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I have quite a few assets from WIPs I'll probably never use elsewhere, so I thought I could share it here. Some of these are older and not necessarily matching the TDM lore, but I hope someone will find use for them.

In terms of package format, I'll be creating 7zip packages with just model and/or texture files, so you can place them wherever you like in your project. I'll also include example material or def setup. I'll leave textures in .tga format, so you can make edits on uncompressed source and save as .dds later.


So first up is a door/frame/key combo:



See readme_notes for design / placement instructions.

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This is a sliding metal door and lever combo. The door has no lock, so it can be operated or unlocked via lever (originally it was supposed to be some sort of magnetic or mechanical lock).



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Next up is this cabinet. Not much to write home about, this was my first furniture model for TDM. The drawers are not usable, so all the handles were baked on flat surface. Note that the back has lower pixel density to save on texture space. In most situations it should be facing the wall, not the player.



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