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Fan Mission: Penny Dreadful 2 by Melan and Bikerdude (2014/07/8)


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Gratz guys! I'm currently downloading, which is v slow. Due to demand I expect :)


Update: the in-game downloader took 15 mins to get to 29%. Got it from the Mega link instead.

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A well done mission.


It was a bit of a key hunt for me but it well fit the scenario and i liked to sneak around collecting all that valuables, keys and equipment. Was a good idea to provide multiple places to find basic tools. I missed the lockpicking a lot (i know, it's story-related).


I purposedly let the vineseller's door open and "his" spiders attacked a guard. After killing the spiders, the guard switched into frency mode (maybe he got poisoned) and either killed or got killed by another guard. Nice idea to provide that sort of use-once "weapon" to the player.


The geometry really looked realistic and there where loads of persons with logically sound backgrounds.

But guards did the weirdest of things on patrol. Sometimes i saw three of them piling up behind the kitchen's door in the tower with that bridge. Often guards collided and got stuck on each other for some time. But i updated to 2.02 just before i started this mission, so that could be the reason for the unexpected AI behaviour.


Got three minor graphic glitches:

Transparent wall in the small guard house:



Missing mortar in arch near beggar:



Wall part not reaching the floor near spawn point:



And i really need to know: Where are the keys for the armory and the mansion with the well lit guarded entrance and garden?

Completet the mission accidently by visiting a gate in the bridge tower but got a save near that temporal location to try any hints about that keys...



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I only got part way through last night before reluctantly saving and having to go to bed, but I thought I'd stop by to say what a wonderful job! Probably the most atmospheric start to a mission I've played. The thieves' highway is great. No performance issues either. My machine isn't new but I've only found one spot where fps dropped below 40 and i had to back into a corner to get a view down two streets to make that happen. It's beautiful, great job. I'm drinking in every detail. And I've not even found the target destination yet :-)

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I can't figure out where the mission ends. Approaching either gate (on the high bridge or outside where the notice is posted) will not end the mission after all objectives have been completed aside from the optional loot objective. If it helps the ways I completed the objectives were

Poisoned the wine cask with the hemlock vial and broke Scissor Jack out of his jail cell, rather than killing the two.

Was playing on Expert, too, if that helps.


Other than this, great mission. Was hard at times to figure out where to go at times.but not excessively so.

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Hm. You have to be standing


right under the archway to the gate in the small street behind Montrose mansion.



Double-checked if there was a problem with the loot goal (it used to be mandatory by accident), but nope.

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Got the same problem as Guff, can't finish the mission.


I've been taking a look in the map file. Are you sure your setup for the Escape goal works (It reads like no entities of spawnclass idPlayer ..., a bit odd).

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Ditto, can't get the exit to trigger


I'm assuming this is the exit as I've tried every other one






Also found what I assume is an easter egg

a mine and a couple of fire arrows next to a fish mural and instructions on the wall about what to do with them


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@Guff/Obs/Esme, something else is going on here as neither melan, myself or the beta testers had this issue. have you completed all the objectives?


Can you guys upload your savegame's so I can have a look, also what difficylty levels were you all playing play on?

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How do I get into the second city section, beyond that gate? There doesn't appear to be any way to open the gate, and I've already completed all the objectives, unless there is somekind hidden optional objective. I know theres a point to that sewer section, like that room I can see passed the grate, and there has to be way to get on the other side of all that.. maybe you should have provided a easier way passed all that, and even though I usually hate it when fidcal does key hunts, here I found it tolerable because there wasn't to many to find and the way is more or less clear after the initial ridiculous jump across to that small gap, and then another jump onto that bridge.

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  • How do I get into the second city section, beyond that gate? There doesn't appear to be any way to open the gate,
  • I know theres a point to that sewer section, like that room I can see passed the grate and there has to be way to get on the other side of all that..

  • When you get to that location, look up you taffer!
  • There are lots of places to explore that can be considered optional and you get little rewards for finding them as well as discovering some
    secret places
  • It is very worthwhile exploring the whole mission as it all plays a part in the over arching storyline that started with PD1 and will continue in the subsequent missions in the series.

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