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Found 5361 results

  1. There's a new oldschool RPG project on Kickstarter. It's made by a german RPG veteran, Guido Henkel, known for Realms of Arkania and propably not as famous outside of germany. If you've never heard of these old games, Legends of Grimrock is a good reference point. Here are the key features according to the kicksterter page: Single player, first person Party-based play (four player-, plus two non-player characters) Six races and eight classes to choose from Over 34 unique character traits, plus base attributes Party characters interact with each other Turn-based combat Indoor and outdoor environments Complex puzzles and evolving quests Combine items to build weapons and traps Interactive game world Recipe-based crafting and enchanting Involving, adaptive storyline with many key players and twists Factions for intriguing political set-ups Tons of monsters to battle Dialogues—yes, you will be in awe at our cool and intelligent dialogue system Cheese toast I backed it. Is anyone here interested in this kind of game?
  2. Flakebridge Monastery In this mission you will visit a Builder outpost to steal some valuable books. It is the first in what I hope will be a series about Selis Woderose. I would like to take the opportunity to thank my beta testers: Aprilsister, Bikerdude, Chiron, lost_soul, and prjames. As well as Fidcal for his starting map, and Melan for his texture pack. Known bugs: A small number may appear at the bottom left corner of your screen when the mission loads. Press sheath weapon to make it disappear. As already mentioned this is the first mission in a series. When you have completed it you may know what you'll be going after in the next mission. You may even know where! Enjoy! And please use spoiler tags where appropriate. A couple of screens: (thanks lowenz) http://2.bp.blogspot...0/shot00001.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot...0/shot00003.jpg
  3. Welcome to the forums. We have many beta testers and beta phases usually take up quite a bit of time. Occasionally, a bug may slip through. Often, you'll find information about bugs in these forums or our bugtracker. If you get stuck in the level geometry, instead of reloading you can also enter "noclip" into the console to move without colliding with geometry. Most of the time you can still move out there by mantling. Note, that there is not only the jump-and-hold mantle, but also a pure mantle. Check the keybindings. I don't know what you mean by "putting in save file" though. Savedgames are only ever generated by you.
  4. Try this: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/10003-so-what-are-you-working-on-right-now/page-262?hl=%2Bsmoke+%2Bbomb&do=findComment&comment=376465
  5. I know JackFarmer is looking for voice actors for his FM, consider reaching out to him: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19948-searching-for-voice-actors/
  6. Thomas Porter is back in a TDM FM called... The Phrase Book by Sotha Release notes: If you find something called "softened lead ball" do note that it will not KO AI in TDM 1.07. Once 1.08 comes with its new features, the ball should work. While waiting for 1.08, the ball might still work as a distraction. The mission uses heavily RITs, so guard activity should be more interesting and challenging. The mission randomizes the location of few critical objects upon map start, so that coupled with the AI RIT behavior the mission should be more replayable than any other missions TDM has seen thus far. Please use spoiler tags. I do not recommend you read further as someone always fails to use spoiler tags. Download: There was a bug in the initial release. New version is here: Use the ingame downloader to get it. Fixes: Increased font size to make briefing easier to read. Fixed a stupid unpickable door issue. ENJOY!
  7. We didn't make the holidays (such a busy time of year) so here's a New Year's gift, an unusual little mission. Window of Opportunity Recover an item for a regretful trader out in a wilderness setting, and discover more! Available within the in-game mission downloader or: Download: http://www.thedarkmo...ndetails/?id=79 Alternative: https://drive.google...WTMzQXZtMVFBSG8 Some unorthodox gameplay on regular/ghost difficulties. (Arachnophobes might prefer short mode...) Please expect to need your lantern in regular and ghost modes! Short ("easy") mode is a smaller map, so if you are looking for areas others reference below, or 100% of the loot, you'll need to play on another mode. I wanted to create my first mission before I became influenced by too many others' ideas, and limited myself to what has been done before. As such, this mission is not set in a city/town, and has some features that are likely to be provocative. There's a section some really like, which others don't, either way I kept it short to not last too long. That being said, I hope you do find it fun! :-) Special thanks to those who provided valuable testing and feedback: Goldwell, Kyyrma, plotzzz, 161803398874989, PPoe & Bikerdude (who also contributed a sound). (Please remember spoiler tags to not expose things meant to be discovered by playing.) Like so: [spoiler]secrets[/spoiler] If you are having trouble finding the main objective, here's what to pay attention to in the mission for hints: There is a spot it's possible to get stuck on the ground in the corner by the cliff/rockfall where there's a rope laying on the ground, please take care if you poke around there!
  8. Lavender, I don't know who insulted you, but please don't delete all your hard work here. It helps no one, and it only pains the actual friends you have here, who care for you and your work. I consider myself one such person. I liked your work, I liked your enthusiasm, very much. And now you're eviscerating it to pieces. Come on, don't let one rude fool govern your entire presence in this community. You're better than him ! If someone's outright bullying you here, alert the mods. All your hard work made me happy. I was really looking forward to seeing it get released ! I even congratulated you last year, because I deeply admire all the hard work you've contributed to this community. Please don't destroy all of this, including your comments. I have one or two individuals on these forums on ignore. Because of their views and behaviour, and because I've noticed they might be politically outspoken, but don't contribute much to the actual work on TDM. Not to my liking, so I saved myself the trouble by simply ignoring them entirely. This is all pointless. You're a talented, skillful, smart person. Why are you doing this ? If you're annoyed at another person's behaviour, talk about it openly, there's no shame in letting off steam if there's a good personal reason. But don't be self-destructive like this. It honestly doesn't change anything for the better and it honestly doesn't suit you at all.
