very little load areas, lots on screen, good textures, good detail and it runs quite well even on my old pc! I'm really happy about that.


Overall it feels like the same old same old to me, nothing to get excited over. Its biggest flaw is a lack of originality imo. I was expecting some new and unique places and things. The time drain they used called the city hub is annoying to me, I don't enjoy having to run back and forth through a city to do missions thirty times.


That's just my view though. 6/10



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Ended last week.


In my opinion, is one of the best games of the year.


I say this not because I'm a fanboy of Crysis 1 / 2, call of duty, consoles are better than PCs ... etc.


In fact, I consider myself a hardcore PC gamer.


Given also that a deus ex is still the best game I've ever played / finished (four times).


One thing is certain: human revolution deus ex has NOTHING to do with the previous deus ex.


I swear that I tried in every way to find flaws in this game, but it was really difficult. I never bored from first to last minute of the game, and this was surprising. Then, deus ex 3 is a game to be played almost entirely with stealth. You can see from miles that deus ex 3 = Thief. :D

So, probably, who has played Call of Duty style, will be disappointed. All elements of the game suggest that it is highly preferable the stealth. The enemies kill you in 2 seconds. Stunning people get 3 / 5 times more experience points, there are a lot of roads to get to the same zone, the game is easier with stealth, etc. ....


Such as graphics and sound there is little to say. Really well done (played in DirectX 11 to the maximum detail. :D)


I admit that the story is not told well. It is also lower than the first deus ex as complexity, but for those like me who has been able to understand it all can be considered "good."



Then there is the loading problem. In my case it put "only" 7 seconds, but other people have talked about 15-20 seconds. : /



But how do you say that a game that lasts 30 hours is short? it is normal that if one plays ONLY the main missions the game last half of time.


then I read over too easy. It depends, if you play with stealth maybe. Difficult if you play at Rambo mode.


In summary, if you just want the sequel to deus ex 1 / 2, then 3 deus ex is not the right way.


If you want a fps like crysis 2 / cod forget deus ex 3.


Deus Ex 3 is simply a stealth disguised as role-playing game.


In short, for me, there is a full 9.

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Just thought it's worth mentioning that the Director's Cut for Deus Ex: Human Revolution is out. If you have the main game as well as the Missing Link DLC, the price will be reduced by 75 per cent. So far, the AI seems to be a bit better, Tesselation is either better or working at all, because from my first playthrough I remember the models to be much more blocky, and of course the Developer's Commentaries give interesting insight. All in all I think it's well worth the 4 EUR that I paid.

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