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    Me too! I recently played "Patently Dangerous" and it was so great to see what started off as a simple "steal some blueprints" mission into a murder mystery. Some TDM fan missions have more story then current AAA blockbusters !
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    And tribalism; don't forget that. The "our side is virtuous and the other side can't be trusted" narrative does a lot of heavy lifting there too.
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    A suggestion that came up in the pub yesterday with Bikerdude & SirTaffsalot. My first not-quite-right attempt. I'll let the video fill in the details: http://youtu.be/jrMjgSkPndg
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    Where can i find a version of the old watch, like the left one (with out the url?) Changed the back cover: screenshots, topics in labels, logo and some positions of objects.
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    Created the frontcover concepts. Which logo do you prefer?
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    I imagined and scribbled my own back-cover, using the thief 3 dvd-backcover as an example. (now i only need a better title and screenshots) See the attached sample. But i think other people can do better.
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    Apologies for the new thread as this subject is presumably covered in detail here but there are so many threads it's hard to find my way around. I have a useful repertoire of accents and pretty good dramatic skills, and have often considered getting involved on this side of things. I also quite often think of new incidental utterings for the guards and lords etc, to add a bit of variety to the stock vocals. I have a little recording studio here, with Cubase Artist and good quality microphones. If someone could provide links to what I have to do to produce usable audio files for Dark Mod, I might well find some time to get into it.
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    You can find information about it in our wiki. To give you a start: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Sound http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Sound_File_Formats http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Category:Voice http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Voices
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    I did a playthrough of it, its not a good playthrough. But even dumb me managed to finish this mission :3
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    ...and three more for good measure. I'll keep compiling the assets I've put together and upload some more in the next few days.
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    Right, it does not send anything to GPU but see my OP - it makes the CPU do too much constant work when it filters the stages to decide if it has to send anything.
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    Actually, i'd retreat from my former point a bit, and say that the kind of thinking (flat earth and stuff) is actually something which isn't totally extincted yet. When you look back in time, people believed all kinds of things, which weren't explicable. The fact that we should know better these days surely has a point, but, i don't expect stupid ideas and thinking to have completely died out. Yet.
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    But of course, only a REAL idiot can't understand this is all about trolling the wannabe-debunkers. AntiVax (or other health-related "concerned citizens") are fear-induced brainwashed people but I suspect someone is pulling the strings in those communities too....
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    I would rather say it's a complete mistrust in knowledge which humanity gathered for hundreds of years. Or a total lack of education. You have that literally everywhere these days. Especially in politics. Or, also, in parenting. People think that common knowledge, which is passed over by former generations is obsolete, and make their own rules, which are half baked, and not properly thought through. Imagine we would be indigenous people, living in the wild. We wouldn't survive a day without knowledge which has been passed by our ancestory.
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    The common element behind all of these insane conspiracy theories is an extreme mistrust of authority, especially the government. They believe the Earth is flat because the government are lying about satellites and space exploration. They believe vaccinations are a secret government plot to spread autism. They believe aircraft are spreading chemtrails as part of a government plot to control the population with drugs. They believe school shootings are faked in order to give the government an excuse to confiscate guns. Etc. That's not to say that I particularly trust or respect authority figures or governments, but mainly because they are useless grandstanding idiots, not Machiavellian schemers who can successfully dupe entire populations.
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    One of the guys at TTLG runs a Flat Earther website. For him the whole thing is a massive troll, which is what I kind of always suspected is true for most of them. But if you're going to do it, you have to go all the way with it. The more outlandish the theory the better. There might be a few of them that are serious, but I bet most of them are trolls. I wish I could say the same about anti-vaxers, but they're all dead serious.
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    Nice try, but Japan is way too far away from the great wall of ice. Also, the portal there only leads further north. There is nothing of interest there - only wildlings and the undead.
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    there's secret portals in certain area's of the ice wall that allow you to warp to the other side of the world, japan used one of those warps to get to pearl harbour in two days. polynesians have been using those portals for years to travel all around the pacific.
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    Kurshock, you ought to just make one mega-thread, call it Kurshock's Thoughts or something like that, and then you can pile all of your thoughts into it as they come to you. I think you'll get a better response. The thing is there's not much discussion you can have with this -- just a comment or two admitting, yeah, that would be something -- which is a bit much for a whole thread but okay for a post or a few in a mega-thread. That said, that is an intriguing set up. Just in terms of map design, it'd be interesting to have the snowy landscape, more supernatural & monster elements than usual, and the way I'd envision it, you could map the "end of the world" as basically starry sky box all the way down & under the edge of a cliff, with maybe a few hovering meteriods. That could be a cool sight.
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    I scripted a map (as part of the campaign I wrote) that included a necromancer's mansion. But interestingly I didn't think to include necromanced guard animals... He was a noble and trying to keep his practice secret, so he kept it all in a dungeon part. But now that you mention it, it's an obvious thing that he'd have necromanced monsters down there and would be good for gameplay.The catch of course is that we don't have the models for them. But at the very least he should have zombies down there. My first idea if I spread out from there would be zombie dogs and maybe one zombified werebeast as a boss-type of monster. Beyond that you're getting beyond what's added value for gameplay. With all of your ideas, you ought to write some TDM fan fic and make some stories with them... It's a lot easier to imagine scenarios and write them out than model and animate them!
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    I think more needs to be done with the typography. These are a couple quick mock-ups of the kind of thing I was thinking of.
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    "A Night to Remember" is currently being fixed. (in beta) http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/13177-fan-mission-a-night-to-remember-by-fieldmedic-20111030/page-5?do=findComment&comment=419830 "Winter Harvest" needs to be 2.0 (standalone) fixed "Dragon's Claw" needs to be 2.0 (standalone) fixed "Q4 Conversion: Yan's Test" was never an official release but it probably needs 2.0 fixes.
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    That's why I offered posting the whole workflow here, just to have better understaning how it works (and in case you wanted to make models yourself). It's not that straightforward in case of .ase models. Btw. you can't apply materials to an .ase model for DR and TDM, if you don't manually edit it in notepad. So the first order of business would be making a material for a model and then pasting it in proper section in .ase model. LWO works in a different manner.
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    Yup, you need to have a project folder (fms/yourfmname) with DR pointed to that folder as well. Then your folders will generally mimic the folder structure of TDM, or you can have fewer folders for faster access. You need "materials", "models", and "textures" folder inside your fm folder to make it work. Assuming you put everything there and you're using .ase model which was exported correctly with assigned bitmap, you need to edit it with notepad, and look for *MAP_DIFFUSE section. Paste the material path in the BITMAP section, but use "//base/" prefix, e.g. //base/textures/etc.
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    I don't think he's talking about making models, just adding ones that have already been made but aren't part of the core assets.
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    It depends a bit on your modeling software. You'll probably use .ase models, as .lwo isn't supported in popular modeling apps. For .ase there is actually a particular workflow you should follow, depending on your needs, and for stuff like multiple materials or shadow / collision meshes. I have that in my notes, let me know if you need it, so I'll post it here. Btw. you don't need any defs for just using models. Defs are for more complicated stuff, like assigning lamp model to a light etc.