  9. Does this happen in 2.07 hot fix? http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19935-beta-testing-207-hotfix/page-2?do=findComment&comment=436344
  10. edit: I've created a video series to showcase the new modules and give examples of how to use them: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18683-using-springheels-205-modules/ Hope you enjoy them! There might be a bit of a learning curve, but before you know it you'll be creating scenes like these:
  11. Get the latest Hotfix: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19935-beta-testing-207-hotfix/ Some driver \ OS configurations don't work with 2.07.
  12. I don't want to start a new thread so ask here. I've been away for a while, now I've just updated to 2.07, and when I frob objects I notice a crosshair-dot appear for a second, looks like it's no bug. I tried googling if it's the feature on darkmod forums and found no success. Is it intended to be? Is there a way to disable this? UPD: Oh, it's called a frob-helper. Sorry for the false-alarm, didn't notice that I turned it accidentally on in options!
  13. I got an email last night with my real name and the forum password in the subject header. It was a blackmail email claiming to have compromising videos that would be released if I didn't pay bitcoin. I checked where the message came from and it traveled through the thedarkmod.com domain. I have heard from at least one other person with a forum account that they got a similar email. That, and the fact that I don't use my forum password in very many other places leads me to believe that Wordpress or the forum may have been hacked somehow. Obviously, if you receive an email like this, don't respond to it. I suspect it's automated, but if you use the same login info here that you do on important sites, you may want to change it on those sites. I'm not sure whether changing your password on the forums is a good idea yet or not. I've contacted taaaki about it. If you did or do get such an email, please let us know here.
  14. Author Note: This is a brand new mission and a new entry into the accountant series. There are some different than usual puzzles in this FM, so if you find yourself stuck try to think about your pathway forward in a logical manner. And if you're still having troubles then pop by this thread and ask (preferably with spoiler tags). This FM is brand new and serves as the first installment in The Accountant series, a few years back there was a small prologue style mission released however I felt that it did not represent The Accountant series so I decided to go back to the drawing board and do a whole new mission that's both larger, has better level design and has a story that lines up closer to what I plan to do with the accountant series. The mission is medium sized and you can expect between 30-90 minutes to complete it depending on your playstyle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk9DtOT4kjc Beta TestersCaptain ClevelandCrowindKingsalPukeyBeeSkackySquadaFroinx Voice ActorsAndrosTheOxenEpifireGoldwellStevenpfortuneYandros Custom assetsAirship BalletBentraxxBob NecroDragoferDrKubiacEpifireKingsalMalachiADSothaSpringheelSquadaFroinx Available via in-game downloader File Size: 233 MB - Updated to v 1.1 (01.06.2018)
  15. Hi, great mission. Not sure how to do spoiler tags, so I'll just ask this generally: It appears that I have exhausted every possibility, but cannot find the item that the main quest revolves around, I have well exceeded the loot and found 4/6 secrets, but the main item, which seemingly should be obvious, I cannot find. Is my game bugged, or am I missing something? I have the key that I assume leads to the item, but cannot find where to use it, for the life of me.
  16. Personally I think this is the worst idea ever. The Reason forums has LOADS of info and knowledge, built up through years and years. I'm really sad to see it go away, and I can't understand why they've made this decision. https://www.propellerheads.se/forum/showthread.php?p=1579099#poststop
  17. By the way. Does this happen in the 2.07 Hotfix beta? I've made some noise about this issue in the dev forums since I consider this to be a core functionality.
