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Fan Mission: Quinn Co. Part 1 - La Banque Bienveillante (Remake) by Airship Ballet

Airship Ballet

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1 hour ago, datiswous said:


I just want to note that the quoted text on top of your post is black on a very dark background on the forum's dark theme. So I can't read it. Possibly it still has styling because it is copy pasted? It should be white on dark grey.

That's just so you have to play it to read without eye strain! (I'll fix it when Im back on desktop 😅)


34 minutes ago, Cambridge Spy said:

Got everything, except...

It's a secret!

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Congrats on the release. This mission was a lot of fun to beta-test and I know people are going to enjoy it.

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                                                                                                  A House Call

                                                                                                  The House of deLisle                                                                                                  


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55 minutes ago, RedNoodles said:
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What did turning off the generator accomplish? I could still turn the lights on and off


There's a spicy electrified floor outside the vault that the generator powers!


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Btw. this sofa sounds a bit hard. If I jump on it or I let bottles fall on it, it makes sounds like the floor and the ai notice it. Maybe it is a cleverly disguised wooden sofa (green paint, etc.), so it looks soft, but actually it is not..


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Seems that im super blind,
I can't neither find a code for the vault, nor a leaver or sth for the generator...

*nvm, I looked at the wrong place ^^

But a nice mission, congrats for the release!

ps: I looted the secret by accident through the wall... never found it.

Edited by McPhisto2051
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I remember playing the original missions years ago, so going into this I expected only a bit of visual polish and gameplay fixes. What I got instead is a brilliant little mission that might be small compared to the many gargantuan sized missions released recently, but it more than makes up for it in its visual and audio qualities. The high level of polish and attention to detail really sell this mission to me.

Visually it's a real treat, I love what you did with the lights and shadows, and the corridors and rooms feel lived in and with many personal touches to show the establishment is on its last legs. Listening to the storm in the background was pretty relaxing as well and I couldn't get enough of the lightning as it booms and lights up the room. Top notch atmosphere.

I'm also a big fan of various little side jobs the player can do aside from the mail goal, so that's a big plus too.

Thank you for the FM and good luck with the campaign!

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Very nice little mission, Airship Ballet. Thanks for sharing your work.


A rainy night sets the pace perfectly. Small areas allow for a more intimate and relaxed approach. Since there aren't many places to go, small maps are perfect to slowly unfold complex side stories that follow the player all the way-through.

Very good attention to detail, lightning and and textures, my eye scanned every corner of the place with pleasure. Did you get ideas for the distribution of corridors and rooms from any source? I mean, I kept thinking, this place reminds me of very old multi-storey buildings where walls were raised and rooms were designed in the most peculiar way for some reason. Interesting floorplan.

My ears welcomed some new sounds, specially approaching and inside the vault however, while the intro script and the acting sound very professional I could hardly hear and follow the protagonist. Perhaps it's just me?


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TDM Modpack 4.0

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