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    Hello all' taffers, I have printed the_hammer_medium2.lwo with my 3d printer: Material is transparent and unfinished, and I'm still unsure whether to paint it grey or gold. But it will get a special place on my computer place every time I play a dark mod mission or building on my own level. Greetings from Hamburg, ol' Dyger
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    This is a list of all Animations (human, 3rd person) needed for TDM. It provides both a list of what we would ideally like to have for TDM 1.0, as well as a guideline to future animations after release. Currently I'm only tracking the animations used with our default skeleton, as all our humanoid AI should eventually use that skeleton, and therefore the same list of animations (some characters, like zombies, would be an exception). The first number indicates how many animations already exist and have been exported to the proguard and similar models. The second number indicates how many versions of the animation we would like to have for the 1.0 release. Obviously it's better to have at least one version for each animation before working on alternative versions. ***NOTE: This list should now be up to date for our new skeleton as of May 01, 2009*** ** entries with stars beside them are not essential for 1.0, and should wait until after release. Entries that are essentially completed are crossed off. Animations Master List Movement Walk, generic (1/2) (a serious patrol walk and casual civilian stroll) **Walk, female (0/1) Walk, torch (0/1) (holding object in left hand with closed fist) **Walk, drunk (0/1) Walk, blind (0/1) (for AI blinded by flashbombs, or possibly in pitch darkness) Walk, alert (0/1) (patrolling with weapon in right hand, ready for trouble; like T2 walks) Walk, alert, torch (0/1) (weapon in one hand, torch in the other)? Walk, suspicious (1/1) (walking slowly towards stimulus, alert 2) **Walk, carry (0/1) (holding a tray or other two-handed thing out in front) **Walk, wading (0/1) (AI wading through water or deep snow) Walk, frightened (0/1) http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?s=&am...st&p=108009 Run, generic (1/1) **Run, female (0/1) Run, torch (0/1) Run, defensive charge (0/1) (AI raises left arm to shield face, weapon drawn) Run, panic (0/2) (fleeing, no items carried) Search, active (1/2) (AI walks around cautiously looking for the player, weapon drawn) Search, active, torch (0/1) (same as above but AI holds up light to illuminate their way) **Land from fall (0/1) (AI lands after falling, use knees to cushion fall) ================================ Idling Idle, generic (0/3) (just standing there doing nothing) Idle, drunk (0/1) (swaying back and forth; poor balance) Idle, torch (0/1) (holding torch in left hand) Idle, sit (1/1) (sitting down on chair; hands in lap?) Idle, sleep (0/1) (lying down, breathing) Idle, waiting (0/1) (hands behind back) **Idle, crossbow (0/1) (Holding crossbow in both hands, casually) Idle, turn 90 degrees (0/2) (left and right) Idle, turn 180 degrees (0/2) (left and right) Idle, cough (0/1) Idle, minor movement (0/5) (shifting weight, turning slightly, tapping foot etc) Idle, stretching (0/3) (stretching arms forward, arching back, yawning, etc) Idle, scratch (0/3) (scratching chin, hands, butt, etc) Idle, drink/eat (0/2) (reach out at table level and bring hand to mouth) Idle, spit (0/1) (turn head and spit on the floor) ================================ Combat Pain, generic (0/3) (AI flinches in pain--must be very quick animation) **Pain, leftarm (0/1) **Pain, rightarm (0/1) **Pain, head (0/1) **Pain, gassed (0/1) (AI clutches throat) Pain, failed KO (0/3) (AI just took blow to head; perhaps stumbles; but shakes it off) Draw, weapon side (1/1) (draw weapon from left hip, like sword) Draw, weapon back (0/1) (draws weapon from over right shoulder, like hammer) Sheath, weapon side (1/1) Sheath, weapon back (0/1) Combat idle (1/3) (AI stands ready to attack; eventually different animations for different weapons) Attack, bow (0/1) (includes drawing an arrow over right shoulder, then aiming and firing--code will pause during aiming) **Attack, crossbow (0/1) (raise crossbow, aim and fire (no drawing quarrels)) Attack, right slash (1/3) (eventually different animations for different weapons) Attack, left slash (1/3) (eventually different animations for different weapons) Attack, overhead slash (0/3) (eventually different animations for different weapons) Attack, quick thrust (0/2) (eventually different animations for different weapons) **Attack, spell (0/2) (mage/priest does some magical gesture then throws a spell effect) Attack, throw (0/1) (throws a bottle/shoe/dagger) Parry, high (0/1) Parry, left (0/1) Parry, right (1/1) Parry, thrust (0/1) **Death, drowning (0/1) (AI struggles to swim for a moment but sinks) Cower (0/2) (panic state, hiding or cringing) **Surprise (0/2) (jumps back, startled) ================================ Conversation Conversation, generic (0/4) (generic mild hand gestures people make while talking) **Conversation, angry (0/2) (shaking fist, gesturing wildly) **Conversation, shrugging (0/1) (an "I don't know" shrug) **Conversation, shout (0/1) (one or two hands up to mouth to call/shout loudly) **Conversation, salute (0/1) (roman military salute; fist to chest and then hand out straight: http://www.romanempire.net/romepage/images...001/salute.jpg) **Conversation, affirmative (0/1) (nod head) **Conversation, negative (0/1) (shake head) **Conversation, blessing (0/1) (raises two fingers and makes sign of the hammer in the air; like the sign of the cross but only two strokes) ================================ Actions Sit down (1/1) Stand up from sitting (1/1) Lie down on bed (0/2) (left and right) Get up from bed(0/2) (left and right) Search, give up (0/2) (suspicious look around yields nothing; hands on hips, looking aroung perplexed: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?s=&am...t&p=108009)) Search, kneel (0/1) (kneel down on one knee to check out blood/body, etc --assume weapon in right hand) **Search, look under (0/1) (bend over to check under bed, table, etc) Interact, grab (0/2) (generic reach out for something--high, med) **Interact, turn page (0/1) (reach out and move hand horizontal as if turning page) **Interact, grab low (0/1) (bend over and pick something up) **Interact, pound (0/1) (pounding on a door to get someone's attention) Interact, warm hands (0/1) (hold out hands towards heat source to warm them; perhaps rub them together)
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    That's some pretty impressive thread necromancy. I don't expect to be making any more animations myself. Arcturus is the only other active animator who comes to mind.
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    I would love in my map the following ai animation. A gondalier, ie using the oar on a gondola
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    So, here's my current progress: Optimized the model Tried to improve the blade, failed miserably, still more to do Added wood grain Made some basic normal and specular maps (and realized that the normal map I had baked before is broken) Here's an image of just the basic diffuse map inside Blender: And here are some images from in-game: As you can see, I've messed up my baked normal map, I'll have to re-do it.
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    It would be a good idea to make a thread about this at least. Get in touch with people you know, or met physically. Even a student actor with passion might be worth it.
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    Thought it would be a good idea to collate a useful list for new and old mappers alike and this post will update as we go. Abandoned works: Any WIP projects that were abandoned by the original author - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/12713-abandoned-works/Darkradiant & Darkmod shortcut settings: Some example settings for new mappers - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/15152-darkradiant-and-darkmod-shortcut-folder-settings/Darkradiant howto, must knows, tips and faqs - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/12558-usefull-important-editing-links/?do=findComment&comment=272581Info for Beginners: Newbie DarkRadiant Questions - http://forums.thedar...iant-questions/Dark Radient Must Know Basic Intro - http://wiki.thedarkm...now_Basic_IntroEditing Tips for Beginners - http://wiki.thedarkm...s_for_BeginnersEditing FAQ (Troubleshooting & How-To) - http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Editing_FAQ_-_Troubleshooting_%26_How-ToSotha's excellent Mapping Tutorial series: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18680-lets-map-tdm-with-sotha-the-bakery-job/Springheel's New Mapper's Workshop: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18945-tdm-new-mappers-workshop/ Inspiration: Collection of screenshots and images people have found online - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/11610-darkmod-inspiration-thread/Mapping Resources: List of Voice actors available for voice recording - http://modetwo.net/d...6-voice-actors/Lengthy collection of city reference pictures - http://modetwo.net/d...rence-pictures/Collection of texture resource sites - http://modetwo.net/d...ture-resources/Free Ambient Tracks - http://skeksisnetlabel.wordpress.com/2009/12/30/10-songs-for-free-download-vol-10-full-moon-over-noricum/Mapping Tools: 3 useful tools for texture creation - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18581-must-have-tools-for-the-descerning-mapper/Modular Building: What is Modular building - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/14832-modular-building-techniques/Working example tutorial on modular building - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18680-lets-map-tdm-with-sotha-the-bakery-job/Springheels new modular models - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18683-using-springheels-205-modules/Some related mapper recipies -Easy Vaults - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/14859-easy-vault-recipe/?hl=%2Beasy+%2BrecipeEasy Outdoors - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/16159-easy-outdoors-recipe/?hl=%2Beasy+%2BrecipeEasy Caverns - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/14469-quick-caverns-recipe/?hl=recipeEasy Alert Ai - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17157-easy-alert-ai-recipe/?hl=%2Beasy+%2BrecipeEasy Alert Ai Custom Behavour - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17160-easy-alert-ai-custom-behavior-recipe/?hl=recipeTutorials: Collection of video tutorials for DR - http://modetwo.net/d...in-darkradiant/Using Lighting and detail effectively: - http://forums.thedar...l-and-lighting/Voice Actors list: List of available voice actors - http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/12556-list-of-available-voice-actors/Usefull Console commands: A list of console commands for testing in-game - http://wiki.thedarkm...Useful_Controls
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    As I've mentioned in the ticket, I'm a fan of option 2 since it folds every new feature into ones already in the editor, without adding new ones. I agree about new user visibility however and I believe nowhere is it written that you can press shift to constrain the rotation widget (or unconstrain the new model scale one for that matter). Another button to the top or sidebar could be added, like the one for snapping rotation origin to grid. The amount of buttons is already plenty though, with this change I could happily see the X/Y/Z axis rotate buttons on the sidebars go away and that would free up some space. I still know some people use them, however. Personally I'm leaning towards the rotation and scale dialogue because I have it bound to a shortcut key and I remember it doesn't have a default one. Perhaps putting in a default binding and advertising it as this new dialogue (even though it isn't) where you can input your angles for the rotation widget on release would inform people. As greebo said, please weigh in as it's more or less just me theorizing here. I remember at least two other people mentioning this but I don't remember names. Kingsal, perhaps? Epi? NeonsStyle? I dunno.
