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Hidden Hands: Vitalic Fever 20/07/2019


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Congratulations on the release Jack. Downloading now n will go play it in a few :D Thanks. 

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I have an eclectic YouTube channel making videos on a variety of games. Come and have look here:



Dark Mod Missions: Briarwood Manor - available here or in game




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don't put the .pk4 file in the "vitalicfever" folder (delete that folder). Instead just drop the pk4 file into the "fms" folder and the Dark mod should do the rest

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I uploaded this to the mirrors:



I'll ping taaaki to see if he can create the link to the in-game mission database.

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Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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Thank you very much for this beautyful mission!


 I sit here with three people and circle around and search the house already for the 100th time ... to find the grave of the iron spider (hand fountain? faucet?). Do you have a little clue for us? Please ... (**coffee making noises**) 

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OK, found (after the third cup of coffee). Moss had grown over it to make less noise. As a tip, if you are a gamer: Think of the Dwemer.

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Hello Dyger,

I am very sorry, I did not foresee this problem during mapping and beta. :(:(

The relevant command does not work consistently for reasons I do not understand

sometimes the gem lies on the table, sometime it lies below the table. I did not figure out the reason for that.

However, thank you very much for your feedback and I am glad that you enjoyed. I find it even cooler, that you have played it together with more friends. That's the spirit we need for video games.

Have a nice Sunday!


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Hi JackFarmer,

the mission is OK, I think. There was a sleeping guard in the same room. I fired a moss arrow on the table so I don't wake him up. All spider parts and of course the gemstone were covered. You can hardly foresee that.

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Congratulations on your release! Can’t wait to dive into this one tonight :)

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Need a couple hints - playing at Normal difficulty.

Where are AppleFinger's (the Pagan guy's) funds?

How do I incapacitate Gilbert?  (I assume he's the guy in Hammer-land not dressed like the others, who was constantly walking between his room and the little shrine before I blackjacked him. 


- prjames

Edited by prjames
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hint 1a

have you found his notes?

hint 1b

On Applefinger's hip is a document you can swipe. It contains hints for his funds

hint 2

He's incapacitated (since you blackjacked him), you just have to figure out what to do with him now. It wasn't clear to me either

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13 minutes ago, Bluehawk said:

Applefinger's note names 3 locations for gems and I found them all, or I think I have, but the objective didn't trigger. 


  Reveal hidden contents

The pond outside, the freezer box in the basement, and the workshop table next to the sleeping guard.


The object does not trigger because....


...the note tells you about four locations where you can find gems.

Edited by JackFarmer
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