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  1. Anyone here played Inscryption? At first, I was like "no, I am not going to play a stupid card game", but this game is so much more than that. It is so meta, full of 4th wall breaks, and feels so damn spooky and weird because of it. Absolutely recommended, if you can stand the visuals. I recommend not reading up too much on it, as that could easily spoil half the incredible surprises. Just know that what you see in the beginning is by far not everything.

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    2. Shadow


      I downloaded the GOG demo and while I don't really have any idea what I'm doing yet, it's very cool and compelling and creepy. and recommended to try. Still getting used to how I have to sacrifice certain cards to play others.

    3. JackFarmer


      This looks cool! Thank you!

    4. STiFU


      @Shadow the game has a ton of surprises up its sleeve.

      Here is my spoiler free steam review:

      This is NOT just a regular card game. In its core, Inscryption is a psychological horror adventure game that has you absolutely astonished, everytime it completely reinvents itself. The game is absolutely meta. It breaks the 4th wall hard, creating an immensely spooky atmosphere and so you continue playing until you find all the information to puzzle this all together. However, don't kid yourself: you will not be able to understand EVERYTHING. Not only did the developers build an incredibly deep lore, they also hid an ARG, an RL scavenger hunt of sorts, in the game files, that eventually leads to an alternate ending. And talking about endings: This was the first game in quite some time that had me in that "Wow, I am absolutely gobsmacked"-state when the credits rolled. By far the best indie game in recent years! Do not miss out, if you like something meta along the lines of "There is no Game", or "Hack'n'Slash".

  2. Dark Souls is a joke. Try changing the seat covers of a maxi cosi child car seat... It's utter agony! 😄

    1. Baal


      Did you remove the child first?

  3. Anyone here clocking in some times in Neon Light?

  4. Be honest: Who of you have actually finished Cuphead? This game is freaking tough! It might even be harder than Sekiro. Dark Souls is a joke in comparison to Cuphead! :-D 

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    2. Shadow


      Cuphead is one of the toughest games you can play. The bossfights are absolute insanity. I did finish it, but not without cheating. It was a beautiful game and worth a play tho, if only to put cocky bragging gamers in their place.

    3. STiFU


      I am on the final level now. Gonna try it saturday or so... 🙂

    4. STiFU


      Ok, I couldn't wait until saturday! 😄 @AluminumHaste the final boss was pretty bullet-helly though. 😕 Still, you might get into it. I hate bullet-hell games normally as well.


  5. Finished Deathloop yesterday. My verdict:

    Arkane Studios showing off once again that they are one of the best in game design: Pick the timeloop mystery adventure mechanics of Outer Wilds and remix them, add "Dark Souls"-like invasions in the form that other players can play your antagonist Juliana, and wrap it all in 60s-stylized first person shooter with abilities and upgrades, and an interesting story to unravel. This culminates in such a unique gameplay experience that "Deathloop" would have deserved Game of the Year 2021 WAY more than "It Takes Two". Especially the invasions add so much tension to your playthroughs, it is absolutely exhilarating. That is, unless your opponent lags incredibly, which sadly happens quite often. Combine this with the performance issues many players experienced, and you know why the game did not win game of the year. It is really sad to see technical issues hinder such a masterpiece of a game from doing well. The only criticism I have with respect to gameplay is that the first shot of any weapon is apparently always 100% accurate, which enables you to headshot enemies hundreds of meters away using your submachine gun, but other than that the gun play is on point. All in all, just 9/10 due to technical issues.

    1. madtaffer


      I wonder why Arkane is not using id tech 7 which is running Doom Eternal since is far better optimized.

    2. STiFU


      I wonder why they didn't use Cry-Engine or Unreal-Engine? Both were apparently used in Prey and its Mooncrash DLC respectively.

    3. Xolvix


      Arkane are all over the place when it comes to the engines they use for their games. Dishonored, Prey and Dishonored 2 all use completely different engines which seems like a unnecessary challenge for their programmers/designers, but whatever. As for Deathloop, I haven't played it yet since I became less interested in it after hearing that it's not actually an immersive sim, and that's what I like most from them. Apparently it's more of a shooter with a unique puzzle element which sounds cool as is probably the reason why I'll eventually play it, but once I found out how it's not really a sim my enthusiasm dropped.

  6. Soooo, I just got the platin trophy in Sifu... xD Incredibley addicting game!

  7. I started skateboarding again after a 20 year hiatus. Whish me luck I don't break anything. 😄

  8. I finally got around to play Prey and I truly loved it. It is an incredible homage to System Shock and Deus Ex. While the gameplay is not en par with those two titles, the game makes up for that with its well written lore and story. The whole "world" just feells so authentic and it features a ton of really god environmental story-telling. Recommended for every immersive sim fan, i.e., everyone on this forum.

