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Fan Mission: Cole Hurst 1: Eaton by bwyan (2021/12/02)


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Pretty impressive, for a first mission nonetheless. I only wished there was even more to it, the mansion was just ripe for plenty of secrets and such. The city blocks also seemed like a lot of effort for not a lot of gameplay payoff, but the world-building is definitely better off for it. I did enjoy the developments that do occur. The little details were also fun, such as the various conversations, NPC encounters, and the custom voice acting. Very stable too, didn't see any technical issues.

I'm not a fan of forced no-knockout, but I'm glad almost all the lights were candles to offset it. Not to mention all the light-switches. And as mentioned, the mansion is massive, so avoiding people wasn't particularly difficult. Or who am I kidding, there was a good old AI brawl before I was finished, thanks to there being like a hundred of them.

Good stuff, hopefully we'll see more by you in the future.

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On 12/8/2021 at 4:20 AM, datiswous said:

I was flying a bit through the outside area (using noclip) and noticed there's a lot of detail outside of what is possible for the player to see. I wonder if that has an impact on performance. Maybe not because of visportals?

Hi, I can't decipher the display case not, so I can't find where the instrument is :( Can you help?


FOUND IT :) :))))

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found it
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Really impressive mission! I loved the twist at then end, and I look forward to seeing how the mystery is resolved.

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Nice mansion heist, my favourite mission type and I liked the twist at the end


(why would I need holy water? - oh shit)

 The manor rooms were quite large, but the guards always managed to get under my feet anyway, so it was well balanced. It took careful stealth and good timing to complete all objectives (played on hard).

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I also had trouble with a certain hidden switch - I got confused by 


the use of "office" for a room with no label, when there is a room called "study."

Once I realized I was in the wrong place I didn't have much trouble, but there were a lot of possibilities to look at within that wrong place that might have been correct!

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Finished this up today and enjoyed the many areas to search. 


Enjoyed the many readables and had no trouble with the two new objections near the end (well end for me - saved Braxton's room for later. ) I missed the switch on my first go through the office but the letter helped. Loved the twist at the end (except the spiders) but figured it out pretty quick so headed down. (Did that door just appear in the sewer? Don't remember seeing it when I came through earlier lol) 

As I was heading back to my apartment I had to ask myself "What happened to all the people in Gatwick?" Noticed the gate was ajar coming out of the sewer, the hanged man was gone. Even the poor fellow sleeping it off was gone. Was expecting everyone to have been turned into zombies so checked the other neighbourhood, nope they were still as they were. Decided that was a good time to take my butt home. 

Thanks for all your hard work and look forward to the continuation. :)

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Good job, thanks. I liked the no knockout requirement, but honestly it didn't add to the difficulty. The spacious areas and the arrangement of light sources made it easy to avoid everybody. If you plan to change anything, you could increase the brightness of the lamps, and you might add a few more.


Maybe I missed something, but the lute thief part didn't make any sense storywise. The location was cool anyway.


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