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The mission is up in the mission database:


I will need a 2nd screen-shot for the image browser to work there...

Edit: 2nd image added

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1 hour ago, esme said:

anyone else get this ?

Thanks for the report. 

I've never seen that in my hundreds/thousands/millions of playthroughs of the area.  There's nothing special about those AI or the area.

Do you know the cheats?  Could you start a new game, open the console with ctrl-alt-` and type in noclip (enter) then notarget (enter).  You can then quickly fly through walls to the belcher and check if it happens every time.  noclip and notarget are toggles, so typing them in again will exit from the cheats.


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4 hours ago, boissiere said:

I've just had the same thing though only with 3 AI

The .jpg shows AI standing in "skinning" position with arms stretched out. 

This isn't good.  It doesn't effect gameplay in the Belcher because of the way triggers etc. are set up, but if it happens elsewhere it might break the game.  Regardless, it's totally immersion breaking!

This isn't consistent.  In esme's case it happened once but didn't happen again after a fresh restart.  In your case different AI are effected.  

@stgatilov I wonder if this erratic behavior could be produced by the spawnarg neverDormant=0 that's on those AI?  It only happens on some AI with the spawnarg.  There's been no report of the AI in the "yard" area (first area of the FM) behaving like that though the spawnarg is set on all of them.  

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11 hours ago, esme said:

I've got to the belcher & found some weird behaviour, I've checked & I'm definitely on v2.10, anyone else get this ?

JPG of screen


I saw this too on all my plays in the Belcher but didn't report it in beta. I just figured that's how they were supposed to be. I had never seen anything like these figures but I assumed it was part of a horror vibe, which I definitely got!

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Ill wait for a first patch and then give it a try :3 nice job.

spiders, rats, undead, necrophiles, cannibals, 
psychotic thugs, and some generally unsavory characters.
No snakes, though.  The spiders ate them.

Very horny

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Can we have more scary Zombie Horror maps?

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Also when I was in the Pub I could hear a bottle clinking it was under the foot of the man playing the lute.  When he moved his leg it would stop, and when he moved his leg back it would start again.



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1 hour ago, datiswous said:

I had a similar issue during beta testing Iris. Maybe @Wellingtoncrabknows more of this issue. Just guessing.

Are they supposed to be ragdolls? I had lots of ragdolls in my mission that would not drop correctly at map start and t-pose for testers (though it was never an issue on my local machine).

Running the "saveRagdolls" command fixed it as far as I know:


Edited by Wellingtoncrab

-=  IRIS  =-    ♦    = SLL =

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6 hours ago, esme said:

Is Airmids drop box the one where I drop the walking stick ?


There are 4 similar drop boxes in the FM.

1. You drop the walking stick in the box next to Aeden's hut "decorated by Airmid's sign" (mandatory objective) - the sign being the swirl. This opens the way to the manor. That drop box is now done.

2. The note to Gwyneth that appears after you drop the walking stick needs to be put (mandatory objective) into a drop box in the barn at Gwyneth's farm.  Some other items (optional) go there as well.

3.  After finishing the mandatory objective given by Gwyneth and crew a way opens that soon leads to Airmid's grotto where Airmid's drop box is located.  What goes in that drop box is all optional.  At the grotto you pick up Airmid's herbs to give to alchemist Gray.   

NOTE:  what goes into Gwyneth's drop box is to do with the farm, what goes into Airmid's is info/evidence intended to reach the Crown.

4. In the lab next to Gray is the last drop box where you put the herbs.  That drop box is now done.  Wait a sec and collect the goods from Gray and you're home free to return to start (if you gathered enough loot) or to explore further and finish off optional objectives.

I'm glad to see you're still playing it! 

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@esme @boissiere @Shadow @Marbrien @pwl

I don't get this scarecrows-at-the-Belcher glitch on either my PC or my laptop so my hands are tied without help.  This glitch seems new so that narrows my hunches re. what might be causing it.

If anyone who has this glitch wishes to help out - it's asking a lot to be sure - could you send me a PM so I can send a link to a possibly fixed map?  

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