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    Amber did the Maiden vocals, RedLeaf did the Wench ones.
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    For my comming modern-time themed FM "The Dark Mission", i would like to add modern weapons. The weapon that I have in mind is the Fort 12 from RWM Pack c (a replacement for d3 pistol) (And when it is working, i'm going to change the object, so it doesnt use proprietary sound, textures, etc.) At this moment i only can spawn the weapon and cannot pick it up or use it . The console show some things that the weapon needs, but cannot find it in the d3 pak files. I hope you can help me. I installed the weapon by copying RWM_Pack_æ.pk4 (from rwmpackc) and pak001,2,3,4 and 8 (from d3) to the folder of my fm. my log spawning and giving the fort 12 (replacement for pistol) Weapon in action: .
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    A long, long time ago, I started working on the script for a "Schemer" character; someone who could work as a sophisticated crime boss, corrupt merchant or sinister nobleman. Someone who is a bit like Ramirez from Thief, Edmund Blackadder (although only as comic as TDM in general), or a Shakeaspeare villain - erudite, a bit pretentious, and rotten to his core. We have a few noble sets, but this is a niche that I believe still deserves filling. It is quite hard to write a full vocal set, so it took years to complete, but it is here now, and I submit it for your consideration and feedback.
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    Below is an updated list of all the barks existing in current scripts. This should be used as a base for any new scripts. Syntax is: Line Title: ["sound def name"] Actor direction filename, "example line" x suggested # of lines Total Lines: approx 270 (including grunts and coughs) Sound files should be in .wav format, mono, 44100 project rate, ================================================================================================= Tone and Attitude Dialogue should be generally modern, North American English, but with a slight renaissance flavour. The more educated the character, the more renaissance-speak is appropriate. Avoid modern-sounding words and phrases (eg, "What's up?" "Roger that" or "I'm going to kick your ass"). But at the same time, this isn't Shakespeare--the dialogue has to sound fairly natural to modern English speakers. AI Characters In order to create a variety of character types, vocal sets will be created for various "characters". A character, in this sense, is a distinctive voice, personality, and way of speaking. ================================================================================================= AI STATES: Relaxed Relaxed, Idle: ["snd_relaxed"] You're relaxed and going about your regular business. You aren’t expecting any trouble. You’re talking to yourself, so lines should be muttered in a low tone of voice, and punctuated with sighs, pauses and mumbling. idle01 "*sigh* A few more hours to go…." x10 Throat clearing/ coughs x3 Sighs x2 (you’ve had a long day) Humming and/or whistling an idle tune x2 Sneeze x1 Relaxed, Armed: ["snd_relaxed"] You're an armed character, probably a guard on patrol. You’re not expecting any trouble, but are ready to defend yourself if necessary. You are muttering to yourself about your shift or other combat-related concerns. idle_guard01 "Hmm, I’ve got a bad feeling about this shift.” x3 Sleeping: ["snd_sleeping" ] You're fast asleep and dreaming. A few snores, maybe a mumbled word or two. sleeping01 x2 Reacting to World: ["snd_reaction" ] ["snd_state3"] You are relaxed, and have just looked at something non-suspicious, like a book, or a playing card, or your reflection in a mirror. You make a grunt or comment, either pleased or not. Currently these lines are used primarily for AI playing cards—they make a comment after looking at their new card. They should be delivered without too much emotion. reaction01 “Aww.” [annoyed] x4 AI STATES: Alert These barks are meant to tell the player that the AI has seen or heard something. Observant: ["snd_alert1" ] ["snd_notice_generic"] You notice something subtle but aren’t sure what it is. Doesn't seem like anything serious. You are talking to yourself, so you should not be particularly loud and may trail off. to_observant01 "Hm?" x4 Observe a Sound: ["snd_alert1h" ] Same as above, only these lines refer specifically to a sound. to_observant_heard01 "What’s that sound?" x2 Observe a Sight: ["snd_alert1s"] Same as above, only these lines refer specifically to seeing something. to_observant_saw01 "Did I see something?" x2 Notice Something: ["snd_alert3" ] You notice something suspicious, and it caught your attention enough to warrant going over to check it out. You’re still not sure what it is, and you’re still mostly talking to yourself, but you're less casual now. to_searching01 "What's that over there?" x4 Notice A Sound: ["snd_alert3h" ] As above, you hear something loud enough to make you want to investigate. to_searching_heard01 "What’s making that noise?" x2 Notice A Sight: ["snd_alert3s" ] As above, you see a brief motion in the shadows. Better check it out just in case. to_searching_saw01 "What's that in the shadows….? “ x2 Notice A Sound, with company: ["snd_alert3hc" ] You're with friends and you hear something loud enough to make you want to investigate, even though it’s probably nothing serious. searching_heard_company01 "Listen, did you hear that? Let’s check it out." x2 Notice A Sight, with company: ["snd_alert3sc" ] You're with friends and you see a brief motion in the shadows. Probably nothing, but you should investigate. searching_saw_company01 "Did you see something over there?" x2 Settling Down: ["snd_alertdown0" ] You noticed something, but you haven’t found anything to worry about. It was probably nothing, and you’re going back to whatever you were doing. These lines are muttered to yourself. alertdown_to_idle01 "Hmmm, nothing now...." x3 Settling Down after hearing something: ["snd_alertdown0h" ] As above, but lines refer to hearing. Whatever it was is gone now. Go back to your business. alertdown_to_idle_heard01 “Just some wind." x3 Settling Down after seeing something: ["snd_alertdown0s" ] As above, but lines refer to seeing. You caught a glimpse of something moving, but it appears to be nothing. Moving on. alertdown_to_idle_saw01 "Just shadows." x3 Settling Down after noticing something suspicious: ["snd_alertdown0sus"] You saw something suspicious---an open door or a rope hanging down--and have searched the area. You can't find any intruder, but you're sure something is afoot. These lines are muttered to yourself. alertdown_to_idle_suspicious01 "Well, I don't see anybody, but something's not right." x3 Alerted by Something: ["snd_alert4NoEvidence"] You notice something that makes it clear that there's someone there, but you don't know exactly who they are. You don’t know for sure that there’s a threat, but you’re all business now, and your lines are directed to the mystery figure in the shadows. to_agitated_searching_noevidence01 “Let’s not have any trouble…come on out so I can see you.” x4 Alerted by Intruder: ["snd_alert4" ] You suddenly see or hear something that makes it clear there’s someone there, and you already have enough evidence to know that it’s an intruder. These lines are an aggressive challenge to the hiding enemy. to_agitated_searching01 "Hey, who goes there? Show yourself!" x4 Idle, On Guard: ["snd_alert_idle" ] You've seen an intruder or been told that there is one. You're on your regular patrol, but you’re no longer relaxed. You’ve got your weapon out, and you’re ready for trouble at a moment’s notice. You’re muttering to yourself. alert_idle01 “I’m ready for him.” x3 AI STATES: Searching Searching for Someone: ["snd_state4SeenNoEvidence" ] You’ve seen or heard enough to know that there’s someone around here, hiding. It might not be a threat, but if they’re hiding, then they’re obviously up to no good. You’re looking around for them. These lines are stern and generally directed at the hiding figure. searching_no_evidence01 "If you’re here, I’m going to find you." x6 Searching for Someone with company: ["snd_state4SeenNoEvidence_c" ] As above, but you're with friends. "We're going to find you, you know." x3 Give Orders to Friends ["snd_giveOrder"] You're searching for someone when friends arrive. Give them something to do." "Check over there." x2 Giving up after search: ["snd_alertdown0SeenNoEvidence" ] You’re pretty sure you saw somebody, but you've searched around and can't find anyone. This bark is played as you give up the search. You still don’t