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Fan Mission: Deadeye by Sotha (2021/12/31)


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Congrats on the release Sotha!


Just finished playing it, clocked in at 12 minutes on expert for me. Got all of the loot too and had a blast playing it.


I think there's really something special to just a short and sweet straight forward bite sized mission like this.


Good to see a familiar face around on these forums again too :)

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Thanks Sotha, I think the mission is a great inspiration for new mappers especially because it is small but new and not too daunting. A lot of the newer missions are really nice but also really large and complex. Older missions sometimes have outdated building techniques and therefore less useful. The design notes are really helpful.

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19 hours ago, STRUNK said:

@Zerg Rush
I kill no humans (if it's not an objective) ... I always speak aloud, before I knock them out: "I'm very sorry, but you'll be fine", and imagine they wil wake up with only a slight headache in the morning 😇

No problem, they are all OK and healthy in the next playthrough :ph34r:

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Favorite online apps you may like too 😉

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Played through this just now, great little creeper mission. Hardest difficulty and no equipment use and managed to get a stealth score of 1. But my oh my those static candles were giving me trouble throughout! The lighting is pretty punishing but not unfair. For a very small mission this still provided a lot of gameplay when played with some self-imposed restrictions. Thanks for making it!

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Now that was a welcome and healthy snack of a mission.


No bullshit or the usual "unexpected" plot twists - just some good ole blackjacking and looting.

Was fun to play - and i even found all the loot this time 🙂.

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Welcome back Sotha! Nice little level. It was difficult but not unfair.

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Congratulations on the release. Look forward to playing this tonight. :D

I have an eclectic YouTube channel making videos on a variety of games. Come and have look here:



Dark Mod Missions: Briarwood Manor - available here or in game




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Fantastic mission!

I got nearly all loot and scored a stealth score of 3 on a sloppy iron man run of it.


I have to say that this is sorta like a "Sotha's greatest hits" in terms of aesthetics.


High contrast lights.

Big strong normal mapped textures.

No shadows on some decorative geometry such as tables that would normally ( real world )

only produce faint shadows due to their close proximity to light sources and bounce lighting ( thus looking mostly natural )

Interesting corridors and branching.

Bold exaggerated clutter.

Good room size proportions.


If you had signed up with an alternate forum nick and released this mission I would probably have easily guessed

that it was really a Sotha production due to the resemblances to The Phrase Book, Bakery Job, and Ulysses here and there.

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(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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