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Pick your Top 5 TDM Missions


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There have been several occurrences in the last week or two that have underlined the need for a list of missions that showcase TDM in its best light.



Posted Results:


The Top SEVEN Missions, by community vote:


1. Tears of St. Lucia (13 votes)

2. A Score to Settle (11 votes)

3. No Honour Among Thieves, Glenham Tower, Knighton Manor, Heart of Lone Salvation, Return to the City (7 votes each)


Honourable Mentions:


4. Alberic's Curse, Flakebridge Monastary (6 votes each)

5. Mandrasola, The Transaction, St. Alban's Cathedral, Fiasco on Fauchard St. (4 votes each)

6. The Builder's Influence (3 votes)





(Extended discussion here: http://forums.thedar...f-tdm-missions/)


I was hoping a non-mapper might take on the process of running the thread and tallying the results, but since everything is public I decided to just go ahead and get the ball rolling.





Write down the names of the FIVE missions that you think should be considered "The Best TDM Missions". If someone could only play 5 TDM missions, which 5 should they be?


At the end of the week, I will compile the responses. The five missions that get the most recommendations will be labelled "editor's picks" or something like that.


Do not rank your choices. List 5 in any order you like.




To keep this clean, anything other than recommendations or clarification questions will be removed to a different thread.

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To start, here are my picks:


Tears of St. Lucia

Knighton Manor

A Score to Settle

Glenham Tower

Builder's Influence

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The Tears of St. Lucia

A Score to Settle

No Honor Among Thieves

The Caduceus of St. Alban

Alberic's Curse


(NHAT is a three-parter, so I will pick a new one if it isn't eligible)

Come the time of peril, did the ground gape, and did the dead rest unquiet 'gainst us. Our bands of iron and hammers of stone prevailed not, and some did doubt the Builder's plan. But the seals held strong, and the few did triumph, and the doubters were lain into the foundations of the new sanctum. -- Collected letters of the Smith-in-Exile, Civitas Approved

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A Score to Settle

Return to the City


The Builder's Influence



(Good gravy that was difficult. The Transaction, Patently Dangerous, Alberic's Curse, Somewhere Above the City... All tie for inclusion with any of the above)

Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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Heart of Lone Salvation (solid tension over several hours - just can't rush this one)

House of Theo (solid gameplay with the lighting and patrols)

RttC v2 (an already good mission made even better)

The Transaction (loved the cutscene work, [redacted] under the [redacted])

Somewhere above the City


(Honourable mentions - A score to settle, Pandora's box)(Honourable contest mission mention - The Illusionist's Tower)

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I can't pick five because I have not played all of them yet, but here are my favourites in no particular order:


* Glenham tower

* Alberics Curse (the one with the haunted builder church, I hope I picked the right FM name)

* Knighton manor

* A score to settle

* Heart of Lone Salvation


(boy, it would be easier to list the FMs that are not worth the top 5 :P


There are probably others that I'd like better, but I haven't played them yet ;)

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A Score to Settle

Flakebridge Monastery

No Honour Among Thieves

Tears of St. Lucia

The Transaction

"To rush is without doubt the most important enemy of joy" ~ Thieves Saying

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As a forum member I came to many wrong conclusions and developed a love hate relationship with the Dark Mod when I first began playing. Let me point out 5 missions for new players that will give you all a wonderful and enjoyable playing experience.


St Lucias Tears: A relatively short and easy mission. I enjoyed the leisurely pace and frankly hammers are just so damn fun to hack down. Especially in their own cathedral. The mission has one minor twist as the main loot is somewhat hidden but new players will enjoy it as their "introduction" to the Dark Mod and The Builders. Word of advise, thieves don't use the front door.


Crown of Pitence: Very easy and somewhat too short for my taste but I always enjoy a quick and simple mansion raid. The mission was over before I knew it but none the less I was satisfied with the layout of the map and had several amusing moments where doors where opened only to find a guard on the other side in the midst of drawing his blade.


The Outpost: Average difficulty with several guard patrols. Hammer missions are always fun as their dialog is well scripted and voiced and hacking down a big meanie with a hammer always gives you a bubbly feeling inside. Has a relatively straightforward and level design with 3 floors. No puzzles here. Take the time to read all the little pickups and notes because part of the game is being enthralled by the environment. This applies to all levels though.


Fiasco at Fauchard: A mission of average difficulty. Guard patrol intercept and equipment is virtually none existent which can be frustrating as many areas are well lit with the thief's bane, electric lighting... Mission has a good plot twist and anyone who can fallow simple directions will not be frustrated or confused.


Knighton Manor: I found this mission somewhat hard. Their are many guards. Almost everything is locked, but the loot is plentiful and you get to witness a lot of the advanced AI on this mission. Make sure you read all the notes and pickups as some of them are rather frickin hilarious. The level layout itself is rather large and can sometimes be confusing but I found the most story value in this mission as read through journals and notes here and their and I really appreciated the atmosphere and feel of the map.


Well thats 5 to get you started and my descriptions dont do justice but go give em a try and have fun. Play at your leisure. The game goes by a lot more smoothly when your patient and take time to admire. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, I had hoped for a few more entries before I tally this up. Anyone else want to share their favourite five?

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I'd rather it be people from within the community, as they're the most likely to know what best represents TDM. But there are only 18 replies so far and there are a lot more regulars than that.

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In alphabetic order (also number of characters in the title :) ):



Glenham Tower

St Albans Cathedral

The Chalice of Kings

The Tears of St. Lucia


My first map as top? I'm moved :) But I wouldn't recommend it as a show case mission for the mod though...


It's really hard to rank five but here's my list:


A score to settle - I really like city missions and this is the mission with the most intense "city crawling" in my book. Also a visual masterpiece.

Heart of Lone Salvation - Interresting break in map with scary twists, interresting patrols and good custom scripting.

Tears of st Lucia - Lovely citysection and interresting custom scripting.

Alberic's curse - A nice "outdoor mission" set in a ruined cathedral. Nice damp and wet/derelict feel and impressive outdoor scenes at good frame rates.

Glenham Tower - Scary mission with some intense horror moments. Quite straight forward and cramped mission and interresting "way of entry".

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Straight from my Excel file with comments and personal rating:


Fiasco at Fauchard Street

St Albans Cathedral

The Transaction

Somewhere Above the City

The Caduceus of St. Alban


Please have in mind that I didn't take the time to play missions released since august 2011.

Edited by Briareos H
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