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Fan Mission: The Gatehouse by Bikerdude & Goldchocobo (updated 02/11/2014)


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yay nifty short mission.

Needs a troll or some such under the bridge. More backstory would be nice. Got stuck on the railing when approaching the mirror puzzle...should have taken the stairs in stead of trying to parkour. The lava puzzle was different, perhaps too different for a Thiefy game. Didn't see a concluding video/voiceover/whatever at the end...not sure if one was supposed to be there yet.


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This was quite good. I've been avoiding this because I expected it to be filled with horror elements, zombies, haunts, revenants, what have you. I'm not a fan of getting scared. But this wasn't like that at all, except briefly, with awesome avoidability (is that a word?). This reminded me of the old Thief adventure and puzzle missions and FMs. Great job!

The mirror puzzle was challenging, and in the end I think I got it right with sheer luck. The pressure plates of the floors were totally Thiefy, loved them, though they messed with my health bar more than I would have liked! The same with the descending ceiling. Ouch! The lava pits were a struggle, as I didn't turn on always run, so I kept falling into the lava and reloading. Took me ages until I finally noclipped to the last set of pillars. Bad of me, I know :( The statue puzzles were pretty straightforward IMO, and I had no troubles with them.

My only question is: What happened to everybody? I can only guess the ceremony went awry somehow, and everyone... were struck dead by the Builder's wrath and ended up in the pit?! I couldn't find any readables to explain the missing inquisitor, soldiers, et al. Anyone know the story?

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My only question is: What happened to everybody? I can only guess the ceremony went awry somehow, and everyone... were struck dead by the Builder's wrath and ended up in the pit?! I couldn't find any readables to explain the missing inquisitor, soldiers, et al. Anyone know the story?

When I wrote the story, I intended to leave the interpretation of events up to the player. However, in my imagination, that's somewhere along the lines of what happened!


Also, read the incantation book in the cathedral very carefully.

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A really solid mission all around. Has aged incredibly well with the soft shadow update.


Some help for anyone stuck on the light puzzle!




For the answer.






I like to record difficult stealth games, and right now you wonderful people are the only ones delivering on that front.

Click here for the crappy channel where that happens.

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I really liked it, great work... this sort of FM is something I'd like to see more of! Proof that a short mission can still be awesome. Also proof that a FM doesn't need lots of enemies to sneak behind in order to be good, the focus on puzzles felt very different but none the less good. The mapping itself was of great quality too especially before the cave area.

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Awesome mission! Nice flow, finished with no peeking to solve puzzles.

Liked the visual part much, especially


the bridge in the beginning, hell part and forest in the end.

Also the main character's comments are very well used.



Now I suddenly am not sure but does he recite some prayer when he sees the dead couple killed by the traps? If yes - I think it very vell thought.


Where can I listen to music from the menu? Who's the author?

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Had loads of fun with this one! The puzzles wasn't really hard due to me pretty much scanning each area for the needed stuff. The ghosts were abit fun to avoid, well since you didn't know if there would be loads of em during the mission. That chapel music was AMAZING, I really wish there was more to it beside the note...Maybe like  a vision or something!

Didn't have any issues beside the light puzzle that took me a while to get done xD


Overall fun mission!

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Yes, a very nice mision. Not very difficult puzzles, only the light puzzle took a bit more time to solve. The only really difficult for me the lava sea to the exit, there are a fried Zerg several times. Important to save before crossing.

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Favorite online apps you may like too 😉

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Thank you for a great puzzle fm!

I'm having real trouble with the


Light puzzle; I've been dabbling with it for a couple of hours, and I've given up.

I did use the guide supplied by V-Man339 and I've realized, that I've been doing it right all the time.

The problem occurs when the light from the last mirror B3 - according to the guide, hits the Statues head.

It doesn't hit center like it does in the YouTube video.

I have tried hitting the button for that mirror B3 several times, to see if I were able to hit the Statue head center.

And I've also tried several other combinations with the other mirrors involved.

And I do have a save file prior to messing with the mirrors, that I use every time...




TDM v 2.10-64bit on Linux Mint 21.1

Link to the guide supplied by V-Man339




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I like the setup and the atmosphere, and the new look for the... haunts.
Even though their eyesight makes no sense =P (You can see their eyes having red glow near the walls, which reminded me of eyes in Gloomwood) You'd think they can see behind them, since the skull isn't in the way, so to speak =P

And it's fun to imagine that this is what Hammerites Builders go through when they're not outright bad guys.

But don't you think that it's a lot to expect from someone who never held a lock pick before, to open the 4 locks on the first try? =D

I had no issue with the mission, although I didn't understand how was I meant to avoid arrows at the start (I just walked past them somehow).

What I thought was going to happen, when I picked up the lock pick, was that our Builder will become a Thief by the end. Turning into what he despises, all because of Builder's guidance or something like that. That didn't happen =D

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