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Thief 4 is trash.


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I had more fun making my way up to bed in the dark after playing Thief than I did at any point during its benighted trudge across The City. If you come across someone else with a copy, it might be a kindness to steal it.

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hey come on folks only critique the gameplay and maybe the sound I feel like everyone is making it out to be worse than it is but I won't know until I play it. I've been waiting 10 years or so for this game and I'm going to damn well have some fun playing it godamnit.

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Just finished playing it and...




Game is rather meh overall. The start was fucking awesome and I had a lot of fun but overall the game just felt so awkward.


The personalities had NO personality at all... I mean the thief taker general interactions did have some funny moments but most of the time I expected him. The only real surprise the game gave me that really did catch me off guard was

finding out Orion is The Barons brother



The voice acting was quite terrible, at moments it was too quiet and at other points it was too loud. I started doing some of the City Hub quests and a couple were ok but then it turned into frustration thanks to the horrible map system they have.


Most of all though my major gripe was the frustration of the controls... I messed up what I wanted to do quite a few times because of the swoop mechanism and a lot of times I could easily make a jump but swoop wouldn't allow it. I felt myself incredibly limited by it and despite what b1skit said a year ago it didn't let me go where I wanted, I felt so damn restricted.


The levels surprised me with how many different entrance points there was though and I quite liked that. The levels were visually quite beautiful, even though they were more of the same.


Also the game is full of bugs.


If they want Thief 5 to succeed they need to


1) Bring back Stephen Russel

2) Have a wider variety of architecture instead of the same shit.

3) Have proper sound propagation.. I shouldn't be able to hear two people talking from inside there home when I am way down the other end of the street.

4) Change the vocal barks up to be a bit more exciting instead of a very straight forward (and severely repeated) lines like "Ohh I hope no one finds *insert name of valuable* that I hid in *obvious nearby location*"

5) Loading screens... Loading screens are always a bad sign! :P

6) Fire everyone involved in Marketing and hire people who can actually a game to the target audience. I mean we should have had no-commentary gameplay footage a long time ago. Just about every other game did that but Thief thought it was special.. well sad news it isn't special and it pissed off people a lot. Marketers should get people EXCITED for their product.. not apprehensive and pissed off before they even get it in their hands!


"Whats yours is mine!" ... apparently I owned a lot of loading screens that were stolen then



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The game takes about 30 seconds to boot up on my computer. But in the game the loading screens are not that long but they are too frequent.

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Also did anyone else notice that the way the visual prompts are setup is completely screwy? I mean I don't mind if the first time you walk upto a window and it says "press and hold X button then tap repeatedly" that to me is fine but it seems to be all or nothing in the settings.


Either you have a prompt over every single thing you do, every time you move near a door, move near loot anything it pops up and tells you what to do OR there is nothing at all (even for the first time you do something) and you are just left guessing what the heck do I do now?

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the report on ign.com says the frame rate on the pc is locked to 60 frames per second, and 30 frames per second on the xbone and ps4, it might just be a verticle sync on setting like doom 3 locks the frame rate to a set rate.

they also say the lip sync isn't synced with the voices, the voice acting is bland, the story line is bland and linear, they like the side missions they capture the true meaning of a thief game and wish there were more of them, and eidos-montreal missed the point that the whole game should be like the side missions, they also complained about the clunky control system and contextual jumping and climbing. They also said the city hub is a complete mess and doesn't make sense.

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It's TDS all over again. Heck, it's par for the course for Thief, period. Some people have zero problems, some people have nothing but problems, and system specs aren't necessarily an indicator. The FAQs for people per game have never covered all variables. Good for you, though, having less issues, but you can't assume equality across the board.


Dude seriously this game has enough ACTUAL flaws that we don't need to be making up more.

Until someone posts a video of their setup taking 6 minutes to load one savegame, I'm going to be calling bullshit, and that they're just riding the hate train cause that's the cool thing to do.

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I always assumed I'd taste like boot leather.


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