know for sure that it was an intruder, but you are pretty annoyed. You’re talking to yourself. alertdown_to_idle_no_evidence01 "Someone’s idea of a joke, I guess." x6 Agitated Searching: ["snd_state4SeenEvidence" ] You know for sure there is an intruder around, and you’re looking for him. You’re deadly serious now. Your lines are directed at the intruder himself. searching_evidence01 "You can't hide forever, rogue!" x6 Agitated Searching with company: ["snd_state4SeenEvidence_c" ] As above, but you're with friends. Your lines are either directed at the intruder or suggestions for your comrades. "I'll check over here!" "You can't escape us!" x3 Agitated Searching, unarmed: ["snd_state4SeenEvidence" ] You know for sure there is an intruder around, and you’re looking for him. You're unarmed though, so you’re not really sure you want to find him. You’re directing the lines at the intruder, and you should sound somewhat uncertain. searching_evidence_civilian01 “Hey, I know someone is hiding here…what do you want?” x4 Giving up after Agitated Search: ["snd_alertdown0SeenEvidence" ] You have confirmed there is an intruder but he's given you the slip. You've searched for him, but haven't been able to find him. You're giving up for now but you aren't letting your guard down. These lines are primarily delivered in a frustrated tone of voice. alertdown_to_idle_seen_evidence01 "Damn, he must have gotten away." x6 Giving up after Agitated Search, unarmed: ["snd_alertdown0SeenEvidence" ] You know there’s an intruder around, and you looked for him and didn’t find anyone. You don’t have a weapon, so you are rather relieved that you don’t have to deal with an armed criminal. alertdown_to_idle_seen_evidence_civilian01 “Phew, it looks like he’s gone.” x4 Joining a Search: ["snd_helpSearch"] You find some friends already searching for an intruder. You join them. "I'll help you look." x1 Ask for Help: ***** No Def Currently **** You’re in trouble; you found a guard and are telling him to come with you. “Follow me!” x1 Return with Help: ***** No Def Currently **** You’re not equipped to fight, so you ran away from the intruder, got help, and came back. The intruder is still here, so you point him out. gotten_help01 "See, just like I told you. Get him!" x1 Return too late with Help: ***** No Def Currently **** You went and got help, but by the time you got back the intruder was gone. You’re flustered and upset. gotten_help_gone01 "He was right here…look sharp, he’s probably hiding!" x1 COMBAT AND PURSUIT Spotted the Intruder, armed: ["snd_to_combat"] ["snd_to_combat_monster"] You have come face to face with the intruder. You are pulling out your weapon and getting ready to charge. These lines are shouted to the intruder. to_combat01 "Surrender or die, villain!" x5 Spotted the Intruder, armed, with company: ["snd_to_combat_company"] ["snd_to_combat_company_monster"] You have spotted the intruder and are getting ready to charge. Luckily, you have some friends with you. to_combat_company01 "Look there! A Thief!" x2 Spotted the Intruder with a body, armed: ["snd_spotted_player_with_body" ] You see the intruder, and he’s carrying a body! The fiend! spotted_player_with_body01 "Put that body down and surrender!" x1 Spotted the Intruder, unarmed: ["snd_to_flee" ] You have spotted the intruder. Oh no! He’s got a whole bunch of weapons, and you don’t have any! You are panicking and getting ready to run, and are yelling for help. to_flee_civilian01 "Help, there's an intruder!" x3 Lost Player after Pursuit: ["snd_lostTrackOfEnemy" ] You are chasing the intruder when suddenly he disappears. How did that happen? He can’t be far. lost_track_of_enemy01 “Hey! Now where did you go?” x3 Hit by Arrow: ["snd_taking_fire" ] You’ve been hit by an arrow from an unseen foe. You’re hurt and angry. You might be calling out for help or shouting at your attacker. hit_by_arrow01 “Come into the open and try that again you bastard!” x2 Running Away: ["snd_flee" ] You’re unarmed and are running away as fast as you can, but the intruder is coming after you! This is life or death, so you’re shouting in panic to anyone who can hear you. flee01 "Help me!" x2 Running Away, hurt: ["snd_flee" ] You’re armed and have been badly wounded by the intruder. You’re running away as fast as you can, yelling for help or begging for mercy. flee_hurt01 “I surrender!" x3 Running Away, event: ["snd_to_flee_event" ] You've seen something terrible, like a man killed right in front of you, and you're running away. to_flee_event01 "I've got to get out of here!" x2 Coming to Assist: ["snd_assistFriend" ] (is this used?) A friend of yours is in a fight and you are on your way to help them. You call out to let them know you're coming. assist_friend01 "I'm here! I’ll go around this side!" x2 Fighting: ["snd_combat_melee"] You're locked in deadly combat with an intruder. These lines are delivered as you swing your weapon, so should be quick and full of a sense of action. combat_melee01 Generic combat grunts (“hiyah!”) x5 Fighting, winning: ["snd_combat_hit_player" ] You are locked in combat with the intruder, and have just bashed him with your weapon. You take a moment to taunt your opponent. These need to be said quickly, as the fight is still going on. combat_hit_player01 "This’ll be over quick." x3 Fighting, winning, with company: ["snd_combat_hit_player_company" ] As above, but you have friends in the fight. combat_hit_player_company01 "Look, I got him!" x1 Fighting, losing: ["snd_combat_blocked_by_player"] You are locked in combat with the intruder, and he has just hit or blocked you. You realize this might not be as easy as you thought. These lines should be short. tdm_ai_pro_combat_blocked_by_player01 “So you CAN fight!” x3 Pain: ["snd_pain_small"] ["snd_pain_large"] Something just hurt you. Ouch! tdm_ai_pro_pain_small01-03 Small grunts (“ow!”) x3 tdm_ai_pro_pain_large01-03 Serious pain (“Aaaaiieee!”) x3 Throw Something at Intruder: ["combat_throw"] The intruder is visible, but you can’t get to him. You're angry and throw something. combat_throw01 "Take THAT!" x2 Shoot Arrow: ["combat_ranged"] You're an archer, shooting arrows at the intruder. combat_archer01 "Hold still…." x1 Frustrated: ["snd_cantReachTarget"] ["snd_cantReachTargetMonster"] The intruder is out of reach (such as standing on a stack of crates or across a chasm) and you can't reach him. You don’t have anything to throw at the moment. enemy_out_of_reach01 "You think you're safe there? Come here and fight me!" x2 Killed Intruder: ["snd_killed_enemy"] ["snd_killed_monster"] You’ve won the fight. Taunt the intruder as he lays dying at your feet. Make sure at least one line can be used for non-human opponents. killed_enemy01 “That was too easy.” x3 Die, Quiet: ["snd_knockout" ] You didn’t see it coming, but someone just hit you from behind and took you down. Make a grunt, but as the name suggests, it's kind of quiet. die_quiet_1 "UNH" x3 Die, Loud: ["snd_death" ] You’ve just been killed in battle by an armed intruder. These lines should be start with a loud scream of pain, then sputter your dying words (if any). die_loud01 "GAHHHHHHHHHHH" x3 Die, Drowning ["snd_death_liquid"] You've drowned. Gurgle. drown01 "gurgle" x1 Blinded: ["snd_blinded" ] You have been blinded by a flash of light. blinded01 "I can't see!" x1 Hit By the Player No Damage: ["snd_failed_knockout" ] The player tried to blackjack you but failed. What an idiot. failed_ko01 "Ow, Wha--? Was that your best shot?" x1 Gassed: ["snd_airGasp"] You have been caught in knockout gas. Cough, sputter and pass out. This should be quick--a second or two at most (it's fast gas). cough_noair01 "..cough cough" x1 FINDING EVIDENCE You have found or observed something that looks out of place. You aren't seeing or hearing the intruder directly, but something that might be a sign that one was here earlier. Find Something Suspicious: ["snd_foundSuspiciousItem" ] You’ve noticed something unusual, like a rope hanging from a rafter, or a knocked over chair. You can’t immediately assume there’s an intruder, but you’re sure something is not right. You’re talking to yourself. find_something_suspicious01 "Hmmm, that's not right." x4 Find a Weapon: ["snd_foundWeapon" ] There is a weapon lying on the ground. People generally don’t leave their weapons around for no reason, so you’re suspicious. find_weapon01 "There shouldn’t be a weapon here…" x2 Find a Door Open: ["snd_foundOpenDoor"] There is a door open that shouldn't be. