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Fan Mission: A Night Of Loot: One Man's Treasure (2020/06/13)


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Really fun mission! Loved all the hidden rooms and layout of the shop/museum. if there was one complaint it was what some have said, too many lockpick tries. One or two picks would have been enough without taking anything away from the game. I didn't really mind guards carrying lanterns inside where candles only have so much luminescence, and it seemed realistic that in the Thief universe, portable electric lights aren't a thing, and guards would need lanterns to illuminate dark areas of floors, not to mention the guards could have rotating shifts indoors and outdoors, so that's OK. I hope you make more missions.

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Hello OGDA,

Very nice first mission!

I enjoyed a small mission after playing certain gargantuan mission in making.

Can I just ask 


How am I supposed to go to the hidden bar? I must have missed a hidden switch or something.



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4 hours ago, Tarhiel said:

How am I supposed to go to the hidden bar?




On the upper floor (not the attic), in the office, there are two loot items on pedestals protected (at least until you lockpick 'em) by glass cubes.  Between those two items, on the wall between them, is the lock you need to pick to find your way to the hidden bar.


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Solid compact FM! Well rounded (except maybe the cellar, and why put it behind *another* hidden door but accessible from the outside? Absolutely no need, a crate-norrowed passage  or a plain metal door - from the cellar part - would be more sensed) and crafted!
Tested with 2.08, 2 issues:


1) can't take these:



2) can't RE-open this a second time (as I didn't take the loot the first time 😛 )



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I enjoyed this one. I managed to ghost it with only clobbering one person and finished with $6,334. It took me F O R E V E R to finally find the


frobable book that lets me into the attic.

Nicely done!

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Excellent mission, fairly compact, but lots of little secret compartments to find.

I particularly liked


 the mechanic of being able to drain and refill the bathtub, that was quite clever.

The one thing that made it quite difficult was


finding the hidden book in the bookshelf. I thought I had already spam-clicked that bookshelf, so I was going over the rest of house trying to find hidden switches. I think there was a readable that mentioned something about discovering secrets "step by step" so I combed through the staircase trying desperately to find something!

I encountered an odd bug as well:


I could only seem to open the safe in the display room once. Then the whole thing became unfrobbable, which was very strange. Luckily, I had already retreived the loot, but I was reopening it to double check I hadn't missed a switch inside.

I seem to remember the safe itself is a prefab; I wonder if there is just an odd bug with it?

I admit that my "solution" to this mission amounted to giving out a lot of headaches and making an tidy little body pile of instead of trying to tiptoe around the whole time. Ah, well, sometimes that's way it goes :)

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Played this last night. Fun little mission.

None of your beta testers corrected the English? "But one must not let such a tiny fallback hinder one’s progress." fallback -> setback ?

I felt like a kid in a candy store just taking all this stuff, it was a bit too easy. Maybe an alarm system that I needed to disable for some of the items on display would have made it more believable. The owner seemed to be relying on "security through obscurity" but you can only take that so far.

I look forward to more missions from you!

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Nice short mission.


The burning candles in the cellar and in the attic are needless. They don't increase the difficulty and they don't make much sense either.

Climbing the chest close to the green skull causes damage.


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Added to the TDM wiki's FM database: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=A_Night_of_Loot:_One_Man's_Treasure_(FM)

I'll add that I've also included this mission in our wiki article on recommended missions for beginner players:

I think this is a textbook example of a small and relatively short mission in a not too intimidating environment that can help TDM newbies learn the chops of the game. :)

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It's been some months since I played this FM. What I can remember is the difficulty of the mission. Many secrets, high loot goals, many lights that are hard to pass by unnoticed, especially on ground level. Which is not so strange, given the exposed valuables.

But I also remember a few oddities concerning, er..., architecture. 😀


That poor wife, she is locked into her bedroom, having a spacious bathroom... but she has to do her poo and pee in the bathtub? That's not appropriate to a lady! 😅

OGDA, I command you to provide her a proper toilet! 😁
And I think her husband and even the shop lady would also be grateful, as they might make use of it too because, well, the other option is going outside, bring a bucket and find a corner. 😆

Furthermore, there is a huge basement with bar with a secret wine storage and so on, but no kitchen at all in the building? Do they order pizza every day? 🤭

Visually, the mission is great. Secret-wise, the mission is also very well thought out.
Though I think fixing the above mentioned oddities would really enhance the credibility of the mission altogether. 😉

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Excellent mission. I'm just getting started with TDM but this one really made my day.

However I think I managed to finish it in an unexpected way. I couldn't find


how to unlock the middle lock in the office and/or access a "secret passage" as suggested by readable.

After going through everything in the house multiple times, I just


took a chair outside and used it to climb over the main door. The fact that the clipping was weird and the message telling me I couldn't exit yet made it clear that I was going the wrong way, but managed to get in and secure the opals.

Finding the hidden ladder in the pillar was anticlimactic as it lead to nowhere (can't open the trapdoor on top).


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