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Found 5367 results

  1. Hi all, While playing Dishonered 2 this afternoon, I once again noticed that many apartments in the game are quite similar and when I thought about it, it occured to me that there actually are rooms that are present in each and every household. At the same time each type of room has some furniture that is very common for each room. So I thought, it might be a good idea to make a list of rooms that are usually present in different households, as well as furniture that is commonly present in each type of room. Of course, the quality of furniture and size of the room is strongly dependent on the wealth of the inhabitants, but I thought it might help some mappers to have some kind of list to turn to, when creating a new household, so they can easily see, if they forgot something or can get ideas on what to put into some of the rooms. I have started the list with these points (I put them in spoiler tags, as the list tends to get quite long). If you think this is a good idea, I would like to extend on the list and later on transfer it to the Wiki. Households Low income/poor: Very few rooms, mostly functionalShould include kitchen and bedroomMerchants/Craftsmen: Also few rooms, apart fromkitchen andbedroom a workshop and/or aroom for selling should be includedTavern/Inn: Kitchen,storage room,taproom,bedroom for guests and owners,bathroom (optional, may be exchanged with basins in guests' rooms)Nobels: Kitchen seperate from eating room,several bedrooms (depending on family size: seperate rooms for adilts and each child, additional bedrooms for guests possible),at least one bathroom (toilet inside or seperate),separate office/library, sitting roomRooms Kitchen: stoveworking spacecupboard for cutlery and dishestable and chairs/stoolsStorage Room: shelves and hooks for food stuffbottles (various)barrels (especially in taverns)various containers (boxes etc)Bathroom: bathtubbasin for washingcupboard for bathing suppliesBedroom: bed(s)nightstandcupboard for clothingLiving Room: tablearmchairsbookshelve(s)lamps or similar for lightother leisure time stuff (instruments, knitting needles, board games, stuff like that)Office / Study: desk with chairbookshelve(s) Workshop: tools of the tradeworkbenchstoolTaproom: several tables with chairsopen fireplace with armchairs (optional)bar
  2. Looking at this adventure, my first desire is... to nuke the whole list of "ways to install on Linux" from the wiki ! The core problem is that the list of options is hugely excessive (and thus probably partly broken). Also, it is not clear which ways are "officially supported" and which are just alternatives for the adventurous people. The officially supported way is the same on Linux and Windows. It is as simple as: 1) Download the TDM updater from TDM website (choose Linux 64-bit version if you have 64-bit Linux) to the directory where you want TDM to be installed. 2) Run the updater. Don't forget --noselfupdate parameter if you are using 64-bit Linux updater (this nuisance will get fixed by 2.08, I hope). 3) If it installs well, play and enjoy. If it does not, go to forums and report. Of course, there are various details like 1) chmod updater executable 2) permissions in TDM directory. TDM 2.06 and 2.07 also complains about missing OpenAL package (hope to fix it by 2.08). But I guess most of the people can solve them using common computer knowledge, googling and asking on forums. For non-tech-savvy Windows users, we also started offering Freyk's GUI installer, so that they don't get problems by trying to install TDM into "Program Files", for instance. Linux users should be tech-savvy by definition, at least this is my opinion. All the rest like playing on Wine, playing on PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac, various packages and such stuff are unofficial (playing on Mac also is). While it is great to have this information on wiki, it should be clear that this is not what a newcomer wants to try. I think I will take this article (which is directly linked to the main page), and try to slightly restructure it to accent what is "normal installation" and what is "adventurous installation". EDIT: in fact, the instructions I posted above are present both on the Downloads page on website and in the linked wiki article...
  3. Very true, both the forums and the bug tracker's active contributors know each other so they can additionally see where to pay attention. Right now both allow casual users to use them, it's ok.
  4. I think you misunderstood that a little. It's not about the delay between reporting an issue and the dev response time. It's about pinpointing the cause of the issue yourself, as much as you can, so dev investigation takes as little time as possible. If you don't have time or knowledge to do this, you can casually do this via forums, and someone will deal with it, sooner or later. If you want to use the bugtracker, you'll be more helpful if you do some digging yourself. Bugtracker also serves as a knowledge base, so devs can look how a problem was solved in the past. It's a more useful resource when issues are concise and to the point.
