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    One last sneak peak from Shadows of Northdale Act 3. Lord Edgar's estate!
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    Why I have been so quiet for the last several months ? I am slowly developing my series of missions again. I will prefer the individual release model, I might release at least one mission before the year is out. A smaller affair, but with some added verticality.
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    A cloak of insanity has settled on me. If you like mazes, WS7 now has one. If you don't, well, ...
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    HHTLC, Part II: "The Underwater Facility":
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    There isn't much that draws an honest man to a place like Wrecker's Reach. Once a well-known port under a name no one remembers, it was a hub for lucrative trade in colonial wares and a warm shelter for those crossing the great oceans. Now it's just another stinking hole, like all the others I've been scratching out a living in. The ale is poor, a knife awaits you down every dark alley, and the rich folk have long since abandoned their crumbling residences to petty barons. Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw a grand merchant ship arriving in the dark of night. It's anyone's guess what brought it here, and more importantly what lies in its cargo hold, but I intend to be the first to find out. Not that this will be easy, though: a vessel like this will be sure to draw plenty of attention, and I've made something of a name for myself around here, so I'll have to be cautious the moment I step out into the open. Well then, it seems holing up at these wretched docks is finally paying off. Notes This is a standalone harbour mission set in Wrecker's Reach, taking a smaller section of a former Crucible campaign map as its starting point. My stated aim with this one was to create something a little simpler than what I did previously, with most of the weight on exploration and looting. Simply an unexpected nighttime excursion in a locale that hasn't been visited before. Download Google Drive Dropbox As well as some screenshots for anyone uploading this mission to their servers Simply place the mission archive in your darkmod/fms folder and start TDM. The new mission will appear. Credits Beta testers - Amadeus, Cambridge Spy, lowenz, VanishedOne, Boiler's_hiss, acolyte6 Harbour building exteriors - The Campaign Team Editorial consulting - Amadeus Custom environmental ambients - AugustSandberg, jimsin, deku, kangaroovindaloo, all of Freesound, dario Custom wooden floor texture - judith <dr.judym81@gmail.com> Prescott Stahl's writings - Spooks Painting in splashscreen and briefing - John Atkinson Grimshaw Painting in briefing - Ivan Aivazovsky Boiling water sound - Kyyrma Improved animated flag - Arcturus Improved nautical models - Xendrox
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    It is so satisfying developing a habit to have an everyday time window for mapping. Waking up early before work just to lay in a "bed" with mouse and keyboard on both sides, lazily adding detail after detail to the map, listening to some ambient rain, storm, wind or blizzard sound to cut off anything around. I wonder if I will manage to finish it for Halloween, but tempo is promising. And waking up being excited how I will suprise myself this day is great!
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    Actually, I just went in and tested this, and the werebeast DOES appear to have a ragdoll--he collapsed when I killed him (though the legs bend the wrong way). So now I'm not sure what's keeping him from being usable, beyond a limited range of animations.
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    There are rumors that a legendary ruby, the Heart of Saint Mattis, actually exists. Break into the the Northgate Cathedral, find it, and steal it. Background This is my second Dark Mod mission (Mission of Mercy was the first). This is a small-medium mission, with some extras. See below for hints. My wife just gave me an idea for mission number three, so look for that next year. I notice that Dragofer just released a mission today. I hope I'm not violating an unwritten protocol by releasing another mission on the same day. Download The mission is available in the in-game downloader. As well as here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jah5svj5eagnhs8/heartstmattis.pk4?dl=1. (<-- NEW LINK. Per grayman's request, the name of the pk4 and map have been changed). Place the PK4 in your \fms folder. TDM will recognize it as a new mission. I18n I have not done the work required for internationalization. OpenAL EFX This mission uses it (version 2), so I recommend turning it on in the Audio Settings. Thanks Many thanks to the beta testers, who really helped me get this mission into shape: Cambridge Spy, Shadow, Jedi_Wannabe (who also did some performance work on the map), SuaveSteve Thanks to Mike and Chloe for their outstanding voice work! The video series by Springheel and Sotha were helpful and energizing. Thanks to the entire Dark Mod community for building an amazing project. Hints and Tips (warning: contains progressive spoilers)
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    We have a 3/4 completed wolfbeast, that might even pass if you can handwave over a few missing core animations. Speaking of which, I need that wolfbeast for one of my WIP FMs. Yes it's difficult, but he's not-substitutable (and cool) enough to be worth it IMO. I should take my own advice though. =/ (If you really want something done you ought to do it yourself if no one else is.)
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    This has been a cool mission to get reacquainted with TDM after a long pause. Challenging, consistently well written and atmospheric, and always top notch in appearance. An excellent continuation of the nautical themes in your previous missions. Good to finally see Wrecker's Reach put to use, too. I hope the other side of town (which was not featured in this FM) also sees the light of day some time.
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    Well, I just think that this was the intent. It maybe did not work out as intended, but it is too late to change that...
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    If your primary concern is performance, that's correct. However, TDM has a goal most game companies do not, and that's making assets that are flexible and easily modified by casual users. Using multiple materials is an obstacle to the first goal, but is highly useful for the second goal. Exactly where we should have drawn the line between those two competing concerns is open to debate.
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    You can probably do that now with what is on SVN, using the ambient AI method. Although if you don't want it to move at all, you might need to hack a new animation by isolating a single frame of the idle.md5anim.