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    2. Xolvix


      It's not really a stealth game, or at least the stealth is only there to help you get a better tactical position to take out enemies. There's no reason NOT to kill the Typhon because it's the primary method of getting raw materials for a rather important item. If you don't like the combat, just level up Combat Focus and you'll be completely unstoppable, it's probably the most broken of the powers. Also I feel the gameplay is in some ways superior to Deus Ex if only because of the wide variety of ways you can tackle objectives and explore the station. Someone else explained it here: https://old.reddit.com/r/truegaming/comments/r5ottl/the_amount_of_ways_you_can_work_your_way_around_a/

    3. STiFU


      Oh boy, you could do things in oh so many ways in Deus Ex 1. Aside from that, you had actual stealth there, you had more melee and ranged weapon options and the levels were very open-world like, with tons of options to achieve your goals. Granted, that's not as much the case with the more recent titles, but I specifically meant Deus Ex 1.

    4. STiFU


      @Epifire the DLC is also excellent, but you should have the mechanics of the main game down before trying it. I'll just quote my Steam-Review:


      The DLC is so different from the main game that it deserves its very own Review. It borrows the gameplay mechanics from Prey and wraps it all in a rogue-lite experience, which somehow works surprisingly well. That is, unless you're looking for a deep story. While each of the 5 playable characters you can unlock has a nice little story quest chain (that you also have to unlock first), there really isn't that much story to tell here. That being said, I still loved the DLC, as the 5 characters with their different skilltrees force you to play the game in other playstyles than what you were used to. The game poses quite a challenge at first, but after some time, you figure out its mechanics and can bend them to your will so that you finally escape with all 5 characters in one run. 🙂


  9. We are taking our son on his very first holiday trip to see the sea for the first time. 🙂 Will be back in a week.

    1. Garreth


      My first time was magical, strangely there where not that many ppl on the beach and we had a cooler with lemonade and sanwiches with cheese, best day ever

    2. jaxa


      It's nice to find a nearly abandoned beach... usually when it's winter.

  10. Damn, Sekiro is way too addicting! :D Hopefully, I'll be done with it by the end of the week! ^^

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    2. STiFU


      After Sekiro and my upcoming holiday trip to Crete, I will probably return to coding. I feel that itch again! :-)

    3. STiFU


      Oh my god, I am trying to down the final boss for two days now and I just got him down to one last hit, when he killed me after all. :-(((

    4. Tarhiel


      Persevere, you got him :)

  11. Lesson of the day: Spawnargs are stored in the savegame, so adding a new spawnarg, don't expect it to show up when you load up a saved game. :-)

    1. STiFU


      It took me half an hour until I realized what was going wrong!! ^^

    2. demagogue


      You mean your re-load was reverting back before the new spawnarg was added? Yeah.


      (I first thought you re-loaded a game saved after the new spawnarg was added, but the saved spanwarg wasn't there like it should have been, which made your sentence very confusing.)

    3. stgatilov


      Many years ago, savegame also had all "editor" spawnargs stored in them. They took most of the size of save files =)

  12. Finally got some more time again after a mammoth project at work. Time to get working on TDM again! :-)

    1. RPGista


      We are both in the same situation. Changed laptops as well. Been taking a few days to get a hold of all my WIPs I left lying around.

  13. Kinda feel naked without my Doom-Guy-Avatar. :D

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    2. STiFU


      Well, as I recently said, it's kinda weird that you have known all these people for so long, but you know none of their faces. So here we are now! :-)

    3. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      "Habit is an iron shirt" (mail shirt ?), goes an old saying in my country. ;-)

    4. Epifire


      Yeah that always spins me out when people change avatars. Pretty sure as long as my name is Epi, then the Thief font logo shall remain :P

  14. Two things about TDM I learned yesterday: 1) You can look away in the middle of a lock-picking-sequence and continue right where you left off if you keep pressing the frob button. You are not reset to the last tumbler you unlocked when doing that. 2) You can actually cancel bow-draw by pressing the "block"-key. I feel like I knew #2 once, but I must've forgotten. It amazes me that after all these years, you still discover new stuff about the game!! :-D

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    2. jaxa
    3. kano


      There used to be a funny bug where you could hit yourself with your own sword by swinging it at a specific angle. I told Springheel about it and he fixed it.

    4. chakkman


      @jaxa: Well, now i know that as well. ;)

  15. Didn't we have a download statistic or similar somewhere? A friend of mine asked how many people actually play tdm, so I wanted to show him some statistics. :-)

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    2. freyk


      and tell him that we dont have multiplayer and show him the stats of the tdm missions.