  5. Oh no, I don't mean to discourage anyone from testing, but there's a huge difference between any feedback and quality feedback – and that's dev's time. This is even more important in non-professional environment, since everyone here does it in their free time, so any effort not to waste it is very, very appreciated. Bugtracker is more for developers, so they can easily move through a logically structured documentation about problems and their causes. If you don't have time to contribute towards that, it's fine, you can always mention your problems casually in the forums, and at some point someone else will document it properly
  6. Yes but why force TB if you use Adaptive Sync? Or you mean "these are different solutions for the same problem....." ? There's another recent challenger to monitor Sync management, S-Sync via RTSS: https://forums.blurbusters.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4173 https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/requesting-scanline-sync-tutorial.423722/#post-5602543 Scanline sync is, as far as I'm aware, user controllable tearline steering, which means it isn't technically a form of V-SYNC at all, but a V-SYNC OFF method that mimics the look of traditional V-SYNC, but without the lag.
  7. Thought this might interest some of you here - there's a PnP RPG on Kickstarter right now called Project Dark that's supposedly able to closely emulate stealth games. Other things of note: - Card-based mechanics in combination with dice - Optimised for 1-2 player-characters Also based on a brief exchange, it seems the developer's a fan of PC stealth games like Thief. Project looks pretty cool overall, and although I haven't played any games that use cards for conflict resolution, the pitch has me intrigued, if only because running a game set in the Thief world sounds awesome. Too bad existing backers won't get a copy of the rules until March Edit - oh yeah, link here:
  8. Hello, I play The Dark Mod and I really love it (also loved the original Thief series). Great work! I help building up a security-tool that checks your system for installed applications and that reports wich of your applications have known vulnerabilities. The tool also tells you when there are new versions of your installed applications available. So it is more than a simple update-manager. The tool is called VulnDetect and it is an replacement for Secunia PSI. And I help keeping the database up-to-date and by adding new apps to the database. I am also the community moderator in the VulnDetect forums. I added The Dark Mod to the database. But we have a problem getting the correct version information from the EXE file. The version number of The Dark Mod is 2.06. From the EXE-File I can read the following information: File name and path: E:\The Dark Mod\TheDarkModx64.exe Product Name: The Dark Mod Internal Name: The Dark Mod Original Filename: TheDarkMod.exe File Description: The Dark Mod Company: Broken Glass Studios Legal Copyright: Copyright (C) 2004 id Software, Copyright (C) 2004-2012 Broken Glass Studios Legal Trademarks: Comments: File Version String: 1, 0, 9, 0 File Version: Product Version String: 1, 0, 0, 1 Product Version: So is there a way where I can get the version number 2.06? Maybe from an other file or from the registry? Thank you for your help! Best regards OLLI
  9. Any Help? ok. But I dont have any experience on this one. Please let us know which sollution worked for you. Error: "ALSA lib conf.c:3523:(snd_config_hooks_call) Cannot open shared library libasound_module_conf_pulse.so" People say install package "libasound2-plugins:i386", but your running the x86 binary. Some topics on tdm and wiki (if you havent read them) tdm wiki: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=FAQ#The_sound_lags_behind_the_picture http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17414-how-to-configure-the-sound-system-on-linux http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18577-no-sound-on-ubuntu-1604/?hl=alsa http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17187-solved-no-audio-on-ubuntu-1404 tdm Search function with subject alsa: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&search_term=alsa&search_app=forums Some sollutions to be found here: https://www.google.com/search?q=doom+3+alsa People say use the "oss" sound driver. https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-506390-start-0-postdays-0-postorder-asc-highlight-.html?sid=50f951228fd392b1d1a3f82935fe67c1 http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/linux/doom/Doom3FrontPage/#head-bbf251e26f02e635b5df3b186f54ac0ae8bafe17
  10. If you aren't just using a blue-tinted ambient light for it, I'm guessing a parallel light is what you're after. (Or maybe multiple ones in practice, since they're reputed to have trouble with light volumes' covering multiple visleafs (visleaves?). An ambient cubic light might also suit moonlight but I don't know whether anyone's tried...) This may be of interest, though: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/16046-dynamic-moonlight/
  11. green and blue flames are totally able to be made by natural means. But I get what you are saying. I've asked for this same ability for DR before, remember what you said about it? http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/3499-wishlist-for-darkradiant/page-26?hl=%2Bcable+%2Bsystem&do=findComment&comment=418958
  12. There's a new oldschool RPG project on Kickstarter. It's made by a german RPG veteran, Guido Henkel, known for Realms of Arkania and propably not as famous outside of germany. If you've never heard of these old games, Legends of Grimrock is a good reference point. Here are the key features according to the kicksterter page: Single player, first person Party-based play (four player-, plus two non-player characters) Six races and eight classes to choose from Over 34 unique character traits, plus base attributes Party characters interact with each other Turn-based combat Indoor and outdoor environments Complex puzzles and evolving quests Combine items to build weapons and traps Interactive game world Recipe-based crafting and enchanting Involving, adaptive storyline with many key players and twists Factions for intriguing political set-ups Tons of monsters to battle Dialogues—yes, you will be in awe at our cool and intelligent dialogue system Cheese toast I backed it. Is anyone here interested in this kind of game?
