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Fan Mission: Braeden Church (by grayman) (2018/7/1)

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Nice mission grayman, just finished this up today.

I got all the loot with a little help from Kerry000 - thanks for the key hint and Cambridge Spy - thanks for showing me the way in. Initially after opening the door I ran like heck to the highest spot I could find to take on the enemy but there was too many for my few water arrows. lol


I was halfway through and black jacked quite a few guys when I found the key, so I think I'm going to replay just to see what happens.

Thanks for all your hard work and look forward to more.

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I just finished this tonight. Was a solid mission and a nice revisit to Braeden church--it felt great to be seeing some of the same places again.




I loved the discussion about holy water at the start. :)


I had a few small hiccups--I didn't fully understand the loot objective. I thought I would be stealing the loot back from the gang to give back to the priests, so I wasn't immediately sure I was supposed to be looting the church.


I got stuck trying to figure out how to use the key and had to look here for how to do it. I'm still unsure why the player had to hold it out instead of having it just unlock the door like a regular key, and then have the 'trigger on open' target a func_remove.


I got my loot objective while in the catacombs, so I headed back for the start--I saw two revenants patrolling and heard one human sneeze and close a door, but didn't see any other evidence of conflict--I was expecting some kind of war to break out--I actually avoided blackjacking as many guards as possible so there would be enough to fight the undead once they were out. Maybe there was a killing field somewhere and I just missed it.





Finished with a stealth score of 5 and an inventory full of mines, fire arrows and gas arrows...one day I might go back just to have some fun with them.


Btw, did you boost the ambient light in the game? My lightgem was quite bright any time I wasn't crouching, and I noticed the same thing in the last mission I just finished.

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Glad you enjoyed it.




The idea about the loot was for you to steal it out from under the gang's nose before the boss got there, then return it once the gang had left empty-handed and Grimmore's party returned. Since you were having problems with the Builders, this was supposed to get you into their good graces. Perhaps I wasn't clear in the briefing.


If there are enough patrolling guards when the revenants are released, and the two groups run into each other, then all hell breaks loose. We had test runs where the revenants slaughtered all the guards, and some where they had fewer chances for fighting. It seemed to be different each run, which I took to be a good thing.


The key thing turned out to be more of a problem than I anticipated. We've had plenty of instances of holding things out and having them interact with the environment, so I didn't consider that people might want to use a key in the normal way.


The ambient light is brighter. I don't remember why specifically, but that's where it ended up when we came out of beta testing.



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Is it just me or the AI is much much more perceptive in this mission, I kept getting noticed in almost pitch black darkness (like very first tier light). I ended up putting the difficulty down to Forgiving and they still saw me, stopping and investigating all the time. A major example is opening the crypt door; can't hide in the small recess right next to the door, the revenant is guaranteed to see me when he is walking past.


Regarding the key issue:

I personally caught on pretty quick but maybe using a different item instead of the standard key model would have helped, like one of those gear statuettes. A key denotes a keyhole so that is what people would look for first, to no avail.


Also, why is there fresh blood in the catacombs? oAo



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1 - It's darker in the crypt than anywhere else. Glad you were able to crank down the AI sight to where you could get through; the Revenant might have spotted you before you slipped into the empty alcove.


2 - Key: didn't realize this would cause problems for some people, since we've had other maps where you hold objects near other objects to get something done. IIRC, this wasn't commented on during beta.


3 - Where's the blood?

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The forum ate my longer post so quickly:


Thanks for the mission, it was fun.

I didn't find how to use the magic key. But Kerry000 helped. (Search his post if you have the same problem.)

Got stuck twice.

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Nice mission. The church is gorgeous and I really like the readables and little details that make it feel like a lived-in place. The atmosphere in the crypt also kept me on my toes. You did a good job with the lighting.


As someone mentioned before the bandits in the mission are quite easy to knock out even before unleashing the undead. After blackjacking a few of them I decided to restart mid-mission and sneak past the guards instead and it definitely felt more challenging that way.


Overall it was an enjoyable mission. Thanks very much for creating and sharing it.

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I just finished this mission. I quite liked it, it felt very "round" and balanced.


The start of the mission felt a bit crowded, I knocked 4 AI's out in almost the same spot. I know you like pretty random patrol routes, and, your AI's run around a lot, but, I like it a bit more predictable, which is a matter of taste, I guess. I once again really liked the atmosphere in the crypt, that was really one of the highlights. :) The loot requirement on hard difficulty was pretty much perfect, i think i ended up with 300 more loot than was required. The secrets were good, and not too hard to find, which I think is a plus. 

It's not about the mission, rather a general thing, but, I found the guard wearing a helmet a bit of a annoyance, so, I scratched my "no kills" habit, and just shot him a arrow in the face. TBH, not being able to knock out some guards is a bit bothering for me. But, again, that's not something related to this mission, rather a generality.

So, yeah, really liked the mission, good stuff. :)

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3 hours ago, Acolytesix said:

Where can I download the FM 'In The North' ? A link to the 1st post where it's mentioned should have a link, I think :) 

You can download all missions in the game menu, you don't need them download from here.

Below in the Main Menu you find the Option to download the missions.

The title is WS1: In the North

Sys Specs Laptop Lenovo V145 15AST, AMD A9- 9425 Radeon R5 - 5 cores 3,1 GHz  RAM 8Gb, GPU 1+2 Gb -Win10 64 v21H1

Favorite online apps you may like too 😉

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