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Thief4 - First Screenshot ?


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that white thing down the bottom looks like a magnifying glass, there's a + and slanted minus icon on the bottom left side of the screen looks kind of xboxish, there's a red blob at top of screen in middle with some text next to it it either says elapsed time or something else, its also very bright where the thief is standing, there's no light gem and the thief looks female. I thinks its an assassin clone. It might actually be multiplay mode, the big building at the back is two buildings you can see an allay running between them.


after fiddling with the image, its says something like blur elapsed 90% next to red blob.


although looking at it longer it looks as if the thief's in a building looking out of a window the black post coming out his/her head looks like a window frame, or being really odd the thiefs looking at some monitors showing a street scene, and that image of a bow isn't a bow its actually somethng else.Its that strange blue cast the image has that makes it look as if the thief's looking at a tv image.

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I'm seeing a 1st person POV. And the "first person" is about to dagger some archer?


What ever it is... it's a terrible thing to leak/haveleak/fakeleak... and the speculation is quite dismal and quite irresponsible.


But if the speculation is to be considered?


*The 3rd person thing is a FUCKING NIGHTMARE. 3rd person sucks. I cannot understand why anyone likes it over 1st person.


*The other bits of speculation are each quite miserable too... or entirely nonsensical...

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It said the archery (and some other bits) are gonna be in third person, so unless that's a kill-cam.... you're the archer :/

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companies like microsoft and sony prefer their games to be played 3rd person, so games companies are more likly to go with what console makers want. Although the image actually looks like deadspace with a victorian hoodie rogue/assassin theme.

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I would think archery would be one of the worst times to have 3rd person perspective.

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I need at least 5 of the following features before I even ~consider~ buying it:

  • Bullet time
  • Nightvision or other senses
  • Achievements
  • "Cover system" and quick-time events
  • A squad of horrible AI that follow you around
  • A love interest related storyline
  • Boss fights, preferably with building size bosses you can climb up while attacking them
  • Faction replaced with arabs/vietnamese/russians
  • Celebrity voice acting which consumes 85% of the budget


Nah, but I bet they'll do most of them anyway -_-

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Looking at this again, I like how open & big the area is. That's an improvement over TDS. And it suggests the missions may have multiple paths and be non-linear. And the assets look good, better than TDS. Just looking on the bright side. Still probably more of the same gameplay-wise, which is still better than most FPS.

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