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Found 45 results

  1. Not so long ago I found what could make a pretty good profile picture and decided to try it out on these new forums. But I couldn't find a button anywhere that would let me change it. I asked on Discord and it seems Spooks also couldn't find anything anywhere. So I logged into an old alternative account and, lo and behold, that account has a button. This is on the first screen I get when I: 1) click on my account name in the top-right of the browser -> 2) click on 'profile'. Compared to my actual account: Are you also missing this button on your account? It'd be very much appreciated if that functionality could be restored to any of the affected accounts.
  2. Paul Neurath's new studio, Otherside Entertainment, is working on a spiritual successor to Ultima Underworld. They just started a Kickstarter campaign for Underworld Ascendant, and I would recommend all LGS fans check it out. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/othersidegames/underworld-ascendant
  3. In this episode of another indie 2D metroidvania kickstarter... with ninjas. Here we have Bushiden. I don't know what sets it apart from the rest but it looks cool enough so I backed it. I'm plugging here because it's reaching the deadline and it seems it's not going to make it. If you like it you have a chance to push it closer to the goal. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pixelarcstudios/bushiden-a-futuristic-ninja-action-platformer/posts/2323583?ref=backer_project_update If it fails it will probably become a... *dry swallows* a hobby project. Just like my apple and worm game, which might be finished some time before the sun goes supernova.
  4. Hi, I need to know what the code is to use Spoiler Tags. I am using my tablet and I don't have the options to use anything, like spoiler tags, quote tags, text changes etc. Thanks
  5. Hey, Every time I've try to use the Full Editor when PM'ing someone, and every single time I get an error. Whoever is in charge of the forum, is it possible that this could be fixed? Thanks Neon
  6. Hi guys, through the "cheats" topic I got the idea, that it would be quite useful, if there were tags for missions (the post was about removing the killing restriction in some missions to suit the prefered play style). I don't know how easy or difficult this is, but with them, it would be quite convenient to pick missions with playstyles, environment, etc one does want to use. This could also be expanded to other mission properties. I remember a discussion about climbable drains, handles on doors, that cannot be picked and other things the map author chooses for himself. That way these things would be clearer and as I said before, it is easier to choose missions with playstyles that suit oneself. What do think?
  7. Death to Spies 3 is now up on Kickstarter! https://www.kickstar...eath-to-spies-3 At the time I posted this, $2,524 out of $85,000 has been donated, and we've got 36 days to go. Head over there and express your support! And remember to spread the word on social media sites, gaming forums or among friends and colleagues. We need this game to come out soon!
  8. Hi all, me again Now that I've learned how to take screenies on DM (thanks to Aluminumhaste) I wanted to post one that I took but I got an error saying that the image ext that I used was not allowed in these forums, It was .jpg so I changed it to .png and I got the same error again. They're on Photobucket.
  9. I'm wondering if anyone ever checks new posts in the Fan Missions Forums? I've posted 4 questions asking for help for 4 different missions that I can't finish because I"m stuck, and I don't get any help. I posted a question this morning so I don't expect an answer right away for that one. Its frustrating because I would like to finish them. I've read through the posts for each mission and I'm not getting anything from them. If there's someone who could help me I'd really appreciate it. Thanks I guess I'm spoiled from the TTLG forums.
  10. Thought this might interest some of you here - there's a PnP RPG on Kickstarter right now called Project Dark that's supposedly able to closely emulate stealth games. Other things of note: - Card-based mechanics in combination with dice - Optimised for 1-2 player-characters Also based on a brief exchange, it seems the developer's a fan of PC stealth games like Thief. Project looks pretty cool overall, and although I haven't played any games that use cards for conflict resolution, the pitch has me intrigued, if only because running a game set in the Thief world sounds awesome. Too bad existing backers won't get a copy of the rules until March Edit - oh yeah, link here:
  11. There's a new oldschool RPG project on Kickstarter. It's made by a german RPG veteran, Guido Henkel, known for Realms of Arkania and propably not as famous outside of germany. If you've never heard of these old games, Legends of Grimrock is a good reference point. Here are the key features according to the kicksterter page: Single player, first person Party-based play (four player-, plus two non-player characters) Six races and eight classes to choose from Over 34 unique character traits, plus base attributes Party characters interact with each other Turn-based combat Indoor and outdoor environments Complex puzzles and evolving quests Combine items to build weapons and traps Interactive game world Recipe-based crafting and enchanting Involving, adaptive storyline with many key players and twists Factions for intriguing political set-ups Tons of monsters to battle Dialogues—yes, you will be in awe at our cool and intelligent dialogue system Cheese toast I backed it. Is anyone here interested in this kind of game?
  12. A couple of days ago Larian Studios launched a kickstarter for their new game "Divinity: Original Sin". It's an rpg that (among other things): - is party based (with optional multiplayer) - has turn based combat - is played from a top down perspective - focuses on an interactive game world - comes with an editor I have only played one of their older games: "Divine Divinity". It was a very good rpg with a big open world, a lot of quests and different playstyles that unfortunately became hack and slash towards the end because the developer ran out of money and time. The new one is already far in development and looks very promising but they need additional funding to polish it up.
  13. Hi guys, everyone who loved the Homeworld games as well as "Nexus: The Jupiter Incident", will love to hear that a Kickstarter campaign was started today for Nexus 2: The Gods Awaken. You will find a video with a presentation of the capaign here. Anyone who has no idea what kind of game Nexus: The Jupiter Incident really was, please have a look at the trailer here. Also, there are several Let's Play's on YouTube. Here is , and one without, focusing completely on gameplay. Nexus 1 still looks breathtakingly beautiful, and I can only recommend it to anyone who is even remotely into space RTS. It is available on GOG.com for 10 US-Dollars, DRM-free of course. Together with the Kickstarter presentation, it clearly shows what to expect from its successor. I hope you guys will like the project and pledge much.
  14. Personally I think this is the worst idea ever. The Reason forums has LOADS of info and knowledge, built up through years and years. I'm really sad to see it go away, and I can't understand why they've made this decision. https://www.propellerheads.se/forum/showthread.php?p=1579099#poststop
  15. Is there a limit to kickstarter threads? LA Game Space Anyway, this project sounds weird and... weird. I think it's worth watching at least Pen Ward's message about the project (the creator of Adventure Time!), I'm a huge fan of his and the video is funny and cute: http://youtu.be/ypc0RA3w6RM
  16. If you miss turn-based strategy, like MoO2.. we would like to present You our project: an old school turn-based space stretegy - "M.O.R.E." The game is based on "Master of Orion 2" and will have: 3D turn-based spacebattles, 3D galaxy map, 20 races, technology tree with dedicated tech branch to every race spaceships created from predefined blocks by player great music, cutscenes and many many more of unique features! (like Dyson Spheres) For more information, I invite you to visit our project website on kickstarter: http://www.kickstart...e-strategy-game We have over 75% now and we have still 28 more days to go, but we need your support! And our community needs Your support! If You can help us - we will appreciate this. Thank You
  17. Ground Branch is an oldschool tactical game (think about original Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games) made by american based independant developer Blackfoot Studios. They need the support of those who are interested in the genre. GROUND BRANCH Kickstarter
  18. http://www.kickstart...roject-eternity Ughhh realtime with pause Anyway, 6,647 Backers $300,978 pledged of $1,100,000 goal 32 days to go Not bad considering it's been open for about 2 hours.
  19. modetwo