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything, but maybe it does. notice_door01 "Who left this door open?" x2 Find Lights Off: ["snd_foundLightsOff" ] The lights are off, and they shouldn't be. Strange. References should suit any type of light. notice_lights01 "Who put out the light?" x3 Find Lights Out, Flame: ["snd_foundTorchOut" ] You notice a torch or candle that should be lit has gone out. You're only mildly suspicious. notice_lights_flame01 "The wind is always putting those out." x3 Relight light: ["snd_yesRelightTorch" ] You’ve found a a light that is off, and you decide to relight it. Should not refer to type of light, as it could be electric or torch. relighting01 "Guess I'll light it back up." x2 Refuse to relight light: ["snd_noRelightTorch"] You’ve found a light that is off, but you have no intention of relighting it. Should not refer to type of light. not_relighting01 "There should be a servant around relighting those." x2 Find Blood: ["snd_foundBlood"] There is blood on the floor. There has obviously been a fight of some kind. This is serious. These lines are said to yourself. notice_blood01 "Blood? Someone has been attacked.” x2 Find Body, generic: ["snd_foundUnconsciousMale"] ["snd_foundUnconsciousFemale"] You find a body on the ground. There is no obvious sign of trauma, so you’re not sure what has happened. You're calling to your friends about your find. Some lines should be generic, without reference to gender. notice_body_generic01 "Someone fetch a surgeon!" x2 notice_body_female01 "There's a woman hurt here!" x1 notice_body_male01 "There's a man on the ground here!" x1 Find Corpse: ["snd_foundDeadMale"] ["snd_foundDeadFemale"] You find the body of someone who is obviously dead. You are shocked and/or angry and are yelling an alarm. Some lines should not refer to gender. notice_corpse01 "Murder! Someone's been killed!" x2 notice_corpse_female01 "She's dead! Murder!" x1 notice_corpse_male01 "Murder! There's a man killed!" x1 Find Corpse, Comrade: ["snd_foundComradeBody"] *** is this team based? *** You find a comrade of yours, murdered. You are outraged. You call out a warning to your allies, or a threat to the one who did this. notice_corpse_friend01 "Someone's killed one of our men! [gritted teeth] They’ll pay for that when I find them." x1 Find Pocket Picked: ["snd_notice_pickpocket"] *** not currently used *** You had something on your belt, and now it's gone! Did you drop it? notice_pickpocket01 "Hey, where did that go?" x2 Find Something Stolen: ["snd_foundMissingItem"] You’ve just noticed something significant missing that shouldn't be. You've obviously been robbed. While your first reaction might be quiet, the line should include a yell to your friends. notice_theft01 "Gone? Hey! There's a thief on the premises!" x3 Raise the Alarm!: ["snd_raise_alarm"] You know something is seriously wrong…perhaps you’ve found the lord murdered, or you’ve found the master safe open. You need to alert everyone within earshot. raise_alarm01 “To arms, to arms! ” x2 Warning--Recently Found Corpse: ["snd_warnFoundCorpse"] You recently found or heard about a body and are relaying the information to any friends you see. Don't take too long with these, as the AI could be walking past each other while delivering the line. warn_found_corpse01 "Pass the word, there's a murderer on the loose!" x3 Warning—We’ve been Robbed: ["snd_warnMissingItem"] You know you've been robbed and you're telling your buddy about it. warn_missing_item01 "We've been robbed! Keep your eyes open for an intruder." x3 Warning--Recently Saw Intruder: ["snd_warnSawEnemy" ] You saw or were warned about the intruder not too long ago, but he escaped. Now, you’re warning others about him. warn_saw_enemy01 "Look sharp, we have an intruder on the premises." x3 Warning—Something is not Right: ["snd_warnSawEvidence"] You haven’t seen an intruder, but you’ve seen evidence that there is one around somewhere. You’re warning your friends about it. warn_suspicious01 “Be careful. There's some strange stuff going on tonight.” x3 Recieved Warning: ["snd_warn_response"] Someone just warned you about trouble. You give a quick response as you pass by. respond_to_warning01 "Got it." x3 Admonish Friend: ["snd_admonish_friend"] A friend or neutral just did something you didn't like, such as drop a plate on your foot. You're expressing your displeasure. admonish_friend01 "Be careful, will you?" x2 Greetings Since greetings can be made to friends or strangers, delivery should be fairly neutral. Also, there's no way to know whether the AI have seen each other once or twenty times before greeting each other, so typical "hello" greetings should be limited in favour of casual comments or questions that can be answered 'yes'. Greetings are not exchanged between sitting characters, so assume that the greeting is a quick one as AI pass each other. Not every greeting is needed for every vocal character. The thug, for example, has special greetings for female characters because he's a sexist pig, but not every character needs those. Greeting, Generic: ["snd_greeting_civilian_to_civilian"] A generic comment or question as you pass someone. This is used as the default greeting if no other greeting applies. greet_generic01 "Having a good night?" greet_generic02 "Oh, there you are." x4 Greeting, Guard to Guard: ["snd_greeting_guard_to_guard"] You spot a fellow guard on patrol. Greet them or ask a short 'yes' question about their shift. greet_guard_to_guard01 "No trouble tonight?" x3 Greeting, Guard to Civilian: ["snd_greeting_guard_to_civilian"] You’re on patrol and see a civilian. You gruffly tell them to stay out of your way. greet_guard_to_civilian01 "Go about your business." x2 Greeting, Civilian to Guard: ["snd_greeting_civilian_to_guard"] You’re a civilian and you see a guard on patrol. You don't want any trouble. greet_civilian_to_guard01 "Don't mind me." x2 Greeting, to Nobleman: ["snd_greeting_noble_male" ] You see someone high on the social ladder and greet him. greet_to_noble_male01 "Greetings your Lordship." x1 Greeting, to Noblewoman: ["snd_greeting_noble_female" ] You see a lady high on the social ladder and greet her. greet_to_noble_female01 "Greetings my Lady." x1 Greeting, to Priest: ["snd_greeting_cleric"] You pass a Builder Priest and greet him. greet_to_cleric "Good evening, Father." x1 Greeting, to Inferior: ["snd_greeting_noble_to_civilian"] You’re high on the social ladder, and see someone beneath you. You’re better than them, and your greeting conveys that. greet_to_inferior01 "Stand aside, you." x2 Greeting, to Inferior Guard: ["snd_greeting_noble_to_guard"] You’re high on the social ladder and see a guard. You greet them by evaluating their performance. greet_to_inferior_guard01 “Stay alert, man.” x2 Greeting, to beggar: ["snd_greeting_beggar"] You see a beggar. greet_to_beggar01 "Away with you." Greeting, to female: ["snd_greeting_civilian_to_female"] greet_to_female01 "Out by yourself, lady?" Greeting, to pagan: ["snd_greeting_pagan"] You greet an unwashed pagan, probably with disdain. Greeting, to Builder: ["snd_greeting_builder"] You greet a member of the Builder Church (not a priest). Greeting, to Citywatch: ["snd_greeting_citywatch"] You greet an officer of the watch. Response, Generic: ["snd_response_positive"] You have been greeted by someone who is a social equal. Delivery should be monotone and noncommittal, as these could be responses to lots of different greetings. response_positive01 “Yeah, yeah.” x3 Response, to Superior: ["snd_response_positive_superior"] You have been greeted by someone who has a higher rank than you. Your response should be stiffer and more official. response_to_superior01 “Yes, sir.” x3 Response, Negative: **** No Def Currently **** You have been greeted by someone who is a social equal, and are responding to their question negatively. These should be delivered without much emotion. response_negative_1 “Not really.” x2 Conversation Question: ["snd_convo_question"] You strike up a casual conversation with a nearby friendly. These are used for mission-specific conversations set up by the mapper, and are not used by default. The questions must be evaluation questions, appropriate for "good/not good" style answers. (They may eventually be used for AI sitting next to each other for extended periods of time) convo_question01 "How's your day going?" convo_question02 "How was dinner?" convo_question03 "What do you think of this dress?" convo_question04 "How did you do in the game last night?" convo_question05 "How were the bear pits the other day?" Conversation Answer: ["snd_convo_answer"] This is an answer to the question above. The answers should all be of the "good/not good" variety. convo_answer01 "Not too bad, really." convo_answer02 "Ok, I guess." convo_answer03 "You don't want to know." convo_answer04 "Better than I thought, actually."