  13. Yes, we did some work on this: (Internal thread) http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19139-nonsmooth-graphics-due-to-bumpmapping/ Bug tracker: http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4825 There are at least two few factors in play here. 1) If a model does not have vertex smoothing, then lighting will harshly change at face intersections 2) Self-Shadows are derived from the shadow mesh and thus are often limited in vertex resolution Humus solved this sort of problem by using a horizon map to make it appear that the normal map is contributing to the shadow: http://www.humus.name/index.php?page=3D&ID=38 He claimed the performance impact wasn't "horribly expensive" but requires a "3D texture of considerable size"...
  14. The last footage I would like to showcase is from within the Thief3 Editor where I am dynamically moving a pointlight-light-source around so the algorithm can be observed in detail... especially pay attention to the low poly bucket in the center foreground of the scene and how the selfshadow casting is always offset proportionally to the distance and position of the light source ensuring that none of the objects ever experience any kind of "Stencil Shadow Popping In and Out" but instead the SelfShadows smoothly slide along the objects geometry surface... I am very curious to find out whether someone from TDM's Engine Development team might have an idea how the Thief3 engine manages to prevent "Stencil Shadow Polygon Popping" without severely affecting the SelfShadow volumes/sizes within the player's view proximity... I play both games/engines in VR and having something close to Thief3's solution would be amazing as that game is still my supreme immersive VR experience and finding a way to port that to idtech4 would be a dream. Thanks for you attention. [ I had to split this thread into 2 initial posts as it seems these forums limit the maximum number of linked youtube videos to "5" per post ]
  15. Oh ... then I clearly must be mistaking you with the LDAsh back from those forums being one of the few but ferocious supporters of those forum's biggest troll... Surely it must be another user just accidentally bearing the same nickname and couldn't possibly be you ... could it ?
  16. We are expected to tread on egg-shells around people who take criticism of projects and turn it into personal attacks and even explicit threats of violence... that won't turn out good for anyone. I was going to write a chunk of text, but I will leave it to simple logic - is it more likely that toxic stalkers are hot on his trail and following him around with ready-made sockpuppet accounts, or that he is dragging around this personality and flamewars ignite where he goes. These could be reasons why he is still looking very lonely all by himself here. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/14015-idtech-coop-medievalfantasystealth-universe-projects/?p=437135 This is the best advice he can receive and only he can take it. We can't constantly sit and try to carefully spoon it into his frothing maw.
  17. Have you tried the 2.07 hotfix http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19935-beta-testing-207-hotfix/
  18. This is not about consumerism, it's what happens when you post your stuff on the web, especially on a platform that enables interaction and feedback. If you don't like feedback, e.g. post your YT videos with comments blocked, or don't post on public forums. Demanding that feedback should be always be "cool and encouraging" is childish. If you take criticism as personal attack, or need constant patting on the back, then you're too insecure to take feedback anyway. I often bounce my ideas and WIPs off different people, some of them awfully opinionated (more than me, as hard as it is to believe), and I am still able to filter out the "noise" (aka the stuff irrelevant to me, as I typically know what I like) to pick out things that can be useful and worth iterating upon. And even those opinionated types have valid points sometimes.
  19. Select the text, and use the Special BBCode button. Specify the "Spoiler" BBcode. That wraps the text in spoiler tags. Or you can do it manually, by adding [ spoiler] at the start of the text, and [ /spoiler] at the end (except, don't add the space after the open bracket; I did that so that you could see it in the message).
