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[2.08] New Monster Characters

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TDM 2.08 comes with a wealth of new monster characters that’ll be sure to enrich future missions:

  • Manbeast by Kingsal
  • Werebeast by Diego, Springheel, Obsttorte & Destined
  • Clothed and running zombies by Springheel
  • Flame bearing skeletons by Springheel

There are some things to be aware of if you are a mission author interested in working with the werebeast or manbeast:

  1. The werebeast is only partially completed in terms of animations and vocals for now, so it’s recommended not to use it the same way you would a regular AI.
  2. Some important issues were found in the last minutes of this dev cycle, in particular concerning the manbeast (i.e. LOD and material definitions). The fixes came too late to make it into this release, so please download this patch and place it in your mission’s folder if you intend to make a mission with manbeasts.

If the patch was successful you’ll see a new top-level folder named after your FM in ‘Create Entity’ listing all the changed entities. There’s no need to extract the .pk4.

If you see someone working with the manbeast characters, please point them to this patch to make sure they’re using it.

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1 hour ago, STiFU said:

Just FYI, your text is all black, which doesn't work so well in the dark theme.

Sorry, but it seems to work for me. I use the dark theme of the forum and I'm on Mozilla Firefox. What browser do you use?

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