    Forums fixed

    Had a problem with the web server yesterday that led to a crashed table in the forum database. This has now been repaired and things seems to work again. I was on travel so it took a while before I was able to fix it. Merry Christmas!
  20. I can get on the main forum now but still get an error when trying to load posts. Anyone else?
  21. Just a heads up that the header images are now missing from the top of the forum. I suspect due to domain forwarding or something like that?
  22. Tr00pertj

    TDM Forums

    Have I been hacked or is the site being rebuilt or hacked?
  23. Just wanted to say, Hello! From reading through various posts in the forums it seems like a great community and I hope to become a part of it. So I got the hankering for some Thief as of late and stumbled on TDM through some googling. After purchasing Doom 3 through Steam and instaling TDM, I have been nostalgiacly playing through many of the FMs and have also decided to d/l the Radiant editor and start making a mission, maybe many, we'll see. As it turns out also, I just started (today!) my 1 week vacation from work and intend to dive in to the Radiant editor and am currently going through the A-Z wiki on it. A bit of background on me, I 'used' to work in application support till the economic crash a couple years ago and was laid off and am now running a machining center at a local machine shop, using Mastercam daily, 2D/3D stuff and have always wanted to make a mission/game, and decided since I've always enjoyed the Thief series and stealth gameplay so much, this is where I would start. After getting to my third year in Mechanical Technology I changed my major to Information Technology (should have went with straight Computer Science but ahhh hindsight). I've always loved building things and designing things and also really enjoy computers, art, audio, and the entire visual experience as presented to a user. I have created a couple playable maps before using the older source engine editor so I'm vaguely familiar with 3D modeling, skyboxes, lighting, AI pathing, etc. That's been over 10 years ago though. I got familiar with 3dsmax, ProE, Autocad, and Mastercam in my first major during school so that helps a bit when familiarizing with a new editor and as previously mentioned I've dabbled around in the Valve Source editor. I'm also very much looking forward to the Crucible of Omens campaign created by the marvelous talent at TDM and would like to help in any way I can once I'm familiar with the Radiant engine. I can also do many many voices, I've often thought about moving out to Cali from Indiana and finding work in voice-overs, voice acting, etc. All this started as a youngster with little friends, time on my hands, and imaginary friends. Wow that's hard to admit. So anyway, I've been working on a shadowy Garrett voice, and can do guards and some women characters with old, old english, gruff, slippery, sneaky, terrifying, voices and personalities. Just thought I'd mention that as it may be a way that I could contribute early on and would also enjoy. So anyway, too much about me and not enough A-Z wiki, back to the tutorial! Glad to be here and hope for good things to come.
  24. Yes, you are still viewing The Dark Mod Forums I've just finished the upgrade of our IPB Board Forums to the latest release. Packed with new features, rewritten code and all that. Have a look around. The skin is currently the default one, but will sooner or later be converted to a darker skin, to fit the Dark Mod universe. Also note that the forums have been moved from http://modetwo.net/darkmod to it's own sub-domain: http://forums.thedarkmod.com - all forum links will still work tho, thanks to Apache's rewrite-plugin. Please report any bugs, requests and comments in this thread. PS: The forums will run a bit slow the first hours as the cache is being rebuilt.
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