  20. 1- Zoom the 2D views toward the mouse location. I couldn't find any option for this in the settings, so I'm assuming this isn't in DR at all. This would make zooming in and out much easier. 2- A search feature on model/skins/texture/etc browsers. I noticed that in some cases if you press Space a text field appears, and it seems like that's some form of search thingy, but doesn't seem to work very reliably. This would make things much easier to find, regardless of how they are organized in the folders. You could always just search for it. Find "by name" might be enough for most purposes, and would be golden in itself, as far as I'm concerned. Although if more could be suggested about this, I'd say it would be something like how Hammer categorizes things with tags that allow for search filters (can also use material keywords for filtering textures). 3- Simplified wireframe on models (optionally just a bounding box). So that models wouldn't turn the 2D views into incomprehensible messes so quickly, but it would also help more easily seeing where model boundaries are exactly, for positioning/alignment purposes and such. Also one more, that I forgot: 4- Add an acceleration factor to the camera movement speed. Since there's no quick way to change it back and forth between fast and slow (have to press P, click camera, change speed, click ok, every time) this would make it easier to do small adjustments to camera position while still keeping the speed high enough to taste, and so that if you kept the movement key pressed you still quickly fly away to that far place you want. This is how it works in Hammer. I think its acceleration factor must be pretty high, so that small taps barely move the camera, but a continuous press almost instantly accelerates you to max speed.
  21. Oh, right, spoiler tags. Here is the content of mylog.txt after I start TDM with the start argument:
  22. Thomas Porter is back in a TDM FM called... The Phrase Book by Sotha Release notes: If you find something called "softened lead ball" do note that it will not KO AI in TDM 1.07. Once 1.08 comes with its new features, the ball should work. While waiting for 1.08, the ball might still work as a distraction. The mission uses heavily RITs, so guard activity should be more interesting and challenging. The mission randomizes the location of few critical objects upon map start, so that coupled with the AI RIT behavior the mission should be more replayable than any other missions TDM has seen thus far. Please use spoiler tags. I do not recommend you read further as someone always fails to use spoiler tags. Download: There was a bug in the initial release. New version is here: Use the ingame downloader to get it. Fixes: Increased font size to make briefing easier to read. Fixed a stupid unpickable door issue. ENJOY!
  23. Thanks for the logs. (please keep this topic clean, by placing the content of the logs between spoiler-tags.) like this. Cant see any error messages in the logs, thats with the problem to do with it. So, whats the content of mylog.txt, after you start tdm with the following startargument? +gfxinfo +condump mylog.txt +quit
  24. Thanks for testing. This help us too, to help other players in the future on their first-run. Some on the internet say, to also install the vcrun2015 component. Please install it and check it reaction. A black screen with sound is a video problem. You can solve this by change things in the tdm config file or run tdm with start-arguments. Run TDM windowed mode and low screen resolution: make a backup of the file "darkmod.cfg" (by make a copy of it) Then open the file with a texteditor, change the following values and save the file. r_customHeight 600 r_customWidth 800 r_fullscreen 0 If this works on your system, then you can change the video settings from the tdm main menu. If not, we need some logs. Create in playonmac a shortcut to the tdm executable and fill in some start arguments. (Configure button > select dark mod container > General tab > "Make a shortcut from this virtual drive" button)", select the dark mod exe inside the darkmod folder) After you created the shortcut in playonmac, hit the configure button again, select the darkmod container, then the darkmod exe shortcut and select tab "general" and where you can enter arguments in the "Arguments" input. we need to see how tdm loads. please create a log for us. using the start arguments: +gfxinfo +condump mylog.txt +quitThis generates a textfile inside the tdm folder and automaticly close tdm. We want to see the content of that file. (in spoiler-forum tags, please) If changeing the values for low resolution and windowed moded in the darkmod doesnt work Then use start arguments: +set r_customHeight 600 +set r_customWidth 800 +set r_fullscreen 0(or change these values in the darkmod.cfg file,) If this works on your system, then you can change the video settings from the tdm main menu. Folow the following tdm wiki article: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Debugging_TDM_systemerrors
  25. dmap is a command in TDM's own console, not DR's (there used to be a semi-implemented dmap in DR but it was removed some time ago). Prefabs are collections of brushes, patches and/or entities, so you can resize the brushes and patches, and use the scaling tool on the entities with models (after ungrouping if the prefab's been imported as a group). If this is a lamp with an LWO or ASE model, you can use the scaling tool (one of the buttons on the left of the main window, with the tooltip Model Scaler). Someone else will have to help with the crash problem; in the past greebo has fixed crashes when I sent him crash dumps, but according to http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19955-darkradiant/?do=findComment&comment=436732 he might be unavailable, in which case probably OrbWeaver is your best hope.
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