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So, what are you working on right now?


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Cant see it (at work) and phone wont render (too big).


Are you still working with grayman on the head bob issue for multiple skyboxes?

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Great work Badcog - would love to see a new map from you! <3

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No formulae the text-books know,

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very interesting, I assume that is parts of my cathedral..? which is cool as i have always said people are free to copy/use etc, just credit me etc.


Hahahahaha oh biker you ego maniac lol. I was the first person to demonstrate crazy huge cathedrals in this mod. It's been in the repository for quite some time now also. These pics are old <3

I always assumed I'd taste like boot leather.


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They appeared around the time I started to post regularly here. I think there was an exterior shot with huge, huge pillars which is still the desktop background on my laptop.

Come the time of peril, did the ground gape, and did the dead rest unquiet 'gainst us. Our bands of iron and hammers of stone prevailed not, and some did doubt the Builder's plan. But the seals held strong, and the few did triumph, and the doubters were lain into the foundations of the new sanctum. -- Collected letters of the Smith-in-Exile, Civitas Approved

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@ nbohr1more,


Nah, the head bob issue is caused by scripts and happens when you use a skybox camera. I have no idea how to solve it.


What I'm doing is basically combining parts of geometry in a sealed of area, with a caulk cube in the area you are in into a func_static, which makes the geometry in the sealed off areas render as well. So the outside of the chapel (only the top parts you can see from any given location) will render over other buildings at a distance.


I'm also going to work some 'LOD' into it. So at the furthest point you just see the silohette, but from closer points you will see a bit more detail. When you are in the same area as the chapel you will see even more details. (window trim that won't be seen from far away).


Bascially You have a simple shell that seals the inside of the chapel. Then each 'lod' is a layer of func_static skins. So the roof and tower walls will be func_static, but will have a thin 'sealing wall' under them.





I get a solid 30 at lowest inside, screenshots always drop it. Can't go much higher than that. All lights and VP's are in place.

Dark is the sway that mows like a harvest

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Bit more work, added onto the chapel (bedrooms, dining hall, got both stairways finished, added some windows)




Did some optimizing, mainly got rid of all the 3 candle chandeliers. We need to fix those. They could be one light instead of 3, and the radius needs to be much bigger. They just kill fps and don't light anything up anyway.

That and changed a lot of func_statics back into worldspawn to cut up tris more so I didn't have a few tris that were being hit by a lot of lights. Now it's a lot of tris being hit by only a few lights.

FPS is up probably 12-15 AND I have an AI patrolling.


The torch overhead is going t0o move back one arch from player so that spot will be dark and the light will be more even.

Dark is the sway that mows like a harvest

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changed a lot of func_statics back into worldspawn to cut up tris more so I didn't have a few tris that were being hit by a lot of lights. Now it's a lot of tris being hit by only a few lights.


urgh, like mappers don't have enough to worry about without adding that into the equation. i had never even thought of that, but it seems like a legit concern with large brushes/patches, as long as the lights are noshadows. if shadowcasting, i wonder which way would have the larger performance hit.

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