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Fan Mission: Seeking Lady Leicester, by Grayman (3/21/2023)


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48 minutes ago, Klatremus said:

Another question though. In the end stats it says 3 pickpockets. However, I counted 3 on guards in Leicester's manor (1 purse, 1 gallery key, and 1 guard orders note), plus 1 more note on a guest outside Gull & Barrels. That should be 4... The guest outside the restaurant is sitting though, perhaps that makes it not count?

You’re count of the purses seems to be correct - so I am actually not sure what is causing the aberration in the pick pocket statistics beyond something like the bug bigh is describing. There isn’t anything meaningfully different in how the attachments are setup that I can see. Will talk it over with the other devs and see if they have an ideas.

-=  IRIS  =-    ♦    = SLL =

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Just finished this. One of the easier missions except in that nightmare realm. I couldn't find all the loot for a change. But that might me a positive since many people might be looking for a challenge. The loot was definitely a warm welcome from me to not know they the heck I can open certain doors and get around the environment outside in the floating space between realms. Of course there was new assets galore in this which I sppreciated. 

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14 hours ago, TheUnbeholden said:

Just finished this. One of the easier missions except in that nightmare realm. I couldn't find all the loot for a change. 

Do you usually find all the loot in TDM missions? I rarely to never find all loot, unlike in the original Thiefs.

TBH, I can't even remember if I ever found all the loot in any TDM missions. The mission authors seem to have a thing for very hard to find loot.

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Been away for awhile so glad to see you guys are still here :) First of all congratulations on the completion of Grayman's mission, I think you've done it justice.  Finished this up the other day and did enjoy it


especially the "otherworld".

I got into the mansion pretty quickly but wanted to explore the surrounding area first, lots of area to search. I did feed the beggar (gotta take care of those less fortunate) and he gave me the tip for the new way in which encouraged further exploration. I like that. :) I cleaned house pretty quickly and went off in search of the lady. After rereading the clue, I found the access to the secret room/ doorway to the other world. I was not expecting that and began to explore. I found the brothers room, made my way through and explored the outside but I felt I was missing something.
I checked here and found that the floating objects could be jumped on, that helped a lot. I saved often as some of those jumps were tricky, for me anyways. So restarted that section (from the brothers room) and sure enough I missed the key to a few doors I'd seen. And the rest was history.
I found Wilson & opened the chest, opened the big safe & fed the well. I set the lady free as well as the other spirits and found it was very satisfying to dispatch the brother. Grabbed the inheritance too before calling it a night. 

There were two tablets that I couldn't do anything with other than pick them up in the other world. I'm not sure if they were suppose to be readable or not. I couldn't read them and they didn't go into my inventory like the other two. One was in the area coming off the brothers room and the other was off what would have been the front door where there's a tower with chairs.

Again thank you for all your hard work, it was very much appreciated. :)

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Thanks for playing Thiefette! Glad you enjoyed it.



as far as those two particular tablets go, they are just moveable junk that aren't meant to do anything


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