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    @demagogue, If you achieve your goal with the Werebeast, would I be able to use it for just "standing around"? I'd wanted to put it into WS6 as a museum exhibit. Not alive, just a statue. I couldn't figure out how to do that with what's currently available. thx
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    Ah right, that's something I used to know. Actually no-AF might work for my FM since it's going to be scripted and not go to ragdoll anyway (I think). I'm guessing it's in the SVN assets trunk somewhere, right? I'm also willing to work on it just to get it into a state where it'd work for that FM. And maybe I'd just package it in my own pk4, since I don't want to have to commit the team to spending time vetting it or taking it for the base assets or anything like that, given that this would be my first project like this and my QA tolerance for the FM doesn't have to be as high as the game's.
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    It does have a few animations, though not many. I think it has the basics (idle, walk, run, attack). I remember getting it to move around a map. But the AF is needed in order to create a ragdoll for it. I can't remember now if there were other issues.
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    I seem to remember somebody posting that they had a few animations already working for it, so I assumed that meant the AF was working. But I wasn't entirely following what was really going on, and you're the one that would know. If it's any motivation for someone thinking to work on it, I have an FM WIP that really requires the wolfbeast (I started it pre-2.0 when we still had id's version). So if somebody could get it in working order, I can get that out already and we'd have another nice FM to play that really features him in a cool way.
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    Just finished this one this evening. Great work! I really enjoyed the storyline, and the readables were well written.
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    Until we can get a working AF for the werebeast, I don't think it's going to be appearing anywhere.
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    You must be a fun person to have on parties... Mate, if you don't like the country you live in, then move. I can tell from experience though that there will always be something that you don't like in a different country. Take some time off, do some work and travel abroad (Australia and New Zealand are very good in this regard, but obviously not the only options) and try to find a country that suits your specific needs enough. It doesn't have to be perfect, as long as you can live in it and feel at peace.
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    On a personal note: After watching a gameplay video and reading the experiences from the beta testers and other players here I am quite surprised. I had expected, that only the methods work that I had "arranged" for the player to solve certain problems. However,
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    Disabling Windows firewall is often necessary as it can be too intrusive. However you must have some perimeter firewall to take over the role. Never have your machine's IP ports on the wide open Internet. Many open ports are definitely dangerous and need to be blocked by your router or some other software firewall.
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    I would say that 1001 nights stereotypes are fine if done correctly. After all TDM is fairytale stereotypes all the way :)!
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    This really depends on how one would approach the setting. It would be fine for some simpler initial maps based on avoiding guard routines and such, but afterwards one would have to define what characteristics would be best for this type of setting, especially if we wish to avoid 1001 nights stereotypes. On a different note, I think spawning a different location for the TDM universe would also be an ideal chance to create an alternate character to the Garret-esque smooth voiced male that is omnipresent in TDM. This might be the right opportunity to finally have a female character join the ranks.
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    Perhaps we'll find the Minotaur in there...
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    All AV/AS products will suck up as much RAM is is needed to perform whatever options are selected. Just for basic file scanning none should be all that intrusive, but if you have email protection on, then it's scanning your mail inbox, and that can increase your memory load a lot. Some have many other features, aka cloud scanning, firewalls, that all use up more cycles. I find some products work more efficiently and silently, such as Vipre and ESET, and others appear to steal too many CPU cycles for my liking, aka Norton and Bitdefender. The built in Windows security is actually quite good protection for the price (free), and customizable, though sometimes like any of the other active scanning products I mentioned, can go rogue and take up 100% CPU. Usually this is some conflict with another process that can get resolved with some troubleshooting. Not much comfort I know, but these programs protect us from the evil Internet, and I for one am grateful for what they do. BTW, Malwarebytes is excellent as the free version and is a must install. It doesn't active scan (unless you subscribe to it) but it as a manual scanner it is nearly full-featured and compliments the built in Windows Security quite well.
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    Not sure how elaborate the last part was for you, but it could be achieved quite easily via S/R: you set the machine as non-frobable at the beginning and give the lever (that goes into the inventory) a response to frob with the effect "set machine frobable". Not sure if this is easier than what you did, but wanted to mention it.
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    Thanks guys for your kind words! @Kerry000regarding the aspect you wanted clarification on:
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    Here are some more shots from Shadows of Northdale Act 3
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    Another fantastic mission Dragofer, it was fun, creepy and very atmospheric. Bravo! There was something I wanted clarification on, i'll put it in spoilers This was my favorite of your releases so far! Thank you for all of your hardwork P.s. how much gold do I need to bribe you with to convince you to make a zeppelin FM?
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    I can't see it happening for Thief from a proper studio. It'd be great to see a fan made Thief movie, and I think that's actually in the kind of scope where a team of fans could make it. You just need to find a neighborhood and a few interiors that look medieval enough, and have a good script, and I don't think it would take much more. But for that matter it'd also be (/would have been) great for a team of fans to finish of the Hammerite Imperium campaign, the COSAS campaign, the T2 Gold missions, our own Crucible campaign, etc, etc. But anyway a fan made Thief movie would be cool & our best shot of seeing one IMO.
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    How did this happen xD
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    Well, there is a third mission in the storyline that finishes the arc. The story is completed, and I finished about two thirds of the map. But I burned out before finishing it. Biker has added a few extra areas since then, but is working on Crucibles now. If there were an experienced mapper who wanted to work with me to complete the 3rd mission, I'd be open to the idea. But I won't be going back to it on my own.
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