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    How do you make that art? It looks like combinations of photographs and digital art, with some TDM textures thrown in? Those figures, for example, are they from photographic references?
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    When you see it... Another Wallpaper for TDM I recently made. Hope you guys enjoy the promo stuff and it fits your desktop Big sized Image download link here.
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    I actually thought a lot about those contractions. Serious business. [edit]And by that, I mean I still blew them, and grayman is completely right.
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    Give me a Patreon with a livable wage and I'll make a campaign a month.
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    As someone once said, we don't take donations in money, but we happily accept donations of time. There are lots of ways to contribute ... most of all making an FM, then making assets (textures, models), doing fan art or writing fan fic, or commenting and being part of the community. We consider those kinds of things as donations.
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    An actress named Amber Collins. She did an excellent job, and I can't wait to start hearing the new female townsfolk in missions.
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    Characters and related Townsfolk: - Whores - Amateur Guards - City Watch - Female Thief - Generic Townsfolk - More Helmets - Nobleman - Noblewoman - NPC Thieves - Possible Elite City Watch - Professional Guard - Various Helmet Concepts Builders: - Builder Acolytes Pagans: - Elite Pagans - Pagan Creature / Trickster - Pagan Warriors Inventors: - Security Cameras - BoilerBot 1 - Bot ideas - Cherub Bot - Inventor's Guild Engineers - Inventor's Guild Scientists - More Inventors (chemists?) Magical: - Necromancers - Older Mage - Several Mages - Wealthy Mage, detail --------- Props - Wall Fountains - Bioluminescent Mushrooms - Door handles/locks - Hammer Forge - Machines - More Machines - Street Lamp - Tiffany Table Lamp - Windows and Fireplaces --------- Environments - Castle Image - City Reference Pictures (lots) - City Street Sketches - City Alley Concept - Fountains - Mansion Interior with Fountain - Mansion Interiors - The Slough (flooded district) --------- Weapons / Equipment - Breath Potion - Gas Arrow - Health Potion - More Potions - Noise Arrow - Rope arrow --------- Gameplay Stuff - Objectives Screen - Purchase Screen - HUD display - Menu Screens - Possible purchase menu - Scrolls and Readables parchment Floorplans - Mansion Floorplan City and House concepts - City --------- Campaign Stuff - Alternate Founder Concepts - The Founders - The Raven Harp
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    I did some digging, and it turns out I did write a script for a female pagan, or at least partially, back in 2010. It's not great, but it's something to work with (it's also a bit out of date, as we've added toour barks since then). Pagan female VOCALS Tone and Attitude The Dark Mod strives to have a somewhat dark, gritty, and believable tone. Characters should avoid dramatic clichés and dialogue that sounds like sitcom humour. Characters should react with genuine emotion and in ways that make sense given their personality and education level. Dialogue should be generally modern, North American English, but with a slight renaissance flavour. The more educated the character, the more renaissance-speak is appropriate. Avoid modern-sounding words and phrases (eg, "What's up?" "See you later" or "I'm going to kick your ass"). But at the same time, this isn't Shakespeare--the dialogue has to sound fairly natural to modern English speakers. AI Characters "The Pagan Woman” – poorly educated and rural; refers to old gods and mystical beliefs [AI Non-Alert States] These AI are idle; not doing anything in particular. They are bored and talking to themselves, so just like when people think out loud, the beginning and end of their dialogue will often trail off into mumbling. Relaxed: You're either not working or aren’t expecting any trouble. You’re relaxed and somewhat bored. Dialogue can be punctuated with sighs and muttering. Throat clearing/coughs x3 Sighs x2 (it’s been a long day) Humming a simple tune x2 idle_1 "’The dark lady hides her face from the moon this night." idle_2 "It is too late in the season to be so cold here. It chills the bone." idle_3 "I hope he brings back something to eat.” idle_4 "’There is nothing to be done about that. Nothing at all.” idle_5 "I keep forgetting to lay those out to dry. Now they’re going to be damp again. [sigh] " idle_6 “By the spirits, I thought this would be all over by now.” idle_7 “The wise one finds tongues in trees and sermons in stones.” idle_8 “”The blackbirds are silent tonight. That’s never a good sign.” Idle_9 “We need some rain soon, or the fields will all be bare.” Idle_10 “If it doesn’t rain, I’ll pick some more tomorrow…they will be almost ripe by now.” Idle_11 “I told her not to let them spoil. And what does she do? The girl has no sense at all.” "By his own hand. Ha. An embarrassment, to him and to his clan." Idle_5 "When we next cross paths I'll put an end to it. For good." Idle_8 "The raven disturbed me. It seemed anxious about something (, but what?)." Idle_shaman_1 “The stars light our path. There is great wisdom to be gained from them.” Idle_shaman_2 “Let the ancient wisdom guide you. The voices of our ancestors speak to us through many forms.” Idle_shaman_1 "Fire is a mysterious being; it warms our bodies and it burns our dwellings." Idle_shaman_2 "Will the dark lady heed my pleas? Even she seems to avoid this troubled corner." Idle_shaman_6 "The rat cannot defeat the hawk, but it feasts upon the hawklings. Such is the way of things." At Alert 0: On the job. Similar to above, but you’re working so you’re a little more alert. Number of Wavs: 3 alert0_1 "My weapon is as keen as any man’s.” [AI Alert States] To Alert 1/1.5: You notice something subtle but aren’t sure what it is. You are mostly talking to yourself, so you should not be particularly loud and may trail off. Number of Wavs: 3 to_alert1_1 "Hm?" to_alert1_2 “Hmm, what might that be?" to_alert1_3 "What is that?" To Alert 1/1.5 + Heard: Same as above, only this one means you notice something auditory. Number of Wavs: 3 per character to_alert1_sound_1 "What was that sound?" to_alert1_sound_2 "Is something there?" To Alert 1/1.5 + Saw: Same as above, only you notice something with your sight. Number of Wavs: 3 per character to_alert1_saw_1 "What’s that I see?" to_alert1_saw_2 "Is that something over there?" to_alert1_saw_shaman_1 "The shadows twist and bulge." To Alert 2: You notice something, and it caught your attention enough to warrant checking it out. Number of Wavs: 3 per character to_alert2_1 "What is that, I wonder?" to_alert2_2 "What could that be?" to_alert2_3 "Is someone there?" To Alert 2 + Heard: You hear something loud which you should investigate. Same as above only now it's specific to hearing. to_alert2_sound_1 "What was that noise?" to_alert2_sound_2 "What is making noise over there?" to_alert2_sound_(shaman?)