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DarkRadiant 2.10.0 released

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DarkRadiant 2.10.0 is ready for download.

This version adds a couple of interesting features for mappers, like welding/merging patches, opening maps from PK4 files and adjustable light colours and orthoview font sizes. It's recommended to prefer this version over any previous release. It's recommended to prefer this version over any previous release. See the pre-release testing thread for a few feature highlights.

Windows and Mac Downloads are available on github: https://github.com/codereader/DarkRadiant/releases/tag/2.10.0 and of course linked from the website https://www.darkradiant.net

Thanks go out to all who helped testing this release!

Please report any bugs or feature requests here in these forums, following these guidelines:

  • Bugs (including steps for reproduction) can go directly on the tracker. When unsure about a bug/issue, feel free to ask.
  • If you run into a crash, please record a crashdump: Crashdump Instructions
  • Feature requests should be suggested (and possibly discussed) here in these forums before they may be added to the tracker.

Changes since 2.9.0

  • Feature: User control of font size of "size" numbers on ortho screen
  • Feature: Merge patch / connect patches
  • Feature: Allow DR to open .maps that are inside .pk4s
  • Feature: Expose LayerManager interface to Python scripts
  • Feature: Light colours in the ortho view can be overridden by the colour specified in the scheme
  • Feature: DarkRadiant now warns before saving in case the map file has been modified in the meantime
  • Coding: Linux build has been switched from automake to cmake, refer to the project readme for updated build instructions
  • Improvement: Add dropdown list of all map entity names when editing a "Name of single entity" of an Objective component
  • Improvement: Double-clicking an objective will open the editor. Objectives Dialog will automatically select the first objective entity now.
  • Improvement: Sound and prefab choosers now start with folders expanded
  • Fixed: Creating a model entity creates a "phantom light" near the world origin
  • Fixed: Automatic map saving can crash DarkRadiant
  • Fixed: Layer toggle controls can get out of sync (showing wrong icons)
  • Fixed: Up/down strafe movement not working in camera free look mode
  • Fixed: Can't build Radiant on current arch due to pybind breaking change
  • Fixed: EntityClassManager vs. VirtualFileSystem initialisation order might prevent .def file parsing
  • Fixed: World geometry is blue and cannot be changed when no worldspawn entityDef is defined
  • Fixed: 16-Bit PNGs and 8-Bit Greyscale PNGs with Alpha channel can be loaded correctly (again)
  • Fixed: Creating/renaming/deleting a layer didn't flag the map as modified
  • Fixed: Selected light bounds not updated when editing light_radius spawnarg
  • Fixed: Brushes were not selectable in orthoview when none of its faces were facing upwards

The list of changes can be found on the our bugtracker changelog.

Have fun mapping!

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Linux Mint 19.3

cmake .
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:1 (cmake_minimum_required):
  CMake 3.12 or higher is required.  You are running version 3.10.2

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

Do you suppose I can change the CMakeLists.txt to require 3.10.2 ?

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(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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