  18. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/12713-abandoned-works/page-1 http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/10403-tdm-fan-mission-lists-released-and-upcoming/page__view__findpost__p__255748
  19. You're right. Just like it's common sense and common courtesy that you don't modify someone's map without their permission. Unfortunately that hasn't been enough to keep it from happening. In fact, this issue with Bikerdude taking liberties with other people’s work has been going on for so long now that we could pretty much just have this this whole conversation by quoting what has already been said in previous threads: demagogue, on 20 Jul 2018 - 05:13 AM, said: We have a generally laid back and collegial culture that's great and all, but it's good to push some clear rules in the sharing of maps learned by long experience Judith, on 20 Jul 2018 - 04:45 AM, said: Obviously, the community wouldn't tolerate maps being stolen. The real problem is people leaving the mod without making all the things they could have made, or stuff they had in progress. Bikerdude, on 13 Jun 2017 - 4:10 PM, said: The end result was both SirTaff and SteveL pretty much stopped posting in the forums, so as a result of me not learning from my mistakes the community lost a mapper and coder. Springheel, on 17 Jul 2018 - 7:29 PM, said: Multiple people have spoken directly to Bikerdude for years now, both in private and in public, trying to communicate a simple message--don't change other people's work without their permission--yet it continues to happen. Each time it happens again the frustration grows. What happens next time? Amadeus, on 30 Nov 2018 - 9:11 PM, said: I found that I had walked into a shitstorm of drama. Melan was pissed, and rightfully so of course, and he spoke his piece. But I felt fucking awful, I felt like an accessory to a crime because I had unknowingly volunteered to beta test corrupted fruit. Goldwell, on 01 Dec 2018 - 10:38 AM, said: It's quite interesting having spent some time away from the forums (due to his bullshit) and coming back seeing the same situation. STiFU, on 02 Dec 2018 - 6:55 PM, said: I have become almost inactive around here, because everytime I log in, it's the same $%!§. brethren, on 03 Dec 2018 - 02:23 AM, said: I do believe his intentions were good, and I think sometimes he just doesn't think of the ramifications of what he's doing Bikerdude, on 04 May 2018 - 1:30 PM, said: this is the third time I have fucked up and it not fair on the rest of the team to say " he only meant well". And here we are again. I'm sick of hearing about people going inactive over these occurrences. Since "common sense and common courtesy" aren't doing the job, let's establish some rules. Does anyone disagree with either of these, for starters? 1. No one shall make modifications to someone's released map unless one of the following conditions are met: 1.1 The original author grants permission for the modifications. 1.2 The mission readme specifically grants permission for the type of modifications 1.3 The TDM team, in lieu of an author who cannot be reached, grants permission for modifications that are required to keep the map working as originally intended. 2. No one shall copy and paste someone's released map unless one of the following conditions are met. In all cases, credit should be given to the original author in the mission Notes section. 2.1 The original author grants permission for the copy/paste. 2.2 The mission readme specifically grants permission for copying/pasting 2.3 The copy/pasted section is modified to the point that it does not resemble the original--this can be judged by before and after screenshots posted during beta-testing. 2.4 The section is too small to be recognized, such as a single archway, a patch, or a collection of crates. 2.5 The action is for learning purposes only, and not to be released publicly.
  20. Just read this in the private Editpad Pro forums: That would REALLY annoy me if I updated because I use local and distant links a lot from text files.
  21. We've talked about these types of issues repeatedly. In fact, I found a post back in May that was referring to exactly the same issue that started off this discussion. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19415-mission-modding-topics/ http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18924-securing-assets/ The overall conclusion has always been that we're a community of mature individuals who behave like adults, so we don't need to make hard and fast rules. But that's clearly not working anymore. There is no team member who is "in charge" and never has been. Decisions are typically made by team consensus behind the scenes, with admins/department leads having slightly more say. However, there are precious few of those still active and even fewer who want to get involved with more Bikerdude drama again. We have always relied on the community act in an adult manner, and in general they come through. But if we can't even agree on whether blatant copying and pasting map sections without any attempt to get permission is a "bad thing", then maybe clear rules are needed. I'm just sorry that a brand-new mapper's mission has been tainted by behaviour they had nothing to do with.
  22. edit June 1, 2010: I've moved this list from the internal forums. It's not really up to date, but has a lot of good reference pics and is still a decent list for those looking for something to model. There's also a wiki page: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Model_Wishlist#General_Idea_Wishlist The old list was getting outdated, so I've revised it here. We actually have a pretty good complement of prop models now, so it's starting to come down to, 'what would be neat to have', rather than what do we desperately need. Post special requests here. Articles in red are priority items that are needed asap. Update: There are NO red articles! We actually have all *necessary* models for a generic toolkit. At this point, further assets are things that are needed for specific maps or just things that would help round out the available models. Green articles indicate that models of that type already exist, but more versions are desirable--modelers should check to see what already exists to avoid duplication Articles in black are items that don't exist but have no special priority. (List is currently WIP) Kitchen & Food Items pastries http://www.privatecl...APPLE%20PIE.jpg http://mccutcheon.files.wordpress.com/2007...puff-pastry.jpg leg of meat http://img.alibaba.c...98/Lamb_Leg.jpg roast bird http://gorgeoustown.typepad.com/lex_culina...s/dsc038231.jpg pitchers http://www.istockphoto.com/file_closeup/?i...p;refnum=459153 http://owgd3.onewebgroup.net/Merchant2/gra...tavern/2903.jpg bowls http://www.sasscompa...1/MOA-90006.jpg http://www.sasscompa...1/MOA-90008.jpg http://images.surlatable.com/surlatable/im...il/549568v1.jpg wooden spoon http://www.crafty-ow...en-spoons-3.htm herb bundles http://static-p.arttoday.com/thw/thw13/PO/..._0939_0004_l__p http://www.countryliving.com/cm/countryliv...ARMF0507-de.jpg cauldron http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/L...al/cauldron.gif http://www.outofthee...om/cauldron.jpg hanging hare http://z.about.com/d...rabbits_425.jpg
  23. I too seem to have been spared from this scam, and checking my email on that site yields no results (thankfully!). So I guess we're okay for now? Still, it'll be nice to see the forums moving to HTTPS, if that is indeed in the works.
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