_3 "That is no sound of the night." To Alert 2 + Saw: You saw something in the shadows which you should investigate. Same as above, only now specific to seeing. Number of Wavs: 3 per character to_alert2_saw_1 "What’s that moving in the shadows?" to_alert2_saw_2 "Who is creeping around over there?" to_alert2_saw_3 "What? What is that?" To Alert 2 + Company + Heard: You notice something auditory with company . to_alert2_soundx2_1 "Did you hear something there as well?." to_alert2_soundx2_2 "Do you hear something strange?" To Alert 2 + Company + Saw: You notice something visually amiss with company and start to investigate. Number of Wavs: 2 per character to_alert2_sawx2_1 "I thought I saw something. Come with me." to_alert2_sawx2_2 "Help me. Something is in the shadows." Returning to Alert 0, generic: You saw or heard something suspicious, but you can't find any evidence of anything serious. It was probably nothing. Number of Wavs: 3 per character to_0_1 "Some sprite or hobgoblin is playing tricks on me." to_0_2 "It appears to be nothing..." to_0_3 "’Hmm, now there’s nothing.” to_0_shaman_1 "The dark holds many secrets. This one will stay uncovered, for now." Returning to Alert 0, hearing: As above, but you thought you'd heard something. Number of Wavs: 3 per character to_0_sound_1 “That must have been the cat." to_0_sound_2 "Maybe it was a raven’s cry. Be bad luck, if so." to_0_sound_3 "Don’t know what that was, but it’s gone now." Returning to Alert 0, sight: As above, but you thought you'd seen something. Number of Wavs: 3 per character to_0_saw_1 "Just the shadows moving. You’re being silly" to_0_saw_2 “Something was scurrying around there, but it’s gone now.” to_0_saw_3 “I thought I saw something…oh well. ” To Alert 3: You see or hear something that makes it pretty clear that there's someone there, but you don't know exactly who or where they are. You’re all business now. to_alert3_1 "Ho, come out from there!" to_alert3_2 " Who is hidden in the shadows there?" to_alert3_3 "Come out of the shadows so I can see you." to_alert3_4 “I don’t know why you’re hiding, but you’d better come out.” to_alert3_5 “Oh! Who are you?” to_alert3_6 "Who is there?" Returning to Alert 0, no evidence: You know you saw someone, but you've searched around and can't find them. This bark is played as you give up the search. You still don’t know for sure that it was an intruder, but you are highly annoyed. Number of Wavs: 5 per character to_0_search_1 "Well, you’ve given me a good fright." to_0_search_2 "Some spirit is playing tricks in the shadows." to_0_search_3 “I can’t see anyone now. Perhaps they have gone….” to_0_search_4 “Well, whatever it was, it seems to be gone….” to_0_search_5 "A mischief-maker is around here somewhere. Hopefully he’ll leave me alone now." Lost Player after Pursuit: You were chasing the intruder when suddenly he disappeared. He can’t be far. lost_player_1 “What? What kind of magic is this?” lost_player_2 “He seemed mortal, but he vanishes like a spirit…” lost_player_3 “He was here but a moment ago!” Return to Alert 1, evidence: You have confirmed there is an intruder but he's given you the slip. You've searched for him, but haven't been able to find him. You're giving up for now but you aren't letting your guard down. Number of Wavs: 5 per character to_0_spotted_1 "The cut-throat has escaped, for now." to_0_spotted_2 "He must have fled by now." to_0_spotted_3 "I did what I could, but he must have gotten away." to_0_spotted_4 " Maybe he’ll show his face again. But I can’t search any longer ." to_0_spotted_5 "He’s gotten away. But he won’t surprise me next time." Return with help, spot player: You have run away from the player, gotten help, and returned. The player is still there, so you order the help forward. Number of Wavs: 2 per character gotten_help_1 "The outsider. Get him!" gotten_help_2 "Go! Get him before he gets away!" Return with help, lost player: You have returned with help but the player is no longer visible. Number of Wavs: 2 per character gotten_help_gone_1 "He must have fled on the wind to get away so fast." gotten_help_gone_2 "By the Raven’s wing, where could he have gone?” Recently Saw Player: You just saw the player not too long ago, but the player escaped. Now, you're telling your comrade that there is an intruder and that you have seen him. Number of Wavs: 3 per character saw_playerx2_1 "Be eagle-eyed, we have an intruder about." saw_playerx2_I “I saw an enemy; keep a sharp eye out ." Suspicious, warn friend: You have seen non-specific evidence of an intruder, and are warning a friend about it. warning01 “Things do not look right. Be on your guard!” warning02 “The spirits are telling me that something is wrong." [AI Searching] You are actively looking for the intruder, and are either muttering to yourself or taunting them. Investigate Alert 3: You’ve seen enough to know that there is somebody there, but you're not 100% sure that it’s an intruder. Still, anyone hiding from you must be up to no good. Number of Wavs: 5 per character search3_1 "Why are you hiding from me?" search3_2 "Who’s there? Come out now and stop playing with me." search3_3 "Who is hiding? I’m not going to hurt you." search3_4 "I know someone is here...I didn't imagine it." search3_5 "Mortal or spirit, just show yourself and be done with it.” search3_6 "Where are you hiding?" “Be you spirit or mortal, come out and speak to me.” search3_1 "My eyes pierce the dark like an owl's." Investigate Alert 4: You know for sure there is an intruder, and you're looking for him. Number of Wavs: 5 per character search4_1 "You cannot hide forever, young rodent!" search4_2 "I know you’re hiding here." search4_3 "Come out, you agent of darkness." search4_4 "Come out, I say!" search4_5 “The Grey Lady guides me, and she sees all." “The darkness is deep, but it be not wide…I will find you soon enough.” [Combat and Pursuit] You have spotted the player and identified him as an intruder. You are either attacking, or preparing to attack. If you're a noncombatant, you're getting ready to flee. Either way you want to draw a lot of attention to yourself, so you are generally shouting loudly. Spotted the Player, combatant: You see the player and are charging to attack. Number of Wavs: 5 per character spotted_combat_1 "I'll fight you myself, you jackal!" spotted_combat_2 "I'm not afraid of you!" Spotted the Player, combatant, with help: You're with friends when you finally spot the player. Number of Wavs: 2 per character spotted_combatx2_2 " There he is. Get him!" Spotted the Player with a Body, combatant: You see the player carrying a dead or unconscious person. Number of Wavs: 1 per character spotted_combat_body_1 "Stop there, you vulture!" Spotted the Player, noncombatant: You're not prepared for a fight. You see the player and are preparing to flee. Number of Wavs: 5 per character spotted_civilian_1 "Help me! There's an intruder!" spotted_civilian_2 "Oh no! There's a thief!" spotted_civilian_3 "Oh no! Spirits protect me! " spotted_civilian_4 "Help! Defend me!" spotted_civilian_5 "Someone help! There’s a raider!" Killed Player: You’ve won the fight. Taunt the player as he lays dying at your feet. killed_player01 “Beaten by a woman.” killed_player02 “I hope you have a penny for the ferryman.” killed_player03 “You’ll not bother me again.” killed_player_shaman01 "You will become one with your ancestors." Running Away for help: You're fleeing, either because you don't know how to fight, or you tried to fight and are badly hurt. Call out to for help. Number of Wavs: 3 per character fleeing_1 "Help me!" fleeing_2 "To my aid!" fleeing_3 "Oh please help!" Coming to assist: A comrade called for help (or you heard sounds of a fight) and you are on your way to assist them. Number of Wavs: 2 per character combat_assist_1 "I will do what I can!" combat_assist_1 "Courage! Help is on the way." Frustrated: The player is out of reach (such as standing on a stack of crates or across a chasm) and you can't reach him. Number of Wavs: 4 per character frustrated_1 "What kind of man are you, running from a woman!" Throw Object at Player: The player is out of reach (such as standing on a stack of crates) and you can't reach him. You're angry and throw something. Number of Wavs: 3 per character missile_generic_1 "Take this!" Shooting: You're shooting arrows at the player. Number of Wavs: 2 per character archer_1 "My aim is keen.” archer_2 "Here comes another." Attacking : You're grunting and attacking attacking_1 "Ha!!" attacking_2 "Arg!" attacking_3 “Hiya!” Combat, winning: You are winning the fight