    3. Bienie


      Dem. How does the in game downloader work? Does it have its own server or does it choose a mirror at random? I think it would be cool if the admins would share their stats at some intervals. Maybe in the Internal Development forum, for both missions and downloading the game itself. :)

    4. demagogue


      I don't know. The source code is publicly available, so you could look it up if you're ok at deciphering code (usually not as hard as it sounds). As for the admins, I was thinking someone just PM them periodically to ask and then post the answer. It's just a matter of a big fan taking the initiative really.

  16. NBohr, you must have Bugtracker Wallhack! ;) Thank you for cleaning up!

    1. nbohr1more


      Mostly just finding old bugs that grayman fixed inadvertently by improving AI in general. ;)

    2. grayman


      Heh! I'm accidentally prolific. Who knew?

  17. Bought Vampyr today. Have to resist to start it right away or I will be sucked in to much and can't help beta testing! ^^

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    2. teh_saccade


      I enjoyed it, stealth was ok and the story and "detective" talk was good. Combat too a while to get used to but - in the end - it was far too easy and the massive conversations mean I probably won't be replaying it any time soon. Recommended, but not at full price - 75% off at best. Really nice graphics and ambiance, few scary bits - bit addictive - and somewhere I used to live in on the map. Nice moral choices and AAA mapping errors/zfighting.

    3. STiFU


      I got it because the atmosphere looked awesome... Judging from your comments, my assumption seems to be correct.

    4. teh_saccade


      It's a great atmosphere - very absorbing and immersive with excellent attention to detail. You will barely notice any repetition in the location design - it's as impressive in that regard as Alice: Madness Return's version of WW1 London. The story is on par with V:TM bRPG level - really good. Learn to fight before you try to sneak though - you'll need it. Luckily you can respec at any time. I never killed an NPC, but farmed enemies. I wish I did a few things different...

  18. "Happy!". This new TV-Show is so crazily hilarious! :D

    1. Epifire


      Certainly not what I was expecting when I clicked that link xD

    2. Bikerdude


      Oh many that looks fucking awesome, this is exactly the best time to have lots of beer and mates over...

  19. Beyond Good and Evil 2: Sooo hyped!! :D

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    2. stumpy


      there's a rumour that its console only probably switch.

    3. Tarhiel


      What about other games? I am excited for Dishonored 2 standalone DLC, Wolfenstein: Next Collosus and XCOM 2 datadisk looks so, so sweet :)

    4. Bikerdude


      "Dishonored 2 standalone DLC, Wolfenstein: Next Collosus" I like the sound of these two...

  20. Ph.D. defense coming up tomorrow. Getting more nervous every minute... ;-)

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    2. STiFU


      Thanks guys. It worked out great. And my ex-colleagues have put together a really funny laudatio/roast. :-D

    3. Melan


      Congratulations! :D ...and welcome to the fold. :)

    4. Obsttorte


      Congrats Doktor StiFu :)

  21. To pick the job with shorter work distance and no need to move to a different city or the better paying one with shorter work hours, that is the question! Tough!

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    2. Anderson


      Yeah and you can focus on yourself and whatnot. Moving and settling in with your belongings is like a second job for at least 3-6 months until you dismantle everything.

    3. Obsttorte


      Money is worth what you consider it to be worth. I wouldn't overestimate it's usage. I prefer free time and relaxation over bling bling, but that is a subjective decision.

    4. STiFU


      I am exactly the same. I have already chosen the nearby job and I am so happy with that decision. My girlfriend and I will move in together into a new flat very close to work. So that's awesome. :)

  22. Finally started Deus Ex: Mankind Divided the other day (after the Behemoth that was Witcher 3). So far, it is excellent as far as free exploration and oldschoolness is concerned. It feels like a return to the roots. Loving the shit out of it.

    1. freyk


      We are working on a cyberpunk fm. Its gonna be like that.

      check this out:


  23. While researching an issue with Kodi, I found this guy called Ned Scott (see link). How do you even manage to get banned after accumulating more than 30,000 posts? :Dhttp://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=159067&pid=1572249#pid1572249

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    2. lowenz


      LOL, I have a dejà vu :D (for me 12600 posts and th personal - eufemism - connection to a moderator :D )

    3. stumpy
    4. STiFU


      lowenz, who are you talking about? :)


      Thanks stumpy, it almost reads like the assholes are on the kodi team. But who cares, kodi sucks anyway. I am running Emby now! :)

  24. Got a spare key for Magicka 2, a nice 4 player local-coop game, which is currently at 15 € on steam. Anyone want it for 5 €?

    1. STiFU


      I got the spare key from a bundle, just for you interest.

    2. rich_is_bored


      Someone should take you up on that. It's worth every penny.

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