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Dark Mod AMA on Reddit this Saturday (1/28) at 3 PM CET / 9am EST


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  • demagogue changed the title to Dark Mod AMA on Reddit this Saturday (1/28) at 3 PM CET / 9am EST

We currently have, "myself", stgatilov, dragofer, greebo, demagogue, STiFU internally coordinating. Thus far I have been fielding all questions but others are free to join. Epifire and New Horizon were also planning on joining. Non-TDM members are also free to join in and answer things that are well known to regular players and the community. Hopefully we won't need to do too much moderation or correction if someone posts something inaccurate about the project.



Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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44 minutes ago, madtaffer said:

Question for AMA: What is the vision roadmap beyond 2.12 toward TDM 3?

Madtaffer, could you repost this question on the Reddit thread here?

That way it will be seen and answered in the right place.


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3 minutes ago, jaxa said:

Seems good so far.

Technically you could keep answering new questions as long as they pop up in there, right? Reddit threads freeze after 6 months. :P

Mods said it'll stay open for 24 hrs. I'm on a later schedule in US central time, so I only just now am catching up on the AMA. I'll be sitting in and watching the thread for the rest of the day. I guess this is why we share a dev team that spans multiple continents. 😅

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At first I thought you had to be logged in to read (or it did not work when I first clicked on the link?), but that's not the case; but I didn't notice it until two days too late.

As usual, I didn't really understand most of the technical questions, but it was interesting to read how a good stealth game should be made. However, this is actually a question that should be answered by gamers.

Anyway, thanks for the insights. What else would interest me personally, do you still have contact with people like sparhawk from time to time? I've been reading backwards a bit, and from what I read, his posts make a lot of sense, especially when it comes to project management. @greebo@nbohr1more


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I remember reading about Spar talking about the S/R system in the dev forum, which was interesting for me. (This would probably have been years after it all happened because I was a latecomer too, although IIRC he was still around then, but I was really absorbed with reading old threads anyway.) Unlike many of us, he'd never made FMs for Thief. So his knowledge of Thief's S/R system came from the reports of people that had come from Thief mapping, and he did his best to reproduce what they were saying. He was a bit worried about if it would meet mappers' expectations.

But the system he made was pretty cool, and I think even a bit more intuitive than Thief's system. (They ended up not too far apart anyway.) But it made me think sometimes not knowing exactly what a thing is, but having a vision for it can be liberating... because you can follow the vision without being bound to the past.

I guess that's not such a big insight into him. He had a thoughtful leadership style, and I guess no more or less human than any of us. The lesson I got from that story kind of stuck with me though.

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What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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