and take a moment to taunt your opponent. These need to be said quickly, as the fight is still going on. attacking_hit_1 "You can't beat a woman?" Die Quiet: You got assassinated or blackjacked and are going down. Make a grunt, but as the name suggests, it's kind of quiet. This should only be about a second in length. die_quiet_1 "UNH" die_quiet_1 "Arg" die_quiet_1 "HHnnnn..." Die Loud: Yep. You're dead. Theatrics are welcomed here, though not too over the top. This should be about 2 - 4 seconds in length. die_loud_1 "AHHHHHHHHHHH" die_loud_2 "Noooo....." die_loud_3 "Arggghh......." Blinded: You have been blinded by a flash of light. Number of Wavs: 1 per character. blinded_1 "My eyes!! I can't see!" Gassed: You have been gassed. Cough, sputter and pass out. This should be quick-a second or two at most (it's fast gas). Coughing can be shared among characters Number of Wavs: 1 gassed_1 "..cough cough" Drowning: You are drowning. Gurgle and choke. Number of Wavs: 1 drowning_1 "Gurgle" [Find States] You have found or observed something that looks out of place. You aren't seeing or hearing the player, but something that might be a sign that an intruder was here earlier. Since you don't expect anyone is nearby, you're mostly talking to yourself. Suspicious Item, Generic: There is something nearby which should not be there or something which is amiss (such as when a guard notices that a chair is knocked over). It’s strange, and strange things always make you a bit suspicious. Number of Wavs: 4 per character suspicious_item_1 "Hmmm, that’s not as it should be." suspicious_item_2 "This is strange…” suspicious_item_3 "Who did this?" suspicious_item_4 "This is not right." Notice Weapon: There is a weapon lying around. How did it get there? Number of Wavs: 2 per character notice_weapon_1 "Who has left his weapon here?” notice_weapon_2 "A weapon? What is that doing here?" Notice Door Open: There is a door open that shouldn't be. Number of Wavs: 2 per character notice_door_1 "No wonder there is a draft." notice_door_2 "This should be closed..." Notice lights off, generic: The lights are off, but shouldn't be--these can be used for all types of light. Number of Wavs: 3 per character notice_lights_1 "Who has turned out the light?" notice_lights_1 "The darkness is deep. What happened to the light?" Notice lights out, flame: You notice a torch or candle that should be lit has gone out. Number of Wavs: 3 per character notice_lights_flame_1 "The flame must have burned out." notice_lights_flame_2 "Hmm, it is out.." notice_lights_flame_3 "Was that not lit a moment ago?" Relight light, flame: You notice that a light source is out. You relight it. Number of Wavs: 2 per character light_relight_1 "I’ll be the one to light it" light_relight_2 "I’ll suppose I must light it." Refuse to relight Torch: You notice that a flame is out. Refuse to relight it. Number of Wavs: 2 per character light_refuse_1 "I’ll not relight these any longer." light_relight_2 "Hmm, I’ll have to light it later." Notice Blood on Floor: There is blood on the floor. Obviously something serious is going on. Number of Wavs: 3 per character notice_blood_1 "Oh my! Blood?” notice_blood_2 "Blood!" notice_blood_3 "What violence has happened here?" Found Generic Body: You find a body on the ground. Number of Wavs: 2 per character notice_body_generic_1 "Oh help! fetch a healer!" notice_body_generic_2 "Someone has been hurt! " Found Female Body: You find the body of a woman on the ground. Number of Wavs: 1 per character notice_body_female_1 "A woman has fallen!" Found Male Body: You find the body of a man on the ground. Number of Wavs: 1 per character notice_body_male_1 "A man has been injured." Found Body Dead: You find a body of someone obviously dead. Number of Wavs: 3 per character notice_dead_1 "”What has been done here?" notice_dead_2 "Murder! Murder!" notice_dead_3 "Oh! Someone has been slain!" Found Female Body Dead: You find the dead body of a woman on the ground. Number of Wavs: 1 per character notice_dead_female_1 "A woman’s been slain!" Found Male Body Dead: You found a man, dead on the ground. Number of Wavs: 1 per character notice_dead_male_1 "Murder! A man has been killed." Found Body comrade: You find a comrade, dead on the ground. You are outraged. Number of Wavs: 2 per character notice_dead_friend_1 "One of us, slain!" Recently Found Body: You recently found a body and are relaying the information to a friend. Number of Wavs: 2 per character notice_deadx2_1 "There is a killer among us!" Had pocket picked: You had something on your belt, and now it's gone! That's pretty suspicious...though it's possible it *might* have fallen off, so it's not absolute proof of an intruder. Number of Wavs: 3 per character notice_pickpocket_2 "What? I had it but a moment ago." notice_pickpocket_3 "Has someone snatched it from me?” Found Something Missing: There is something significant missing that shouldn't be. You've obviously been robbed and you know it. Number of Wavs: 3 per character notice_absence_1 "What? Someone has stolen it!" notice_absence_2 "Gone! Oh, who has taken it?" notice_absence_3 "Raise the alarm, we’ve been robbed!" Recently Found Something Missing: You know you've been robbed and you're telling your buddy about it. Number of Wavs: 2 per character notice_absencex2_1 "We've been robbed! Alert the warriors." notice_absencex2_2 "There is a thief lurking about somewhere. You must find them!" [Greetings] Greeting, Guard to Guard: You spot a social equal who is a guard, on patrol. You greet them casually. greeting_guardxguard_1 “Good evening to you." “Is your night well?" Greeting, Guard to Civilian: You spot a civilian/servant while you're working. No time to chat; they need to know how important your job is. greeting_guardxcivilian_2 "Move along now." “Keep your nose out of trouble.” Greeting, Superior: You spot someone who is high on the social ladder and greet them. greeting_xnobleman_1 "Good eve sir." greeting_xnobleman_1 "May your sons be many and strong." greeting_xnoblewoman_1 "Good eve, Lady." greeting_xpriest_1 "May your god keep you." Greeting Generic: A casual greeting greeting_civilianxcivilian_1 "Greetings to you." greeting_civilianxcivilian_2 "May the spirits guide you." greeting_civilianxcivilian_3 "Good eve." “May you grow and be fruitful.” Greeting Inferior. You're a noble and see a civilian. You're better than them. greeting_noblemanxcivilian_1 "Stand aside there." Greeting inferior guard. You’re a noble and see a guard. Evaluate their performance. greeting_noblemanxguard_1 “Be about your business” greeting_noblemanxguard_2 "Trust the voices of your ancestors." “Keep your weapons ready.” Generic Responses: These should be said fairly monotone and noncomittal, as they could be replies to many different greetings. response_1 “Right.” response_2 “Uh huh.” response_3 “As you say.” Response_4 “As you wish.” Response_5 “Yes, sir.”
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    Thank you very much, Springheel! I'm delighted to have a sure updated master to work with.
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    Just made a crossbow today. Shoots 15m with an elastic band. i need to get a bow string. http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/8739/photo0011nn.jpg http://img460.imageshack.us/img460/7063/photo0024ec.jpg Took about 8 hours. Made it just for fun.
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    What would you guys think of having a choice of crossbow as well as the classic shortbow. It's very easy to inculde a crossbow choice as well. It's a purely asthetic choice of course, you won't get any advantage or disadvantage in gameplay from choosing either. I'd personally prefer the crossbow, I think it's much more of a utility weapon than the short bow ,and less awkward to carry around and squeeze through windows with as well.
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